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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • I am having the same problem with my new 2006 Rav4, I really noticed this since I changed to my rubber mats. It's defiantly dripping down from just below the glove compartment, today it will be raining all day and I am sure I will have a cup of water on my mat. The dealer could not find the source. I am really upset, I have heard this happening with other owners but does seem rare. What did your dealer do to help.
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    "Are there any 2006 & 2007 Rav4 owner's that do not have the Drone Noise issues?"

    2006 RAV4 : No drone issues at all. Hesitation issue gone as well.
  • mikus2mikus2 Posts: 2
    its a single stripe on the jack cuz I got this cable 2F8%22&kw=1%2F8&parentPage=search and it fits perfectly, so i'll try pulling it out a little bit but i made an appointment for this sunday so thanks for the help
  • I bought the same type of min-plug jack from a local store for $1.99 and it works fine with my Creative Muvo; just make sure you plug all the way in.
  • Sounds like you got the 'mono' plug instead of the 'stereo' plug which has 2 stripes.
  • I have about 4100 miles on my V6 5speed Sport. 2nd gear has begun to make noise. The fabric seat material is beginning to "pull" in several place. My sunvisors have fallen out of the sockets they are attached to several times. The dealers I have taken it are living in denial. My radio is junk. I've taken pictures of the radio display when it goes into "hiroglypics mode" but have yet to had it happen when taking it to a dealer. Although the radio has several problems including a tunity sensitivity difference between "scan" and "seek" I can not get the issue taken seriously.

    Toyota is know for great quality. I think this is the reason the dealerships can't seem to grasp the idea that the RAV4 didn't get enough QC time before making it to market.

    I am starting to wonder how much of the materials that went into this RAV4 were made it China?

    I love the vehicle but the quality issues are horrible. I've had 6 Ford Explorers with cloth seats and the interiors looks like new when I sold them.
  • spimbyspimby Posts: 14
    I have a 2006 4x4 4cyl and have not noticed a droning noise (knock on wood). Have ~1,000 miles on the vehicle.
  • spimbyspimby Posts: 14
    Yeah. They're worthless. It seems like a good idea, but the little arm thingy needs to do more than spring up. I have several coffee travel mugs where the spring arm won't fully come up because of the shape of the mug. This leads to it just flopping around in the cupholder...and me having to hold the cup with my fingertips for most of my commute.
  • Hi,
    I'm having the same issue in my 2006 RAV4 V6 Limited. My SUV was parked outside and it was raining for last 2 days. I found at least a glass of water in the glove compartment side floor mat. I also noticed, it was completely wet under the car on floor only on front passenger side. If you drive the car in heavy rain it doesn't leak. It leaks only when the car is parked and it rains heavily. I'm planning to take it to the dealer. Do you find any solution?

