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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jayme5jayme5 Posts: 1
    I am also very disappointed with the MB Tex. My seats are dirty all the time from my jeans! I really think there should be a recall on them. Something is not right. Everything is perfect with the call except for the seats. If you have any info please pass it on
  • andy1993andy1993 Posts: 26
    I live in alabama. recently brought gl 450/p2package/19inch wheel pack/leather pack/voice control/ipod/illuminating sills/tailor hitch/etc. mrsp 75180. got for $4572 less. Is this a good deal?

  • occarfanoccarfan Posts: 23
    Pretty good deal. It really depends on how much competition there is in your area.
    In Southern California, especially with gas prices, I know 10% off is easily had.
    They gave me that deal for my GL450 by phone. I just went in to pick it up.
    Actually, salesman agreed to it so quickly that I wished i asked for a larger discount. Oh well. Pleased with the GL. I'm sure you'll enjoy yours.
  • mhaymhay Posts: 2
    any big differences between the two years?
    would you recommend buying a 07 with 19,000 miles on it for $59
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    Well I finally got toi talk to the fleet mgr today who was real nice. I was straight to the point saying that the local dealer had given me $3000 off of a GL 550 but the word on the street was that these 550's went for invoice at your dealership. I indicated if so, I would be on the next flight with check book in hand. He was very polite and said that to his knowledge the most they had given off of GL 550's was $2-2500 and he definitely knew that he had NEVER sold at invoice or even near.

    So I have disproved yet another internet myth - I just wish people would tell the truth on these forums rather than claim to get incredible deals on cars just to make themselves feel good.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    If you could ask your salesman telling him I know exactly which 550 I want - white/tan with entertainment in headrests, tow package, heated steerin wheel, illuminated door sills. I'd be interested as the FJ didn't pan out at all. You can reach me at [email protected]

    Thanks for any help!
  • Which "people" are you referring to?
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    it's just frustrating to think that I will get invoice and tell the salesman I'm ready to catch the next flight out to pay in cash and he was very polite but indicated that they don't sell anywhere near invoice. i gave him all my contact info so hopefully he could tell i was not a "price shopper".

    anyway, all too often we hear claims of these great prices that don't pan out. all i'm ensinuating that we offer real info and accurate first hand knowledge on this subject. i'm pretty sure 100% of these board members would agree.
  • I don't believe anybody on here is trying to advise you on the "impossible." I simply gave you a suggestion on who might be able to sell you a GL for a lower price. I never said they would, however I'm very surprised that they wouldn't.

    There are a number of possibilities that could have affected your price quote. If you'd like me to explain, I'd be happy to as I worked in the car biz (as a manager) and understand how things work.

    I apologize if you felt misled, but I truly believe that the people on this site are here to help and the overall intentions are to see others get great deals.
  • glfanglfan Posts: 17
    I totally agree with Chile96. I think we all need to understand that the info here is for sharing only, and the prices could fluctuate based on the market availability and more importantly the dealer and the salesperson that you're dealing with. The economy is soft. Lux SUV are not moving. That's a good thing for the buyers. As for the dealer, you'll get better luck with dealers owned by large nationwide chains who may be more aggressive on the volume than the per vehicle profit. Lastly, it's very important that you deal with a fleet manager, a fancy term for someone who has a say in price. I always appreciate the contents at this forum but as always, YMMV--Your Mileage May Vary. My GL was bought at $2k below invoice over a year ago when it first came out, thanks to the info here at this forum.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    Geez - $2K below invoice???? Care to share any info. My email is fomcgehee at yahoo dot com. Now we're talking. I'm gettin sick & tired of habing my local salesman he can't talke much more off because he's got a family to feed. Welll, guess what so do I and I bet it's bigger than yours :)

    Seriously, glfan, i would appreciate any info or from others for that matter. Tomorrow being the end of thebmoth and my 7 mos pregnant wife's birthday, I figure tomorrow would be my best shot for now. I've got cash in hand.....

    Thanks for any help from anybody. If I get a true lead for invoice or less,. send me your address to a toekn of my appreciation.

