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Audi Q7 Lease Questions



  • Corrections: The grand total registration of ~$4K was not on the contract. I crossed check reference with other vehicle forums, and License Fee of $411 appears right for a car costing ~$54K. I now recalled why CA Governor Davis got impeached along w/ other factors. ha ha ha

    I did have to pay an acquisition fee like every one else -- $575. However, I didn't have to pay PDI, ad fee, and "refundable" deposit. Regarding the ~1K difference, I can't explain it. Maybe I paid $1K over invoice. On the other hand, it could $500 over invoice w/ $500 padded in PDI and ad fees. Whatever it is, hm... The funny thing is that I still don't have the car. It has to be brought over from another dealer. Perhaps, that could explain why they were so firm on the price, or I'm so weak on my negotiation. heh heh heh

    Not expressing buyer remorse as I am happy w/ my numbers. Just wanting to learn to avoid the next pitfall if I see room for improvment on my part. Don't want my shirt to be ripped again if you know what I mean. : >)

    Has any one ever heard of Rent Charge adding on top of the Depreciation and Amortized Amount? Still learning.

    Thanks all.
  • Looking at Audi Q7 3.6 premium on east coast. What are current MF and residual values for 12,000 and 15,000 leases? Seems like RV of .52 is lower than what I've been seeing posted. Is $500 over invoice a reasonable expectation? I've been offered to split difference between invoice and MSRP. Thanks very much for any insights/comments.
  • Thanks, residuals arent great but Audi Financial subvention makes the lease factors impressive. Now negotiating my car with 10K miles and they are quoting residuals of 55% for the V8 non-premium. Will let everyone know when they find the car with my options.
  • Found out that it was the interest on the leasing period.

    Shoprey85, to this day, the fleet manager still insisted that he was below invoice. According to Edmunds, I was above invoice. What is important to me was that I was happy w/ my numbers based on my research. I used current offer on Q7 from Audi website as my benchmark.

    My drive off was $2K rather $4,123. I have 12Kmi/yr rather 10Kmi/yr. My $57,310 car is loaded w/ more options than a $50K car. Compared to the current Internet offer, since I can do less lease inception, get 2K mi more per yr, depreciate the car more after 36 months, and get a car loaded w/ more options, all for just $100 more, I have become happy as a clam. I'm sure that there are others who can do much better than I can.
  • I am negotiating a new lease on a base 3.6 + Comfort Package + Sunroof + Third Row Seat. The MSRP is $45,160, invoice $41,789, and they are asking for $2,000 over invoice. I am getting $1,000 loyalty from Audi, so my monthly is around $537 (no money down) on a 12,000 miles 36 month lease. I read most are getting $1,000 over invoice, which I am if I factor in the loyalty, but that should be additional savings, correct?

    Thanks for any help
  • I just ordered a 2007 Q7 3.6 Premium with the Convenience Package, Infotainment Package, Technology, Moonroof, 19" wheels in Quartz Gray. MSRP is $56,420. Lease is for 36 months, 15,000 miles per year, no cap cost reduction, $1785 due at lease signing. $772.38/month including NJ taxes. I will be doing $3,000 worth of Multiple Security deposits which lowers the payment to $742/month. 12% tax free guaranteed, not a bad deal with the MSDs, I think.

    So how did I do?
  • Audi provides lessees who pre-pay for scheduled maintenance with a 1% boost in vehicles' residual values

    Where can I find any documentation of this to take to the dealer? Thank you so much. This forum is invaluable.
  • Sancris,

    If you want to pay $1K over invoice, negotiate for the price first before all else. The $2K loyalty should not be included in the equation until the gross capitalization is finalized.

    When I negotiated, it was on an impulse. I didn't have the Edmund's list in front of me. As the matter of fact, we were shopping for Land Rover LR3. There is no security deposit required for Q7. There is no PDI fee, ad fee, or any padded fee. I had to pay the acquisition fee like every body else, unless I got the exact same one as advertised on Audi Website.

