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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair

tango7ttango7t Posts: 1
I've reach the 1600 mile mark and decided to change the oil for the first time. I have looked all over the place but have absolutely no idea where the oil filter is located. Is there anyone who can identify where it is?


  • lampwalklampwalk Posts: 17
    If you have gone 1600 miles, did your RAV 4 use any oil? The owner's manual mentions that it can use up to 1.1 qut/600 miles and wonder if that is only during break-in, or for the life of the vehicle! I have driven 350 miles and do notice the oil level is down to between the high and low mark.

    Also, do we check the oil level with a warm engine or cold? That was a cold check, so maybe with a warm engine, it would be up to the top.
  • lampwalklampwalk Posts: 17
    My dealer could not tell me for sure the brand of oil to use--and, since it could use up to 1.1 qt/600 miles, thought I ought to have an extra quart along--so is the oil that comes from the factory the same as the regular 5W 30 that the dealer would use to do an oil change?
  • lampwalklampwalk Posts: 17
    I am used to, after turning off my vehicle, in Park, taking key out of ignition for the steering wheel to "lock" into position, but my RAV 4 V6 4x4 does not do that--is this normal?
  • bob777bob777 Posts: 19
    I've had this SUV for about three months now and I'm not at all happy with it. The break fade seems to have gotten better now that it is broken in, but the breaks would fade even during the first hard breaking in warm dry weather. So much so, I thought I would not get the vehicle stopped in a couple of situations. I don't drive fast either and I have not noticed this issue on any of the last few cars I've had or the other cars I have now. Anyone else have this or know what could be causing this?

    The other issues is downshifting. Lack of downshift has happened twice now when I was going about 10 MPH and tried to pull into the next lane. The SUV stays in the higher gear even with my entire strength pressing the accelerator to the floor, even when I slam it to the floor several times. Anyone else have this or know what could be causing this?

    It seems Edmunds won't post my review of the Rav4 outlining this. I'm not sure why, but I can't believe I'm the only one with these issues.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    It seems Edmunds won't post my review of the Rav4 outlining this

    When did you submit the review? They are reviewed for content (profanity, spam, etc.) so they don't get posted immediately.

    Other owners -- please take a few minutes to write your own review.

    Steve, Host
  • kjtg1kjtg1 Posts: 12
    Over 4000 miles and no oil used yet.
  • bob777bob777 Posts: 19
    I submitted it a several days ago. There was no profanity or spam. Not sure why it was not posted. I suppose I should try again, perhaps I hit the wrong key.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Several days isn't long enough for your review to go up; it takes several days just to review a batch, and then a while longer to queue them up for posting. I bet there's at least four or five hundred ones submitted every week.

    I'd give it a couple of weeks before writing another review. Of course you could write reviews for any other cars you own in the meantime. :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • ofeliaofelia Posts: 10
    I purchased my rav4 v6 2wd April 24. Everything was going smoothly until last Friday. I put the gear on reverse and hear a humming/droaning noise. I got to work and tested if the sound appears again, and it did. It seems to be intermittent and mostly when driving in slow speed. I took it to the dealer, twice, and they finally figured it was the fuel tank/pump. I am a bit hesitant in their diagnosis...I think it is the transmission? Anybody with the same problem? By the way it's still in the shop waiting for parts. Kinda dissapointed coz I've driven the vehicle only about 300 miles. ">
  • I just got my Rav4 Sport two days ago and I am noticing that the keyless remote doesn't always work (on both keys). If I try and press the 'unlock' button twice, only the driver's door will open, and then the engine fan goes on. The fan stays on for appx. 10 seconds and while its on, neither the lock or unlock buttons on the key(s) work. Once the fan shuts off, I can unlock all the doors (or lock them). I haven't called the dealer yet, but I'm wondering if anyone has encountered something like this yet...
  • hlee_goodhlee_good Posts: 4
    I love my 06 Rav4. But I am not sure the mileage I got is ok or not. I used the regular grade gas, got around 24 mpg, is it good? any comment are welcome.
  • ofeliaofelia Posts: 10
    The last time I measured before I took it to the dealer to be repaired, I got 27 mpg. I drive mostly freeway though, I am still in the break-in period so it might change.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well since some oil will drain down when the car sits overnight etc. it would probaby measure higher than if you ran it and shut it off and measuered right away I would think
  • bob777bob777 Posts: 19
    It's been over two weeks now. I don't believe I made any mistakes completing the review in. Should I try again?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    There's a queue being reviewed now for posting later next week; my gut says give it a little bit longer. :shades:

    You could post your summary info here while waiting to redo the consumer review.

