2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Post your Mercedes-Benz GL-Class buying experiences here!

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  • accordfreakaccordfreak Member Posts: 39
    Gee, kinda spooky that there are no posts. Maybe I don't want to buy one! :confuse:
  • mevandemevande Member Posts: 190
    The GL SUV is fairly new and dealers have not had them all that long, hence expect MSRP to be the rule for awhile.
  • mevandemevande Member Posts: 190
    I think MB dealers will stick to MSRP on the GL. It's new and not a large supply. However when supply does catch up w/ demand they will have to deal. Lots of competition in this space.. Lexus, Caddy.. more.

    Take a look at what MB dealers are paying for the GL and in general at MSRP they will be making almost 10 large on nicely equipped models.

    The place to start negotiating. Takes into account the dealer incentives and holdbacks that may be in effect.
    Dealer Invoice Price $51,832
    Dealer Incentive (Subtract) See note. ( $0)
    Dealer Holdback (Subtract) ( $1,647)

    Reports Bottom Line Price
    +add Dealer Invoice for packages/options $50,185
  • bnguyen_22bnguyen_22 Member Posts: 9
    Did anyone recently purchased this new MB GL-CLASS. Please give me a quote for this vehicle. I live in Seattle,WA. Any idea how much should I spend for this??? Thankx
  • bnguyen_22bnguyen_22 Member Posts: 9
    hi everyone,
    The following is an internet quote which I just got so far. Please let me know is it a good deal? I live in Seattle,WA.

    1. Instock - Silver with Black interior, sunroof package, power tailgate, add single screen rear DVD = $60544 - available now

    2.Available at another dealer - Silver/black, add single screen rear DVD and shipping to Seattle = $59014 - available before the end of July

    3. Special order - Black or White, Single screen DVD entertainment package - $57370 - September Delivery if ordered in the next 7 days, after that October delivery.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Member Posts: 136
    I think that most people see the GL, and think its a RAV4..
  • templeton3templeton3 Member Posts: 69
    It looks like a Toyota Forerunner to me.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Member Posts: 136
    Here's a comp-shot I saw ...

  • mevandemevande Member Posts: 190
    Wow, MB is not moving away from MSRP much. The local dealer has 6 on the lot, however I will wait for the 'newness' to wair off til I make a play.
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Member Posts: 311
    I'm thinking Honda Pilot.
  • howlyshowlys Member Posts: 5
    Hello. The msrp is $55675 as per mbusa.com. Consumer Reports reports that the bottom line price this vehicle can be had is for $49410. Edmunds says the invoice is for $51057. So, lets hear about some of your buying/negotiating/getting a deal out there. Who's getting the best deal, how much did you pay, what options, where, and how did you do it? I'd appreciate it and I'm positive there are others will appreciate it as well. Thank you.
  • msp679msp679 Member Posts: 1
    Got one Today for $53,500 plus tax etc. Spent about 4hours start to finish. Got the sunroof and power lift gate features. MB San Fran. . Didnt do much but bring the best neg.,my wife. These cars have been out for awhile so haggle as much as you can. The service was good, not great but would recommend. Good luck
  • mblover2mblover2 Member Posts: 6
    It seems like a great deal. If true then very encouraging. I am looking at buying a new GL but do not know where to shop for best prices? Can we e mail to multiple dealerships with our specifications for quotes over the internet? I am not a good negotiator and feel offended at the dealership. Do they stick to their e mail quotes?
  • billmvbillmv Member Posts: 148
    If you're not a good negotiator it's best to negotiate via email. You can't physically go to every dealership. They know that, and they're now set up to deal with internet inquiries. Do your research, decide how much you'll pay, and when a dealer gets to that price, then you go in and meet face to face.

