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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rickc1rickc1 Posts: 7
    Here in Silicon Valley, we paid $500 over invoice for a loaded-up GL. Two dealerships were willing to drop to this price. Our local dealer, where I bought my E last year, would not go under $6000 over invoice. It was definitely easier to get a deal on the E than the GL.

    However, after owning the GL for four months and 5,000 miles, including many trips to the sierras, I have to say it is the sweetest SUV I have ever driven. It is worth the money, no question.
  • rickc1rickc1 Posts: 7
    We have an '06 E350 and love it, so when we needed something bigger for the second kid, we looked at the R and the GL. As well, my parents just bought the new Acura MDX last month. I wish I could have gotten the GL diesel, but those aren't sold in California yet. We bought a GL 450 loaded up, including the DVD. I recently had it in for a minor collision repair and was given an R for the day. Our GL had 5,500 miles on it, after four months (many trips to the sierras in the snow). My take on the R, GL and MDX is:

    1)There is a big difference between the R and GL. The GL feels wonderful. It is smooth, responsive and feels much smaller than it is. The R feels like a heavy, big van in comparison.

    2) If you are only on suburban streets and have a few kids, the R is probably more practical on a daily basis, since it's easy to get to the back row. On the GL, it's a bit harder to put people in the third row, especially if you have car seats in row 2. On the R, you can scoot down the middle aisle all the way to the back, but you have to pull the car seat and flip the second row seat on the GL.

    3) If you are hauling things around, the GL is GREAT. It has a ton of room and can haul a lot of stuff. I recently took 1,000 pounds of flooring in the GL, and it handled fine.

    4) If you are going in the snow, get a GL. The air suspension is very slick; I drove through 2 foot snow drifts getting to our cabin, with no skid, or trouble of any sort.

    5) The MDX doesn't really compare to either. The third row is similar to the GL's - you have to flip up row two. However, the MDX is a lot smaller inside and nowhere near as plush as the GL. They are simply in a different class.

    6) We got the twin DVD screens and they are a godsend on long drives. There are two drawbacks. First, the menu system for the DVD is horrible. It takes a while to figure out how to manage it without accidentally going into the DVD system setup. Second, if you get the DVD, you can't get the ipod dock, which is a really cool accessory. But hey, it's better to have the kids not yelling :)

    7) Finally, it's harder to find a deal on the GL than the MDX or R. Out here they are really pushing the R with discounts and deals. The GLs don't stay on the lot a day. In fact, I had one sold out from under me at the remote dealer when my local dealer arranged a trade. My folks were able to a decent deal ($1k over invoice) on the MDX once they opted for black instead of the black cherry metallic color.

    My take: If you can afford the GL, get it. You will love it and won't be sorry. As soon as the diesel is available in California, I will probably trade in my E and get a second GL.
  • Has anyone heard if and when the Blutec engine will be available in the US in the GL?
  • revets2revets2 Posts: 21
    can you tell me how you protect the interior of your GL with your dogs? this is a concern for me. thanks!
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    Hottest SUV???? LOL We are not talking about Range Rovers here.
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    One is a SEDAN, the other is a SUV.

    One cost $1200 a month to lease. The other costs $750.
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    Ray Catena will give you a good deal. I was quoted $700 a month/15K miles. I need $18K miles a year though. I dont want to pay a penny over $700, so i didnt take it.

    Check out the one in Union, NJ.
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    Poor Guy. You overpaid. Oh well, it happens.
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106

    I wonder if the GL would compete well against its twin (the Toyota Rav 4)

  • ms09ms09 Posts: 112
    compete against the rav4, have u guys seen the GL class,

    Its 1 of the best luxury suv out there,,,Better then all suv

    if u go for a mid size suv then there r a lot the 3 best mid size in my opinion r cayenne ML and 3rd x5,
  • ms09ms09 Posts: 112
    But i dont get 1 thing whenever i see the X5 or X3 i feel i am looking at a old retired car, dont know why , i think the design it's a disaster design,,,what r bmw thinking when they make cars ,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In large suv i say GL the best the greatest the best looking
    ,2nd i will say the Q7......

    But as far is reliability is concern i think toyotas are the best,specially in the suv the land cruiser ,,,My friends my cousins my uncle they all own it,,

    So i can't be wrong abt the land cruiser its the best of the best reliable car,,,and the next generation is coming end of the year
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    Was going by looks. They look almost EXACTLY alike.

    Darn German designers must have been spending some time over in Japan. LOL
  • gls69gls69 Posts: 24
    As her hobby my wife trains golden retrievers for hunting and obedience. They travel to hunting tests mostly in cages in her truck. Since they are used to this they are calmer in cages, and she thinks safer in a crash.

    Therefore, when I take them in the GL, I put a blanket or sheet down in the back and two cages side by side. This prevents smudges or stains on the interior, but I still have to vacuum because they shed.

    PS When they are coming out of a muddy pond with a duck, they ride in her Toyota Tundra. After she gives them a bath they can ride in the GL.
  • gege7754gege7754 Posts: 6
    I am looking to buy this

    Exterior Color: Alabaster White
    Interior Color: Macadamia Leather
    Wood Trim: Burl Walnut Wood Trim
    Class IV Trailer Hitch
    iPod Integration
    Bi-Xenon Curve-Illuminating Headlamps and Heated Headlamp Washers
    Leather Upholstery with Burl Walnut Wood Interior Trim and Interior Ambient Lighting
    P1: Premium I

    MSRP is $63,590. Does any dealer want to show me a price?

