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  • Hi Oyvey,

    It is a small world, wow, all the way from Redondo! I know what you mean about the cold, we are in Northern Cal now and there is more rain and fog than I care to have! I have saved your e-mail and will definitely be in touch to chat.

    I am glad that I could be of help; as soon as I heard you had a carseat, I thought maybe the accessories would prove useful, as Mercedes hasn't come up with solutions for this. I had the Britax in an ML 350 that I was leasing, and was embarrassed by the seat indentations in an otherwise pristine car when I turned it in for the GL.

    Yes, Kragen is an autoparts store, and the cover is a vinyl, clear cover with little nubs for grips on the floor side, the other side is smooth, but holds cargo in place. It was rolled up in plastic and cost about $20.00, cheap and good. I went for this because a lot of online companies advertise expensive cargo mats with hexagons that can custom fit your cargo area, but the price, measuring and ordering online, not for me.

    Now you're really going to think I'm nuts, but I also thought of another product that might be of use. We take long trips, and with a preschooler, a travel potty was a must for us. I searched the net like crazy, and found the Fisher Price Potty on the Go. This is great, because it is a camp style potty, sanitary, and even comes with a bag for supplies: hand wash, sanitizer, Clorox wipes, etc: -Go

    We'll be in touch! All the best to you and yours.
  • Hi Tracy:

    Thanks again for the tips! Will look into the potty - my preschooler is a boy so usually the woods will do! The other 2 are older, so they can hold it!

    Does Kragen sell online? I couldn't find a site -

    Look forward to chatting soon!

  • Hi Oyvey,

    I tried the e-mail, but it wouldn't go through.

  • Sorry - wrong email (*they changed recently) Try [email protected]

    Talk soon!

  • sw854sw854 Posts: 2
    Coming off a lease and look at a new one. My dealer in NJ is telling me a shortage of GL450 currently that will last a few months. Looking to lease the car to me at MSRP which is something I never encountered. It's claimed that this shortage is due to China grabbing all MB SUV productions which I can't find any reference from other source. Did anybody hear anything like that? Thanks
  • sw854sw854 Posts: 2
    Coming off a lease and look at a new one. My dealer in NJ is telling me a shortage of GL450 currently that will last a few months. Looking to lease the car to me at MSRP which is something I never encountered. It's claimed that this shortage is due to China grabbing all MB SUV productions which I can't find any reference from other source. Did anybody hear anything like that? Thanks

    P.S. mistakenly posted this question as a reply to a old message before.
  • tfinantfinan Posts: 13
    Look at overstock dot com with a North NJ zip code. The pricing seemed to be near invoice.
  • We want to buy 2010 GL 450 with following options (needs to be ordered):

    premium package 2
    full leather seats
    rear seat entertainment
    3-zone climate control
    running boards (I do not like the looks of these but need the feature)
    heated rear seats
    heated/ventilated front seats
    trailer hitch

    MSRP is 75,355; invoice is 69,267. Have been offered 69,000 - can we do better? Anything to watch out for with a factory-ordered vehicle?

    Not trying to gouge the dealer, just trying to get a good price for us and give salesman/dealer a decent profit.

    Thank you for your input!
  • Hi I live in New York area and is thinking about GL 350 or 450. Have not started the price talk yet but it seems like people are paying dealer invoice, rather than what Edmunds sugguested price, which is $1000 more than invoice. Is that right? Where should I start the negotiation?

    Thanks in advance for advice!
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 221
    Have you made a deal yet?
  • fred522fred522 Posts: 5
    no. i think i can get do better. maybe wait till model yr end.
  • revets2revets2 Posts: 21
    Hoping someone can help.

    Dealer is asking for a refundable deposit of $2,000 before he can show us the invoice on a car he may ship from upstate. I can understand if he wants an invoice for us to order a car, but do I really need to give him a deposit to just to know what the invoice is on the car?