    Take Care All
  • Just to weigh in, one shouldn't take a salesman's (or fleet manager's) negative response on a phone call to mean a certain price cannot be reached. We all know how the game works. I think it's relatively rare that you can get your best price on the phone -- even in these days of internet savvy shoppers and much greater transparency. It's a good bet the guy you spoke to thought you would just use the information he provided to you to purchase from a local dealer (which most people do). It's not until someone is in the show room AND there's actually a car either in possession or easily locatable that the real negotiating can begin. If they have a car that's been sitting for a while and costing them carry, and it's one that's not a super-popular color or option package, etc., then...

    For what it's worth, I bought my '08 GL P2, black/maca at invoice and remain pleased (didn't pay the roughly $400 coop advertising fee either!). I'm sure the dealer still made ample profit on me -- fair enough. They do need to earn something.

    Good luck!
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    To report an accurate sales price, in Texas, on a loaded GL 550 I was able to negotiate $2K off after a couple of weeks worth of back and forth.
  • occarfanoccarfan Posts: 23
    Sorry you feel what is said on the internet is exageratted. But I can assure you I got great deals in Orange County. But as I wrote on March 11, I was never able to get a good deal with FJ in Newport Beach. I'm more than glad to call my salesperson today or tomorrow. I just didn't before b/c you didn't answer me if you wanted my help.
    I'll contact the salesperson. If it looks like a good deal, I'll either give him your email or email you myself.
  • occarfanoccarfan Posts: 23
    Got some news. Spoke to my salesman. He said should be able to do invoice.
    It was too easy. Maybe I should have asked how low can he sell the 550 for.
    I told him what you wanted as far as color. He asked who is this person. When I told him you were from Texas, he said that might be difficult b/c MBZ fines them if they sell a car out of state. He said he would have to check. I asked him to contact you and discuss it further. Hope it's ok I gave him your email. I'm not sure about fines out of state. Maybe you should inquire to see how much and if it's still worth your time. Let me know if you hear or don't hear from him.
    Hope I could be of some help.
  • carabelcarabel Posts: 43
    I just found out that you can't get a GL from Germany and that they are completely built in the US - Alabama to be exact. Yes ? Not that it bothers me, but that I have to get use to this idea. Sorry for being so ignorant but is this the case ? And the 550's are 60K-80K around here. I do like the MB brand for their tradition. But do their SUV's live up to their car branding ? I know their cars carry the brand well. How's the SUV's ? Or is the Cadillac a more authentic SUV choice if MB SUV's are built here anyway.
  • occarfanoccarfan Posts: 23
    I don't think where the GL's made is as important as it's engineering. As most people know, MB quality was horible 10 yr ago, but has gotten much better.
    I've never driven a Cadillac SUV, so I can't comment on quality or ride.
    I do know that the GL's ride is just like a car. Many of my friends have commented on how quite and soft the ride is. The ride is nowhere near our S-Class, but better than the C-Class we previously owned. You're right, the GL is costly, but it is the top of the line SUV for families. I think it's up there with the Range Rover.
  • Does anyone else think the GL looks like an oversized Honda Pilot?
  • carabelcarabel Posts: 43
    Actually, the Pilot is a tad larger than the GL - I drive a Pilot now and it will never compare to the GL. Just 2 very different levels. I think occarfan is right that the Range Rover is more the comparison - and with that, I'll ditch the Cadillac idea. The Pilot however, is very economical and very adequate in terms of road handling. But it will never compare to the GL. Range Rover is definitely worth looking into but I'm sure the 3rd row will fall short of the GL.
  • sprtansprtan Posts: 6
    I am looking to purchase a new SUV for my wife within the next 2 months. She has had a Lexus RX300 for about 8 years and really loves it. However, she is interested in getting a 3rd row. Based upon that, she had locked in on the GX470 until...

    She saw the Mercedes GL 450. Really liked the look of the vehicle. Thought it was more spacious and the fact that it was a "Benz".

    I suppose on the plus side for the GL is that it is bigger and probably has a different "drive" than the Lexus. What I don't know is what about the GL rationalizes the ~$10K-$15 difference in price tag (similarly equipped).

