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Audi Q7 Lease Questions



  • Just wanted to say thanks for this site, I was able to compare notes and lease my new ride.

    Here's the deal:

    2007 3.6 Premium. Silver color, Infotainment Package, Technology Package, Convenience Package, 4-Zone Climate Control, 19" Alloy Wheels w/All-Season Tires, 3rd Row Of Seats and A.M.I.

    MSRP $55,515
    Invoice $51,217
    Residual 53%
    15K miles a year
    MF: 0.00069
    Traded in 2 cars worthed $55,000 ($10K upside down)
    Included Acq fee, Title/ reg fee, Audi care as well.

    Payments are $999 a month without Sales Tax (since I have trade ins)

    Walk out with $3500 (that include first month lease).

    Much a savings of over $500 monthly payments for me for the 2 cars.

    I think we did good. Was really happy to be able to save some money and get rid of the older cars. Thanks all.
  • I think there're 2 scenarios you can practiced. Either that get the $4000 off MSRP or low MF (0.00014). However, what you can do is try to get in between as close as possible. At least, that's what I did for me in Houston, TX. I was able to get the $4000K off MSRP and get MF of 0.00069. (oh, my milleage allowance is 15K/ year)

    Good luck.
  • I sent out some emails to local dealers in regards to a 36 month lease with 15k miles per year.I asked them to base the lease on Cardirects buy price of $39,365.I got a few responses but they just throw out the current Q7 program.Am I going about this the wrong way.Sorry for my lack of knowledge.
  • dbrousedbrouse Posts: 4
    After a day spent in the dealership, I have the following offer. I'd love to know what you guys think. I will probably go back and finalize the deal on Monday.

    2007 Q7 Premium.
    MSRP $50,110
    Invoice $47,289
    Selling Price $47,300
    36 months/12k miles
    Money Factor .00024
    Residual $26,057
    Doc fee-167
    Bank fee-575
    Sec deposit-675
    Total out of pocket-$3000.00
    Payment is $655 per month

    This is right at their invoice price, but I wonder if I could get better due to the 2007 close out.
  • FYI, referring to my deal, I think you should get at least $4K off MSRP for 2007 model. I was almost $8-9K upside down with my trade in. And I only have to pay $998/month with 15K a year 36months with VERY minumum down payment! And miune included the Audi care as well. My Q7 was loaded wiuth $56K MSRP. They sold it to me for less than $51.5K.

    If I were you, I would insist more on the discount off the MSRP of the price. If they refused, you should get 0.00014 as MF the least. Hope this information helps. Good luck.
  • Can someone help me out with the formula.I'm looking to lease a 3.6 Q7,not the premium.The purchase price from crasdirect is $39,365 the msrp is $43,365.I would like to lease it for 36 months with 15k per year with just the charges down,a sales person gave me a money factor of .00014.I'm trying to figure out my monthly payment but can't quite figure it out.Any help would be great I need to purchase something soon.
  • First of all, I think you should get the Residual value of that car. And also, you need to know the sale price of the car as well. The monthly payment calculation are as follows:

    Monthly Finance Fee = Lease Charge ÷ Term

    Money Factor = Lease Charge ÷ ( (Net Cap Cost + Residual) x Term )

    Interest Rate = Money Factor x 2400

    Total Monthly Payment = Depreciation Fee + Finance Fee

    And check out this site if you have anymore lease calculation questions. Lease Calculation
  • Thank you sir, the sale price would be $39,365,the residual needs to be based on 36/15k correct?
  • Correct. I got mine Q7 lease a week ago with the same 36/15K. If I am not mistaken, my residual is 56%.
  • question 1 - is this a good deal considering it is aug 30th 2007? or should it be closer to cost?
    2007 Q7 3.6 Prem tech pack comf pack
    msrp $55,410, vehicle cost 51,612 sell price $53,500
    0 down + first month + fees+ins $394 = 1212.61
    794.97 month payment 36 months - 12k miles -
    residual 28,813.20 - residual base 49.00

    question 2
    the guy gave me a printout that says
    retention rate 0.00014
    reserve rate 0.00015
    disclosed rate 0.00029
    what are these 3 #s - is the residual rate .00014?

