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Audi Q7 Lease Questions



  • Congratulations on getting your new Q7, chulsoo. I'm glad that you found this forum so helpful. Thanks for taking the time to stop back and let us all know how everything turned out. Make sure to stop by the new Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of Edmunds,com to share your thoughts on your recent dealer experience with everyone. Enjoy your new ride :shades: .

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  • coppercopper Posts: 94
    Hi Chulsoo -

    You got a great deal! Was this for a Premium Q7? Seems like you got $2000 BELOW invoice?

  • Yes Copper, The car was a '08 3.6 Premium with the following options:
    Panaroma Sunroof, 4-zone climate control & Convenience Package.
    The MSRP on the car is $53,875 with an invoice of $49,725 (per Edmunds) and $51,944 per dealer. At $47,225 this is about $2,500 below invoice.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 349
    Leased Q7 3.6 premium with sunroof option. Cap Cost 48,400 slightly high money factor 0.0008 for 12K/36mon. Money factor higher than 0.00056 but had them drop
    dealer fee 689. Total with tax 711.40 a month. Sounds like chulsoo got a great deal. The key is that one must enjoy the vehicle. Did purchase Audi care which I thought was a good deal.
  • anj2anj2 Posts: 4
    hi chulsoo, congrats on a great deal! if you don't me askng, which dealer in atlanta did you use?
  • This was with Jim Ellis in Chamblee. Nalley Audi in Roswell was the competing dealer that was willing to beat this offer. I chose Jim Ellis because of my prior relationship and proximity to where I live. I would recommend either one because of the quality of sales people they had.
  • afm35afm35 Posts: 7
    From Miami, FL, wanted to clue everyone in on the deal I cut yesterday... 08 Q7 Premium with 20" wheels and conv. package. 53% residual with Audi care, MF .00076, MSRP $53425, got it @ 49040, invoice according to dealer paperwork includes destination charge of 775. This is for 36 mo. 10K /year.
  • coppercopper Posts: 94
    afm35 - what's the monthly figure?
  • coppercopper Posts: 94
    afm35 -

    What exactly did you have to pay upfront and what is your total monthly payment including tax?
  • afm35afm35 Posts: 7
    Copper here you go:
    $714.46 (7% tax), upfront fees were $1600 (includes first month, tax, title, fees, etc.. no security deposit I am already a Audi Finance customer) The total cap cost is $50205 (includes agreed price, Audi service and dealer fees).
    Hope that helps.
  • I am considering leasing for the first time...How do I go about negotiating and what are the main factors to consider. What are the most important terms that I must familiarize myself with and how do I begin this process. Thank you very much..I am a lil lost with leasing...And I would appreciate all help, thank you
  • anj2anj2 Posts: 4
    hello, just wanted to let everyone know about the lease deal i got on '08 q7 3.6 premium with sunroof, convenience, 4zone climate, running boards and premium color. msrp 55,755, selling price 51,490, leased for 36 months, 12k miles, $1,400 inception fees, $751/mo. i also got cross bars and all weather floor mats in the deal.
  • vahnvahn Posts: 1
    I just leased a Q7. The MSRP was $48,025. I paid $4,000 drive off. (including all fees, taxes and first month payment.) 12K/36. Monthly came out to $600 including taxes. 50% residual. I dont really know the money factor. Does this sound like a good deal or a bad deal?
  • coppercopper Posts: 94
    50% - 52% ?? BMW is 62%.
  • It's actually not that horrible, it's just very realistic. Plus, Audi is smart by using low money factors as oppossed to inflated residuals. It's more beneficial to the bank and/or the lessee at lease-end. If lessee likes the car and wants to purchase, the residual is likely very close to market value. If lesse returns, bank has the opportunity to recoup some of it's money or at least break even at auction or negotiate a buyout with the dealer.

    BMW's are great vehicles, no doubt, and they pretty much have the market cornered on leasing. The vehicles do retain their values well, but they're still high and banks take baths on lease returns all the time.

    It's a mysterious world how all the money moves around, but after the leasing debaucle of the 90's that almost bankrupted some companies, they're starting to figure things out and are not nearly as aggressive as they used to be.

    Like Ken Bragg says, "two out of three ain't bad in the leasing world."

    1. Low Cap Cost
    2. Low money factor
    3. High Residual
  • Could you let me know the dealership who offered this deal? Was the lease through audi finance?

    thanks in advance!
  • Car_man/host,

    Can you provide me with m.f. and residual for a 2008 Q7 both the 3.6 and 4.2 Premium models? The lease would be based on 2 or 3-years at 10k or 12k miles. I live in the Northeast area. Do you know if Audi has a 'sweet' spot for leasing? That is length and mileage that would be their best lease package.

    Thank you and Happy New Year's,
  • pbelspbels Posts: 8
    Did ou ever get the answer to this?
  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 134
    pbels, no I haven't received an answer as of yet. I believe Audi will be releasing their new rates this coming Friday. Perhaps I will receive an answer within the next few days.

  • pbelspbels Posts: 8
    I will keep looking

    My car is ordered but will not be in until middle of Jan.

    Have not discussed financing with Finance MGR yet

    depending on rates I could flip from acquisition to lease

    Thanks for responding
  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 134
    pbels, which model did you order? Did you compare it against other SUV's? The Q7 will be for my wife. She currently drives a Volvo XC90 V8. The lease will be up in 6 months and I would like our next vehicle to a bit more modern interior. The Q7 certainly has this but it is bigger (by another foot) over the XC90. Other considerations are the MDX (not sure I like the exterior styling) and X5.

  • pbelspbels Posts: 8
    4.2 s-line

    I have the Lexus GX right now and it has been a great car

    X5 not a consideration as their are too many in the market
  • 2008 Audi Q7 3.6 Base
    24 Month – Residual 57% of MSRP – .00033 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 49% of MSRP – .00033 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 40% of MSRP – .00329 Base Rate

    2008 Audi Q7 3.6 Premium
    24 Month – Residual 56% of MSRP – .00033 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 48% of MSRP – .00033 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 39% of MSRP – .00329 Base Rate

    2008 Audi Q7 4.2 Premium
    24 Month – Residual 55% of MSRP – .00085 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 47% of MSRP – .00085 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 38% of MSRP – .00329 Base Rate

    Residuals posted are for 15K miles/year. Add 2% to Residual for 12k mi/yr and 3% for 10k mi/yr on all terms

    Use the following formula to calculate a lease payment:

    (Cap Cost – Residual Value) / Term = Depreciation
    (Cap Cost + Residual Value) X Money Factor = Interest
    Depreciation + Interest = Base Monthly Payment

    NOTE: AFS lease data is for reference only. Rates may vary by region. Your dealer has the option of offering you a higher rate.
  • afm35afm35 Posts: 7
    Sorry, been on vacation... it was @ The Collection and through Audi Finance
  • pbelspbels Posts: 8
    I'm not certain that I understand the rate for the 4.2 24 and 36 month lease?

    Can you explain?
  • The rates (money factors) posted are the base or "buy" rates to the dealer. This is the lowest rate you can expect to receive from the dealer.

    These rates can be marked up by the dealer for additional profit.

    Does this help?

  • pbelspbels Posts: 8
    It had more to do with the difference in money factor #'s for the 4.2 at 24 and 36 months

    Thank you
  • The rates on all models are the same for the 24 and 36 month terms.

  • pbelspbels Posts: 8
    It didn't read that way in the grid

    Thank you for the clarification

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