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Kia Rondo



  • While I now live in NC, I lived for 30 years in Upstate NY's snowbelt (Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, Cortland). Drove through several 160-inch+ winters there between 1976 and 2006. Every front wheel drive car I owned while there (Renault Alliance/Mazda Protege/Ford Escort/Subaru Impreza/Chevy Monte Carlo) was the same, i.e., crap in the snow with the AS factory radials but great in the snow with true winter radials. I'm guessing that the Rondo with ESC would be the same.

    And the difference in snow traction between a new set of tires and those with 10K (or 20K or 30K) miles on them was noticable. It's all about the tread pattern, depth, and "softness" of the rubber.........
  • I have just bought a 2007 Rondo with the Premium sound pkg (CD cassette player). It has no imput for a MP3 player or for my Garmin GPS. Has anyone found a way around this problem? My local car stereo dealer will install one for the small price of $129.00!
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Rides like a car, balooney, and easily proved by simple physics.
    True there are differences according to preference such as a soft floating ride or a tight, stiff sports car. But two vehicles of similar size and weight with similar suspensions, the car will always win. Draw an inverted "T" and if you wish put tires on the axle. Sit down near the axle and raise one side as if going over a bump. Notice the amount of lateral movement. Now sit up high on that "T" as if riding in a van, etc. and again notice the lateral movement. So, if you like being tossed side to side like a flea on a dogs tail, buy the non-car.
    Yes full sized pickups get a decent ride with their fine suspension, wide wheel base, and heavy V-8 and heavy rear-wheel drive transmission, but don't expect much for gas milage. But then to be fair you would need to compare that ride to a Grand Marquis or Lincoln Town Car. (and they will get better gas milage).
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Absolutely correct on wheel nut torqueing. Ask for hand torqueing only. If you've always used the same mechanic or shop, make them replace for free. They use impact wrenches on assembly, but they are calibrated for the specific job at that station. Impact wrenches are also the reason for ruined nuts and studs, get them for free as well. Best to catch the mechanic using impact wrench before complaining as manager will deny. Saw such at Pep Boys and manager went in store grabbing arm full of torque wrenches and told mechanics to put them in tool boxes. And I believe that is where they still are, unused. So you have to catch them. But best to get one of your own and go behind them. Saves a lot of headache.
    Impact wrenches should be used only on rare occaison where it is necessary to break something loose that can not be done by hand.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Use Rain-X washer fluid and occaisonally clean windshield thoroughly. It makes almost all rain water slide off, even without wiper.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I have an annoying whistle at faster blower speeds.
  • I just bought a Rondo EX V6. I am in SE Michigan. It has Michelin Energy MXV4 S8, 225/55/17 tires. This a high performance "all Season" tire ment for sport type autos, not Mini mivans. Why Kia would put them on the Rondo is beyond me. According to tire reviews (over 5,900,000 miles driven by reviewers) the Michelins are poor snow/ ice tires. After much research I am going to trade them in for Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread tires. The Goodyear are rated as twice as good in snow & ice. Discount Tire In Michigan will give me a very good trade in $ Also the Goodyear's are rated as 80.000 mile tires.

    After watching many a large SUV having slid off the road in bad snow & ice..I
    believe the NO 1 Safety factor in bad weather is driver smarts!
  • After watching many a large SUV having slid off the road in bad snow & ice..I
    believe the NO 1 Safety factor in bad weather is driver smarts!

    The main reason why those people end up in the ditch is because they drive too fast and do not have the experience to drive a larger vehicle.
  • I think applies to people who aren't driving large vehicles too. I don't know how many times I've seen a vehicle in the ditch and based on the driving conditions can't figure out HOW they would have lost control if they were driving intelligently.
  • I have an 07 I-4 EX Rondo which I dearly love. One point however, it is extremely noisy on a cement road. Any ideas on how to cut down the noise?
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    I haven't been on a cement road with my '08 EX Rondo yet, but I don't think that's anything to do with a Rondo. Some of my other previous vehicles were always noisy on cement roads (Fords, GM's), I guess its the type of tires that cause this, but it maybe more amplified in the Rondo due to the open back as apposed to a trunk - just a thought.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    That sounds unusal as cement is often the quietest ride. Are you talking about rain grooves or the joints in the pavement?
    Which tires do you have?
    What type of noise is it?
    How does this noise compare to noise generated by vehicles you go by?
    Wind noise if any?
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Appears that I've been too trusting of KIA shop. I better get torque wrench out.
    I needed tire replace under road hazard. And now wife is complaining of vibration from 65 to 75 MPH. They obviously did something wrong and suspect they did not align dot on tire with dot on wheel. Wheels are too new to have been knocked out of round.
  • sra1sra1 Posts: 20
    Anybody made any mods yet ?? Exhaust or intake?? Aftermarket wheels ?? Anything ??
  • I'm in the market for a new vehicle and have been contemplating the Rondo for a while now, but I have a few concerns.