    We'll most likely be using the USAA Car Buying Service if it gives us the best price.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  • sawjaisawjai Posts: 23
    The buying process with the GL350 has been a test of patience and at times fustration. There are not a lot of vehicles left available especially for those looking for a P2 vehicle. Trust me, 3 different dealers when hunting half way across the country to give me what was available, for anything that wasn't Black. This was
    the offer that I was given.

    premium package 2
    full leather seats
    rear seat entertainment
    running boards
    lighting package
    heated rear seats
    heated/ventilated front seats
    trailer hitch

    MSRP $75985
    Offered: $69228

    I think it is a pretty good deal. Granted I was hoping for some dealer incentives to kick in because it would help a lot, but I think it is a great deal. :D

    What do you all think? Dealers were also willing to go to $3090 for the extended warranty for 84mths/75k or $4095 for 84mths/100k. Any thoughts. We used the extended warranty extensively on the last benz we bought, but were happy with the service and relatively moderate issues overall. Definitely less problems than my friend's Audi which was the other brand in consideration with the Q7 TDI.
  • gbalkogbalko Posts: 7
    I wanted to let the post know the smokin deal I just negotiated.

    2010 GL 450, P2, full leather, DVD, appearance, parktronic, lighting, trailer hitch for $68,268 ($2,500 under invoice and 8,000 under MSRP)

    Thanks to this post for the information that helped me negotiate this deal.

    I was told by the sales guy that it would have been $2,500 under for the GL 350 also.
  • mojdodyrmojdodyr Posts: 23
    I am also in CO and looking to buy GL350 soon - where did you buy yours?
  • gbalkogbalko Posts: 7
    what dealer quoted this deal on the ext warranty?
  • calalum01calalum01 Posts: 6
    Does anyone know if and when the end of year deals hit for the GLs? Last year, we missed out on the $10k mfg incentive to dealers that began in August. So we've been holding out hoping to get a deal on one of these.
  • gbalkogbalko Posts: 7
    I spoke with Patrick Rupas at MB Littleton. He was great. No pressure. He gave me his best number and we went from there. I told him you may call. Tell him Greg Balko referred you.
  • gbalkogbalko Posts: 7
    The new models are coming out in Sept. I was told that the inventories are smaller this year and the economy is better and that Mercedes likely won't do it again. You never really know until August comes and goes. Also depends on supply and demand. I wanted a car with cashmere/black 2 tone interior. There were only 3 in the whole country with the P2 package. I couldn't wait until August. To me what matters the most is the final number. If mercedes comes out with a $4,000 incentive, will the dealer still negotiate his price as low as he would without it. Probably not. I got $2,500 under invoice. Cant see a dealer letting a car go for an extra $4,000. Maybe I'm wrong.
  • sawjaisawjai Posts: 23
    Was that for a vehicle on the dealer lot? For my vehicle they needed to transport it from quite a distance away so they didn't want to do anything as low as $2500 off invoice. I know... I was picky with the color combination I wanted... granted I should be given how much I'm going to be spending.

    For the extended warranty try Chico Mercedes... I found them from a couple of MB forums as on of the least expensive places to get the pricing. Most of the dealers locally were willing to match as long as I bought the vehicle from them. Chico didn't require it. Pricing varied a TON, this took a lot of leg work to get dealers to commit pricing without going in.

    We were thinking to wait until August as well, but as I was doing the leg work one theme that was constant was that MB was limiting production on the GLs because of demand. Very low production of Bluetec and 550, and moderate production of 450s. 3 dealers told me that production has pretty much ended for 2010 GLs and retooling for 2011. Two dealers went so far as saying if they couldn't secure the vehicle we wanted it would be worth our while to just wait till end of July to custom order a vehicle to our exact specifications since wasn't looking good.

    My uncle told me that when MB did incentives the dealerships typically didn't sell the car for less than invoice before incentive since the manufacturer was kicking the money. Since we were looking only at the 350, the most we saw for incentives toward the end last year was $5,000.. $10,000 was for I think only a month and we weren't ready yet at the time. Overall selection of options was more important although the savings would have been nice.
  • hafaf1hafaf1 Posts: 2
    anyone recently bought GL 450 in illinois or iowa, if they did how much you paid and did you got extended warranty, and from where.
    I appreciate the information
  • gbalkogbalko Posts: 7
    No for a vehicle they were getting. He did tell me that if we were getting one from another lot, the deal was the same plus transport cost ($800)
  • sawjaisawjai Posts: 23
    So I pulled the trigger last week and got the vehicle for $68,900 which was $2000 below invoice and this also took into consideration the delivery charge from the dealership they got it from in Southern California. I don't think they really made much, but we were happy and the car runs and looks great. Gonna take it for a long road trip real soon up to Vancouver. Woohoo.

