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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    Mine is ice cold with a 2006 V6 Sport...I live in Florida...very hot.

  • brb972brb972 Posts: 7
    I just recently bought a Rav4 and as soon as I bought it I noticed a problem with the floor behind the drivers seat. I took the vehicle to the service center and they stated that I have a loose sheet metal and that I need to take it to their collision center and have it checked out. I took it to the collision center and the adjuster looked at it and said that he has never seen a problem like that before and that he would have to call Toyota and find out what to do. Has anyone had a problem like this before and is it something that I should be concerned about?
  • risarisa Posts: 14
    same here, i noticed the floor has a problem the next day after i brought the vehicle home. It is also behind the drivers set. I noticed it when i put a new floor mat and tried to push the floor and it bounced back and i was dissapointed. I sat my bowling bowl (12 pounds) for 5 days hoping it will fix it but didn't. I thought of taking it back to the dealer to get it fix but scared that they would tear it out, since for sure they have to take the carpeting and redo the floor. It bothers me a lot sinced i just made my first payment. please let me know if Toyota would do something to your rav4 floor. I really like my Rav4 even sometimes it hesitates at 2nd gear and when the a/c is on the engine sounds so loud sounds like an older car.
  • ihammerihammer Posts: 75
    I just went out to the garage to check the floor behind my driver's seat and when I pushed on it, it bounced back. I had a friend look at it and she pushed on it too and said she thought it was actually the carpet and not the sheet metal underneath the carpet. So I pushed on it again and the carpet does push down, but the floor under it feels solid. I think the carpet is just weird - like a molded piece with some material in it that makes it act kind of like cardboard. At least I'm hoping that's all it is. The droning noise, the hesitation for downshifting and the rattle in the dashboard is more than enough to deal with!
    Maybe recheck the floor behind the driver's seat and see if you think it's just poorly designed carpet or if it's really the sheet metal of the floor. Best wishes to you and to brb972!
  • Is there any way to leave the AUX DC Power Port (cigarette lighters) on without leaving the key in the ignition?
  • rcolbournrcolbourn Posts: 5
    Glad to see that I am not alone here. My dealership said that at this time there is nothing they can do until Toyota comes up with a way to fix this problem. It definately seems to be a wiring issue. All I can hope for is that enough people report this issue and Toyota gets it fixed soon. Good Luck
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Call the Toyota main customer service number and let them kmow. Maybe send a letter. The more documented reports they get the more attention you will get along with everyone else who has this problem.
  • peggie32peggie32 Posts: 3
    I have emailed Toyota and just sent a 5 page certified letter last week detailing the static/popping issues and also including a few other complaints I printed off other websites. I am not sure if you are interested in pursuing but I have been told this clearly falls under the lemon law. I have given my dealership three opportunities to fix it and the Customer Relations Manager there handled my whole case poorly. But you should email Toyota again or write them and let them know the dealership said they could not do anything. That is unacceptable. I will keep you posted when I hear anything back.
  • rcolbournrcolbourn Posts: 5
    For those experiencing this problem please call the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 800-331-4331 option 6.
  • the sound that I hear is faint most of the time and only noticeable when the car is at a standstill, transmission in park or drive. I have heard it, barely, while driving at low speeds, but the sound is drowned out by the road noise. Also air conditioning does not effect it one way or the other. One night while running an errand it was louder and definitely audible to the point of annoying and while driving, but it has since quieted to the normal low hum, only audible about half the time I start the car...I think usually when it's cool outside.