    They will stick to their email quotes, because if they do not, you can just say "I'm leaving" and take that quote to another dealer who will match it. Your most powerful negotiating tool is your butt going out the front door of the dealership if they try to change the deal. Tell them you need to go home and rework these new figures and you'll be back the next day.
  • bigdmbigdm Member Posts: 5
    Can others post their deals on new GL450 or how negotiating is going? We are in the 4th quarter of 2006 and I was wondering if better deals are ahead. I am trying to make a decision between 2007 MB GL450 and Lexus GX450

  • kstep2525kstep2525 Member Posts: 7
    Anyone recently purchase the gl 450? How much were you able to get off of sticker and did they throw anything else in? I love the car and will buy one in January.
  • kate15kate15 Member Posts: 1
    Havn't purchased yet, but am dying to. Just voted Motortrend of the year. FYI Lexus GX 450 is same as Nissan's SUV model, they are identical vehicles with different name... you pay more for the lexus. Mercedes hands down, automatic 3rd seat stowaway (push a button)... quiet and luxurious ride, Nissan/Lexus rides like a truck and engine noise is really loud. Nissan Lexus seems "cheaply" built, Mercedes dash is perfect, with a very cool flip down Nav screen which allows access to CD player/DVD...

    Are you all quoting prices for "loaded" vehicles, ie; nav, rearview camera, heated seat package, entertainment, tow, so forth... I'm coming up with nearly a 70K figure... seems a little ridiculous... but it's the best luxury vehicle out there.

    Is there anyway to purchase through a broker/internet and not have to go to the dealer... I can't stand dealerships!
  • kstep2525kstep2525 Member Posts: 7
    My estimate was $63k but I did not get if fully loaded. I added nav, rear view camera, heated seat back but no entertainment. I will do that seperately. I hear people are getting $$ of sticker so I would like to see how much I could expect to get off sticker.
  • rboilardrboilard Member Posts: 25
    Hopefully you meant Toyota/Lexus because Nissan is attached to the Infiniti brand. As far as GL pricing goes....around here they are all over the board. From one dealer saying its full MSRP because the GL are hard to get....not.....they had 6 on the lot and every dealer around seems to have 5+ GLs in inventory. I ended up getting $2900 off MSRP and an extra $2000 on my trade. The GL's MRSP ended up at $65,525. Don't settle....negotiate...never pay MSRP.
  • force99force99 Member Posts: 13
    I'm thinking of purchasing a GL-450. The MB dealership here in Albuquerque is selling them at invoice + $200.
  • kstep2525kstep2525 Member Posts: 7
    Whate dealership is that and how much off sticker are you getting?
  • force99force99 Member Posts: 13
    We only have one MB dealership in town, and it comes out to about $4K off MSRP.
  • glfanglfan Member Posts: 18
    Just got a quote for $1400 below invoice and 0.245 leasing factor. Is that a good deal?
  • eastoncarguyeastoncarguy Member Posts: 29
    Is anyone having any luck getting a good deal on the GL in eastern PA or NJ? The local dealer is only willing to take about $1,500 off of the sticker. Which based on what I am reading here is not very good. I have also been looking at the R350 but selection is very limited.
  • gls69gls69 Member Posts: 24
    I have been negotiating with a Northern California dealer for a GL with minimal equipment (entertainment pckg, moon roof & trailer hitch). We don't have kids, therefore don't need Nav, DVD, and the other options are too expensive. The MSRP is $59125 and Edmunds invoice is $55,040.

    1. The dealer says Edmunds & KBB invoices are low by $500
    because in CA $500 is added to the invoice for
    advertising. Do I have to add $500 to my figures for
    "invoice" or is this a hidden profit?

    In addition, in my opinion the GL looks cheesy with only 18" rims. The dealer offered me 20" rims & tires for his cost of $5000. He says retail is $6995. I will probably have to buy them aftermarket. I figure around $3000.

    2. Does anyone out there think $5000 dealer "cost" is reasonable?

    Finally, with past Mercedes we kept them for about 10 years or 200,000 miles. No problem with our 1986 420 SEL or 1991
    SL 500. However, reliability has gone downhill the past few years and the GL is a first year model. We want a 6yr/100,000 extended warranty and the dealer wants $3500 to $5000 for it. The dealer's explanation is that "these cars
    are complex and expensive to fix". My attitude is that if they are so reliable you shouldn't have to charge so much for the warranty. I offered $2K.

    3. Is $3500 to $5000 the going rate? Would you buy it
    without the extended warranty? In my opinion, if Mercedes
    wants to get their reputation for reliability back, they
    should offer a STANDARD warranty of 6yr/100,000.

    4. Anybody know what the dollar figure is for the "holdback"
    provided to the dealer?

    Thanks. I want the car, but want to make sure my negotiations are firm, but fair.
  • abscamabscam Member Posts: 1
    you don't have to pay for their advertising...that's just another fee they want to tack on.

