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Toyota Camry Hybrid Extended Warranty & Service Package

hamm3rhamm3r Posts: 55
I just put my deposit down for my TCH. Thank you to everyone in the other threads for the experience and guidances you have posted.

I may be interested in getting the extended warranty on this vehicle. I know that extended warranties are worth it on cars like a Jeep Grand Cherokee and NOT worth it on like a Honda Pilot (even though I bought one).

What is the general feeling about them on this new vehicle?

For my Honda Pilot, there was a dealer on some Honda forums that offered rock-bottom prices through the mail for an extended warranty (not a third party warranty).

Anyone know of a similar situation with Toyota? I am not interested in a third party warranty like through warrantydirect.

Also, my dealer offered a maintenance package, I think it was called "Toyota Care" but I could be wrong. Basically, you pay something like $980 up front and it pays for your first 10 services. I never heard of this. Is this a dealer-specific offer? Any insights?

Thanks all.


  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Use the search function on the 2007 Camry forum.
  • hamm3rhamm3r Posts: 55
    Thanks. I did use the search feature prior to posting, but upon further digging after your post, I did manage to find a dealer that gives cheap contracts. However, I was not able to find any discussions about general opinions on whether it was a good idea to buy one for the TCH.

    I also was not able to find anything regarding this maintainence package. Can you please clue me in on some good search keywords? Otherwise, does anyone have any knowledge about this prepaid maintenance (oil changes, etc) agreement?
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    I posted previously for a 84/100,000/0 deductible that I got for $880.

    It is just an insurance policy but if you look at the posts under Camry - Problems and Solutions, there are a number of 4-7 year old Camry owners that are looking at large repair bills and are surprised. Do you feel lucky?

    I've never considered the maintenance contract because I will use synthetic after another 2 oil changes and I never plan on going to any dealer for other than warranty service.

    If you go to the dealer for all your service it may be ok if you get it at a significant reduction from retail like the service contract. I'm sure the low price service contract dealers will have an attractive price on the maintenance contract also.
  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
    Can you please mention wherre you got this84/100K extended warranty from?

  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Toyota of Greenfield, MA
  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
  • just1guyjust1guy Posts: 19
    When you go to any dealer for service under your extended warranty,what do you show - your warranty contract or some type of warranty ID card ? Can the dealer that is working on your car see where you purchased your warranty and how much you paid for it ?
    I'd hate to buy my warranty in Virginia and find out 3 or 4 years later that a dealer in my state of Illinois will give me a hard time getting my car fixed .
    I'd like to hear from someone that purchased in one state
    and had his car fixed in another .
  • hamm3rhamm3r Posts: 55
    If you buy a Toyota warranty, the warranty must be honored by all Toyota service depts, no matter where in the country you bought the warranty from.

    The warranty is from Toyota, NOT from the dealer.

    Normally you do not need to show your warranty card. They can look up the warranty through Toyota.
  • rockxprockxp Posts: 11
    I am considering purchasing a new 2007 camry. I know it somes with a standard warranty of 3 yr 36,000 miles one. Should I purchase any extended warranty they are offering me?

    Also, is the destination charge the same as "delivery, processing and handling fee". The total of the charge is $580.

    Lastly, how do I post a new topic in the main forum. I dont see any buttons. :D
  • maddy8maddy8 Posts: 6
    Re: 1995 Camry wagon that I just bought with 72,000 miles for 5 K. Altho a private purchase, the Toyota dealer offered me a 3 year extended warranty from United Car Care {not a 3rd party} for $1865 plus tax that is $50 deductible. I had to first replace tranny boots, fix oil pan leak, do rear brakes, before qualifying for the warranty. Please share experience with this and any other site ideas.
  • just1guyjust1guy Posts: 19
    $1865 is a ridiculous price to pay for a warranty and a third party or fifth party at that . Look for another dealer and another deal ... don't look , ruuuuuuuuuuun!
  • maddy8maddy8 Posts: 6
    It is a first party warranty--What should I pay?

  • maddy8maddy8 Posts: 6
    Anyone out there who has a UCC extended used car warranty on a Toyota that can share your experience? The deal I am considering is $50 deductible, direct pay, for 3 years/36,000 miles at a price of $1865 plus tax. The Toyota dealer is selling the warranty but it is backed by UCC, not Toyota. This is apparantly a new practice on Toyota's part, to sell a warranty on a car they did not sell.

  • glanwinglanwin Posts: 28
    I did receive a ID card this time for my 07 Camry. My wife only received a piece of paper from Toyota Extra Care last time for her 05 HL LTD. Toyota Extra Care told us that both cars are in their system so the id card is not important.