    Dealer didn't want to match my extended warranty price from Chico, but was within $100 bucks so I just went ahead and bought it from my dealer. So $220 above cost.

    Anyone research into buying the prepaid maintenance plan or if anyone has taken the chance to NOT buy the run flats which are extremely expensive for a set of tires. Like almost double the non run flats.It didn't seem like we were saving that much by going with the prepaid maintenance.
  • alexebialexebi Posts: 16
    I'm quite surprised (but happy for you) that quite a few if you are paying between $2000 and $2500 below invoice.

    I have been unable to get a dealer to sell a car to me at that price. Could you share with me some tips and/or refer me to your dealer so I can get this price?

    Also does it make sense to wait until July/August before buying...I am hearing that there might be heavy discounts starting August 1, similar to what happened last year. Any confirmation on this?

    Thank you.
  • sawjaisawjai Posts: 23
    My technique was not so simple. I contacted dealers thru the Costco and AAA car buying programs to see what kind of pricing they were offering... which to tell you the truth really made me mad. Both dealers when contacted thru the program didn't want to budge off of MSRP. I was like screw that... let me see what I can do. So I contacted every single MB dealership in a 2-3 hour drive radius of my home with their internet department to see what was available specifically in my configuration. This weeded the dealerships down to just 5 of 15 contacted that had a vehicle they either had, was being delivered or could be xferred from a sister dealership being open to color and minor options differences.

    Then the bidding war began. I was very up front with each dealership that I was shopping for the best possible price, but level or service, honest communication and no overselling additional items were keys for me as well. It eventually came down to two dealerships with exact configurations we were looking for with difference being color of exterior and interior. Both were stuck at offering $500 below invoice until a different dealer contacted me saying they were willing to sell me a GL450 in my configuration for $2500 below invoice. I used it a leverage with both dealers and only one made the move to go lower. I think it helped that we wanted the extended warranty & floor mats as long as price was good.

    If you live in the Bay Area... Smythe European (Glenn) or Autobahn Motors or San Francisco Mercedes all were willing to make a move below invoice... well at least when I contacted them. I heard from my sales guy that inventory is really tight to the point where if you want a P2 good luck. There are P1 cars out there, but even that is tight.

    We wanted incentives, but we learned a few things. With very tight inventory to begin with on GL350s the incentives will not be very rich... rumors are no more than 2500 to 5000 if even that. Second... dealers will not budge too far from invoice then less incentives. We decided to pull the purchase trigger because we got it for $2k below invoice while also getting the exact vehicle we wanted. That combination was enough for us to say yes. I would definitely think for GL450s there will be very nice incentives... since inventory is very high, but not for the GL350. That's my 10 cents.
  • carfanctcarfanct Posts: 7
    Mercedes Benz gives $2500 incentive to GL consumers who are executives in one of 150-200 companies (you can find the changing list at any dealer). That may explain how some people are getting $2000-2500 below the invoice. The dealer I contacted wanted to make $1500 above invoice and then take $2500 off (and thus $1000 below invoice).
  • milan13milan13 Posts: 15

    I just bought a new GL350 from Husker Mercedes Nebraska. I stay in Overland park, Kansas. I was shopping for the car and the dealer in Kansas were not ready to go below $500 off invoice. Plus I they were not giving a good price on my trade-in. I contacted this dealership dept. through internet and they called me next day to confirm that they are willing to go down to $2000 below invoice.

    I wanted to keep my trade in separate as with my experience with other dealers was they try to offer bad deals on trade-in to compensate the money they lose on new car. But I was firm on the trade-in value knowing the condition of the vehicle and how it drives. So finally managed to get everything done the way I wanted. No over selling by the dealer and very nice people to work with. I would recommend to talk to them. I did get extended warranty from them. I went with MPP warranty and not Mercedes as MPP offered more benefits like universal coverage,less deductible, also ding/ scratch repair, tire warranty by paying around $400 more from mercedes limited warranty. The finance guy Greg was very nice to explain all the benefits and honest.