    They make lots of money on extended warranties - all retailers make great margin on extended warranties, stereos, TVs, etc.

    Hold back is some percentage. Check out this site: http://www.newcarinsider.com for some information about buying. Go to the bookstore and pick up a book on negotiating a car purchase.

    Very good site if you decide you want to lease as well: www.leaseguide.com

    Finally - if you are a CSAA member you can get a quote from them, similar to internet based quotes.

    What dealer are you talking to?

    Walnut Creek, CA
  • gls69gls69 Member Posts: 24
    Von Housen Mercedes in El Dorado Hills just outside Sacramento. Thanks, you have been very helpful.
    Any thoughts on my toughest question: Would you buy a first model year GL without the extended warranty. I don't want to lease.
  • jenzjenz Member Posts: 3
    went shopping in the ATL weekend over the holiday period; was pretty easy to get the GLs at least 1500-2000 below MSRP without much haggling, so i think invoice is doable
  • gls69gls69 Member Posts: 24
    Just completed purchase of a GL with entertainment package, moon roof & trailer hitch. MSRP $59125. My price $55125.
    This was from RAB Motors in Northern California. They were straightforward with quick follow-up.
    This is close to Edmunds invoice and is significantly lower than the "invoice" of the first dealer who tried to tack on his advertising fees. Two other dealers were also higher AND had a sleazy and disorganized sales approach.
    Thanks to all of you on this forum and particularly abscam for the coaching. Happy New Year!!!!!!!
  • humvhumv Member Posts: 13
    Hey, could you tell me what dealership and who you spoke to when you got that quote, thanks.
  • kstep2525kstep2525 Member Posts: 7
    What dealership, what was msrp and what was invoice?

    You got a great deal!
  • glfanglfan Member Posts: 18
    I got it from Penske in West Covina, CA. It's $1400 below invoice. Just be very careful on checking the money factor and any hidden fees. They tried to charge me with $1195(it should be $895) bank fees and .300 money factor (it should be .245 according to the forum). Just ask to check the screen on how the lease payment is calculated.

    My total comes out to $680/month + tax on a car with sticker of $66k on a 39 month lease and $4100 down. I'm driving it right now and I'm very happy with it. Got the P1 package, upgraded steering wheel and 19" appearance package.
  • glfanglfan Member Posts: 18
    Sorry, the invoice was $61900 including destination. The final purchase price was around $59900. Their invoice is slightly inflated with a $600 advertising fee to be paid towards the Southern California MB dealers. I think that's nonsense. So, according to them, it's $2k below invoice. To me, that's only $1400 below.
  • gls69gls69 Member Posts: 24
    Based upon the equipment you listed (P1 package, upgraded steering wheel and 19" appearance package) why was the MSRP $66K? Unless you didn't mention several other options the MSRP would have been around $62315 even with the trailer hitch they always tack on.
  • glfanglfan Member Posts: 18
    I don't have the window sticker in front of me. The $66k does include some of the seemingly standard items for a luxury car such as xeon headlights, sunroof(front and back) and destination charge. I think most of the GL on the market has sunroof option. Don't worry about the sticker as there's nothing too special about the MSRP. Just be sure to know what the true invoice is.
  • avcsavcs Member Posts: 2
    Got a New GL with Premium Package, Sunroof, Trailer Hitch at $57990. Leased for 39 months at $705/month plus tax with $6600 down which included the first month's payment. Was this a good deal?
  • avcsavcs Member Posts: 2
    Also the lease was for 15000 miles per year.
  • mercaramercara Member Posts: 291
    Any one bought a GL320 CDI in the Northeast? I plan to buy in the next couple of weeks and would like to know what people are paying.
  • gohoosgohoos Member Posts: 1
    I was referred by a friend to a salesman at Penske and planned to call him in the next few days to discuss a GL lease. I would appreciate it greatly if you could be a bit more specific on your deal -- MSRP, lease mileage, etc.
  • dkdriverdkdriver Member Posts: 26
    Hi gls69,

    Your deal sounds great! We live in San Jose - where is RAB located in Northern CA? Also, how much mileage was on the vehicle? Thanks!!!
  • gls69gls69 Member Posts: 24
    R.A.B. Motors is located in San Rafael, CA, not too far from you. I found it on the internet under The Mercedes Benz Store.
    My car had 35 miles on it when I purchased. They delivered it to Sacramento and did all the paperwork at my home. The rules of the forum are that I can't give the name of the salesperson, but ask who did my deal. She did a thorough job and made it convenient for me. Since their prices were the lowest I found after considerable research I wasn't able to "haggle" much after the initial internet quote.

