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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I don't think you can feel any real difference between the leather used in the GL 450 and the MB Tex. The 09 GL 550 has napa leather which is defintely softer. Why leather? I just have a hard time spending this kind of money for vinyl. In addition to leather seats, the full leather package also gives you a wood steering wheel and dark burl wood trim. The burl wood in my opinion looks nicer than the standard maple. In addition, the stitching especially on the dash and door panel inserts for some reason looks better with the leather package than it does with the MB tex.
  • In process of buying a GL450 in NorCal (San Jose) at Smythe European. I'm considering the prepaid maintenance, if the price is negotiable. Does anyone have any experience cutting deals on the ppd maint. "MSRP" on the 36 month/39,000 mile ppd maint is $1,319, which is way overpriced. I'm thinking around $750 may make it worthwhile, but wonder what others are paying, and how tough the dealers negotiate on this.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755

    I was looking at your posts at lexus forum.

    So you finally decided to forget the LX and go for this 1.

    Good luck. Which GL is it? GL550?

    I hope you won't regret later.

    When is the delivery?
  • Thank you; this is helpful information. I'm interested in the GL Bluetec. I want to buy since the car qualifies as a hybrid and buyers are eligible for the $1800.00 tax refund (first 60,000 sold in US). I also like the higher torque, better gas mileage and cleaner emissions. I will try MBZ of Long Beach and definitely take your advice on the e-mail contact option. What are the leasing options and/or finance options available for the GL Bluetec?
  • ryan79ryan79 Posts: 10
    Been reading that last 5 pages or so of this thread. I'm just wondering if those of you that got a price in the low 50's had significant incentives involved.

    For example I think someone said 15k under MSRP. Was that like 10k of incetives and 5k of talking them down? Or is that w/ out any incentives??
    I'm looking at the above vehichle at the moment with an MSRP of 68k and MB has a 10k incentive. I was told 52,000 by one dealer yesterday and am going to start shopping around more now.
    Should I be aiming for the high $40's?? That would be phenomanal for this SUV.

    Any advice or thoughts is greatly appreciated.
  • We we just purchased a 08 Gl320 with msrp of around 66,995 and purchase price of 50,995. We were also quoted on a 08 GL350 with msrp of 68995, 52,995.
  • ryan79ryan79 Posts: 10
    For anyone else that is looking at purchasing an 08 -- I have 3 dealers at $18,000 or more off MSRP.. still undecided on the GL450 though.
  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    $20,000 off MSRP and 2.9% APR for up to 66 months i think i'm in like Flynn! :shades:
  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    ryan79 may i have the names and contacts of those three dealers? Pretty please?! ;)
  • fq1fq1 Posts: 56
    Can I also please have those dealers' contact info that are discounting.
  • ryan79ryan79 Posts: 10
    For decents prices ;) check out:

    Mercedes-Benz of West Chester & Tom Masano Mercedes Benz
  • pdnycpdnyc Posts: 1
    Isnt residual value a major factor?

    what are they using on these leases? Does the dealer prefer to lease or sell outright at less $20k and 2.9%?

  • In Seattle area, we picked up a GL-450. Iridium Silver with P-01, Hitch and rear entertainment for $52K + Tax. MSRP was $68K. There are only a few left but found this to be better than X5 as there were no 2008's. We also got a BT puck thrown in part of the deal. We were offered pre-paid maint for $2315 and GAP for 695 which I declined. The prepaid maint was not through MB but thru another 3rd party. It is not clear what I would get for the prepaid althogh the fin. div indicated that it includes everything. A blanket statement which I did not buy into. Plan to shop around if I'd need one. This is our first SUV hence the precaution. We have been snowed in and hence not comfy driving this yet worried that the other drivers may not be cautious.
    Feedback welcome. :D
  • jofam1jofam1 Posts: 21
    We just bought a new 2008 GL 450 in the CA- Bay Area, and was quoted by the MB dealership for extended warranty:
    for 7yr/100,000 :$ 5160 from MB (no deductible)
    $3800 from "Automotive Preferred Care" $200 deductible

    for 8yr/100,000 $4060 from "Automotive Preferred Care" $200 deductible

    Does anybody know of a better deal either from MB or elsewhere?

    Thank you for your help.
  • jofam1jofam1 Posts: 21
    I get the feeling that this site is not visited very often. Anyway, I ended up with the MB warranty about $1,000 less than the quoted retail amount. Also considering the prepaid maintenance package of $2,000 for 52,000 miles.
  • car38car38 Posts: 3
    I am thinking between Buy or lease a new 300 sport 09 Mercedes.
    So, the offer is as follows:
    Buy: 2000 down and pay 570 per month for five and half years.
    Lease: Zero down and pay 530 per month for four years with 15000 mile per year limit and I have to pay 559 when I return the car after four years.
    Please advise. Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    From those numbers, I can only guess that you are referring to a C-Class?

    If so, try posting here: Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • dl3dl3 Posts: 1
    Has anyone received a good deal for a GL in California? Just started shopping around and was looking for suggestions.
  • r_lr_l Posts: 5
    Hi All,

    Let me give it a shot to keep this forum going ...

    I got a quote of 1000 below invoice for a 09 GL-450 in the southern California area. I started with the TMV price on Edmunds, and the salesperson was very happy to beat it.

    However I'm deeply concerned with the depreciation of GL when MB starts slashing price during the second half of the year. For example as in post #289 AgileMan was able to get $12K below invoice for his GL-450 in last Dec ... so I want to wait until the summer to see how MB is promoting their vehicles ... I'm planning to wait until GL is selling at least 5K below invoice to act.

