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Toyota Camry Hybrid Extended Warranty & Service Package



  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    There is one Toyota based warranty and many other companies out there being pushed by various dealers.
  • youmeyoume Posts: 11

    Would you post the result of your extended warranty purchase please?

    Is it from Totyta and any issue with it.

  • brownie3brownie3 Posts: 5
    I don't know for sure it is rock bottom but the price is fair. My local dealer wanted $1600 MIDWEST TOYOTA SALES sold me 7/75 no deduct for $645. They put it on my credit card and then in about 3 weeks I got the warranty from Toyota Financial Services. MIdwest PH 800 530 5789 in Hutchinson, KS Other Phone 620 662 6631. I was needless to say very pleased with Midwest.
  • youmeyoume Posts: 11
    thanks for the update
  • jklcswjklcsw Posts: 5
    Holy macaroni, did I get swindled! Picked up my new car 3 days ago in the midst of a marathon work session, so the dust is just now settling from the whole ordeal. I paid $2495 for the extended warranty, and am going to cancel it in the morning (back of contract says I have 10 days to cancel & get full refund), remove the "kick me" sign from my back, and call around for other prices. Think I'm also going to try to cancel the $299 tire warranty thingamajig. Almost afrad to ask about Lojack - paid $1295. Do I have a "kick me" sign on my forehead, too? :)
  • regal1945regal1945 Posts: 25
    No macaroni! only on your $#%. we as stealers love folks like you, spend it as you cannot take it to the coffin lol. Hey we got a 4x4 TCH for sale are you game? ;)
  • jklcswjklcsw Posts: 5
    ah haaa haaa - I like to think of it as doing my part to stimulate the economy. I'm reminded again of what I hate about buying a new car, though I plan to keep this one till I hit the coffin, if I can. Will let you know if I need the 4 x 4. ;)

    Thanks for your thoughts, though!
  • jjyangjjyang Posts: 42
    So here's what I was offered by a couple of dealers in the neighborhood. I am in the NJ/Pa area.

    Dealer A: $680 for 5/60K platinum, 0 deductible. Pricey...yes but it comes with a money back guarantee. That is should there be No warranty claim on the car for the warranty period, I would get all $680 back. Supposedly, they have a certificate with the dealer stamp. This sounds like a great deal to me, but is this a scam? Anyone else with such an offer?

    Dealer B: Prepaid premium maintenance service is $1075 for 4/55K which covers both 5000 mile oil changes and the 15,30,45 K service. According to the dealer, the 15,45K service will cost $199 currently and the 30K will cost $399.
    What are people really paying for the big maintenance? Are these realistic numbers?

  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    First, dealers push extended warranties for one reason, they are high profit items.

    A: What's covered? The car comes with a 3/36K general warranty and 5/60K powertrain coverage already (with hybrid components covered longer).

    Yep, between years 3 & 4 something not covered might go wrong, but it's unlikely to be anything major, since most major stuff is still covered. And if it's something small, you then have a choice to file a claim and forfeit the refund, or pay up. If you get your money back, their profit comes from having use of your money for 5 years.

    No scam here, but are you being protected against what you presumably fear, a large repair bill? I don't see it.

    B: I would review the TCH's recommended service schedule. There are no big maintenance items at 15-30-45K. Other than changing the cabin and engine air filter at 30K, all the services are little more than an oil change and tire rotation. My dealer charges $28 for an oil change. I'll do the tire rotation every other oil change.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I can possibly see a 100K mile warranty, but 60K??? As for this one what if you have a $50 claim, would you get the rest back? If so, and you trust them then all you lose is the interest you'd earn on the $680 over 60K or 5 years (60K for me is only two years)

    I've seen some pay 1000+ for this but I thought it was for a much longer period. My 15K and 30K services did not cost $199.
  • jjyangjjyang Posts: 42
    Thanks for the feedback.

    The prepaid service sounds unappealing indeed especially if maintenance cost are not supposed to be that high. I'll have to do some more checking on cost around my neighboorhood. If you can, please provide me with details of your dealership. Perhaps, they are willing to sell the prepaid service for less.
  • jjyangjjyang Posts: 42
    Good point. Fear is indeed the primary driving force. As I told my wife, had this been a regular camry or perhaps a '07 prius, I would not even waste my time considering warranty. Of all the cars that I have come to own, I had not once purchased a warranty or even been inthe circumstance of needing one. But..being this is the first year hybrid model of the camry and our first hybrid ever, that fear factor is running pretty high in me. Any words of consolation would be appreciated. Do you know of any online posting regarding major defects in the GenII prius? Thanks!
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    According to Consumer Reports the Prius reliability is rated high. I've read reports of Prius NYC cabs running well after 200k miles. And by now there are enough high mileage Prius on the road to know if premature battery failure was a problem.

    As to the TCH, what's different about it is its hybrid components. But they're covered far longer than the warranty you were considering.

    My TCH is 9 months old. It's been in for one warranty repair: squeaky brakes. The dealer had a technical service bulletin on the problem and it was corrected within 1 hour. Otherwise, the car has met all my expectations.

    If the fear of an out-of-warranty repair is high, then an extended warranty plan may be worth the money. Just make sure it covers what you're concerned about. Good luck.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Perhaps, they are willing to sell the prepaid service for less.

