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  • bugatibugati Posts: 14
    "... Trying to get a deal in January in a northern location is probably going to be difficult (mitigated somewhat I suppose by the growing fear dealers are having about the economy)... " => so... is it supposed to be easier to deal... (or you mean winter/snow season) ?...

    "... NY metro area ...".... Can you share the dealer name?
  • eights38eights38 Posts: 145
    bugati - I have helped several friends get great deals on the Mercedes GL and Acura MDX in the Tri-State area. Please email me if you would like the name of the dealer and sales person.
  • I just bought a new 2007 GL450 with p1, blue tooth, capri blue, panorama sunroof, bi-xenon lights for $53.5k, MSRP less $10.1k. Was offered a new 2008 from another dealer for MSRP less $5k but decided to go with the '07 and put $ in my pocket.
  • bugatibugati Posts: 14
    eights38: you are my man... :-)... Email has been sent... Please check your CarSpace mail box...
  • bugatibugati Posts: 14
    There is not much different between 07 and 08 model....
    must be East Coast...?..... 10K less is an awesome deal ...
  • Am in NJ, bought car from dealer in Virginia.
  • I meant that, all else being equal, getting a good deal on an SUV when entering the winter months (or really, right prior to winter months) is tougher. Not this year -- it was over 60 degrees in NYC this past wednesday. Regarding the all else being equal --- it's not. The economy is hurting and dealers are worried about being able to move cars. I'd bet you can get a great deal.

    After a LOT of negotiating, Benzel in Englewood was willing to sell the car at invoice.

    To those quoting MSRB less some dollar amount, that doesn't help anyone because who knows what your msrb was?? msrb is exactly 7% over invoice, so quote it percentage off of msrb or percentage above invoice so everyone knows what you're talking about.

    It wouldn't surprise me if some can find a vehicle below invoice, given a lower demand color and/or option package (it'll have to be a P1). There are tons of P1's out there, but relatively P2's that aren't loaded with thousands of dollars of other options as well.

    ADVICE: AVOID THE MB-TEX SEATS IN MACADAMIA. They suck. 3 weeks after delivery, they get discolored. Salesman said it's from blue jeans and there's nothing to do about it.
    I will never buy another mercedes with that material. Pay up for the leather.
  • bugatibugati Posts: 14
    bmwconvert: Thanks for the info... and many thanks for warning about Macadamia....... We were thinking about Formal Black (or Obsidian Black) and Macadamia... We thought it looks great...
  • Can you tell me what Dealer in Virginia? And how are you going to get the car up to nj....Did they have any left?
  • Got it at Tysinger in Hampton. Wife flew done and drove it back yesterday; it was the last '07 they had. We searched autotrader for new 2007s and found a bunch. We also considered a barolo red with similar package from Mercedes of Austin Texas and an Iridium Silver at Valencia MB in California. Dealers can arrange shipping to your home. Shipping from Texas is about $800. You can easily get a new '07 for $10,000 off MSRP. Shipping from California will run you more, but the California dealers have more cars and were willing to cut a better deal. With shipping it was a wash versus the car in VA, but wife wanted the Capri Blue.
  • Our GL is black, and my wife and I like a light color interior, hence our choice. Unfortunately the results didn't work out to our liking. If I had the choice again, I would try to find a macadamia leather interior. The problem though is that it's very difficult to find this car, and when you order from the factory, negotiating a competitive price is next to impossible.

    I should have known better. A friend had the same interior on an '07 model. His wife became so incensed with the "dirt" on the seats that they complained to their dealer and were ultimately able to trade the car in for a new one with black MB-tec. I convinced myself that the problem must have been unique to him. It was not. I intend to raise my complaint with Mercedes. I will post the outcome.

    Another general comment about the MB-tec material. It has the appearance of being high quality (until it gets dirty), but it definitely doesn't feel that way. It has an almost rubbery, tacky feel to it. It's not so easy to slide in and out of. Your backside kind of grabs when you try. This must explain why the light material picks up the dye from blue jeans. I took delivery of my vehicle in November so I haven't yet had it in warm weather, but I suspect that it's going to be awful during the summer. Nothing worse than sweating against a synthetic seat.