  • First of all, you would want to get the sell price to be as low as the vehicle cost, or perhaps lower. No way you should pay more than invoice for a year-end model vehicle. The residual price is based on MSRP. From this number, it is safe to say that the residual value is 52%. But I thought it would be a little higher than that. By the way, does the deal includes the Audi care? If yes, the residual will be higher, and you would be paying less $$ (monthly payment).

    Question 2, no clue about those #s. But I think that retention rate is Money factor. You should try to get that MF even if you don't get the $4K discounts. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  • thanks
    it does include audi care - they say they put it in for free

    the dealer disclosure form also says
    residual (base) 49.00
    residual (bump) 2.00
    i assume this means 51% residual value

    the disclosure they gave me also says
    markup 1888
    back end 345.60
    total profit 2233.60

    he said they have to make a little profit or it is not worth it
    do the dealerships buy the car at vehicle cost or less?
    they say this is there last 2007 and if i get a 2008 it will cost alot more - will the money factor be higher on a 2008
    he said the decision has to be made today
  • mikermiker Posts: 15
    The dealerships are looking to unload these 07's. Here is a breakdown of one they are offering me today only they have a few similar on the lot as well all with different options but this is the most loaded 07 they have left i was really looking for 20' tires but .....

    Garnet Red/Black int

    Options include
    -Tow pkg(6,600lbs)
    -Panorama roof
    -3rd row seats
    -Audi music interface(ipod)
    -Multifunction steering wheel
    -19'' 7-arm wheels(standard on 4.2 premium
    -Technology pkg(rearview camera, advanced key push button start, Audi side assist, Voice Recognition)
    -Infotainment pkg(Navigation, Blue tooth prep, Sirius Sat radio)


    Here is what they are offering.

    3500 total out of pocket which includes taxes
    $696 per month

    good deal can I do better? Are there any design differences in the 08 model I would hate to lease a 60,000 truck if the 08's are not the same ..
  • Seriously, I would advise you to go to other dealerships closeby to get another quote. The last thing you want them to do is to rip you off.

    I am not saying that you are being ripped off, but that's not what others are paying for their 2007 Q7's.

    If I were you, I wouldn't get the 2007 ones if I can't more discounts on them. Instead, I will look into the 2008 ones. Though the price on 2008s are higher, most of the features are standard. You are paying/getting the same price and features at the end. Hope this helps.
  • The quote is actually close to mine (got my Q7 1 week ago) except mine doesn't have the Roof and Tow package.

    I think the quote is a good deal. Look at it this way, the special lease Audi have now is $550/month for 36/10 with $4000 down and plus TTL. And that was for a MSRP $50K Q7s.

    Perhaps in order to get to that monthly payment, you might have to come up with another $3000 for the TTL.

    That's probably close to $7K out of pocket.

    Comparing to your quote, which is $8000 price difference in MSRPs. And the out of pocket $ difference is $4000. So you are looking at an appr. $12000 price difference.

    Your out of pocket is only $3500. And even if the monthly payment is $150 more than the special lease ($550/month), with $1000 equals appr. to $30 more a month, you actually got a VERY handsome deal!!

    Sorry for the lengthy explanation, but I hope you got my point through this. I'd said "What are you waiting for!!!" LOL. Good luck!
  • mikermiker Posts: 15
    thanks I will do that! I'm curious for a car in the 55,000 range what is a good lease price on these Q's so at least I can seem somewhat educated when I go in. From looking at other cars it seems everything in the mid 55 range leases in the mid to high 7's.... or thats what they are telling me. I would love to put nothing down and get a lease in the mid 600 range..
  • Yes, I was in the same shoe like you, except we traded in 2 cars and was really upside down close to $9K. Even with that, my out of pocket was only $3500 (1st month included and no tax since my trade-in(s) worthed more than the Q7), our montly payment is only $998/month with 36/15. And yes, Audi care included as well.