    I called the Toyota dealer and he said to wait until it was more prevalent b/c the mechanic needs to diagnose it and reproduce it while it's happening. He didn't know of any specifics about this issue and said it may be a belt that needs lube or tightening. Also said it shouldn't be an issue other than inconvenience b/c it'd be under warranty. It doesn't seem to have an effect on performance.
  • ihammerihammer Posts: 75
    Ihave about 5,000 miles on my 2006 4x2 6cyl RAV4 and the droning noise happens everytime I drive the car - usually not when I start the car for the first time on any given day. It usually starts after I've been driving for awhile. It mostly is heard at lower speeds, but I have heard it driving on the freeway even with the radio on. If I leave home in the morning and drive 40 miles to work, drop my things at the office and then go to move my car to the parking garage the drone usually starts up immediately after turning the engine on to go to the garage. When I get to the garage and put it into reverse to back into a space the drone goes higher in pitch/tone and if I shift back into park the drone goes lower in tone/pitch. I duplicated that drone pitch change 8 -10 times sitting in the parking garage this morning just shifting back and forth from park to reverse with the car idling and the handbrake on. Very disturbing to say the least. So it seems to have gotten worse over time even though it started shortly after I got the car. I have had it at the dealer and they could not figure it out even though the mechanic could hear it and duplicate it. Now Toyota customer service is involved and some Toyota district service tech is supposed to call me to set up an appointment to check it out. The woman who returned my call from customer service mentioned something about a fuel pump/fuel line - probably because I had given the mechanic at the dealer a copy of ofelia's email in which she mentioned that her fuelline had been replaced due to the droning noise. I told Toyota customer service that I didn't want them experimenting with my car - that I wanted them to know what the problem and fix was before they do anything to my car as I don't want to have to go back more than once. I also told them that if they replace a part I want to be sure that the new part is not from the same bad batch that caused the drone problem to begin with. I worry that I may be in for a long drawn out ordeal since it has been a month and a half since I first took the car to the dealer. And I wonder if whatever is doing the droning is causing other parts to wear out.
    Besides the drone, there is a piece on the dashboard (plastic around the emergency flasher button) which rattles and the carpet behind the driver's seat springs back up when you push on it. Also,it would be nice if Toyota would design an insert for the poorly designed cupholders so that cups don't flop around every time you go around a corner or start up quickly. My 2004 RAV4 had great cupholders and was perfect - sorry I traded it in now, but I wanted side curtain and side airbags and more power. This 2006 is a blast to drive - handling and acceleration wise, but if I had known about the problems I have encountered I would not have given my 2004 up.
  • I posted an e-mail here a couple of weeks ago to say I am a potential 2006 Rav4 buyer but was waiting for this "droaning" noise problem to be resolved by Toyota. I also wrote to Toyota HQ about it. Yesterday (July 31) I received their reply, which said: "As of today's date, Toyota does not have a SSC (Special Service Campaign) regarding a 'droaning' noise."

    It sounds serious enough, based on all of your combined comments, and as ihammer just said, I'd be concerned about possible impact on other parts of the engine. But even if this is a harmless (albeit annoying) noise, it flies in the face of Toyota's trademark reputation for a smooth, quiet ride. I would think they'd want to protect this reputation by addressing this issue head-on...never mind this is one of their hottest selling vehicles. As for my choice, I'm particularly sensitive to noise, so I won't be buying one unless they fix it.
  • edinstkedinstk Posts: 2
    New to this forum, but want to inform as many owners of a major defect that has a simple solution. An unprotected fume canister located underneath the vehicle on the driver's side has been documented as having been torn off after the vehicle was driven @50mph over a 1/2 inch puddle. You can easily see the black canister (square 5 inch x 5 inches with several hoses connected to it) without jacking up the vehicle. The US version does not have the protective plate. If the canister is torn off, there is a hazard of fire and mechanical damage if the vehicle is continued to be driven. Replacement canisters are expensive and not readily available. (3 week wait) Some owners have documented this problem with NHTS so far Toyota US has not made any movement to correct this problem nor do they consider this a warranty issue. Several owners have fabricated a protective shield as a protective measure. RAV4 world has a forum topic that discusses this problem and has pictures. Strongly recommend that if you or a friend have the skills, that you fabricate a simple 2 bolt shield.
  • dalecdalec Posts: 2
    Before buying my 2006 RAV4 2.4L (has 250 miles on it)I test drove a 2006 RAV 4 V-6 that had a "frigid" AC - Very disappointed in my ac- does not blow cold. (Is it the engine that makes the difference?) Took it back to dealership, and they state that nothing is wrong, etc. My '98 RAV4 is much colder than my new RAV. Good thing that I am usually the one person in the vehicle - all others would not be too cool, especially in back seat. Any suggestions?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    It may the the engines. The V6 might have a bigger A/C unit, but maybe the weather conditions just were not the same when you used the A/C.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Of fairly recent times Toyota has discontinued the use of the engine cooling hot water shutoff valve to block the flow of heat to the AC system. If you use the max cool position and then the blower manually to regulate your comfort level is the best policy to get the most efficient cooling.
  • Overall, I love my new 2006 Rav 4 Limited. It seems solidly built, it's as fast as they claim with the V-6, I like the added length. However... although I usually park in the middle of the parking lot (with any car I drive) in order to avoid door dings, I was unable to do so recenly. I returned to my car with a SEVERE door ding :cry: , and it hit me: unlike RAV4's of year's past (with the dart-shaped body cladding to protect it), our new Rav4's have NO RUB STRIP at all to protect against door dings. I've checked with the dealer and written the Toyota website, but it seems there's no plan for a door rub-strip kit. It just seems odd to me... :confuse: Has anyone else gotten a supermarket 'hit' yet?
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    Why should the new owners of a Toyota have fabricate anything? C'mon, these cars aren't exactly cheap....this is a definate safety issue....I for one will send a note to Toyota and complain...I have grandkids and sure don't want them to be riding in a potentially dangerouse automobile.

