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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 5 month old RAV 4 with 6 CD changer. Recently the radio display has either disappeared altogether (altho radio still on) or it is showing all sorts of digits/symbols. Anyone else with this prob or know the solution?
  • I'm also glad to hear that Toyota knows there's a problem. I plan to call the customer service number you gave me tomorrow to make a complaint about the droning problem as well. The sound for me sounds like its coming from underneath the floor of the driver's side back seat. It happens 90% of the time for me when I am either idling or driving a less than 35 miles per hour. I'm not sure if it happens when I'm driving faster than that because perhaps the road noise drowns it out. I have noticed that when I turn my headlights on, the droning noise is higher pitched (but not louder) and then goes down to a lower pitch when the headlights are turned off. Also, if the vehicle is cold (outside temps outside cold and the car sits out all night), I don't hear the droning noise until the car has been running for a little while and warms up.

    I have faith that Toyota will find a solution. Hopefully everyone that's having the problem will report it...strength in numbers!
  • Everything you mention in your post has been the exact experience I have been having re the droning noise. I'm glad you are reporting your droning problem to Toyota customer service - the more of us who do that, the sooner we'll have a solution.
  • The droning noise in my vehicle also comes from the back end and can be reproduced. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, the dealer replaced both the fuel pump and the fuel pump housing. Replacing the fuel pump only made the noise louder. Replacing the fuel pump housing/fuel pumb tube/assembly as it has been alternately called did lessen the drone for awhile, but now it happens almost as often as it did before and is almost as loud. It changes when I shift from P to R - mostly off in P and on in R so it seems to me that the transmission may be involved somehow.

    I have also experienced the transmission hesitation, most often after I have slowed down to go through a toll booth on the bridge and then try to speed up to merge - there's a hesitation in the response of the transmission, the consequence being that the car doesn't get going very quickly. This could create a dangerous situation.

    I have also had the slippery surface symbol light up 3-4 times at a certain gas station when I am pulling up to the pump - not always the same pump and the concrete surface is dry.

    I don't experience any front end creaking noise, but I do hae some creaking on the dashboard. The plastic panel which surrounds the emergency flasher button is loose at the bottom (was when I bought the RAV4) and it rattles. I have stuck some clear plactic index tabs in the crack to stop the noise as it could get worse if they take the dashboard apart to try to fix it.

    I'm still waiting for a call from the dealer to let me know what Toyota has decided to try next and when I can take the car in.

    Anyhow, thanks very much for your post.
  • Yes, take it in to the dealer and they should agree to replace it without argument. Take a pic with your camera or cell phone to show them if you like, but the radio display going out or displaying garbage characters is a known issue with RAVs that seem to have been built earlier in 2006.
  • I stand corrected on the droning noise - I wasn't aware that some were experiencing it while driving, so perhaps it does make sense for the dealer to be looking at things like tires. I've only heard mine do it when stopped or at a crawling speed while manoeuvring into a parking spot.

    Yes, it does stop when you put it in P. However, I've noticed it doesn't stop immediately when going into P, but kind of quickly tails off. Go back into gear and it starts up again.

    Any transmission hesitation when coming out of a corner I've chalked up to the tranny's eagerness to be in 5th gear as much as possible, but it isn't making much power at the low rpms that result. Step on the gas after a corner and you catch it napping and have to wait while it shifts down into 4th or 3rd.

    Have not seen the skid control light flash except when I'm using the "hill holder" feature.
  • I read elsewhere there was an issue with the floors of some RAVS (in the rear) not being fully secure; sounds weird but folks were saying it felt like the sheet metal popped up and down when they stepped on it? Could this be causing the drone noise....?
  • I have read a lot of these posts regarding the droning noise and I think mine is starting to do it. Mine is the LTD 4WD V6. I first heard something odd when I put it into reverse to do a 3 point turnabout, it made sort of a clunking/humming noise. Sounded as if it was coming from the back driver side. Then this morning when I pulled into the parking spot, I heard a humming noise when I put it in park. When I put it in drive, it went away. Is this the noise everyone is talking about? I am hesitant to bring it back to the dealership we bought it from because dealing with them is a nightmare. Do you think I can bring it to any Toyota dealership? Should I plan to be without the car for a week while they try to figure it out???
  • Someone mentioned a few messages ago that there are in fact two droning problems. I am "lucky" because I have both of them. Let's call the first one DRONE 1: It is a loud drone when stopped at idle (say at a traffic light). It comes from the back and there are indications it may be the fuel pump. It cmopes and goes and sometimes can be duplicated. DRONE 2: is when you are driving at 50-60 mph with light acceleration (not coasting), and there is a vibration from the back that is like you are on the rumble strip at the side of the highway, but at about 25% intensity. My local dealer here in Canada ( is frantically trying to solve DRONE 2. I have DRONE 2 all the time at the 50-60mph. I have DRONE 1 only once in a while. I must say that I have also experienced a DRONE 3, once, which is a very loud compressor type noise on the driver's side when on a curve. That one I'll leave for future conversations. Anyone have a DRONE 4?
  • My Rav4 has the same issues. The dealership has replaced the front struts and strut bearings for the creaking noise in the front end, but this did not solve the problem. My droning noise does not appear to be the same as most everyone elses. Mine will make the noise while I have my foot on the gas pedal, but will stop a soon as I take my foot off the pedal. I am on my third radio also. My transmission also has the slipping sensation that you have mention. Toyota has a bulliten out on the transmission, but the problen is still not resolved
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    What does the transmission bulletin call for? Is it on edmund's?
  • Wow, that's quite a variety of noises there. Mine only has the "drone 1". Have not heard any other odd noises after 3000 km. It was making the pump-like droning noise the other day while my wife was driving, so I got her to stop so I could listen. Definitely coming from under the floor behind the driver's seat. Nothing to do with the floor itself; it's definitely some electric kajigger humming away down there. Easier to hear from inside the car than underneath.

