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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • It's amazes me the nonsense people spew on these "prices paid" boards. The deal GLFAN says he got is at best an exaggeration. All these boards are really good for are people who want to boast about unobtainable deals they never actually got. Why would a dealer lose $2,000 on a new GL. MBUSA is not subsidizing the GL like Ford subsidizes everything it makes. Why wouldn't the dealer just sell it for invoice to another dealer who can sell it. I wish people would just tell the truth.

  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    You got to be out of your mind to think some people are so sick to come an boast about how much off invoice they bought a car for? There are many reasons why a dealer may choose to give it less than invoice. Shut up and go buy the car at MSRP if you want.
  • Yah, a MB dealer is going to sell the hottest luxury SUV on the PLANET and lose $2,000??? Let me ask you this? If they are selling their HOTTEST car at a loss, then what must they be selling the cars for that aren't so hot? Reply to that one. 80-85% +++ of what's posted here is BOGUS. It just makes people feel better. LOL!!!!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 184,724
    Okay.. everyone that posts here is a liar..

    Then, why are you here? To call them all liars?

    Tell us what you paid for your GL.


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • kyfdx,

    To answer your first question... No! I am not here to call people liars. I paid $1,500 over invoice for the hottest SUV on the planet. I felt the selling dealer was entitled to make a measly $1,500 profit on a $60K investment that he made. I just got back from my selling dealer and showed him this thread. We work GLFAN's deal backwards TOGETHER on his computer based of a $66,000 MSRP car they had in stock. With $4,100 total drive-offs, the payment was $835.xx with tax. Backing it up to $680 plus tax was a $4,300 UNDER invoice deal.

    That deal my friend, like a lot of other deals on this board NEVER HAPPENED. They are nothing more than figments of peoples imaginations.

    Also, I am looking my MB contract as I type this. The acqusition fee cannot be altered upward or downward. He said they tried to charge him $1,195? LOL! The bank fee is already IMPRINTED on the contract.

    I'll do you one better Mr. Host. Email GLFAN, tell him I live 30-minutes from where he bought his car. I bought my car in Buena Park. And I know Edmunds is in So Cal also. Let's all meet at Edmunds with GLFAN's contract. Before I see his contract I will hand you $2,500 in cash. If GLFAN's numbers hold water to what he previously posted, the money is yours and his. If his numbers do not, I get my money back and you, as the HOST, post a thread here that says: "Not at deals posted in these Forums are true and accurate deals." How about that? I'll be WAITING for a response.

    Mr. Host, I know that'll never happen. Guess what I notice while I am browsing on Edmunds.com. On the right side of your pages? And on the left side of your pages? Yah, you guessed it. NEW CAR DEALER advertisments. YUP!!!!! Without them, this site is nothing. Zilch! Nada! People should be aware that what goes on in these forums are not always what truly happens. Coincidentally, someone who actually get a REAL good deal, doesn't need to boast about in these rarely read forums. I would assume that MB has delivered 30-40,000 GL's by now. This thread has under 60-posts, mainly by 3-4 boners who either never bought a GL or have a want or need to brag about how their selling dealer LOST $4,000 +++...
  • Steve EliasSteve Elias Posts: 2,207
    tony fives, you are misinformed if you think you know the dealer's profit, unless you are the owner/board-member/contracts-dude. the price they paid to acquire your GL is private. whether they lose/make money is private. it's not for us to know.
    also, your point is well taken that many of the deals boasted on these boards could be misinformation.
  • gls69gls69 Posts: 24
    I am responsible for postings #27,29,31,36,43,48,& 52. Since you replied to my #52 post, I assume I have been lumped in with the liars, and am one of the "3-4 boners" who "spew nonsense".
    Therefore, I am picking up your gauntlet and asking you to offer a similar wager as the one you so demonstrably waived at GLFAN and the host. I bought my GL with cash and have the pink slip. If you prove that my deal was false you can have my car.
    If I have been accurate and truthful on this forum then you owe me the pink slip for your car.
    Personally, this forum has been very helpful to me, and I have tried to provide useful information to others looking for a GL. I didn't boast about screwing the dealer, but sent them additional business for being low cost, but HONEST.
    Hopefully your brain isn't as big as your mouth, and I'll own two GLs soon.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 184,724
    Hey... we'll get rid of the advertisements if you like.. Just mail us a check for $0.50 for every page that you view.. :)

    I get your point... you don't think that anyone could have possibly achieved a better deal than you did.. and your dealer agrees with you!!

