Toyota FJ Cruiser Prices Paid

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Please share your FJ Cruiser purchase experience here.


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    Oak Lawn Toyota and Planet Toyota are the most reasonable dealers in the Chicagoland area for the FJ Cruiser
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    If anyone is looking for an FJ Cruiser in the Los Angeles area, I would suggest checking out Miller Toyota. They are the only dealership I went to that didn't ask for a "premium" above msrp. They also don't add any aftermarket accessories. Toyota of Santa Monica adds LoJack and 20" chrome rims on their FJ Cruisers, Carson Toyota is asking for a $3k-$10k premium above sticker, and Power Toyota (Buena Park) adds things like leather interior to jack up their prices.
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    I just checked out the FJ Cruisers here in Orlando at Toyota of Orlando and they're all pumped up with lots of dealer add-on accessories. They had 3 yellow and one blue one. No "market adjustment" sticker, just about $3K in dealer add-ons.

    I sent a couple emails out, one to Central Florida Toyota and another to Courtesy Toyota.

    My wife saw the Cruiser and fell in love with it.
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    Thanx. I also live in L.A. and have looked at the FJ. I had looked at the FJ at Torrance Toyota, and they didn't even want to talk to me unless I was willing to buy full fare.
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    I nailed one down up in Ohio for $2K under MSRP.

    A cheap one way flight and gas back to Atlanta and I am home free. Opt package 2,
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    First post to the forum. Glad to be here and to learn of others' experiences.
    My question: how do I check inventories of FJ Cruisers? I'm in the southern San Francisco Bay Area of California.
    Any help will be insanely appreciated.
  • ghuletghulet Member Posts: 2,564 can just go to dealers' websites to check out their inventories, though I certainly don't promise that they're up-to-the-minute accurate. You could also just call and ask what they have in stock, but again, you could want something specific, they could tell you they have it in stock, only to arrive to something completely different. Cynical, I know, but bait-and-switch still exists to a certain extent.
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    What is the name of the dealership in Ohio? Thanks for the info. It looks like $2k under sticker is the best I have heard or seen!
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    I live in San Diego. Most all dealers locally are asking for a $500 deposit to "order" a vehicle. What this really means is you describe generally what you want (auto or manual, all options or some, etc.) and when one comes in kind of like you want they give you first crack at it. If you want the one they have you make compromises and have to take some extras you may not want or need.

    I bought mine from Toyota Escondido but the one I ended up purchasing was not the one that came in with for my initial deposit. Long story but they eventually offered me one I liked at MSRP. Here is a list of other dealers I visited and their schemes:

    Power Toyota of Irvine - Order only. No "market value" markup but wanted $1000 deposit.

    Cabe Toyota of Long Beach - 4 on the lot. No MSRP markup but added 50% to dealer added items (roof rack was priced at $999 instead of the Toyota price of $650 for example)

    Carson Toyota - worst of the bunch. Terrible dealer. Internet inventory showed 36 on their lot and they actually had 4. Started off asking $8K over MSRP.

    Elmore Toyota of Garden Grove - 4 on the lot, all with $3500 rims added by dealer. Considering they all had upgraded rims anyway with option package 2 this was a scam. Started at $3K above MSRP but immediately came down to MSRP when pressed.

    Family Toyota of San Juan Capo - interesting internet "bidding" system where they give you the MSRP and invoice and you bid for the price. Problem was they never contacted me except for email asking if I was "satisfied". I called their "Internet Manager" and left 2 messages and he never returned my calls. A complete waste of time.

    Toyota of Selma (south of Fresno) - 4 on the lot, MSRP.

    Carlsbad Toyota, Poway Toyota, Frank Toyota, Mossey Toyota - all order only, none on the lot.

    Bottom line: there are vehicles available for purchase at MSRP. No one in So Cal is discounting them at present, but some buyers are walking away due to dealer practices and "market value" scams. Once all the impatient buyers (such as myself) are satisfied the prices will have to come down to below MSRP. Best to wait for a deal if you can.
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    Good info alaska36
    I am also in San Diego, I would only add that it is important to stay in contact with the sales manager at EVERY dealership in your area and tell them you wont pay over MSRP and be ready to buy when you show up.
    I had to really work to time deliveries in this area.