    1. I was unsure about the 4 or 6 cyl, but I read that the 4 has a timing chain so I decided to call the dealership to confirm. I was disappointed that 3 dealership could not tell me if the 4cyl had a timing chain or a belt. I had to call KIA Canada for an answer to that one as each dealer had a different story, don't they know their products?
    4cyl - Chain
    6cyl - Belt

    2. This is a heavy vehicle empty, how does the 4cyl perform under load?

    3. How does KIA measure up with parts availability and cost over time, I know this vehicle is new here so we do not have any history, but when I spoke to a local parts retailer they told me that a lot of parts for KIA's such as the 03/04 Sorento are dealer items even to this day. Considering KIA is asking $600+ for an alternator for the Rondo I have my concerns. I don't see many older KIA's or Hyundai's on the road and am wondering if the rumors I've heard that after 5 or 6 years they are too costly to fix is true. I generally keep my vehicles for 15 + years, so I want to make sure its going to last.

    Any thoughts??
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    enter your location in your profile as it will show up when you hover of your name (kind of a dumb way of doing it), I am assuming you are from Canada - me too! I own a 2008 EX 5-seater model
    4cyl - Chain
    6cyl - Belt

    this is correct, some of those dealers don't know the car very well do they! you should download the owners manual from the KIA Canada website, this will give you a lot of info, that what I did and was a tremendous help in answering a lot of questions as well as forums such as this.

    2. This is a heavy vehicle empty, how does the 4cyl perform under load?

    this vehicle is only about the same weight as a CR-V FWD with auto and only comes with a 2.4L engine. I have the 4 cylinder and I am more than satisfied with it. It out performs my previous vehicle that had a 2.8L V6. If you are getting the 7-seater and going to have it fully loaded a lot I suppose it may not be satisfactory, I guess its all what you are used to and expecting. You'll have to drive both (I didn't, because when I drove the four, that was much more than I expected and enough for me). The transmission is very smooth and quiet (but you can tell its a four) and the manual portion of the auto is a great feature, particular in bad weather.

    3. How does KIA measure up with parts availability and cost over time

    I would suspect that those 03/04 are dealer items, probably because the vehicle is still under warranty. You don't have to worry about repairs for 5 years (if you are in Canada). I can't answer your long term question as I have only had mine for 4 months, but my last vehicle was an '86, so I plan to keep this a long time too. Usually the biggest problem on any vehicle in Canada more than repairs is body rust and I plan on getting mine Krown rustproof shortly because if you get it done within 6 months of purchase you get a lifetime warranty. I research the Rondo for 9 months before purchase and there was quite a few other vehicles I considered too.
  • Hi Wheelspin,

    1 Yes I4=chain, V6=belt. And yep sales guy don't know their products all the time.

    2. I've got the I4 7 seater and for most things it is great. I do mostly city driving and the 4 cylinder is fine. The only compliant with the I4 4 speed auto is that on "some" hill it will down shift when I don't think it needs to, I just pop the shifter into manual mode and it is fine. Today I was hauling 4 guys + Me to lunch at work. And it worked great I4 did its bit so that's 800 lbs of men on board? and no compliant about room. One of the guy, the boss, who was the smallest, did take the third row and he was okay.... Soooo...

    3. As for parts, and longevity that is the big question.

    Good Luck, KC
  • tmurphytmurphy Posts: 10
    What are people paying for a left over 2007 Rondo EX V6 fully loaded?
  • sra1sra1 Posts: 20
    On a loaded EXV6 with a $23,535.00 MSRP price I got a quotation of $20,812.94 which included tax, title and license. (in other words, Out The Door price)

    I think I'm going to offer $18,500.00 out the door and see what happens. I'll go to $19,000.00 but that will be about it. Remember, a new car loses 20/25% of the value the minute you go off the dealers lot. Plus a 2007 is about 6 months off the average model changeover, even though the US dealers, other than the rental companies, are just now getting the 08s on their lots. So, IMHO, an 07 should carry a lot more off MSRP than an 08 model.
  • telesavetelesave Posts: 5
    Check out ebay (for american pricing).
    Search for rondo

    ..too bad I can't get those prices here in canada :(

  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Just curious...if they say no to $19,000 what is your plan to buy then?
  • sra1sra1 Posts: 20
    See what kind of a deal I can make on a CX-7. Thats what I started out wanting, only problem with one of them is worse gas mileage than the Rondo and it has to use premium. So does my Vette, for that matter, but I want the Rondo/Mazda for a daily driver.

