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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • spacewagonspacewagon Posts: 16
    MPG 28.6, pure highway, 60miles/hour.
  • bob777bob777 Posts: 19
    Mine is a 4 Cyl 2 wheel drive. It first happened to me when it had about 3500 miles on it. Driving it easy makes sense, although in emergency situations that may not be possible.
    I don't drive fast either, but when I need the power I expect it. The issue to me is the car needs to be more responsive to driver input.
  • bob777bob777 Posts: 19
    Mine has 6500 miles on it now and it gets 24 MPG with mostly city and some highway miles. It gets 28 MPG with strictly highway miles. The cars I've owned in the past got get better then the EPA ratings. Actually, this is the first car I've had that gets at or less than the EPA ratings. I think I'll wait until I get about 10 thousand miles on it before I decide Toyota pulled a fast one.

    By the way, I also bought a new Chevy Colorado. It's rated 20 MPG in the city and 27 on the highway. Believe it or not, it does better on gas then the Toyota.
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    Thanks for the input. I only have about 1000 miles (the car is 6 weeks old), but I too will wait and see what the MPG's are later. I expect at least 24, and right now I get 20. So I'm hoping Toyota didn't pull a fast one. My Accord supposedly also gets 24 MPG in the city, but it's more like 27 for me. Basically, I was expecting it to be like my old car, and it's been disappointing so far after 6 full tanks.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Lots of complaints about vib under seat with A/C on an off . See other RAV4 sites on net.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    I noticed it when the car is stopped and idling, like at a stop light. When driving in the car and sitting in the rear seats or passenger seat I also feel a vibration in my feet...very unsettling.
  • folkepalmfolkepalm Posts: 4
    After starting the Rav with the remote starter, how do you enter the vehicle without shutting the engine off? Having to start the engine a second time seems rediculous and very unlike Toyota.
  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    Well petl, perhaps not a 4 second delay, but a good 1-2 second delay. And it is not going away.
  • mterrellmterrell Posts: 21
    yea 1 to 2 second is probably correct. Just when it happens it seem like longer . 2 second delay is about right right.
  • spacewagonspacewagon Posts: 16
    having 2k miles on the car within 20 days now. Since the first day, I noticed when driving on highway, if I leave my hand out of the steer wheel, it can not drive stright after 2-4 seconds, either towards righ or left. Is it normal? thanks!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Please pardon the post shifting, but we've opened a MPG discussion and seeded it with some posts from the recent thread on mileage.

    Please visit the new Toyota RAV4 2006+: Real World MPG discussion and report on your mileage there. Thanks!

    Steve, Host
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    Yup, in the seat belt adjuster on both front doors It gets louder as the weather gets hotter. Occurs on smooth or rough pavement. Sounds like a ticking clock or worse. Anyone find a solution please post!
  • wiley1wiley1 Posts: 2
    When I first got my RAV4, the passenger side seatbelt latch was rattling against the B-pillar plastic whenever I would go over bumps or make a turn. I took it to the Toyota dealer and they twisted the latch so the metal part would face away from the B-pillar. Is this the problem you are having?
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    not sure if you were joking but it is occuring as I am wearing my belt. I am not talking about the noise that comes from the floor where the belt is secured...this is easily fixed wityh some felt. This is in the pillar and almost constant from both doors as the weather gets warmer. Mine can not be the only one unless the assembler did both doors and did something wrong. Seriously, if the car made this noise when I test drove it I'd be in a Forester now! I guess I should have waited for warmer weather. At least I am finding some others...there are a few posts in the RAV4World forums...
  • Here's a problem - they don't make enough V6 Limited models.
  • rcolbournrcolbourn Posts: 5
    On my wifes 06 Limited Rav4 with 9 speaker JBL it seems that the FM reception is not so great. Radio makes a loud intermitant scratchy noise even at low volumes. The dealer looked at the car and said it appears to be normal. My 04 Tundra gets great reception in all the same places. Has anyone experienced this problem or have any suggestions. Thanks Bob
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    What I've noticed with my JBL is that the volume goes up and down all by itself. Very weird!
  • rcolbournrcolbourn Posts: 5
    Is your radio volume going up and down due to the ASL (automatic sound Levelizer) being turned on. This feature increases or decreases the volume in accordance with the driving speed. Try turning this off. p.174 owners manual
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    Will try that. Thanks for the suggestion! I just thought my ears were playing tricks on me. :blush:
  • oxwoodoxwood Posts: 2
    I've owned my 06 RAV4 for about 600 miles now and shortly after driving it off the dealer lot I too noticed the rattling coming from the driver seat belt adjustment. I'll be taking it to the dealership soon to resolve because it is very very annoying when everything else is pretty quiet. If anyone has experienced this and found a solution, please advise! :mad:
  • mlot51mlot51 Posts: 8
    Replying to: rcolbourn (Jun 22, 2006 10:58 am)
    Radio Static- I have the non-JBL 6cd changer and have experienced the same static or "popping" on the radio. Others posting on the internet have this too, so we are not alone. Dont let the dealer tell you it is normal. It is not. My dealer agreed it wasnt normal and replaced the radio with a new one. No Luck-still static popping. It only happens when the car is moving, so Im guessing some sort of electrical interferance. Dealer has no idea, but said he has seen this in other Toyotas as well. Hoping for a TSB.