    I went through the game with everyone in town, Kearny Mesa Toyota was the worst, they told me they are the only dealer not marking the FJ's up and that they had one coming in that met my needs but demanded that I buy LoJack but said they would waive the "mandatory" paint sealant...what a joke...I have bought about 13 new cars in my lifetime, they started with $900 for the LoJack, I said no, then $600, I said no and walked out, then they called me on my cell and said what about $300....They blew a cash deal on something that cost them nothing!
    Anyway it was Mossy that finally got my business, they were awesome, easiest car deal I ever made, they are adverstising on the vehicle a $5000 markup on MSRP but waived it for me. Its important to note thought that I bought it the same day it showed up as is the case with most of the silver ones.
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    May I ask what dealership in OH? Anyone know a good place to buy one? I'm in South Florida - the FJ's here are usually filled with bogus upgrades - base price plus 4-6k for "sealant" and other garbage options lol --- so they say they are not over MSRP but in effect they are.

    Any ideas? Willing to go out of state? I see a few mentioned in this forum but they do not state the dealerships.
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    Has anyone tried to buy one throught the Costco Auto buying Service?

  • bbug1bbug1 Member Posts: 76
    This was the easiest vehicle purchase transaction I have ever had. Friendly staff that didn't mind my daily phone calls to see if my FJ had arrived.
    We got a fair deal on our trade-in and were lucky enough to get an FJ in the color and dressed out the way we wanted at MSRP.
    Very Happy in So-Cal :)
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    I ordered a FJ cruiser from a Colorado dealer at MSRP. I put down $1,000 on the order. I can't seem to get a good estimate of the delivery date. I've been told roughly 4-6 weeks, but the explanation of dealer allocations seem nebulous. Anyone else having the same experience? I'd also be interested in knowing whether anyone else is buying at prices lower than MSRP. Thanks.
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    If anyone lives in New York City metro area.
    I checked out the FJ at Bronx Toyota.
    They are marked up $4,000 from the MSRP asking price.
    They have four blue,one black and one canary yellow on the lot.Apparently no one on this side of town in rushing to buy them.It's a sweet looking vehicle my husband is thinking of trading his 4-runner for one. :)
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    Does anybody have experience with Longo Toyota in LA?
  • jdixon01jdixon01 Member Posts: 3
    The best I have found is MSRP. Any news when things will return to a non-price gouging purchase format?
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    Toyota Sunnyvale is advertising FJ Cruisers for $550 below invoice. They even have a lower optioned one in the mid-low 20's.
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    I greatly appreciate this suggestion. I visited N. Hollywood and Downtown today, but not Miller. Now I will. Thank you!
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    Are there any plans for a convertible FJ Cruiser? If so, what are the details?
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    How much are people paying in the New Jersey area?
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    I got my FJ at Haley, Toyota. They told me from the get go that they would not negotiate MSRP. They did not have it marked up at all. They only had a Silver 6 speed that I drove and loved, but decided on an automatic. I had to give them a $500 deposit and they looked for one with features I wanted, which ended up being a black one and about $1000 less than the 6 speed. I ended up negotiating some other options since they would not drop MSRP. I got two cargo nets installed inside the back door and a remote start put on as pat of my deal. I also got them to give me $500 more on my trade in (2003 Jeep GC Limited)The only thing it didn't have that I wanted was running boards-but I will get them later. Overall, It was a smooth process and I love my FJ-which it got better gas mileage-I am getting about 20 MPG hgwy. I am a little peaved right now that there is a tire recall and supposedly mailings were sent July 5-I never received one. Coincidentally, I took the FJ in today for a sporadic Vibration in the steering wheel and this is how I found out about the recall. The dealer has to order 5 brand new tires and it will be about 3-5 days.
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    :shades: The dealer is Jim White Toyota in Toledo OH.