    The other factor that I am taking in is that it will be driven in a cold weather state in a fairly hilly area (Morris County, NJ). Don't know if this should have any impacts on decision (eg. gas mileage, horsepower, handling, etc.).

    I was wondering if anyone has had either experience with both vehicles or faced a similar dilemna. Your input would be greatly appreciated. - Lee
  • occarfanoccarfan Posts: 23
    I don't think Range Rover has a third row. But I could be wrong.
  • occarfanoccarfan Posts: 23
    The extra 10-15K is due to size and power. The GX is more often compared to BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, and Mercedes ML. It also has 72 hp less than the GL. My friend has a GX. He says the ride is great. Very Lexus. He does have trouble with the small 3rd row and the back liftgate opening like a door, which makes loading sometimes difficult. Also the seats can't fold flat, so you can't load much. I have the GL. I have 2 kids with baby seats (one in second row, one in third). In addition, we can get 5 adults in and out without moving the baby seats. What I like most about the GL is it can carry so many people in comfort, but doesn't look like a big SUV (Cadillac, Infiniti QX, Yukon, Suburban, Expedition). My wife has no problems driving and parking it. As far as gas mileage, it's about the same. We both get about 16mpg.
    I think it comes down to the brand. Lexus or Mercedes. I don't think you can make a wrong decision with either.
  • carabelcarabel Posts: 43
    If the extra money is never an issue, I'll pick the GL. It is nicer looking than the Lexus, and the MB brand is still traditionally looked at as the luxury brand. I just don't think a Lexus has made it there yet. The GL has more symmetry and balance to the design than the current GX Lexus design - my .02. But look at both very carefully. At this point in the price range, you want the car that suits you and your family best - not whether the 3 prong star brand looks better than the L - the star wins though logo wise.
  • occarfanoccarfan Posts: 23
    Good point, but I believe in this day and age, you need more than 300hp for large SUVs. But my wife only cares about the Mercedes brand. I like BMW but have bought 3 Mercedes since we married (5 yrs). Though I am looking forward to comparing next generation E-Class vs. BMW 5 series. I told her the next one's mine.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Err the Pilot is smaller then the GL. The GL is about a foot longer then the Pilot at 200.6 inches for the GL and 188 inches for the pilot.

    The GL is also about 700 lbs heavier.

    The Range Rover is not available with a Third Row and most likely never well be. The only third row equiped Land Rover is the LR3 and its third row is larger then the GLs for head and leg room but less for shoulder room because of the narrower track of the LR3.

    GL450 vs Pilot VS LR3 HSE
  • carabelcarabel Posts: 43
    You're right about the GL size. I don't have that much cargo room in my Pilot. It is shorter. Somehow, the pilot feels roomier passenger wise. And yes the GL is heavier - why it needs the pull of a V8. Pilots are V6's. Thanks for the LR3 info on the 3rd row. I haven't seen the Rover up close and personal but will have a look. I always liked the Rovers - that is until the GL came along. But I never liked the Lexus GX - even now with the new design. As for the price of the MB GL - it really is the name you're buying.
  • I wasn't intending for everyone to get into a technical discussion about the Pilot - I simply made a comment that the GL's lines made it look like a larger Honda, which is not impressive IMO from a luxury manufacturer like MB.

    Feature-wise, the vehicle is loaded, I'm just not sold on it's exterior styling - that's all I meant to say.
  • glfanglfan Posts: 17
    For leasing, GL is not overpriced at all. With $5k down, I'm paying about $750/month including tax with Premium + Navi + appearance package. A similarly equipped X5 costs close to $1k/month. Purchase will be an entirely different story. For those of us who lease, monthly payment, not the purchase price, counts the most.
  • vt256vt256 Posts: 11
    hey eights38, live in NJ and definitely can use your help . Looking for a GL320 CDI.
    thanks, sending you contact info privately. vince
  • sprtansprtan Posts: 6
    Thank you. The two points that you raise around the 3rd row (no fold flat and storage challenge) and the back liftgate were "form factor" concerns that I had raised when we went and test drove the GX.

    That being said, the fact that both seem to get similar gas mileage tips the scale to the bigger engine for me (we live in a very hilly area). - Lee
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