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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • I mentioned the heat shield to the Toyota people as a possible cause of the droning noise, but the tech. rep. is pretty sure it is somehow connected to the fuel pump or fuel pump housing. He said the engineers at Toyota are stymied by the problem. Not too encouraging. I'm glad to hear that you were able to solve your particular problem though and thanks for the input - it may indeed heop someone.
  • The initial communication from Toyota in which they told me they were going to put the 4cyls fuel pump into my 6cyl vehicle was faulty. The tech rep. from Toyota called me and explained that he only wanted to put it in for diagnostic purposes as he thinks doing that may help him get to determine the cause of the droning noise. He intends to put the V6s fuel pump back into my vehicle before returning it to me. He said the engineers at Toyota are at a loss as to determining the cause. Not too encouraging!
  • This is copied from another board and may be of help:

    If it is on any interior plastic,except on foam backed plastic dash boards ,there is a repair method that works. Unless the plastic has a very deep scratch this will work to hide,or in some cases eliminate the scuff or scratch. This will work with most theromplastic material.

    Take a heat gun ,or propane torch ,and heat ONLY the scratched area. Be VERY careful not to hold it at the same spot. Wave the heat source over the scratched/scuffed area. The scratch in some cases will disappear . Only heat enough for the scratch to disappear,and not until the plastic gets shiny,as you are melting it then. Light colored plastics will yellow when heat applied,but darker colors will not. Do not touch the heated area because it will imprint whatever touches it,just let cool. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD ON PAINTED PLASTIC, ONLY MOLDED PLASTIC. Painted plastic should use touch up paint,and micro sand 600/1500 grit touched up area to blend in.

    I use a propane torch with a pin point flame,quicker heat, narrower heat point,and easier to control . It's an old kayakers trick to clean up scratches on plastic boats.

    As for protection I use 303 protectorant. Several applications give good scuff protection,and when applied to scuffs,will help hide them. Remove any protectorant before using heat method,as it will change color of heated area. Use rubbing alcohol to remove protectorant.
  • idpidp Posts: 3
    Thanks for the method but there is no cut/scratch on the actual plastic/vinyl part. The paint was scraped off and now there is a lighter colored area showing as a scratch. I think I only need touch-up paint but I am not sure how to find the right shade or the product...
  • This is what you said: "My RAV4 has a scratch - paint scrape on the interior of the cargo door on the vinyl/plastic part" Operative words are "on the vinyl/plastic part." I guess I was just confused as to what you were alluding to.
  • idpidp Posts: 3
    I am really sorry for the confusion. I should have attached a picture to show the problem, I guess. The plastic part I am unsuccessfully trying to allude to is the interior covering plate of the rear door - the part that is not metal or glass :).
    Thanks again for your help
  • Just bought a 2007 Sport RAV4 4WD and to get the hard-shell spare tire cover instead will cost C$395 Canadian extra.

    Do you experts know where can I mail order one (Flint Mica color)in the States and how much will it cost?? :confuse:

  • Look at TOYOTA-PARTS.COM which is Texas Toyota.Click on RAV4 ,2007, then accessories , wheels.
    Don't know if they need backing plate to attach them or if they have something other than the original system.
    Make sure you order for 17-18" wheels. Price is about US $165.+ shipping. Email them for more info. Good luck.
  • bob777bob777 Posts: 19
    I would say yes. The Mazda CX-7 is the one I would look at as well. I have many of the problems noted on this forum. I think you're right, these are not Toyota like, but this is the first one I have owned. Likely the last though.
    Mine is a 2006. Good luck
  • I don't think the 4cyls have the droning issue - one of the service writers at the dealer basically said that they don't. In fact Toyota wants to put the fuel pump which was designed for the 4cyls into my 6cyl RAV4 as sort of a diagnostic experiment because the Toyota engineers are "baffled" by the droning noise (according to Toyota's area tech rep). So you did well to buy the 4cyl!
  • I did some research on the Mazda CX-7 and it has some problems - check engine light issues because of faulty gas caps, but Mazda has redesigned the gas caps. (It would be nice if Toyota would redesign the fuel pumps for the 6cyl RAV4s!) Also when I looked at them (CX-7s)I noticed that all of the ones at the dealer I went to made a rubbing/grinding or scraping noise when I opened the driver doors. Anyhow I would look at the forums on them if you haven't already. I checked the forums a couple of years ago before I bought an Infiniti G35 and everyone was talking about how the brakes were wearing out too quickly. I ignored the warnings and bought one anyhow (they're really quick off the line) and sure enough the rear brake shoes had to be replaced at 7,000 miles! Ultimately Infiniti put out a service bulletin which gave everyone who owned a G35 brake pads for 3 yrs or 36,000 miles. And as for the 2007 Honda CRV - I have now ruled that out as many of them were shipped to the US with bad fluid in the differential so Honda is going to call everyone who bought one and have them come in to get the differential replaced. It's actually going to be a recall. The Subaru Forester gets good marks from Consumer Reports and is really nimble and has beautiful fit and finish.
  • I am up to 15000 miles on my car. I have taken it to 3 different Toyota dealers for servicing. The first put 5/30 oil in the car for the first oil change. When I got my second change out of state, the CSR came up after the oil change was done and told me he had to charge me more because the RAV4 required 0/20 weight oil. Being in a rush, I did not question this. However, I read the manual and it says to use 0/20 or 5/20 weight oil. I recently went to my third dealer since I was back home and got a coupon in the mail. He told me they use 5/30 on everyone. He said they don't carry 0/20 or 5/20. Anybody have any thoughts on the subject?