    Is this noise limited to RAV4s of a certain drive type and engine, or is it universal? Mine is V6 4WD.
  • We got our 2006 RAV4 with the dealer installed DVD player for the kids assuming that it would play the audio track over the JBL stereo. As it turns out the dealer now admits that while the lower end stereo systems work, the more expensive JBL stereo system won't play the audio from the DVD player. Has anyone else here with the JBL stereo and the DVD player had this problem?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I don't see any transmission TSBs for the '06 RAV4 here yet (link). Nothing at the NHTSA either.
  • Ok, I have experienced drone 1. Drone 3 actually is interesting. We have "turnabouts" here on the side of town where I work. I was going through one the other day, and heard what sounded like a fan belt screeching. I have not figured out if it was me or someone else near me, but have not heard it since. I guess that is not really a compressor noise, but I thought it was odd. My husband was in the car with me today when the droning 1 started, he said it is probably "normal" for this car, which to me sounds odd. I just hate to deal with my dealership again because they were horrible. Should I wait to seee if it gets worse?
  • Would you Droning noise experts (or victims?) clarify that these different types of droning noise happened in both the 4 and 6 cylinder RAV4, or just the 6 cylinder models?

  • I have the Limited V6
  • We have the transmission hestitation lurch issue and the radio defect in our 2006 Rav4 V6 limited. Willbe going in for service in next week or two at Capitol Toyota in San Jose and will post results for all here. Will be taking copies of all the issues cited here that are also potentials to occur, as noted in this board. :sick:
  • The dealer says that Drone 2 (50-60 mph vibration) occurs in all models and engine variation of the 2006 Rav4. They have tried lots of "fixes" with no luck so far.
  • Mine is a V6 2WD. I agree that the droning noise is coming from under the floor behind the driver's seat and that it's nothing to do with the floor. Also it is indeed to hear from inside the car. The fuel pump is somewhere back there and I guess that's why they replaced mine and when that didn't stop the drone also replaced the fuel pump housing/tube assembly. My car is droning just as much now as it did before the 2 "fixes (8/22/06 & 9/1/06) and I'm still waiting to hear what Toyota will decide to try next. They've been sitting on the issue for a couple of weeks now. I'll keep folks posted with updates including solution if one is forthcoming.
  • You can take it to any Toyota dealership you choose. I did not take mine to the dealer I bought it from because I like another dealer better (they just didn't have the exact car I wanted when I bought mine). I didn't even leave mine overnight, but it was at the dealer for 3 entire days, one day all day for diagnosis, the next one to replace the fuel pump and the most recent to replace the fuel tube assembly/housing. I was provided with alternate transportation each time because I have a Platinum Service Agreement. There are circumstances under the basic warranty in which they'll give you a loaner, but I'm not sure of the specifics. Even with the extended warranty I had to push to get loaners. Neither of the fixes worked and Toyota is trying to come up with something else to try to solve the problem so I am in waiting mode right now and am just putting up with hearing the drone when I drive the car. I will keep you posted. Good luck with getting your droning issue resolved! One of the many of us is bound to have this problem fixed and then we all will.
  • Thanks for the info. I know we have some other extended warranty thing, in addition to the manufacturers warranty. We do have other transportation we can use, it's just the inconvenience factor. I wonder if all new models run into wierd problems like this. I suppose it may not be uncommon for new items to have quirks and things with them. I just don't want to start having all sorts of problems because I really really like this vehicle!
  • My RAV has the Yokohama Geolandar 225/65 R17 tires. I drive 170 miles per day all freeway. and on poor road surfaces the tires are noisy and offer a firm ride. Also my gas mileage is 27-28 mpg which is ok but I was hoping for 30.

    Any suggestions on replacement tires? I have 20,000 miles in 6 months.

    Thank you.
  • This weekend I test drove a new 2007 Rav4 Limited V6. As soon as we put it into reverse, the Drone 1 "Noise behind the driver humming sound started up". When I put it in Drive, the noise stopped after a few seconds and was not audible anymore. Does the Drone 1 sound happen with the 4 Cylinder models?
  • I swear by the new Goodyear Silent Armour tires I put on my ML-430, which I will put on our Rav4 when the time comes unless something better comes along. Very high rating from
  • mikus2mikus2 Posts: 2
    I was all excited when I went to radioshack to get a 1/8" - 1/8" male to male jack for my Rav4 06 to connect my iPod to the center console mini-plug. When I did... only the left side of my speakers worked... I tried using the balance and it would just go dead silent when I shifted the sound to the right side... what's going on? should I bring the car back to the dealership?
  • Yes, I think Drone 1 can happens to all models and engine options.
  • single stripe or dual on the jack? In other words did they sell you a stereo or mono jack? If it is stereo, try partially pulling it out slowly or lightly pressing on it when fully seated to diagnose if it is a jack issue; also try wiggling side to side gently.

    We added a 90 degree stereo jack to ours and it works fine. The 90 degree plug relieve strain as it runs out the top edge of the center arm console.
  • Are there any 2006 & 2007 Rav4 owner's that do not have the Drone Noise issues?
  • I have had my 4 cylinder RAV4 since 2/06. I have 14000 miles on it. I don't have the problem and, luckily, have had to guess what it is. I think it is like a rattle or vibration behind the driver seat under all the conditions the folks have mentioned here.
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