    However, any extended warranty works still require approval from Toyota Extra Care. It works just like the regular warranty.
  • maddy8maddy8 Posts: 6
    What do you think I should pay for the warranty?
  • drw199drw199 Posts: 1
    Toyota of Iowa City
    1445 Highway #1 West
    Iowa City, IA 52246
    Phone: (319) 351-1501 TOLL FREE 1-877-267-0225
    Fax: (319) 351-8231

    Sells discounted extended coverage online. The website says that it is factory-backed extended service coverage. Big discount, check it out.
  • maddy8maddy8 Posts: 6
    The Toyota extended warranty is not offered to cars with more than 36,000 miles. Mine, a '95, has 71,000. Any advice for this age of car?

  • ggav73ggav73 Posts: 31
    My question to all of you today is: should we get extended warranty and/or maintenance coverage for the Camry Hybrid?
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    I got my 84/100,000/0 deductible Platinum warranty for $880.

    Too many electronic control systems, instruments, sensors, etc. to go bad.
  • hamm3rhamm3r Posts: 55
    I know I can get the 84/100k/0 "online" for $880, but I have another opportunity from my dealer. Just was wondering what your thoughts are.

    I negotiated with my dealer to get LoJack and 84/100k/0 "out the door" for $1500.

    The trouble is, I am not sure I want LoJack.

    LoJack lists for $695, and I am not sure what a realistic street price would be.

    But, if I pay list for LoJack, my extended warranty comes out to:

    $1500 - $695 = $805 (out the door!).

    I checked with my insurance company. LoJack will save me $17 a year (I was quite disappointed with this number).

    Without LoJack, my dealer will not go below $1200 for the warranty.

    Anyone think LoJack is worth it for this car?
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Without LoJack, my dealer will not go below $1200 for the warranty.

    In effect the question you should ask is: 1) is the warranty worth $1200 and 2) Is LoJack worth $300 (not $695) because in effect that is the deal the dealerr is offering, reguardless of how they break it out on paper
  • maddy8maddy8 Posts: 6
    What is Lojac?
  • just1guyjust1guy Posts: 19
    "Without LoJack, my dealer will not go below $1200 for the warranty."

    Did you try another dealer ? If it's a new car you can buy it at a later times . You can't use it during your first 3 years anyway - the new car factory warranty covers you during that time.
    I plan to buy my Platinum warranty from a dealer in Virginia - $550 .
  • yawnalot29yawnalot29 Posts: 23
    Hello hamm3r,

    I recommand you go to the "Toyota Camry: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" forum and look up message 3018. See if this link helps:

    martinf, "Toyota Camry: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" #3018, 14 May 2006 10:24 pm

    Also message 3314 here:

    martinf, "Toyota Camry: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" #3314, 6 Jun 2006 10:28 pm

    I think these 2 posts are very helpful.

  • bnewinsbnewins Posts: 25
    The earlier messages seem to be prices for Camry LE's. Isn't the hybrid warranty more expensive? Who is finding good quotes for the TCH warranty? Also if one buys, for example, a 8y/75,000/0 then are you only getting the 5 yrs. beyond the manufactures new car 3 yr. warranty?

    Platinum for $550 for what time period? Which dealer? doesn't list the TCH as an option.

    I am not sure I understand all I know about this yet! :P
  • yawnalot29yawnalot29 Posts: 23

    I think what it comes down to is that you just need to call around and ask. Every dealer charges differently. And this particular warrenty is backed by Toyota, so you can pretty much buy it from any dealer in the US.

    As far as the coverage goes, I have no idea how the 8 years is determiend. Maybe you might find more information on Toyota site.

  • hamm3rhamm3r Posts: 55
    if one buys, for example, a 8y/75,000/0 then are you only getting the 5 yrs. beyond the manufactures new car 3 yr. warranty?

    This is a true statement. You get 3 years manufacturer warranty with the initial purchase. If you buy an extended 5 year warranty, you get only an additional 2 years. If you buy an extended 7 year warranty, you get only an additional 4 years.

    Incidentally, I don't think Toyota sells an 8 year, but I know that third party warranty companies do. I personally would not trust a hybrid warranty to a third party.

    I called one of the the MidWest Superstores Toyota in KS today to inquire about the $520 warranty, but the finance manager was not available and has not called me back.
  • bnewinsbnewins Posts: 25
    Sorry. 84 months = 7 yrs. It appears it's 84 months and 75,000 miles or 100,000 miles are the longest term option. :)
  • yawnalot29yawnalot29 Posts: 23
    Hi just1guy,

    Can you tell us what is the name of the dealer in Virginia that would sell you the warrenty for $550? What is the coverage on that?


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