    I guess that proves it... case closed..

    Turn out the lights when you leave.. I guess there is no further need for this particular discussion.


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • gls69,

    Did you buy your GL for $4,300 UNDER dealer cost? According to your numbers you didn't. That is why I never disputed your posts as nonsense.
  • Mr. Host,

    I love how certain hosts here bash new car dealers from time to time and they are the ones who indirectly write their paychecks. Seems funny to me.

    I am not saying I got the best deal on a GL in the world. Let's define deal:

    Deal: a bargain or arrangement for mutual advantage

    See, I got the best luxury SUV in the world. And they made $1,500. That's a deal. A REAL obtainable deal. Not some BS $4,300 UNDER invoice nonsense deal that never happened.

    Now the case is CLOSED!
  • Just ran this on carsdirect for zip 92705 and MSRP $65,725 gives there price as $60,279. That's $5,446 off MSRP so there must be some dealer incentive on this model. I'm planning to buy it next month so please post any legit deals anyone received in Southern Cal. Thanks!
  • carnut,

    That's the problem. Legit deals are hard to figure out on these boards. Every says they got there car for free. Carsdirect just gives you the run around. Go ahead and try them. LMK what happens. Didn't work out for me. 4-months to deliver a truck with no locked in price. I just went to the dealer, worked a deal, and am driving my truck. Very happy to say the least. Real simple. LOL
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291

    I suspect you are a disappointed car salesman trying to survive in the internet age. Get with the program, please !
  • merc,

    Naw, just tired of people fibbing. Nothing else my friend.
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    You said ""hottest luxury SUV on the PLANET"' It is NOT the hottest SUV on the planet and had plenty of competition. As shared on this forum, MBUSA dealers get hold back on every car, not to mention other incentives that come and go. Get a grip re: hyperbola's
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    No 'name' calling re: price/invoice. Anthony555 said ""I paid $1,500 over invoice for the hottest SUV on the planet. I felt the selling dealer was entitled to make a measly $1,500 profit on a $60K investment that he made."" You are clue less re: what the dealer paid. "Invoice' is never what the dealer pays for the car and you have not either been around or not literate re: car buying. A dealer can make a nice profit and sell a vehicle at invoice because of hold back. In addition, dealers get end of month and end of quarter incentives. I am going to the Chicago area to buy one for there is only one local dealer.

    MOST people are here in good faith re: helping others and are not jealous re: if someone gets a better deal. We are all here to help each other.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291

    To add to your comments. Most of us who read these forums are smart enough to know that this is just one of the many tools available to do one's research and I don't make all my auto decisions only based on what is posted on these forums.

    But I have to say that I have found a lot of useful information on this forum.

    On a separate note, Mercedes is offering low apr financing on the "Hottest SUV on the Planet". Makes you wonder why?
  • Anthony555:

    I have never actually purchased from carsdirect but I do use them as leverage in negociations. I usually use carsdirect, a few direct emails to dealers, Costco Auto Buying service, and sites like this. Costco works really good for my new Suburban every few years and carsdirect saved me about $1,000 on on 04 Cayenne because the CarsDirect dealer was low balling to move them and thus helped me with the Newport Beach dealer. Nearly $6,000 off MSRP on a GL450 is below "invoice" so I'm not quite sure if there is a dealer holdback. I know that it pays to shop until a few dealers tell you no.
  • MB USA must offer some incentives to get us fools to buy a $60K to $66K mid size SUV.......
  • jshuejshue Posts: 1
    The car is $72,395 MSRP. from SC Dick Dyer

    I don't care about what other people say.