    If anyone looking to buy Mercedes or BMW, I would recommend this dealership and rate them 9/10 on my experience in buying cars. Talk to Jeff Martz and give him my reference.
  • alexebialexebi Posts: 16
    Thanks for sharing. I'll keep looking..but so far the dealers here in the Northeast aren't cooperating. Anyone hwo can recommend a Northeast delaer who'se able to deal at my target price of Invoice less $2500, please let me know.

    Thanks again sawjai
  • jh87jh87 Posts: 14
    It also depend on the area where dealers located. I just recently leased a GL450 and the negociated price is $2000 off invoice, at West Covina, CA. The dealer straight out offered me the deal, then we worked on options, color etc, really hassle free!
  • carfanctcarfanct Posts: 7
    Hi, my company might send me on international assignment in 2 years and that is giving me a pause to think what I can sell for in 2 years if I buy a 2010 GL 450 now. I can get a 2010 GL 450 with P1 package, Parktronic, Wood/Leather Steering Wheel, Running Boards, DVD pre-wiring for $2000 below invoice (63,770 - 2000 = 61,770). Any advice is appreciated.
  • alexebialexebi Posts: 16
    Does the disocunt depend on the type of purchase (cash, lease, cash-financing)? Has anyone paid Invoice less $2500 for an all cash deal with no dealer or bank financing?

    Thank you.
  • jh87jh87 Posts: 14
    No, we set the deal first, then I let the dealer know the rest. They don't seem to care. I settled down with a 3 years lease (MB financial), no money down and top tier money factor of the month.
  • sawjaisawjai Posts: 23
    Didn't matter for me either. Although I think if I financed it they would have knocked a tiny bit more off. The sales guy didn't care, but the F&I guy was trying real hard to see the deals out there. I told the F&I guy the MB rates were a joke for anything above 36 months. Under 36 was good, but wasn't interested in any car loan.

    During the sales process it was asked, but I told them most likely cash, but would be open to financing if the rate was crazy good and if it gave me a better deal. In the end I was happy with the deal. Shop the rates with the CUs, seems to be better rates than the regular banks. Use that to your advantage when going into the dealership. They will find you the best rate thru their financial networks. In the end we paid cash... we'll be keeping this car a LONG time, 7-10 yrs at minimum.
  • dragongzdragongz Posts: 19
    How much did you pay for your GL450 in cash? Can you give more detail? I am still waiting for more cash incentive. thank you and happy father's day!!!
  • alexebialexebi Posts: 16
    edited June 2010
    Do you think there'll be the $10,000 cash incentives this year similar to what existed last year? If so, when? Does it really make sense to wait? I am faced with the same dilemma. Glad to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
  • sawjaisawjai Posts: 23
    Read my post #481. I talked about my techniques and pricing and other stuff in previous posts. Other fellow posters also listed some of their prices. I bought a GL350. For me gas mileage, size, 3 row seat room all made the deciding factor for the GL. CX-9 was still in contention, but didn't feel as solid, and wife is into brands.

    I would figure MB will do the following based on my research:
    $5-10,000 Dealer Incentives for GL450 and GL550
    $0 - $5,000 Dealer Incentive for GL350 (pretty tight supply)

    Your issue will be are you going to get the vehicle you want. P1 car probably much easier than a P2 car. Almost every dealer.... NO MATTER WHAT COLOR MB made said it was next to impossible to get my config on a GL350 "unless" I wanted to pay SERIOUS transportation costs for a few available on the East Coast. Not sure what config you want. If P1, I'd think you'd be ok.... after driving my car the last 2 weeks I am glad I got P2.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 221
    Well, if you wait a few weeks more, you can get 2011 GL, which will be released next month in July. 2011 GL-Class will not change much, but there are few enhancements. You can see whats new for 2011 GL models here: 2011 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class changes.
    If you are looking to lease - 2011 may lease better, because it will have much better residual value. If you are thinking to purchase/finance 2010 is the way to go, while it's still available.
    In any case, you can use this info while negotiating the deal. Dealers have to give you a good reason to go for 2010 model (big discount) instead of waiting and getting newer 2011 model.
  • alexebialexebi Posts: 16
    Thanks for your insights.