    Good luck dkdriver.
  • dkdriverdkdriver Member Posts: 26
    Thanks for the dealer tip, gls69. I wanted to get the 6cyl turbo diesel, but given the restriction of a minimum of 7500 miles driven pre purchase, I am now looking at the V8. Do you or any one else get 'good' mileage on the V8? The stats on the turbo diesel are supposed to be 20-25 mpg. Thanks again!! :D
  • bmwmattbmwmatt Member Posts: 4
    How is it not good to get an item below cost?? Also, the 600 advertising charge is charged TO THE CAR. If they didn't have that charge, than you would be paying over invoice for the car, if you can't understand how that works, I realize that. Part of the cost of the dealer buying that car is the ad charge, how is that nonsense??? You think the cost of business doesn't exist?
  • bmwmattbmwmatt Member Posts: 4
    It's not JUST a fee THEY tack on. It is from the MANUFACTURER, on the invoice. The dealer actually PAYS this to the factory as part of the VIN # you are buying. It is not reflected on the MSRP because the dealer is EATING that cost, NOT charging it to the consumer. If it is NOT on the MSRP how are you paying for it? You guys are looking at the numbers from the invoice, not the MSRP. Think about it. The DEALER PAYS THE FACTORY PER CAR, so it HAS TO LEGALLY BE ON THE INVOICE. IT IS NOT ON THE MSRP, so you are NOT PAYING FOR IT!!
  • carpersncarpersn Member Posts: 5
    well, matt, if you actually go onto the BYO section of the MBUSA website, you'll notice that MSRP DOES include the $775 transport charge, and you cannot even price the car without including that fee.
  • gls69gls69 Member Posts: 24
    Perhaps there would not be this much confusion if most dealers did not manipulate, high pressure, lie, default on promises, and resort to every other underhanded tactic in an effort to take advantage of a buyer rather than educating the buyer as to what the true cost of business is. The buyer has to use this forum and a myriad of other research tools in a desperate quest to determine what a fair deal looks like. The lack of trust that most dealers have unintentionally cultivated prompts the buyer to prepare for war instead of a mutually beneficial business negotiation. In my case the dealer I finally chose made a reasonable profit, and I do not begrudge them that. However, I had to waste my time eliminating several dealers that preferred to misrepresent or omit the truth on a multitude of issues, including the "advertising charge". To answer your question more succinctly: Obviously a factual cost of business does exist that the dealer tries to keep from the customer. These methods prompt a more important query: "What is the cost of business if business does not exist?"
  • mercaramercara Member Posts: 291
    Can anyone give me the invoice price for a base GL320 CDI? I plan to make an offer to a couple of dealers in the next few weeks.
  • bmwmattbmwmatt Member Posts: 4
    The transport charge (DELIVERY AND DESTINATION) is included. But the Advertising and other Training Service Fee is NOT on the MSRP.
  • bmwmattbmwmatt Member Posts: 4
    The real problem is that the factory pays holdback. This allows the dealer to decide, do i give away all the profit and take only the holdback? This is usually a YES if the dealer is a large enterprise (autonation, sonic, etc..) but for the little guy down the road, he cannot survive on only holdback. The sales and service staff don't get paid on holdback. Only the owner. So should sales and service work for free? no. So now you have a huge discrepancy between dealers, on brands that pay a huge holdback, Mercedes Benz being one of them. BMW/Porsche/Lexus, are typically much closer in price. You can go two two different MBZ dealers and have a difference of 5-6k on an E350.
  • gls69gls69 Member Posts: 24
    I see you had no rebuttal for my points on dealer deception which IS the REAL problem. However, I agree with you on the specifics of "holdback". So why would any but the most uniformed consumer go to a dealer and pay "5-6K" more?
    PS Please spare me the colonic smoke of trying to justify it based upon "service".
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