    I know I got a good deal, last day to fit in 4.9% financing too.

    Consider this.

    1. There is a shortage of GL320
    2. Color requirements from my wife.
    3. Options requirements from ny wife.
    4. Look at BLUE BOOK value from KBB, it is over the MSRP.

    Good luck all the GL hunter, get away all the bull shiter
  • ericfeltericfelt Posts: 2
    I understand that in 2001 Mercedes offered a U.S. factory delivery option for the vehicles manufactured in Alabama. Does anyone know how that used to work, i.e. what discount/amenities were offered, whether the $775 delivery charge was waived, etc.? The factory has announced that they are resuming tours on 6 Mar so I'm wondering if they will offer the factory delivery option again.
  • Jon90Jon90 Posts: 33
    they did NOT waive the delivery fee. some story about they have to charge it on every vehicle, doesn't make sense to me, but I believe their transportation contract could be written this way.
  • ms09ms09 Posts: 112
    hi im new to this i want to know.how is the gl class driving experience?is there anymor better suv or is the gl good?
  • The GL is one of the few larger SUVs that truly drives like a car. You aren't going to think you are in a S550 or LS460 but it's the best available right now. Lexus has a LX540 in the works. I believe the ETA is Fall, 2007. I'm sure Lexus will raise the bar.
  • ms09ms09 Posts: 112
    ok thanks for the reply,do u own 1?and if not which car do u own. so it won't be as luxury or as comfortable as a s class or Ls 460.do u know anything abt the cayenne is it better than a gl class. and thanks again for the reply.
  • I owned a 04 Cayenne S but sold it because the ride was too harsh. I'm a Lexus type--I like a smooth ride with no wind noise. The Cayenne is great if you like to drive fast and hard and don't mind bouncing around. I don't own the GL but have driven it twice. Although I've never owned an MB due to quality issues, the GL might change that. I too have not yet decided and might wait until the end of the year for the new LX from Lexus.
  • gls69gls69 Posts: 24
    I have had my GL for about 2 months. No mechanical problems so far. Handling is far superior to the large SUVs we drove. Cargo capacity is good, gas mileage is poor. Overall I am satisfied. Have had two friends with Cayenne's and they complained about the car being in the shop alot. Good luck in your choice.
  • ms09ms09 Posts: 112
    carnutica, I thought the cayenne was smooth and without wind noice,but now i am more confused since reading ur message and i didn't know the cayenne bouncing around,,ya i do like to drive fast but sometimes,most of the time i drive by the limit. so since u owned a cayenne how was it to speed off comfortable or loud? and i have heard different things from people some say cayenne and all the porsche are long lasting cars, some say always trouble i dont know what to believe,

    gls69,hi so since u own the gl its good rite?how comfortable is it,is it fun to drive?i think the cayenne is not a reliable car all through i am not sure,

    guys i dont know but i think the toyotas lexus and mercedes are the most reliable car, i used to like the bmw x5 as well but since i read a message about a guy saying that he bought a brand new x5 and within the next 10 days he had 10 different problems since i changed my mind about bmw.
  • gls69gls69 Posts: 24

    The confusion you are experiencing is common since individual stories vary widely. The analogy in medicine is trying to extrapolate the validity of a single "case report" vs a double-blind, controlled study with a large sample size. I would suggest you read past posts regarding reliability of Mercedes (bearing in mind that people that do post are usually at either end of the bell shaped curve, i.e. people with "average" experiences are not strongly motivated to post).

    With that caveat, my personal experience with Mercedes is mixed. I bought a 1986 420 SEL and it ran for 300K miles with little or no problems. I still have my 1991 500SL which is one of the best cars I have ever owned. In contrast I bought a 1993 190 2.6L and the fit & finish were poor.
    Mercedes quality fell off about 10 years ago, and most people will agree that they have been fighting hard to re-establish their reputation for reliability. With that in mind I still bought the GL 450 because it is quiet, handles well, looks good, and can hold both my dogs. I cross my fingers on reliability, but hedged my bets by buying the 6 year, 100K mile warranty. I intend to keep it for a long time if it holds up like my first two Mercedes.