    Bring it back to the dealer and if they insist it is normal, call Toyota directly and complain. If they get enough complaints, we will get a TSB and hopefully a solution.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    there are more and more folks experiencing seems to get worse as the weather warms. There is another site who Edmunds does not want mentioned do to posting rules. Try RAV Rattle google and you will find it and more info. Here is what is known. The rattle will start as a quite tick in the door pillar. Adjusting the seat belt height will not help. As the car hits warmer weather the noise get louder and louder and becomes continuous. Once rough pavement activates it does not go away. It can be quieted a little by pressing on the pillar where the light colored trim meets the dark with your elbow. (I'll be wedging something in there for my 5 hour trip next week!) The noise actually is in both doors. Initially you only hear it in the one your sitting near but over time it becomes loud
    enough for all to hear. Folks have removed all the trim and the noise continues even while the trim is not in place. One person who was at a dealer has not had success in quieting the noise. My car will go into the dealer in about two weeks. I am not optimistic because I think its a metal on metal issue; I do not think plastics are involved. It scares to think that when a dealer removed all the trim that the car still made the noise and the dealer could not correct it. Still, I have to give my dealer a shot. I will not tolerate this though. My Camry was bad enough but at least those ticks were managable for the most part
    by lubricating door seals. This is not. So...over the next few weeks watch for a either a solution to be posted or RAV Rattles forum to start up. I will not let Toyota tell me this is normal...its just too loud. Especially if they do not ALL do it. Of course if they ALL did do it, a solution would likely be more forthcoming!
  • tom98tom98 Posts: 2
    After getting an oil change around 3600 miles, the Maint Req light came on. I researched the problem and followed suggested remedies(Turn key to ACC, press ODR button while turning key to OFF, wait a while and then turn key to ACC).
    Maint Req light blinked but stayed on and continues to stay on. Also strange, the mileage on the odometer seemed to increase by 1000 miles.
    What happened???
  • philholtphilholt Posts: 4
    I had oil and filter service by Grease Monkey in Longmont, CO, at about 4300 miles while driving X country. Outside of Moab, UT, my MAINT REQD light came on. The manual says to change oil (the manual often is not helpful); my oil looked fine. I crept into Moab much concerned about what was going on and a lady at an independent garage said that that warning comes on at 5000 miles unless cancelled. She looked up the technique and cancelled the light by pressing the ODR button and turning the ignition on and off repeatedly. After several on-offs the alert blinked, a few more and it went out. This zeroed out the a and b ODRs, but didn't effect the permanent ODR, which at that point read 5011 miles. I'm going to check the procedure with a Toyota dealer when I get near one.

    I've been driving from Connecticut to Washington state visiting friends and family in GA, CO, and now CA, often driving green-dot scenic routes. I am totally pleased with the performance of my '06 6cyl, 4wd Sport model-- 25 mpg at both 80 mph on the interstates and 50 mph with stop and go on secondaries. The ride is very comfortable, the cabin quiet and cool with 108F outdoor temperatures, the power amazing passing long semis, the cornering on s-curves excellent, the luggage capacity very good. I traded a T100 and a Lexus IS300 for the RAV4, hoping to find a compromise between the two. I am completely satisfied with the result.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    I am intending to buy the Sport V6 also. How do you like the seats after cross country? How tall are you? Any problems with paint chips and windshield cracks?
    Thanks and Enjoy your RAV4.
  • altaredaltared Posts: 12
    Prior poster's question regarding seats and driver's height prompts me to comment that I find the (power) driver's seat in my Limited does not go back far enough for my liking. I am only 5-10, but find that my leg still has to be bent too much in the seat's most rear position. Anyone else feel the same way?
  • sayers1sayers1 Posts: 42
    I have an LTD too. 5'11", and I could use another inch back, but I'll live. At first I felt a bit close to the steering wheel, so I moved it forward, and the arms are perfect now. I'm fine with the leg room now.
  • ihammerihammer Posts: 75
    My 2006 4x2 V6 Rav 4 also makes the droaning noise you and ofelia are talking about. It is really annoying and happens everytime I drive the car. It is almost constant and I can hear it even while driving on the highway with the radio on. I am taking it to the dealer tomorrow morning and will mention the fuel tank/fuel pump issue to them. I hope they can figure out what is wrong with it because it is really irritating and not at all relaxing to drive the car. Did you take your car in yet to have them check the droaning noise? I also am hearing one of the plastic pieces on the dashboard rattle (it's the gray plastic piece that fits over the red emergency flasher button on the dashboard to be exact). It is also very irritating so for now I have put a couple of plastic tabs in between it andthe piece of plastic next to it which helps to keep it from rattling. I'm afraid to have the dealer try to fix it for fear they might break the plastic piece trying to get it off. Has anyone else experienced the plastic on the dashboard rattling and does anyone have a solution to it? Thanks for any replies!
  • ihammerihammer Posts: 75
    Now that you have had your fuel tank and pump replaced has the droaning noise stopped for good? I am curious because I am taking mine to the dealer tomorrow because of the droaning noise. Thanks for any feedback!
  • tom98tom98 Posts: 2
    Just talked to a Toyota Dealer mechanic. Turn the ignition to ON and set odometer to TRIP A. Then turn ignition off. Then press the odometer trip switch in, hold it in and turn ignition to ON without letting go. Dashes will appear in mileage fo;;owed by flashing zeros. Maint Req light goes out. No reason as of yet for increase miles on odometer. Hopefully soon.
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