    I believe the prepaid service plans are regionally determined. I don't even know if my dealer offers one. Here in WV they know they have to compete with numerous drive in oil change establishments and they remain competitive with them. I go to my dealer because of the "tires for life" program. I buy my services from them and they keep me in tires. I just got a set put on the TCH and the cost of the tires would have exceeded the total cost of all my maintenance so far. Granted if I had bought tires I would have never put another set of these Bridgestones on, but if they are going to replace them for me then I don't really care.
  • jjyangjjyang Posts: 42
    According to the dealer here, irrespective of where I get that contract, it will be honored in the continental USA.

    "I believe the prepaid service plans are regionally determined. "

    That's exactly what I am banking on. What do you think? Can I get away with it? I read in this forum about some folks getting good warranty deals from midwest dealers. Wonder if they are willing to sell the service contract. Hmm.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    As long as we keep the definitions of service contract and extended warranty seperate we can reason through this. Warranty is warranty (repairs) and should be the same throughout the US based on what Toyota reimburses the dealer for work.

    Service contracts though deal with oil changes, tire rotations, filters and the like (maintenance). Around here an oil change is $30 or less. In some cities though many are saying they are paying closer to $50. If Toyota is not backing the service contracts and they are dealer sold, then I don't see them as good anywhere you take the vehicle. However I don't know because I never seriously considered one. Someone has to pay the dealer so if it's not Toyota backed I'd be willing to bet they are not good at all Toyota dealerships. Perhaps someone who has one would comment on the service contracts. Who reimburses the dealer?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,717
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  • Hellow

    I am also in similar position. I bought extended warranty on 7/75 for $1700. I wanted to cancel it and buy some cheaper one. Can i do that? I just bought it yesterday and realized payed too much.

    Please advise

  • I just bought new 2007 Camry Hybrid fully loaded.
    I paid $1700 for 7/75 Toyota warranty.I wanted to cancel and buy a cheaper one. Can i do that? What are best warranty buys in NJ area? Please share your experience

    Thanks in advance
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Others will be able to provide better info than I on where to buy an extended warranty (I doubt one is needed). As to can you cancel? Yes. All allow for cancellation within a reasonable period. To be safe, do it soon.
  • Try Team Toyota in PA or lawrenceville toyota, but none of their prices are as great as what others claim about midwest toyotas. I decided to hold off on warranty until later. You dont need to buy it right away as you have until the end of 3yr/36K.

    What I am undecided about is the service package.
  • Does the cost of extended warranty go up as we near the 3yr/36k stage? Is it advisable to get it sooner than later?
  • jykimjykim Posts: 2
    Hi folks,

    After 1 year of worry-free driving, I got a "Check Hybrid System" message the other day. I called the dealer and was told to bring it in.

    After I dropped it off, the service person calls me and tells me that there's a hole in radiator inverter (I think that is what is was) and as a result, all coolant have drained off.

    He said I was lucky because the engine did NOT get damaged but I was unlucky because a stone or something caused the damage (he thinks it got in thru the grill) and therefore it is NOT covered under warranty. I.e. it is considered road hazard and he quoted $677 or something.

    I have to admit that I don't really know much about cars but does this sound reasonable at all? I wonder what my recourse is. To me, it sounds like something that should be covered by warranty.

    I would appreciate any feedback from you experts. Thanks!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Any driving road damage, would be on you..... and not a warranty item.

    Follow too close to a gravel truck and a stone bounces up and hits your hood and dents your paint, or breaks a headlight, or cracks your radiator, thats your problem to fix. If you hit a pothole and dent your rim, rip a tire, break a suspension part, same thing.
  • I bought a Camry hybrid in mid Dec. 2007. I went through the dealer in Roswell NM who gave me $2000 less on the car than the dealers in Albuquerque but wanted $1700 for the warranty. After reading comments here I called Midwest Toyota in Hutchinson, Kansas and Randy sold me the same thing (from Toyota Financial) for $795. I would certainly call them. I received my contract in a week.
  • olddog7olddog7 Posts: 23
    I'm going to have to agree with the poster above, that Toyota is not responsible for the damage. However it is possible that it could be covered under your car insurance policy. So if the deductible is something like $250 or less, it is worth looking into. Good luck!
  • I believe if one is thinking about keeping the TCH for a while, maybe the extended warranty should be considered. The Toyota quality and warranty makes it a real gamble. I have owned the TCH for 18 months and not one problem has surfaced. I too was quoted $1700 by the delivering dealer and fortunely I had noticed a post here about Midwest so it was easy to say no, but at around $700 the odds are more favorable. Aside from the Hybrid Mechanism which carries the longer warranty, the radio, A/C, electrical etc any one of these failing could well exceed the Extended Warranty cost. I remember in years past no one would dare offer an extended warranty on their cars, but thanks to Toyota et al the quality and performance of autos in the U S has vastly increased. My wife and I agree the TCH is the best auto we have ever owned but without perfection -the nav is not easy to master.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I would agree, it looks like your comprehensive coverage would cover this similar ot hitting a deer or rock chip on the windshield.
  • jykimjykim Posts: 2
    I picked up the car yesterday and to my (pleasant) surprise, the charge was $199. They ended up replacing "inverter radiator" which only costs $16 or so. The rest was labor.
    Looks like they initially thought that the inverter itself needs to be replaced or something.

    Thanks for your inputs.
  • plknjplknj Posts: 121
    Nice to hear a good ending to a story that could have been a lot worse:-)
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