    PS I have only owned ONE BMW, a 1998 740iL. However, with
    that limited experience, I was terribly disappointed in
    what was supposed to be their "flagship" car. I had
    numerous problems with it and it didn't help that the
    dealer thought I was just "lucky to be a BMW person".
    Actually, I dumped the car and bought a Dodge Magnum
    and have been happier with it than the BMW.

    PPS I apologize to any loyal BMW fans out there before you
    start writing in to disagree. That was just MY
  • I did not say that the Cayenne had wind noise although, I admit, it is inferred. The first 1-2 years of Cayenne (03/04 maybe 05) had quality problems and it tanked Porsche in JD Powers ranking wherein the 911 was superb. There is no substitute for test driving all relevant vehicles and then coming to your own conclusions. My Cayenne did not have the suspension package (which I heard helps smooth out the ride somewhat) but it's tranny was terrible. Always overreved mid gears. I'm sure Porsche has fixed this but a complete test ride would prove it. I have yet to hear a negative report on the GL450 except, as noted here, MB's quality at their Alabama plant has be terrible (ML). The dealer here says they are addressed the issue. I'm planning to buy the GL at the end of the month so I will leave my impressions on initial quality soon. Good luck to all!
  • GLS69:

    How many miles on your GL and what do you like and dislike about it at this point?
  • ms09ms09 Posts: 112
    How is GL quality wise, and have u driven the s class is it better than the s class,?is it a smooth ride?comfortable?
  • gls69gls69 Posts: 24
    I only have 1000miles on it so far.
    Haven't driven the new S-class, but wouldn't even try to compare the two. Kind of like trying to compare steak to lobster.
  • ms09ms09 Posts: 112
    so u mean the s class is way better?
  • gls69gls69 Posts: 24
    Rhetorical question: Go test drive an S-class.Put seven adults in it, two dogs and some luggage and form your own opinion. Are you really sincere in looking for information on these posts or do you have a cognitive deficit? "U like s car mo betta dan da suv?".
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,450
    We just went and looked at 8 new GL450s at San Diego Mercedes. It seems you can buy one that is stripped for about $59K window sticker or you get one with way more stuff than you want for $73k. We actually want the GL320 CDI with leather, Premium one & sunroof no entertainment doodads or fancy low profile wheels and tires. Should have a MSRP of about $62k. Can those be done on a European delivery? I do like that SUV.
  • thjattythjatty Posts: 14
    I've never owned a MB. On lux side, I've owned a Landcruiser, Porsche, tricked out Z71 suburban, and some very nice VWs. I've researched like crazy; considered the following:
    Acura MDX (not crazy about new body style)
    Chrysler Aspen (too boxy,thirsty and expensive for what it is)
    Lexus GX (no fold flat and it's a smaller version of my LandCruiser)
    Acadia and Outlook (too pricey for what you get), and have decided to go with a GL 320CDI. It fits my needs best; family cruiser, awd, decent MPG with diesel for a suv, nice, lux, and I'm willing to pay for quality. I want to keep my next suv for a long time. So...
    I'm about to buy a GL 320CDI w/options (whatever I want) for invoice plus $1200.00. I tested a 450 and a 320CDI R-Class. I liked the torque of the diesel and I'm wanting a highway cruiser with ability to pull a boat and 3 kids.
    I will order it and it'll take about 3 months. I can have it brought here to dealer or I can pick it up at the Alabama factory.
    My questions are:
    1) is this a reasonable deal?
    2) should I take delivery at factory or at dealer? (Factory is about 350 miles away)
    3) Should I get the DVD kids back-seat system? (one installed at factory)
    4)What's reasonable deposit?
    5)any other helpful info?