    Readers are probably thinking "then why'd you get it". My mistake, but again, it was hard not to. Mercedes has so few leather cars built, the color options are limited and those that are available had a bunch of useless options that I refused to pay for ($500 illuminated door sills anyone?). Several salemen I spoke to all said the material was "just like leather". Trust me -- it is not.

    Honestly, I find it to be an outrage that a nearly $70k car doesn't come standard with leather. I can appreciate that there are those out there that may prefer a synthetic interior for ethical reasons, but the reality is that the vast majority of mid range and above vehicles have leather, and that's because it's what most consumers prefer.

    BTW: aside from the seats, my wife, children and I all love the GL. It's exceeded our expectations in every other way and is an absolute pleasure to drive -- in fact the best riding and handling SUV I've ever been in.
    I just completed my JD Powers new owner's survey. 4,000 miles in and not a single defect or reliablity issue has arisen. I am happy (and maybe lucky) to be able to say that the vehicle is flawless.
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I have an R320 cdi (because I needed a car and couldn't wait another few months for the GL), and have the macadamia MB tec seats. I have never been able to understand why my seat is always dirty. I can't keep it clean.
    I had a 320E wagon for many years and miles before this with MBtec - a light tan color, and it never was a problem. It's still going strong with another owner, and still looks good at 10yrs of age.
    I thought it was me! Please keep us posted.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 128,420
    Ever see the movie, Lost in America, with Albert Brooks? circa 1985..

    He is ordering his new Mercedes over the phone... and gets into a whole discussion with the salesman about MB-Tex..

    It's hilarious.. :)

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • I also own GL450 with 5000 mile. White w/ macadamia interior. You're right. The fake leather look 2 yrs old already. Our 2003 S-Class looks newer even with the kids abusing it. I should have persisted and found leather interior. I had no idea the fake leather was so bad. The salespeople are there to sell cars, so they'll tell you whatever it takes to sell that car.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    Unfortunately I'm stuck in a single dealer town in Texas with the next closest dealer 5 hrs away. We've decided on an '08 GL 550 with an MSRP in the low 80's. We are trading in our realtively new tahoe/offroad vehicle for the city kid hauler.

    Any suggestions on negotiation and ralisticexpectations would be kindly appreciated
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    Local dealer just offered me $1500 off without any haggling on a price for a 550. Is this what I should expect or go for more....realistically?
  • You'd be better off buying the vehicle at or near invoice, and then having it trucked to your front door from a volume dealer like Fletcher Jones Mercedes in Newport Beach California. Seriously! probably cost you $1k or so to have it put on a flatbead.
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    The only problem with that is that it is becoming difficult to find a dealer that will not require you to sign papers in the presence of a dealership representative. There is a rampant problem with these vehicles being bought in the U.S. and shipped overseas. When that happens the dealership faces a very large financial chargeback unless they can prove due diligence in verifying the identity and intentions of the purchaser.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    I would buy from anywhere in the country if I could get it at invoice or close to. My last 4 cars I've purchased out of state and would gladly buy from Fletcher Jones if they really could do that. Is this just internet jargon or do you have definite knowledge of their pricing?
  • FJ Mercedes is the #1 volume MB dealer in the US. They sell over 4500 vehicles/yr. Here in SoCal, driving a Benz is like driving a Ford in Detroit... they're all over and thus pricing is very aggressive out here to say the least.

    It was just a suggestion as I was trying to save you money. It's worth a phone call to Fleet.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    I have already sent out a price quote request and told them the exact options I was interested in. I mentioned that I'm in TX but would be willing to fly out immediately for the sale if they could do it at invoice. Now if the pricing difference were only a grand or so, I'd just assume buy locally as my hands are full and time is precious considering I just opened up my own medical practice.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    Well called FJ MB to see if they could really do make this happen but unfortunately they don't listen to their VM's :( I told them what number to call me at since I had left my cell at home and never heard a peep from them all Saturday. Finally got home late from the office and sure enough, there was a msg.