    And yes, please get the full packages Q7, you will not regret it a bit even if u are paying more!! I absolutely enjoy and love driving my Q7.
  • mikermiker Posts: 15
    Hey thanks for your help! These dealers are crazy he started at 869 a few weeks ago it makes me always wonder how low will the go or what is actually a good deal it would make me sick to get ripped off..
  • Hehe, but I did enough research through here and straightened all the numbers first before I entered the dealership to deal with them. Also, make sure you get the car price negotiation done first before telling them you want to lease/finance a car and then talk about trade-in at the last (if u have any).

    Have an idea how much you should be paying first before heading to the dealership. If I were you, no harm haggle a little on lowering the out of pocket or lowering monthly payments. Good luck!

    It looks like my truck might arrive early (before October). I want to be prepared, so I would appreciate it if you help me. Here are the specs on my car,

    2008 Audi Q7 3.6 Premium, Calla White, Cardamon Interior, Technology Package, Convenience Package, Panorama Sunroof, 20” Alloy Wheels. MSRP $58,825. Invoice $54,229.

    I am planning to lease for 36 months (or 33 or 39 if more advantageous) with typical 15,000 miles per year (or 12,000 if more advantageous)

    Can you please provide me with:

    Cost of Audi Care (and if it is worth it in your opinion)
    What I should expect to pay (base cap cost) for this car in Florida around this time of the year. I’m pretty good negotiating; I just want an educated opinion!
    Ability to not pay an acquisition fee and/or security deposit (keeping in mind I am not a previous Audi customer)

    Thanks in advance,

  • I'm thinking about leasing a 2007 Q7 and I'm wondering how important it is to do it by Sept 4 when the "special" lease goes away? Any idea what will go away on Sept 5, will the deal I can negotiate really be worse? Will the MF get worse? Residuals? Thanks for the input.
  • If I can get out to try to negotiate a 36 month lease tomorrow (Sept 4), can someone tell me if the following is a fair deal, or is it unrealistic?

    They have a 2007 Q7 (3.6 Premium) with the following options:
    Sunroof, Infotainment Nav, 4 zone climate, 3rd row seating, 19" wheels, rear side airbags, convenience package. It says the MSRP is about $56000, invoice would be around 51700.

    I read on here that there is an offer available for $4000 below invoice, bringing the cap cost to $47700.

    I read on here the residual with Audi Care is 0.52, which would be $29154.

    I read on here that if you take the $4000 below invoice, you can't get the low MF, so would a MF of 0.00165 (~3.96%) be a reasonable expectation?

    Using an online lease calculator, I calculate the following:
    Capitalized Cost: 47719 (56010 MSRP minus discount)
    Residual Value: $ 29154.00 (after 36 months)
    Depreciation Fee:$ 515.69 - part of lease payment
    Lease Fee: $ 124.92 - part of lease payment
    Monthly Payment :$ 640.61 without tax
    Usage Tax: $ 19.22 over full loan (3.00 % of 18565.00)
    Total Monthly Payment: $ 659.83 including tax

    So is a $640/mo payment (without tax) a reasonable expectation for this vehicle? Were any of my assumptions wrong? Is it unlikely that I can reach this deal in Charlotte, NC where there are no other local dealers for competition?

    If I take the 0.00014 MF and negotiate $500 over invoice, the payment would seem to be about $10/mo higher so I guess I could go that way too. I qualify for tier 1, but is $500 over invoice reasonable for the 2007s?

    With either case, what would I be looking at for initial payment? First month payment + $590 audi care + $575 acq + one month payment security deposit?

    Would this be 12k miles/year for these figures? 10k miles/year?

    Thanks, there is a lot of information on here, but I can't tell what is still valid and what has expired. Is there anything on here that will be valid Sept 4, but not Sept 5?
  • Woolooloo, there is some information about the $4000 deal and special lease rates on the Costco Auto website. Here's a direct link (click on Audi and Q7):

    I have read a lot about 1k below invoice PLUS the 4K deal, which in effect is 5K below invoice. There should only be a few '07s left over and the '08s are coming in. The dealer (competition or not) should be encouraged to move those cars.

    If you need a good lease calculator, go to, they have an awesome calculator!! :-)

    Good luck!
  • I would say it all depends on your dealership. That special lease has been the same since April of 2007. So who knows how it might be after Sept 4. The only thing I can say is the 2007s model ones might be limited since 2008s are available now.