    Did get 31.2 mpg with the Vette between Little Rock and Dallas - running about 80 or so on the cruise control. No where near that good in city driving, though.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Good hwy mpg...not much wind resistance with your vette!

    So you don't really need a 3 row vehicle if you're also looking at the CX-7? Ever think about something smaller as a daily driver? Like a Matrix, Fit, Mazda3 5-door? They're all pretty practical like the Rondo (minus the 3rd row) and all get better MPG.
  • sra1sra1 Posts: 20
    I'd like a MazdaSpeed 3, but, my GF doesn't do well with a stick, that is why the Vette has an auto. Don't want any more than the two seating levels but think it would be nice to have something to haul stuff in, thats why the CX-7 or the Rondo. Like the Rondo better than the Mazda 5. Seems like quite a bit of vehicle for the money. Imagine the depreciation is pretty tough but would keep it until it almost died, so that isn't a big factor.

    I'd get a Yaris 2 door (which I think is the best looking of the "pygmy" cars) but it doesn't have appreciably more hauling space than the Vette. Plus it's pretty anemic, power wise, although for a daily "beater" it probably would not make a lot of difference.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    How about a Matrix, Fit or Versa?

    And I'm surprised you like the Rondo over the Mazda5, since from everything I've read, the driving dynamics are better in the Mazda5.
  • timtlmtimtlm Posts: 5
    Yes, I would highly recommend taking a look at the fit. Great price, exceptional gas mileage, Honda name, and good cargo room (back seats fold flat). Also, the sport package looks very nice. The Versa (hatchback) is a good option too: more seating room than the fit, cheaper, but less gas mileage and the seats fold, but not flat. Of course, you can get a lot more room for not much more with the Rondo (I am a Rondo owner myself). Any of these options, including the Mazda 5 or the Matrix would be better than that Yaris.
  • I have 3000 miles on a 2007 Black Cherry Kia Rondo EXV6 and have noticed a number of stone chips on the hood. I have notified the dealer and am in the process of having this evaluated. I also own a 2003 Kia Sedona with 83,000 miles that has weathered over 15 trips back and forth to Florida from Ohio, mostly in the winter, and have no stone chips on the hood. This causes me some concern as to the quality of the paint on the Rondo. What will it look like after 20,000/30,000 miles? Otherwise, I'm extremely pleased with the performance of the Rondo.
  • Okay obviously the Rondo is still a newer vehicle, but after speaking with some of the aftermarket parts places it seems the only place to get parts for Kia's is the Dealer, which may explain why they want $600+ for the alternator on the 2.4L Rondo. I know there is warranty for 5 years (Canada), but how about other parts like brake rotors, I spoke with someone with an 05 Sportage and apparently he ran into a similar issue when he did his brakes, no one carried aftermarket rotors or pads.

    Also as far as maintenance goes, do Kia's tend to require a little more TLC. I'd hate to get one thinking I was getting a great car for a good price only to find I'm getting hammered on the maintenance later. After all you have to figure the reason the warranty is so good is because they know that in order to keep the warranty valid you have to keep up with the recommended service which most people will go back to them to do, espceially if you are required to use OEM parts and you can only get them from the dealer.
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    "I'd hate to get one thinking I was getting a great car for a good price only to find I'm getting hammered on the maintenance later."

    Well, I am not sure about that statement, wheelspin1. Last month, I had my 2007 EX V6 to the dealer for an oil change, filter, and the 8,000 km scheduled maintenance. The tab was $34.

    My last car, a 1998 Legacy AWD wagon bought new, cost a lot more than that at 8,000 km, and even my 1991 Civic Si, bought new, cost more for the same service. I don't recall the costs for these two, but it was way more than $34!
  • crewzincrewzin Posts: 76
    Just had our 2007 EX V6 in for the 15,000 mile service. $199.95 Seemed like they through in a lot of stuff just to jack the price up. New air filter, fuel injection service, oil treatment, rotate tires, lube and oil change and a lot of checks (check this & that). I looked on the service board and the 30K service is twice the price but they do a transmission flush and a coolant flush.
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