    The guy kept saying that I was at invoice already, but I pushed for more. When I mentioned about the holdback value, he was not happy. Any how, there was a $30 difference, and we walked away. We talked on the cell phones. I told him that perhaps it was beginning of the month, and he wasn't serious as I was. I told him that if I couldn't close the deal w/ him that night, I could wait until Valentine's and close the gap bigger than $30 else where. We agreed to split the difference in half, came back, and closed the deal. The guy said that I ate into his holdback. I seriously doubt it b/c I got home and checked Edmunds, there is $1K difference. I still don't have the car. It is to be delivered. Don't shop on impulse like I did. Next time, I'll do better.
  • Here are some more details of my purchase, I would love your opinions. 2007 Q7 3.6 Premium with the Convenience Package, Infotainment Package, Technology, Moonroof, 19" wheels in Quartz Gray. MSRP is $56,420. Selling price is $53,880. Lease is for 36 months, 15,000 miles per year, no cap cost reduction, $1785 due at lease signing (plus the MSDs.) $772.38/month including NJ taxes. I will be doing $3,000 worth of Multiple Security deposits which lowers the payment to $742/month. The Residual value they used was 52% (insisted that that's what it is in NJ for 15,000 miles) The money factor was 0.00032 and was lowered to 0.00006 (0.14%!!) by the MSD program. Saves me $30/month or 12% tax free annually. Finally, I added the Audi care to the lease which raised my residual to 53% and lowered the payment by $0.30/month! The payment change is insignificant, but why wouldn't everyone do this. I have the same payment and now I have free scheduled maintenance for the life of the lease.
  • Sounds good MikeOC1 - just curious on the Audi Care. Does that follow the months of the lease or the mileage? i.e. life of the lease being 36 months regardless if you go over mileage?
  • Thank you. I am very excited to take her home.

    My understanding is that Audi "gives" you the first service at 5,000 miles. From there, Audi Care is prepaying the service at 15, 25, 35 and 45,000 miles. Since my lease is for 3 years, 45,000 miles, I am covered for the life of the lease.
  • Hello,

    I was looking for 3.6 Premium with Convenience Package, 3rd Row Seat, Panorama Sunroof, and Rear Side Airbags... with beige interior. But I could not get one close. If I order one from factory, do I still have room for negotiating price?

    Also, it will take 3 month for delivery. Is current lease deal with low MF will stay until then?

  • Car_Man;

    I would like some clarification regarding Q7 Lease quote for a 3.6 Premium:

    1) I have been quoted a price of invoice plus a $495 inspection/advertising fee that apparently is added to all Audi vehicles invoice prices at port - is this correct?

    2) I am being quoted that both the $575 acquisition fee and the dealer $345 processing fee should be paid. This does not make sense, since I thought the processing fee was for purchase not lease and if you look at the Audi website the lease deal advertised there does not show any processing fees, just the acquisition fee. What exactly is required to be paid?

    3) I am being told that the residual is 52% plus 1% with Audi Care for a 36 months/15,000 mile lease. Is this correct?

    4) Is it correct that sales tax is added to the base lease monthly payment, not included in the fees when determining the monthly payment? I think the dealer is trying to grab extra money by including sales tax in the fees.

    Thank you for your assistance, I am trying to close this deal this weekend.
  • I want to make sure that I am not missing anything. I just finished to deal on my 2007 Q7. After 4 MSDs, ($3000) my money factor is 0.00006 or 0.14%. The residual value is 53% after the Audi Care 1% bump. (36 month 15,000 per year)

    Other than a couple of dealer fees, I am basically paying for the depreciation. Is this not great, or am I seriously missing something? At the end of the lease, I walk away or I can buy for the residual value (approx $30k) Either way, I haven't paid any significant interest in the 3 years.
    Again, am I missing anything?!?

    Thank you
  • 3) I was quoted the same, 52% plus 1% for Audi Care. If I didn't do Audi care, my payment was literally $0.30/month higher and I would have to pay for the maintenance. So I got the Audi Care, will save $0.30/month :) and I don't have to pay for maintenance.

    Also, my money factor was 0.00038. I did 4 MSDs to lower it to 0.00006. Saves my $30/month. $3000 refundable deposit to save $360 year risk and tax free (12%) is a great deal.

    Good luck!
  • jhabrejhabre Posts: 17
    Hi Car_man,

    Do you know what the money factor & residual value is on a 36 month lease with 12K mi/yr?

    I'm looking at leasing the Q7 3.6L with comfort package.

    Any input would be great!
  • I just leased a 3.6 Premium for 3 years/15,000 miles. Money factor was 0.00038 with a residual of 52%. The residual was bumped to 53% by purchasing Audi Care in the lease. It didn't affect the payment at all (lowered it by $0.30/month) and now I have all scheduled maintenance. With Multiple security deposits (4) I lowered the money factor to 0.00006 (0.14%!) Hope this helps a little. I believe that the MF is the same for 12k/year and the residual is increased by 2%. Good luck!
  • jhabrejhabre Posts: 17
    Thanks Mikeoc1! May I asked what price you negotiated? Also what is the MSRP of the premium?
  • mdiabmdiab Posts: 7
    I have some questions and hope to get help here :)
    1) Is the only reason why you guys want a higher residual to lower the monthly payments?
    2) When Audi has the leasing deals they run now assuming you can keep the monthly payment the same it would seem like the lower residual would be the best -- am I wrong?
    3) Currently I saw the following special:
    MSRP $50,110.00 -- Residual $27,560.00, Dwnpmt $2,999,
    Fee $575 Monthly cost $549 for 36 months total of $19,764 -- this brings the total cost of all you pay plus residual to $50,898.00 which is $788.00 over the MSRP. Assuming I could have lowered the cost of the car by about $2K if I had bought it my total additional cost for not buying the car cash would then be $2,788 for 36 months -- which is $1,000 / year for a $50K loan....which comes out to be 2% interest rate. To me this is a great deal. Before I go to the dealer - what am I missing? I plan on buying out the car in three years so to me mileage limitations etc are not relevant (my choice to buy or not right they can't stop me and demand milage money in 3 years right?)