    And yes, if your area has move than 1 Audi Dealerships, it helps a lot to shop around and get a better deal. And yes, based on your calculation, it's safe to say that the monthly payment is as such. Give and take $20 per month. Since you have an idea on the number now, so go ahead and go negotiate based on that number in mind. Good luck!
  • Thanks for the advice guys. I sent an offer for this exact deal via email to the dealer and told them that was my offer and not to contact me unless they accepted it. They took it, so I've got that one at $660/month 36 months and 15k miles/year (that part was better than I expected). Was around $1900 for initial payment - I still need to check what all is in that because either they added Audi Care into the payment and kept the payment the same, or they didn't charge me a security deposit or an acquisition fee, not sure which without going through the paperwork closer. I think it's pretty good for a $56k car with that kind of mileage limit, but maybe I could have done better. I'm happy anyways. Thanks for the info on this board - hopefully my deal helps someone else.
  • Good luck! Take pictures once u gotten it. Keep us posted. :)
  • Thanks.

    Here are the details of what I got.

    MSRP $56010
    Cap cost $49525 (around $2200 below invoice)
    Other financed charges ($575 acq, $590 Audi Care)
    Gross cap cost $50690
    Residual value $28005 (50%)
    Money factor 0.00014 (0.336% interest rate equivalent)
    Monthly payment (without sale tax) $641.16

    Initial payment = first month + $675 security deposit + $69 title/license + $513.97 processing fee/tax

    Anyways, I think it is a good deal, not sure if it is a great deal. But I hope this information is helpful to others trying to negotiate a deal. I know the info I got off the board about other deals was invaluable.

    So based on my initial assumptions, I got more off invoice, but didn't get the 52% residual. I got the payment I wanted which is what I cared about, and having the lower residual will make purchasing the vehicle at the end more appealing (though I have never done so on a previous lease). I wonder if I could have gotten this cap cost and the 52% residual with better negotiating though. It is probably a goal for the next person!

    I bought the car sight unseen and ended up a little disappointed. I've had voice activated bluetooth on my BMW for a couple years, so I thought it was going to be included in the bluetooth package for the Audi - wrong. Dialing via the MMI interface is going to be a pain versus just saying "Dial Home" or whatever. Likewise I didn't realize it didn't have a backup camera until I had already bought it (didn't back up during the test drive). It was on some of the cheaper vehicles I was looking at so I thought it was going to be included. I guess it is my fault for not looking closely enough at the different option packages. The other thing is the Sycamore Green is very much like my BMW and I wanted something different. Their website just said "green" and it's not what I expected. I really wanted IPod integration, but the '07s they had with that and the technology package were at least another $5000. They told me that will be available as a dealer installed option soon, although I'm not sure if they were just telling me what I wanted to hear.

    Good luck everyone!
  • That's kinda disappointing that you didn't get what you wanted.

    But please explain it to me, what does your Q7 equipped with? Mine is the 2007 Q7 3.6 Premium, Silver exterior and interior, Infotainment, Technology, Convenience Package, 4-Zone Climate Control, Ipod Interface ($300 more), 19" Alloy w/all season tires, 3rd row seats and it's pretty loaded except I don't have the sunroof which I didn't want it. I'm assuming yr car doesn't have the Technology package ($2400 extra). But u had the sunroof ($2800 more).

    And my Q7's MSRP was $55,805. You might want to ask them is it possible to retrofit the Ipod interface, it seems to me that it's very reasonable. Anyway, I think you did VERY well on negotiating the final car price.

    Check it out, good luck and congratulation again!
  • ok
    you were right
    the price i just got on a 2008 Q7 3.6 prem - which now has ipod/sirius/bluetooth
    pan roof audi care
    msp 50,975
    sell price 48,753
    res 52% money factor .00075
    726 month 36 months 12k miles inc tax
    1761 due at signing for first mo/575 bank fee/110 doc fee etc

    sound good?
  • Sorry dude, I really have no clue about 2008 model vehicles. But it's like buying a brand new car (2008), lots of dealers are willing to reduce more $$ on 2007 ones and still sell 2008 ones on MSRP, which I don't blame them at all.
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