    Tom Johnson
  • thjattythjatty Posts: 14
    the GLs are built in Alabama.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,450
    I just figured that out when they did not offer EU delivery. Oh well Alabama might be nice to visit. I really like the desert silver with tan leather. Don't like the low profile tire look or ride. I had them on a 2005 Passat and the ride was too harsh.
  • byu_85byu_85 Posts: 2
    Is $3000 off MSRP good price in Chicago Area? MSRP for the GL is about $63k. TIA
  • rickc1rickc1 Posts: 7
    Here in Silicon Valley, we paid $500 over invoice for a loaded-up GL. Two dealerships were willing to drop to this price. Our local dealer, where I bought my E last year, would not go under $6000 over invoice. It was definitely easier to get a deal on the E than the GL.

    However, after owning the GL for four months and 5,000 miles, including many trips to the sierras, I have to say it is the sweetest SUV I have ever driven. It is worth the money, no question.
  • rickc1rickc1 Posts: 7
    We have an '06 E350 and love it, so when we needed something bigger for the second kid, we looked at the R and the GL. As well, my parents just bought the new Acura MDX last month. I wish I could have gotten the GL diesel, but those aren't sold in California yet. We bought a GL 450 loaded up, including the DVD. I recently had it in for a minor collision repair and was given an R for the day. Our GL had 5,500 miles on it, after four months (many trips to the sierras in the snow). My take on the R, GL and MDX is:

    1)There is a big difference between the R and GL. The GL feels wonderful. It is smooth, responsive and feels much smaller than it is. The R feels like a heavy, big van in comparison.

    2) If you are only on suburban streets and have a few kids, the R is probably more practical on a daily basis, since it's easy to get to the back row. On the GL, it's a bit harder to put people in the third row, especially if you have car seats in row 2. On the R, you can scoot down the middle aisle all the way to the back, but you have to pull the car seat and flip the second row seat on the GL.

    3) If you are hauling things around, the GL is GREAT. It has a ton of room and can haul a lot of stuff. I recently took 1,000 pounds of flooring in the GL, and it handled fine.

    4) If you are going in the snow, get a GL. The air suspension is very slick; I drove through 2 foot snow drifts getting to our cabin, with no skid, or trouble of any sort.

    5) The MDX doesn't really compare to either. The third row is similar to the GL's - you have to flip up row two. However, the MDX is a lot smaller inside and nowhere near as plush as the GL. They are simply in a different class.

    6) We got the twin DVD screens and they are a godsend on long drives. There are two drawbacks. First, the menu system for the DVD is horrible. It takes a while to figure out how to manage it without accidentally going into the DVD system setup. Second, if you get the DVD, you can't get the ipod dock, which is a really cool accessory. But hey, it's better to have the kids not yelling :)

    7) Finally, it's harder to find a deal on the GL than the MDX or R. Out here they are really pushing the R with discounts and deals. The GLs don't stay on the lot a day. In fact, I had one sold out from under me at the remote dealer when my local dealer arranged a trade. My folks were able to a decent deal ($1k over invoice) on the MDX once they opted for black instead of the black cherry metallic color.

    My take: If you can afford the GL, get it. You will love it and won't be sorry. As soon as the diesel is available in California, I will probably trade in my E and get a second GL.
  • Has anyone heard if and when the Blutec engine will be available in the US in the GL?
  • revets2revets2 Posts: 21
    can you tell me how you protect the interior of your GL with your dogs? this is a concern for me. thanks!
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    Hottest SUV???? LOL We are not talking about Range Rovers here.
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    One is a SEDAN, the other is a SUV.

    One cost $1200 a month to lease. The other costs $750.
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    Ray Catena will give you a good deal. I was quoted $700 a month/15K miles. I need $18K miles a year though. I dont want to pay a penny over $700, so i didnt take it.

    Check out the one in Union, NJ.
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    Poor Guy. You overpaid. Oh well, it happens.
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106

    I wonder if the GL would compete well against its twin (the Toyota Rav 4)

  • ms09ms09 Posts: 112
    compete against the rav4, have u guys seen the GL class,

    Its 1 of the best luxury suv out there,,,Better then all suv

    if u go for a mid size suv then there r a lot the 3 best mid size in my opinion r cayenne ML and 3rd x5,
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