    Please email me. Thanks
  • lovemygllovemygl Posts: 2
    I think that most dealers will give you 6% off sticker. I just bought one and had no problem with that number with a few dealers. My problem was finding the car I wanted.
    Does anyone know how to work the ipod integration? I got it and can't figure it out. It seems like it does nothing.
  • erawaterawat Posts: 4
    Interested in a GL 450 with Premium package P1, Sunroof package, with a Rear View Camera and Voice Controls.

    Got a quote for Gl 450 my color ( both ext and int). with Premum Package P1,
    Sunroof Package,
    Rear View Camera,
    Trailer Hitch
    Running Board

    MSRP $ 63875
    Quote $58500
    Invoice is $59,458
    Consumer Reports bottom line price is $57833

    also include a $750 shipping fees.

    Is this a good price. Are folks getting better deals, if people could share. I am going to commit in the next week.
    Thanks for the prompt reply.
  • erawaterawat Posts: 4
    My deal is very similar to glfan. Getting about $1000 below invoice. Want to get about 1500 below invoice. Will be pushing the dealer for either that or get a very bluetooth puck, mudguard and MB floor mats.

    Currently the quote is for
    GL 450
    Metallic paint.
    P1 Premium Package
    Sunroof package
    Trailer hitch
    Rear View Camera
    Running board
  • revets2revets2 Posts: 21
    thanks gls69. i have two large dogs as well, yellow lab & dutch shepherd who don't do well in cages, but your post was most insightful and i appreciate your response. happy birding!
  • revets2revets2 Posts: 21
    i've got a listing for IRG Partcipation on the copy of the invoice on the GL we're negotiating. the MB code is 905. does anyone know what this is?
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    Speaking of dogs - I have an R Class and 3 20lb dogs. I got 2 cargo dividers and put down the middle seats and that is their "crate". The one divider is behind the front seats and the other is behind the downed middle seats. Needless to say, they could go in the far back, but...
    Unfortunately the new dividers are not nearly as nice as the ones I have had in my E wagons - they were much, much nicer.
  • gege7754gege7754 Posts: 6
    Thanks very much for all your replies. Much appreciated. Having research it further, I think I may be more interested in a GL320 you think you can get the same sort of discounts? i.e. $1000 below invoice?
  • revets2revets2 Posts: 21
    our GL is in. we're negotiating. can anyone with an Appearance Pkg. tell me if there are two crossbars to attach a cargo carrier? i can't believe i didn't think of this before. i'm not really in the mood to buy ugly aftermarket crossbars!
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    If you live anywhere near Maryland, Euro Motor Cars in Bethesda does not have an upcharge for any diesel.
  • ericfeltericfelt Posts: 2
    When I inquired at Euro Motor Cars last month their Costco price for any non-diesel GL was dealer invoice + $0, but they were not willing to sell the GL 320 CDI at that price. They insisted on full MSRP for the diesel model. Has anyone actually paid under dealer invoice for a GL 320 CDI, or know of a dealer willing to sell one for under dealer invoice?
  • revets2revets2 Posts: 21
    hi glfan...

    first, thanks. your info has been really helpful. we've been working with the fleet guys at penske. they've been great. AAA automatically negotiates $500 off of invoice.

    picking up the OB/B that we ordered tomorrow with:
    Back-Up Cam
    Voice Contro
    Trailer Hitch
    Running Boards
    Keyless Go

    dealer invoice says $63,745 including trans and ad fee.
    leasing 39 mos/15k
    fleet mgr wants to use money factor of .0027 (not.00245), would like to change this back to .00245
    cap cost negotiated to $62,300
    bank fee = $795
    after tax he gets 844.45. i get 791.33 on my spreadsheets.

    i'm running glfan's deal through my calculator and i can't figure out how you got $736.10 ($680 + 8.25% tax)with $4100 down. can you explain? also, did they use .00245 money factor?

  • Hi. Is AAA the auto club and is it Penske in West Covina? Lastly, does your figures include a cap reduction of $4100?

  • revets2revets2 Posts: 21
    Hi. Is AAA the auto club and is it Penske in West Covina?
    Yes, AAA is the auto club and Penske is in West Covina.

    Lastly, does your figures include a cap reduction of $4100?

    no. i am referring to posts #34 to #37. we're actually not going to put anything down at all. just first payment, tax & license.

    no problem. good luck
  • revets2revets2 Posts: 21

    i got your numbers to work on 10k mi/yr. was that your lease?
  • erawaterawat Posts: 4
    Guys: Can someone please reply back double quick.

    I received paperwork from my dealer yesterday. The contract says it is a RETAIL INSTALLMENT SALES CONTRACT. Plus the dealer ran my credit report ( no problem there Credit score was 797). stating that it is standard operations whenever a someone buys a new car.

    I am buying the car ( GL 450) out of state. I am using my own credit union. The Retail Installment Sales Contract has only the car price and document fees. It does not have any APR or Penalty information. Is the Retail Installment Sales Contract - A "BILL OF SALE".

    I suspect I am suckered into dealer financing which I do not want. Can someone please reply and let me know.

  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    You should already have an invoice with all the charges. That should be given to your CU to cut a check for the dealer. He is not going to let you out the door without the money from your bank or CU. It sounds like they are doing a loan. Then you would have to pay off the loan company along with a months interest or more. Better talk to your CU before you sign anything. I buy out of state most of the time. I take the money with me and have all that in writing before I get on the plane. It is real risky just going a long distance and finding out they are going to try and charge you more than agreed upon over the phone. I hate phone deals anyway. Get it IN Writing or email.
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