    When do you think MBUSA will announce incentives for 2010 GL450s? What would be the effective date/period for the incentives?

    What do you estimate the amount of the incentives?

    Thanks for your help.
  • lbo3lbo3 Posts: 5
    Any insight re: incentives or rebates for July 2010? Looking to purchase a 2010 GL 450. Dealers is offering a good price ($1,000 below invoice) + mercedes will make my last 3 lease payments on my R350 (at mileage limit now). Not sure whether to pull the trigger now or wait to see if they put any incentives/rebates in place for 2010's in July. Also, does Mercedes typically offer the lease pull ahead program? Thanks!
  • revets2revets2 Posts: 21
    Hi Storm...

    The fleet mgr we're working with says the residuals will not be any better for the 2011. This doesn't make sense to me, though I know the car is not changing all that much.

    Can you shed some insight on this?

  • storm10storm10 Posts: 221
    If fleet manager told you that Residuals for GL 2011 will not better than 2010, than I suggest to look for another person to deal with...What State are you in?
  • revets2revets2 Posts: 21
    I'm in California. She finally relented and said the residuals would be higher. She even had them - 56% for the 2011 compared to the 51% for the 2010 (at least in June). I'm hoping Tarry @ will list his rates on mbworld soon.

    I now have most of the price increases on the options I want, but not the MSRP. Even with the price increases, I would lease a 2011 for about the same if not less than the 2010.

    Thanks for the tip, Storm. It really made all the difference.
  • alexebialexebi Posts: 16
    Has anyone heard any definitive news about rebates for 2010 GL450s? I want to buy a 2010 GL450, but I've been waiting in the hope that there will be generous $10,000 rebates like last year. Please share any information or advice you have in this regard. Thank you.
  • dragongzdragongz Posts: 19
    Same here, waiting for the new rebates for 2010 GL450 in south California. Any one want to join together for the negotiation in south california?

    Let's make it happen!!!
    Thank you!
  • stingers96stingers96 Posts: 5
    edited July 2010
    can anyone please let me know what the current numbers (mf, resid, and incentives) are from MB for the 2010 GL450? How much off mrp should i look to get? Looking at 36 month and 12k per year.

    Are the above mentioned rebates expected in July or August?

    Thanks in advance.
  • mike670mike670 Posts: 6
    Ditto here...waiting patiently for August 1st when the new rebates for the for 2010 GL450 are released. There seems to be quite a bit of inventory for the for 2010 GL450 so I am hoping for $10k (same as August 2009) but would certainly be happy with $5k or half of what was offered in August 2009. By looking back in the archives for this forum it seems that substantial rebates were also offered in August 2008.

    Seems to me that many folks are purchasing at about $2K under invoice right now and a good price at the beginning of August would perhaps be Invoice less $2k less whatever rebate number is offered.

    Dragongz, I am also in Los Angeles.
  • revets2revets2 Posts: 21
    Current residuals and money factors are up on

    Current Summer event runs through Aug. 2.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 221
    Since 2011 models will be available this month in July and there are plenty of 2010 GL's remaining - there is a good chance for an additional cash incentives in August.

    But I don't think it will help a lot with leasing, as I expect residuals of 2010's to drop even further. However, it will help a lot, if somebody wants to purchase/finance and even take advantage of the low APR.
  • I am looking to lease a 2010 GL450 black/black36 months, 12k/year
    The MSRP on my configuration is $74,615, invoice. I negotiated the price $69,522.

    Lease works out to $1106 per month,

    One issue I have is the car is wired for the rear seat entertainment and they are going to install it at the dealer -- they tell me it will be the same as the factory kit, under options on Edmunds and not the one under accessories on Edmunds.

    This is not one they have on lot, they must bring it in.

    How much more room do they have in the car? Should i try fora few more dollars or will i be spinning my wheels.
  • dragongzdragongz Posts: 19
    Hello Mike670,

    Send me an email on [email protected] let work together for new gl450

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