  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 570
    You can't go wrong if you follow the manual. The dealer that uses 5/30 for everything is definitely wrong and I would take my business elsewhere.
  • jrav4jrav4 Posts: 2
    I recently bought a new 2007 RAV4 and was wondering if anyone can tell me which MP3 players will work with it? I don't have an MP3 player but I would like to buy one and I don't want to get one only to find out that it won't work in the RAV4. I have been looking at Zune & iPod. Any advice would be appreciated. :confuse:
  • The confusion probably comes from the fact that the V6 uses 5W30 and that the 4-cyl uses 5W20. Never heard of 0W20. 5W20 exist. It's less viscous than 5W30 and it is used more and more in new tighter engine.

    Some people say that, in the long-term, 5W20 does not offer enough protection for the engine (since less viscous) and that car manuf use it only to improve their overall fuel consumption (since 5W20 offers slightly better fuel economy). Other people say new engine are tighter and requires a more "liquid" oil.

    It's hard to judge but if I was you I would use 5W20 SYNTHETIC oil.
  • Hmmm, sounds familiar so I checked another forum whose name I may not mention or my post will be deleted. It seams some canister or something is exposed under there that are protected on most other vehicles. Some dude actually is fabricationg parts to cover the area. I wonder if this is the area where yours took the hit? Try googling: Quickdtoo fabricate.........see if this helps.....
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    The iPod works great with the RAV4.
  • jrav4jrav4 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice. Now that I know that the iPod works, I can go shopping! :)
  • I commute 170 miles per day and have owned the vehicle 7 months. There's a very pronounced rattle on ceratin road pavements that the dealer cannot locate.

    The tires are LOUD . The vehicle came with the optional 17 wheels.

    Fuel mileage is 26- 28 which is fair considering all freeway driving on flat terrain.

    Use 0-20 Mobil 1 and change every 5,000 miles.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    I didn't find anything on this subject here. I rotated the tires on a 05 RAV 4 and the next day the TPMS light came on. When trying to reset the light via the procedure in the manual I don't get the blinking 3 times indication described and the light only goes out temporarily.Is there some trick to resetting the light?
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    I tried it again using instruction from another web site and it seemed to work. First, reset the TPMS light by pressing the rest button. Then, press and hold the button again for several seconds - after about 10s I got the 3 blinking lights confirming total system reset. Now I'll have to wait for several days to ensure it doesn't come back on.

    BTW, the system is not very accurate - one of the tires was down to about 22-23 PSI (vs 29PSI normal) and the system did not come on. The newer direct sensor method (06 and later models) may be more accurate but also much more expensive long term.
  • I have a 2001 rav4 4wd with 70K miles. Recently the automatic transmission is not shifting correctly at time. The car is not shifting correctly at 1st and 2nd gear. Sometime it almost feels like it is starting up in 2nd gear (no power). The car will lurch when shifting between 1st and 2nd and sometimes 2nd to 3rd. If you're driving behind me, it looks like I'm a new manual transmission driver.

    The problem only occurs from time to time. I've noticed if I have not driven the car for couple of days, it works fine for up to a whole day.

    I took it to the dealer and after ruling the electrical connections, they said it was the transmission. I then took it to another shop which said it was electrical (the check engine light had came on after the dealer visit) and replaced some solenoids but that didn't fix the problem. The check engine light came on again with the same error codes and replacing the solenoids a second time did not help.

    Anyone experience this before? I don't want to spend any more money having people guess at what the problem is.
  • I'm having the same problem with my 2003 Rav4.

    Does anyone have any idea what the problem is? Toyota is clueless... so they say.
  • bitobito Posts: 5

    For a purchase in the near future, I'm looking at a Rav4 and 2 other small SUVs (CR-V and Forester). The V6 Rav4 tops my list, but I read the threads on this forum about the droning noise and throttle lag issues. The reported problems seem to stop in Nov, however. Does anyone know if the issues have been resolved? Thanks.
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    No the problem has NOT been resolved. Toyota only wants to ignore the issue, because they can. There are no software updates or part fixes available yet. And doesn't seem that there are going to be either. Fact is the lag is an emissions "Trick" of the computer to avoid fuel being dumped into the cylinders at once which would increase the emissions. I highly doubt Toyota would want to correct this and have to replace all the catalytic converters as well. It won't ever be fixed.
  • MOST of us have no lag or droning noise.
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    It's unfortunate that people have had to report this issue to NHTSA (government) about the safety issue of the lag of response from the accelerator pedal. Personally, I would look elsewhere than the 2006-2007 RAV4. Too many issues early on that should've been caught in the quality testing engineering by Toyota.
    The forester hasn't had such issues. And from what I've heard the CRV isn't doing too well this year either. Can be blamed on first year production, but it seems car makers are also having trouble into the 2nd year production cycle too. But that's what I'd do is to look more at the forester.
  • pearlpearl Posts: 336
    considering all the kudos for Toyota/Lexus re quality, there seem to be MANY, MANY complaints about poor automatic transmissions across their various nameplates. This seems to have been going on for years, too. I have friends with Camrys that have had all kinds of continuing shift quality problems and these message boards are full of similar stories. Seems incredible that Toyota cannot get a handle on these problems.
  • Has Toyota fix the droning noise in your RAV4 yet? I had similar noise in my old accord 1993 recently. It was diagnosed as powersteering pump. the whole power steering pump system had to be replaced due to worn out parts.

    I can't believe your new RAV4 has this problem. My car is 12yrs old.
  • bitobito Posts: 5

    Thanks for all the responses. It is greatly appreciated.
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