    Easiest car buy I have ever had. The guy picked me up at the airport , bought me breakfast and an hour later I was on the way back to Atlanta.
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    Forgot to mention, that we talked on the phone, and he did not have what I wanted, but said he would find one for me, which he did, in about 3 days. He picked it up and drove it to Toledo for me. It had like 89 miles on it when I picked it up...Great deal...Great sales guy.
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    That is a great deal IMO. Do you care to expose the guy's name and the exact number you paid? TIA.
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    I just got mine for $1000 below MSRP in Atlanta. However, because the dealer started trying to play games with the financing after we negotiated the deal, I'm not going to give them any free publicity here. i don't understand the greedy bastards. i would of come on here and given them a great recommendation too.
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    Toyota of Sarasota, Florida has a search tool that checks all inventory across the Southeast region of Toyota dealerships. There may be something similar for the West and Southwest.
  • biggygregbiggygreg Member Posts: 2
    All Toyota dealer websites have that option. That's how I found mine. Pulled into the dealership as they were unloading it off the truck.
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    I recently met with my Toyota salesman and we discussed what I wanted and my expectations for the deal. He told me to wait, if I could, until the buzz has worn off a little. I am looking for better than MSRP on a 4wd manual with the convenience package only. The convenience package really doesn't mean that much to me and I'm kind of loathe to pay for it. He seems to feel that the loaded models are being pushed out right now to maximize profits on a hot model. I'm on hold until spring unless he gets what I want and really wants to sell it. I also have a guy shopping the used market for one since I expect some people will fall out of love with them when they realize they bought a four wheeler and not a luxury SUV.

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    I was by El Cajon Toyota today. They have 5 (five) FJ Cruisers sitting on the front row. I know when I was in they tried getting me to look at the one they had that day. I would bet if you want one a deal could be struck. The honey moon may be over. Maybe they will build an FJ Cruiser for us old dudes next time.
  • kristymisskristymiss Member Posts: 10
    We unfortunately purchaes our FJ from Sandy Springs Toyota (worse possilbe customer svc ever I have ever dealt with-we were given wrong informations several times, sent the payoff of our tradein to the wrong bank, and tons more) We contacted Toyota Mall of GA and spoke to the nicest, most wonderful saleslady and found out they have 16 on the lot and are pretty much asking for MSRP or less if on the lot...I FREE LIKE AN IDIOT for not going there.
  • giantkillergiantkiller Member Posts: 273
    I want one, but its too late. I already bought a vehicle.
    Maybe they would. But this vehicle could have done it, if only they didnt get greedy. I havent seen a single one with a base price.
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    I ordered my blue 4WD FJ 5/12 and took delivery 5/19 from Precision Toyota, Tucson AZ. It was a pretty seamless process. I paid MSRP of $28,235. I drove to my nearest BFG dealer and Installed a set of All Terrain TA's for Real off-road tires. The following week I installed an Airaid air intake system. WOW! It works very well with the TRD exhaust! The FJ attracts admiring looks and inquiries wherever I go. I'm a 70 year old avid outdooesman - hunter and fisherman - not a rockcrawler (unless that's the only way to get to my destination). This is my fifth 4WD and third Toyota 4WD.I had a '94 Truck and a '00 Tacoma. Each was significantly trail-worthy. The '94 and '00 had manual locking hubs, which I miss. But I Do love my FJ.
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    A large national news magazine is looking new Toyota owners that switched out from a Ford vehicle with their new purchase. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] no later than Wednesday, August 23, 2006 by 2:30 PM PT/5:30 PM ET containing your daytime contact information, what Toyota car you purchased and what Ford car you left behind.
  • abraindrainerabraindrainer Member Posts: 312
    FYI: Fitzmall has FJs at $500 over invoice! Carmax is about $1500 above invoice but they have 44 in stock. Folks, it costs about $1k to ship a vehicle across the country! :D Been there, done that...

    Let the stealerships with excessive markups keep their stock for a while!
  • frescafresca Member Posts: 4
    This is a good deal at Fitzmall if true. Anyone here bought a FJ from them? I am in NYC and wouldn't mind driving down to MD to pick up this great car. All the Toyota dealerships around NYC (Queens and LI) are a real rip off. They can keep them in the lot for the prices they are asking for them.
  • abraindrainerabraindrainer Member Posts: 312 has a reputation for no-haggle pricing. I did not buy from them last time because carmax was cheaper. They have been very professional and up front with me for a couple of quotes I had requested over the years. Check other boards here or BBB to get a better sample.

    In either case, you should get all the details on paper before you drive or fly down.
  • frescafresca Member Posts: 4
    Just curious abraidrainer, what car did you buy from carmax? Thanks,
  • abraindrainerabraindrainer Member Posts: 312
    Bought '04 Highlander in Dec '03 for the folks for about $700 under invoice. The 3.3L engine and 5speed auto with stability had just come out. At the time, that was the best deal for AWD, stability, and side curtains.

    Bought at Carmax in MD and shipped it to Seattle where it arrived with 6 miles on it! WA dealers were a total pain and did not have any deals on anything close to the wanted configuration.