    My second concern is GL's initial quality according to JD Power. GL got only two stars in both 2007 and 2008, :(. I'm hoping MB can make it at least three stars in 2009, the 3rd MY. It looks like MB was able to do a good job in the 3rd MY as shown in past releases of other new models ... but we have to wait until June to see the survey results for the current MY.

    Good luck with everyone's shopping.
  • Thoughts on this deal:

    GL450 $59,200
    650 Arctic White
    104 Cashmere MB-Tex
    H04 Birds Eye Maple Wood Trim
    P01 P01 Package: Rear view camera, PARKTRONI $6,600
    R55 19" Wheels
    550 Trailer Hitch - 7,500 lbs. (Class IV) $530
    864 Rear Seat Entertainment - Multi-Source / $1,850

    SUBTOTAL $68,180
    TOTAL $69,055

    SALE PRICE: $ 62,999.
  • r_lr_l Posts: 5
    I just saw a very good deal in March 09 on benz blog, which was 13% discount off MSRP. The same discounted offer would translate to ~ 60K for your GL450 choice.
  • Would appreciate you PM the blog address to me.

  • I'm in the market for GL 450 in Seattle area. Can you please provide more info (dealer, rep initials, etc)? Thanks and enjoy your vehicle.
  • meimeimeimei Posts: 1
    May you tell me how much did you pay for it, how about the mileage and the options?
    did you get the P1 , DVD , Navigation ??/
    Please let me know
    I am going to buy 2008 GL 450 with P1 package, DVD , navigation..v.v. it's a fully options...with only 1.3k miles on it...
    My dealer wanted to sell 3 more years of warranty for $2K..
  • realfanrealfan Posts: 4
    I am considering the purchase of a 2009 GL 320 and wondering if anyone has recent buying experiences from dealers in the Midwest?
  • cwsjmmcwsjmm Posts: 6
    Hello ryan79.
    Were either of these the dealers who showed you $18K + off MSRP? WHat was the deal y ou finally struck and do you have any idea of current deals/rebates?
    Thanks for your response. :shades:
  • brian124brian124 Posts: 38
    I'm interested in purchasing a 09 GL320 and I am debating the value (for my needs) of the P1 package which adds $6600 to the MSRP. As I don't need a navigation system, power liftgate (it would be my car not my wife's) or seat position memory (I'll drive it 99% of the time), is it really worth it to pay the additional money for the package, am I missing something? Could anyone share their experience with the stock MB stereo in this vehicle? Having a nice stereo is important but I'm not sure if I can justify buying the P1 package just for a Harmon Kardon stereo.

    Also, I noticed that it is hard to find GL's without the P1 option. Has anyone had any experience ordering and if so, are the dealers willing to negotiate price when doing so and to what extent compared to a car on the lot? Will a MB dealer transfer vehicles from other dealerships?

    Finally, how do you access the third row in a GL, is it easy to get in and out? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • Most vehicles, as you have noted, automatically include the PI, and production of the MBZ SUVS has decreased significantly. Even the color combinations are pre-selected by the factory, with a preference for black with black interior. Even desired color combinations are hard to come by, unless the customer pre-orders the vehicle. Most likely, you would need to special order the vehicle without the package, and dealers are not willing to negociate price on pre-ordered cars. However, dealers do transfer cars between each other to make a sale. As it was, I was interested in the P2 package and not the P1, but am glad that the car does include both. As for P1, Keyless Go is a neat feature, as you can just open the door with the keys still in your pocket. You can also start the car with the push of a button. The automatic side folding mirrors help to negociate tight spaces and provide more room for adjacent cars. Parktronic is valuable in parking, since it is quite a long car. Parktronic will also let you know when a person just walks behind your car or in front of it. I've been at a stop, and been quite surprised to hear it go off when someone was walking close to the vehicle, behind or in front! On a simpler level, the automatic dimming mirrors effectively rid the glare from the driver's point of view, which you really don't think about until you drive a car that does not have this option. The rearview camera is an interesting idea, but I just don't place my trust in something that only provides one view. The power liftgate is quieter than the previous one that I had on my 06 ML; it does not have loud bells sound when you close it, but just quietly resumes its place. The only feature on the P1 that is a complete waste is the Sirius satellite radio. I was hoping for real time traffic, but the signal never comes through.

    As for the 3rd row seats, they are easily accessible for kids; they can enter through the back of the vehicle, or, one can pull a lever on the second row seats and permit access that way. It does offer plenty of room for adults, but it would be more difficult to get in without the running boards. The running boards are a great feature and they help everyone climb into the vehicle easily. The GL drive is also incredibly smooth, given the air bellows located at all four axles and how the car automatically adjusts to the weight ratio distributed throughout the car.

    As for the HK stereo, with nav it does improve accessibility, as it is connected with a Gracenote databate that looks up the CD and shows you the title and what song is playing. I might suggest that you go for the P1, as these are readily available and the features do make the driving experience more enjoyable.
  • brian124brian124 Posts: 38
    Can anyone share recent price quotes for 09 320s or 450s?

  • lzrlzr Posts: 13
    I'm in the market for a GL320 also and have just been to the dealer in Naples, FL. They are offering $7000 cash back on a 320 purchased from their stock before July 31, 2009. This is a pretty good deal. However, they have only two in stock, and they are *fully loaded* black-on-black vehicles ... kind of hot for South Florida.

    Take a look at herefor more information.
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