    Well several questions, but really appreciate your thoughts. I have never leased a car before, but real interested in this one as my Acura TL just can't handle the snow worth a lick.......
  • No problem jhabre. These forums have been so helpful to me, I enjoy sharing my experience.

    The MSRP was about $55,600. The selling price was $53,100. I'm sure I could have done a little better on the selling price given what I've read, but at the end of the day I was happy.
  • mdiab,

    I am with you on this one. I would love for someone to explain to me if I'm wrong. Ideally, in a lease, a high residual and a low money factor will provide the lowest monthly payments. If I had a choice, however, I would prefer a lower residual and a low interest rate. What does paying interest get you?

    My money factor, after 4 Multiple Security Deposits, is 0.00006. This is 0.14%. In my case, how is leasing that much different than buying? My residual value after 45,000 miles will be 53% or $29500. I am paying almost no interest to Audi Financial Services for the next three years. If the residuals are artifically low, maybe I can buy out the car and sell it for a few thousand more than I can buy it for.

    I am about to come off a 2004 Mercedes CLK 320 lease. The residuals were very high (63% I believe) at the time I leased it. There's no way that it's worth its buyout.

    Please, someone, if I'm missing something tell me!!
  • I reclined the second row seats and seemed to be able to get our two Britex car seats to fit under the head rest. In the full upright position I could not get them to fit either.
  • hey guys,

    I'm interested in leasing a Q7 V6 Premium with 2nd Row RR Side Air Bag SRS, 20" wheels, tech package and the infotainment package. Total MSRP is $53,770 with $720 destination charge. I got the total price down to $51,658.81. For the 36Mo. 15K miles with Audi Care, I got $634.99 per/mo with 53% residual. That is after a $5793.11 down payment. MF is 0.00043

    However, the second option was 36Mo. 12K miles with Audi Care, I got $605.53 per/mo with 55% residual. That is after a $5689.59 down payment. MF is 0.00043 as well.

    This is my first time leasing and I wanted to know whether I am getting a good deal or not. I am trying to take delivery by Tuesday. Please let me know ASAP!
  • The deal seems OK. If the dealer has the car sitting on the lot, there seems to be possibly some more negotiation room. Many folks are getting the Q7 for $500 over invoice.

    As for your lease, the rule of thumb is to never put money down. Your amount is way to high. Given Audi is giving you a sub 1% money factor, it makes no sense to tie up that kind of money in the car lease. Save the $5700 and earn 5% in a money market given the "free" financing. We just spent a similar amout on a Q7 3.6 premium with no money down and are at $695 per month. For $5700 you can save, the exta $90 difference is more than offset in your savings of the down payment. And if you ever decide to break the lease, you haven't lost that down payment.
  • kris17kris17 Posts: 18
    Can someone please explain these "multiple security deposits" and how they work? Is there a limit on how many you can post? How and why do they reduce your monthly payments? Do you get all of these deposits back at the end? Thanks
  • They basically allow you to reduce the money factor. I would assume you would get those back - however, it is a money losing factor on the current 3.6 lease. The current lease is something like 0.9% financing. So you would tie up money to lower the money factor less than one half of one percent. To me, save the money on the security deposit and invest it to earn 4-5%.
  • cwa318cwa318 Posts: 64
    I am interested in leasing a Q7. What kinds of fees are dealers putting on buyers. I have seen a host of fees on various sitesand just trying to get some clarity.

  • Depending on where you live - you may get hit with and advertising fee. My dealer also stuck a doc/processing fee of about $499 on it. (wasn't pleased) You will have to pay the acquisition fee on the lease.
  • I have a 2000 Maxima that I am trading in. They are quoting about $4K for the trade in. I'm going to try to bring the final price down to like $51K and make the trade-in the down payment. Let me know if I'm doing something wrong or if I can do better. Thanks in advance.
  • Hoosbest,

    Bad advice, man. The details of my lease are a few posts above. I am making 4 Security Deposits ($3000) which lowers the money factor from 0.00038 to 0.00006. The result is that I am saving $30/month. $360 tax free earnings on a $3000 investment is 12% tax free. Find me something better and I will take you up on it.

    Don't just blindly do MSDs. Find out the monthly payment without MSDs and compare them to the payment with MSDs. If it makes sense, do it.
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