    I just sent them a long email asking for them to fax the specs on cars that fit our wants so we'll see how that goes Monday. It's ashame b/cI was already to wire the money yesterday and fly out to drive back today - but what do they say about the best laid plans of mice & men????
  • It seems a few people have had this exp. I bought my new GL last week and didn't suspect they would have put Yugo Leather in a $70k automobile. I picked it up at night so i didn't have a chance to "study" the leather. by the time i got home i became curious to the Quality of the seats because they were so uncomfortable. Investigation revealed that my vehicular living-room was equipped with MB-Tex (code word for plastic) interior. I called the next day an asked if it were possible that MB put rubber seats in my car and they were shocked I was concerned saying these were much better than leather. Reminding me of when I was trying to be sold on a pair of pleather shoes I lost a lot of respect MB. These seats suck, sticky, uncomfortable and likely very hot since i already sweat in them in 70 degree weather. A sales person once told me Lexus asks what the customer would like MB tells you what you get. I wish I was told I'd get 50's dinner seats with this car. any others frustrated, is my warrentee voided with a 3rd party repair /upgrade? :confuse:
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    Fletcher Jones MB responded with some guy saying he would be my sales rep and just to tell him what options and color I wanted and he would get the car for me. Well, I responded with a very nice email with black/tan and trailer hitch and rear entertainment package. I also gave him my address and 3 different contact numbers so we could hopefully do the deal and I'd wire the money out to him first thing today(Monday). I sent that email around 11am his time on Saturday and still haven't heard ANYTHING from him. I even called him today and left him a voicemail but nothing. This guy is acting like he doesn't want to sell me a car??? We didn't even get to talk price yet :(
  • Sorry that you're having such a fiasco with that dealership... perhaps try MB of Laguna Niguel. They are the second largest dealer in Ca. Ask for Fleet.
  • occarfanoccarfan Posts: 23
    Sorry you're having such a tough time. But great deals are common in Orange County. I bought my 03 S430 for 16% off MSRP in Laguna Niguel. And my 07 GL450 for 10% off in Anaheim. No haggles. Didn't even take much negotiating.
    I even negotiated the GL price before I came in.
    I have looked at FJ in Newport Beach, but was never happy with their sales people.
    The cars I bought were well below invoice. For the GL550 I don't think invoice is out of ther question even though it's relatively new. I notice lots of them sitting on the lot when I go to get my GL washed.
    If you want I can inquire with my salesperson about what you're looking for and see what kind of price you can get. Or I can give you his contact. Or tell him to call/email you.
    I am new to this blog and don't know how we can contact each other via email. I don't even know if I'm able to give the salesperson's name at this site.
    Let me know if I can be of help.
  • As noted in my earlier posts on this topic, I intend to complain -- loudly -- to MB about the MB-Tex... just haven't had the time to do so yet. I doubt I can win an argument on how uncomfortable they are, despite how bad they feel. I do however think the discoloration issue is a legitimate defect. My hope is I can either get the front seats replaced with leather, or at the very least get some money back to cover the cost of high quality sheepskin seat covers. I suspect my kids in the back seats will have to continue to suffer.

    It's a real shame because I otherwise unconditionally love this vehicle.
  • occarfanoccarfan Posts: 23
    I agree with you. My 07 GL450 is only 6 months old but look 5 yr old. I will never buy "fake" leather again. MB says it's my 1 and 3 yr old. I wasn't aware they sat in the driver's seat b/c that seat look the worst. I've had 2 other MB in the past with leather and never this problem.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Its funny because back before the merger of equals MB-Tex wore like iron but looked and felt so much like real leather that sometimes you can't tell the difference. I get the occasional late 90s early 2000 MB in with a MB-Tex interior and unless I really study it I can't tell the difference between it and real leather. MB must have changed the formula the use for the MB-Tex because it is of much lower quality then it used to be. You can find Fintail Mercedes from the 60s with MB-Tex that still looks brand new but this new version starts to wear out in a year or so.
  • occarfanoccarfan Posts: 23
    I don't think we can do anything about it, can we?
    I think MB knows we will still buy their product, but with leather next time.
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