    Steve, Host
  • joeujoeu Posts: 5
    I just bought the base 2WD model and haven't noticed any brake fade issues. However I did take the car in to find out how to remove the spare tire cover to allow me to install a bike carrier that fits over spare. It took two mechanics to get it off and putting it back on is right out of "mission impossible". It's easy to get the top edge on but there is no clearance to do bottom. The manual says there is a clip release but not on my model.
    Anyone else having this problem or have ideas to fix?
  • johan1johan1 Posts: 21
    I have a 2wd sport. I also have had the puzzle where to find the spare tire latch. You know what, there isn't any for base and sport. I once went to the dealership where I bought the car for that. I was asked to wait in the waiting room. When I was called out, the spare tire was already removed by a tech and put back on half way. The tech needed my car key to open the rear door so that he could put the whole thing back. One thing you may like to know is that the cover is directional. The dent shape (nike like?) should go from left bottom to horrizontally right. I havn't tried to remove the cover by myself yet :) .
  • silveravinsilveravin Posts: 8
    Ofelia, I have the same noise on my v6 4x4 sport...a low drone/humming noise that is only noticable at idle and low speeds. At 750 miles, a little concerning. Seems like its' persistent in park, neutral and drive. I am interested in learning what the dealer finds and if it is resolved.
  • ofeliaofelia Posts: 10
    I took it to the dealer because it was annoying. It took them a few days to figure it out, but they replaced the fuel tank and pump. My car was at the shop for a week. So far I have not heard the sound, but now I am very sensitive to anything I hear coz it might come back. Hopefully that takes care of that problem-I like the car so far.

  • silveravinsilveravin Posts: 8
    Glad the problem is resolved, knock on wood!

    Was your noise intermittent? Was it barely audible or louder?

    Mine only occurs every few days or so...the reason I haven't taken it in to the dealer yet, cuz they may send me home saying nothing is wrong. I know what you mean, listening for every sound...we're just cautious owners. Better to fix it under warranty!
  • bgsayebgsaye Posts: 6
    I have also noticed the downshifting issue on my new 4cyl Sport model. I am very interested to see what comes of it. It is almost like the car doesn't even respond at all for a second or two...very dangerous when trying to make a turn into traffic. :confuse:
  • ofeliaofelia Posts: 10
    it was intermittent, usually on slow speed and when shifting gears. It is audible especially in the back of the vehicle, when I took it to the dealership, they were able to hear the noise. So it didn't look like I was hallucinating.

  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    Yupp, I got scared the other day. I wanted to quickly pass a car, so I pulled into the other lane, there was a car coming, but it was managable, so I roll over and floor it: the car just sits there and nothing, actually I got cursed at and the other car had to make an emergency stop. But, just before he'd hit me, the car woke up and shot out like a rocket. But there, that one-two seconds makes a difference. It is the transmission I think, it takes too long for it to downshift. I agree, a dangerous thing. Now I know that before i attempt to do anything like that in hte future I should manually downshift prior to that!
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    Is anyone else besides me getting poor MPG? I am only getting 20 in the city, I expected 24. I have the 4 cylinder/2 wheel drive Ltd. Is there a chance that it will get better with time? I'm a bit disappointed and almost wish I'd kept my Civic!
  • ofeliaofelia Posts: 10
    I got gas today and computed my mileage, about 22 mpg 6cyl/2wd, combination hwy/city. I expected more, but it's about the same as the one I traded Mazda tribute v6/2wd.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    Its driving me nuts. Adjusting up or down makes no difference. It just loud enough to be annoying and its there most of the time. Anyone notice and and better yet, find a way to fix it?
  • jbdrebel70jbdrebel70 Posts: 1
    Hello Toyota 2006 RAV4 4cyl base model owners, anybody out there experiencing unusual vibration on driver seat while air conditioning is on. It usually happens in the Drive mode while I'm waiting on a stop light. It does not matter it is on level 1 or 4 the vibration is constant. When the air conditioning is off things are fine.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    It really hard to get the 06 RAV to cool down on a real hot day...almost think the AC is undersized or the car.

    Anyone find the extreme left and right vent deflectors annoying. You can only adjust airflow up/down OR right/left but not both...I guess they look cool though.

    Anyone else annoyed the doors do NOT auto lock when put in gear or auto unlock when put in park or shut off....another real pain, especially with kids.

    Anyone upset that you can only use your key to get in the front drivers door; that is if you do not have the keyless entry key handy.

    Anyone miss having a light in the glove box or IN the hatch...what good is having in the hatch door since you open the door away from the hatch!

    Finally, anyone upset by the lack of body side molding...though you can get it from dealers in Canada.

    That seatbelt rattle is the worst of all though!
  • gpurkgpurk Posts: 13
    I got my 4WD V-6 about a week ago and the first tank was 22 MPG. Dealer told me it would get better after a few tank fulls. Mostly City. Hope to get 28 to 30 on the highway which for a V-6 is very good. Going to Branson, MO next week and will be 600 miles round trip so it should be a good measure of all highway miles. Will report that MPG after my return. Luv my RAV.
  • risarisa Posts: 14
    Is the downshifting problems only occur on 4 cyl? how many mileage do you have when it happen? Wondering if this problem will continue even if the vehicle is alreary broken in. I have Rav4 4cyl, after reading some post here with downshifting problem. I am kinda worried if it will happen to me. so far the vehicle is doing fine, It only have 150 miles on it. Try to drive it eassy for now, I don't even take off fast. When i stop at the red light and when i go, i just hit the gas smoothly the most it would only go up to 2000 rpm I don't care if driver behind me will complain and i don't hit my breaks hard either.
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