    Jimmy Drew
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    I took the grandkids back home last weekend up to Gainesville and used one of those movie thingees for them to look at. I plugged it into the front power supply and when I tried to unplug it...whamo, the whole power supply pulled out. I thought, well it might be the adapter that you plug in so I tried a couple of others...same thing. Anyone else have this problem?
  • Order the Side Moldings from a Canadian Dealer. Ordered them for the wifes 06 RAV. Easy to install. $80.00 USD. $14.00 S&H UPS.
  • Nothing is impossible on Edmunds. :)
  • dalecdalec Posts: 2
    Thanks for your response - you are probably correct. The conditions were pretty much the same-hot as heck here in Texas, but my old '98 Rav4 is still the "coldest." Toyota will probably improve the a.c. if enough complaints come in, but won't do me much good. Am enjoying the added length and extra interior space though.
  • ihammerihammer Posts: 75
    I bought my 2006 V6 RAV 4 4x2 April 30 and have been hearing the droning noise off an on the whole time - at least at some point every time I drive the car. VERY IRRITATING! I first took it to the dealer around June 15th and got an appointment for June 26th and though the master tech heard it he couldn't determine the cause of the noise.He talked with Toyota's tech section the next day and called me back to tell me to sit tight, there was no solution and they'd call me when there was. Toyota called me yesterday (8/4/06 - over a month later)
    to say they are going to replace the fuel pump. We'll see if that works. Ofelia had something like that done to her RAV 4 and she hasn't been back to the forum to mention the droning noise again so maybe that fix worked. I'll keep you who are concerned about the droning posted as to how it goes with that fix after it gets done. The dealer has ordered the part and I'm waiting for them to call me to come in to have the new fuel pump installed. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  • Does anyone know if the driver's seat tracks could be replaced to extend for more leg room? And would this modification in anyway be regarded by Toyota as a safety issue.
    I would love to get more leg room.
  • xtek3xtek3 Posts: 4
    ihammer, pls keep the post going w/ this problem. If the fuel pump is the fix, thjat would ba an awesome revelation as I too get this droning noise when driving around 50-65MPH. I've got 1800 mi. on it. '06 AWD V6. Almost sounds
    like passing over a grated bridge/road.
  • xtek3xtek3 Posts: 4
    Ditto to that jorgeorge, would like to find that fix!!
  • Just bought a red Rav4 4x4 V6 (no 3rd seat) in the metro Chicago area:
    Base vehicle #4453A $23,540
    Options: EJ, GY, HD, LA, RL, SR, TO, CF $3020
    Delivery fee $605
    Toyota Dealer Association (TDA)fee $455
    Gas Charge $10
    Got mudguards thrown in at no additional charge and 2 free oil changes

    Dealer offered me a $4,500 for my 1999 Camry XLE V6 loaded with all the options available in 1999 so I sold the car myself for more than double the dealer's low trade-in offer

    I paid $150 over dealer cost for a total of $27,780. I tried to negotiate the TDA down a little but no go here. A RAV V6 with the options above is hard to get in Illinois. I would not pay anything over invoice for a 2006 RAV for the rest of the year since the new RAVs will be out in November. I waited for 3 months for the dealer to locate a red RAV V6 with leather and I think I got a reasonable deal.
  • Is it worth getting the extended Toyota warranties?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    There's lots of reading material in the Extended Warranties discussion you may want to skim while waiting for responses in here.
  • thanks
    didn't know there was one
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