    As you can see, I have played the game!
  • frescafresca Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the 411, I will definitely consider getting the FJ from fitz.

    They also stated that no taxes for out of staters ( I am in NY), so that means I only have to pay for the title and tags?

    Thanks :confuse:
  • abraindrainerabraindrainer Member Posts: 312
    They will still charge you a "processing fee" but it is legally limited to $100 in MD and I think $55 in PA. Fitzmall in PA might be closer for you too...

    The dealership can typically issue you 30 day temp tags and you will have to make a trip to your own DMV once the 1st title comes (2-3 weeks from purchase). Temp tags and a second title fee will typically amount to about $20-30. You will also have to come up with the tax when you go to DMV and it will not be rolled into the financing like it would be if you bought at the dealer within your state.

    Good luck
  • frescafresca Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the 411.

    So , I would still have to pay the tax (the amount I bought it for at the NYS Tax rate of 8.45%? ) when I go to my local DMV to register the car anyways ? Sorry for all the stupid questions but I am sure you can its my first time buying a brand new car. Thanks.
  • abraindrainerabraindrainer Member Posts: 312
    Yes, there is not much you can do (legally) to get around paying tax. Although... if you "have" a residence (or friend) in another state (such as OR that has no sales tax) you could technically register a vehicle in the "pretend" home for at least 90 days and then re-register it in another state (or country for that matter). If you want to try this, you should get a driver license in that (other) state before you do your transaction.

    You are asking the right questions! Many people who have been buying cars for years do not understand the basic mathematical and legal mechanics of the transactions. Dealers like to play games and pad things everywhere and many buyers do not even bat an eyelash.
  • heikoheiko Member Posts: 6
    I am dealing with Jim White Toyota in Toledo and they are telling me that the sales price is list price, any information you can provide would be very helpful
  • abraindrainerabraindrainer Member Posts: 312
    Just expand your radius to 100-200 miles... at least for your price search, then figure what is workable compromise for you. I am sure Detroit prices are lower with more dealers and thus more competition.
  • freddy2007freddy2007 Member Posts: 1
    i'm interested in the 4x2 cruiser, however my dealer say in they only have 4wd and the whole central atlantic area only have there any truth to this? and can i special order the 4x2 only? thanks
  • componentcomponent Member Posts: 7
    So I'm interested in buying an FJ. I've contacted a dealer here in Indianapolis, and here's the response {after this}.

    My question is -- about the salesperson's comment:
    "Like other specialty vehicles including the Prius. It is not discounted. Toyota value market priced them right from the factory. It is supposed to promote an easier and haggle free experience."
    Is this typical sales hoo-ha?

    Here's the whole chunk:
    I had to do some research on your question because internally we do not refer to the package combo's buy letter. I do have your answer on the difference in price between the two packages.

    Package "A" on the 4x4 Automatic including carpet floor mats. ( they all have the mats) is 26979

    Package "D" on the 4x4 Automatic including carpet floor mats is 28954

    There is a Package "G' on the 4x4 automatic it has:
    CQ- convenience package
    GY- side and head curtain airbags
    RB- running boards
    UP- upgrade package #1
    CF- carpet floor mats
    The MSRP is 29554

    The FJ Cruiser is a specialty vehicle. Like other specialty vehicles including the Prius. It is not discounted. Toyota value market priced them right from the factory. It is supposed to promote an easier and haggle free experience.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 32,805
    yes, that is sales BS.

    The FJ is NOT a specialty vehicle, its an SUV!

    the Prius is not typically discounted because high gas prices have put hybrids in high demand. SUVs, on the other hand, are in LOW demand.

    '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '13 Fiat 500c; '20 S90 T6; '22 MB Sprinter 2500 4x4 diesel; '97 Suzuki R Wagon; '96 Opel Astra; '08 Maser QP; '11 Mini Cooper S

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    I got mine in Valencia, CA for $600 off MSRP.
    After calling 15 dealers no one had the silver, then I walk into my local toyota dealer just to look and guess what they had it after they had told me over the phone that they didn't. I think it was in hiding.

    2007 FJ Silver, automatic,CQ-convenience package,
    C7- roof rack, towing hitch & wire harness, spare tire cover.
    Z2- all weather mats, arm rest, rear door storage, first aid kit
    GY- curtain shield airbags
    UR- upgraded package #2.
    MSRP $30,804 I got it for $30,204
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