  • Hello,

    I just got my 2007 Limited a few days ago with the JBL speakers. I'm noticing a problem with weak FM reception when I drive just along and outside of city limits. Also when I drive in town every so often the stereo signal sounds like it goes into mono (I'm assuming this is the signal problem). I saw a few posts back in July that folks were having FM reception problems with the 2006. Were those problems ever fixed? Anybody having these problem in the 2007 version?
  • I purchased my new rav4 in Agust and the droning noise was noticable after three days. Took it back to the dealership and fortunately the tech was able to hear it. They contacted Toyota and they told them to replace the fuel pump assembly. That did not work. My dealership contacted Toyota today and they are going to replace the entire fuel tank. They think the design of the tank is causing the noise. I hope this takes care of it because it is really annoying.
  • ihammerihammer Posts: 75
    I bought my 2006 RAV4 Limited 4x2 April 30, 2006. I noticed the droning noise fairly early on and in late June I took it to the dealer and they were able to hear it. On August 22 they replaced the fuel pump. That did not work and the noise was actually ouder than before the "fix". After consulting with Toyota they replaced the fuel pump assembly on Sept. 1st. That did not work either. Today (Oct. 9, 2006) I dropped the car off so they can listen to it tomorrow when the district tech rep from Toyota will be at the dealership. The droning noise does not happen every day so I hope they can hear it. I did leave them a log of all of the times it has droned since I got the car back on Sept. 1st. I also told them that it is the same noise it has been making all along, but apparently they have to hear it for themselves. They aren't even going to do anything to try to fix the problem tomorrow so I'm sure this won't be the last visit to the dealership for the droning noise. I don't think they know what to do next. They had talked about replacing the entire fuel tank before they replaced the fuel tank assembly, but decided not to do that for some reason. When I dropped the car off today I told them that I think it is a design flaw and that I worry that they won't be able to fix that. I am really tired of having to take the car in repeatedly for a noise that shouldn't be there in a brand new car. I've bought lots of cars, both new and used and none of them have ever had an ongoing noise problem. Please let those of us in the forum know if replacing your vehicles fuel tank works. There is someone (Ofelia) who has posted messages here who I think had her fuel tank replaced several months ago (May I think) and I don't think it worked. Anyhow, good luck with your upcoming fix and let us know if it works. When are they going to do it? I will keep you posted too.
  • ihammerihammer Posts: 75
    Hi, I have a Limited 2006 w/JBL, but haven't had FM reception problems except for when I'm out in the country where cell phone reception is also not good.
    On another topic, those of us who have 2006s heard that the 2007s come with inserts for the cupholders to keep cups from flopping around. Did cupholder inserts come with your 2007? Thanks for any info and good luck with your FM reception issue. I drove a new Honda CRV the other day and the FM reception wasn't great in it either, but I was sort of out in the country.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    The 2007's come with cup holder inserts. They can't be ordered from Toyota parts yet and the quotes I've seen have been around $40 for one!! Ridiculous.
  • My problem was never fixed. I still get static on and off daily and also understand what you mean about it going into mono. It seems like the problem is less after it rains and also seemed to improve after the oil was changed for some crazy reason which leads me to believe its some kind of grounding issue or other interference. Toyota called and wanted me to go back to the dealer for a fifth time after I wrote them a 5 page letter and requested a free extended warranty. They wanted me to drive the Customer Assurance Manager around and this is after I showed up there months ago to do exactly that and the technicians said they didnt need to go for a ride. The dealer had already replaced the radio and the antennae and tried to tear out my headliner because they didnt know where the antenna was and also put marks in my dash and left the old antenna hanging inside and disconnected my door locks and short changed me in an oil change and I showed up for an appointment and they never had one and just on and on. I was supposed to go back to drive someone around but unless they are going to spend the whole day with me, its hard for someone to understand the extreme annoyance of the radio issue. I have had the absolute worst experience with Toyota and hope next time I have enough sense to go elsewhere. As for everythng else about my 2006 V6 Sport Rav, I am happy. The experience with the dealer and now Toyota just takes away from that.
  • I bought a set of 4 window-cupholders from KMart for $2.89. The cupholders have inward bending claws to accomodate tapered coffee mugs/ cans/ bottles of soda. These cupholders fit into the RAV4 and Toyota 4Runner large cup openings. I glued them with scotch-tape (to the sides) and cut off the window-hanger extensions.
    Try it, it worked for me in both SUVs. Let me know how did you like it? =Andrew
  • Plese see my message #330 of 330, Oct. 10, 2006. It beats the $40 after market liners!
  • mlot51mlot51 Posts: 8
    TSB AU003-06 "Audio System - Abnormal Popping Noise on FM Band" was issued in August for the 4 Runner. It seems to describe exactly the problem I have with the radio in my 2006 Rav. Im hoping a TSB for the Rav will be coming soon.
  • Its kinda scary for me. I'm supposed to pick up my '07 RAV4 Sport this coming weekend. In this venue I see more entries of people experiencing the droning noises than entries for those who do not, or maybe in this venue you will only see those entries for owners who have the problem, as owners who do not have the problem have no need (or interest?) in coming here to make an entry. Help out a potential RAV owner here.... Can we somehow figure out if there are more RAV's out there with the noise problem than those without? Could it be that those who have the noise problem have some option installed on their particular vehicle?... as I said, kinda scary....
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I bought essentially the same thing at Target. Ninety eight cents for one. Used them from the upper Midwest to Arizona last week with all different sizes of cups (as you get when on the road) and had no problems at all. I didn't glue or tape mine in but cut off the hanger as you did. They don't look wonderful but they sure do the job.
  • joeygejoeyge Posts: 4
    I'm a long time Toyota owner considering a new RAV4, CRV, possibly a Mazda CX-7. The problems reported here are very unToyota-like.

    Are they prevalent on the 2007's also?

    Anybody buy one and not have any of these problems, the droning, leaking, bad radio, AC, etc?

    Would you ditch your RAV4 if you could get your $ back and buy something else?

    Thanks for your replies.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well I have a 2007 with the 6 CD version, not JBL. The stereo sensitivity seems about normal. I am comparing to my Audi Bose system. The RAV4 sound quality it not as good but sensitivity seems about the same. I am about 65 miles from Manhattan and WQXR seems to come in about the same distance as I head east on both cars.

    Actually I think the radio is better than I expected after reading some of the comments here.

    In fact the whole RAV4 Sport V6 is even bettr than I had hoped for so far.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    The 2007 inserts work well but Toyota should mail a set free to every 2006 Rav4 owner! The things are neat but look like $5 each would be fair price.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well they sold 50,000 to 100,000 RAV4s so far I think. There are certainly not any near that number of people posting on the web. There are almost no lag or drone complaints at the NHTSA web site.
  • Have had my '06 RAV4 I4 since April and have had absolutely no problems. Love my second RAV as much as my first, an '02. :)
  • lirlir Posts: 81

    I don't know whether the 2007's have the problems that you mentioned. I have a 2006 I4 Ltd. The only 2 concerns I had were the hesitation issue which I experienced a few times, but non-existent now, and the low MPG's I was getting. That has also changed because my MPG's have increased with the break-in period. Fortunately, I have never experienced any of the other problems, and I am very happy with my RAV4, hence, I'd buy it all over again.
  • ihammerihammer Posts: 75
    If I read correctly, it sounds like the two people who replied to your post "fhspsu67" and "lir" have 4cyl RAV4s. Maybe those don't have the droning issue like the 6cyls do. Mine is a 2006 6 cyl with the droning issue (in fact it is at the dealer for the second night in a row while they try to solve the problem). It is a blast to drive - very fast off the line and very nimble, but this droning noise issue is sort of ruining my experience with it. I have been driving a dealer loaner 2006 4cyl 4wd RAV4 while mine is in the shop so have gotten to experience the 4cyl. The RAV4 4cyl did pretty well on my commute today. Though I did miss my 6 cyl at times, I could probably get used to the 166HP 4cyl. So would I ditch my RAV4 if I could get my $ back and buy something else? My answer is that the 2007 CRV is looking better by the minute.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    2007 V6, no drone! Lots of fun though.
  • Thanks for the encouraging news. Can you or someone provide where on the NHTSA web site where I can see all of these filings?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Here's the link to the complaints section:

    Office of Defects Investigation
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