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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Lease Questions



  • krimgold,

    You have to shop around with different dealership in your area. I specifically mention that I need arctic white and I am only paying the basic drive out cost (processing fee, 1st month payment, registration and upfront tax) - no downpayment. Fortunately, I didn't have to bargain, both salesperson just gave it to me that way and I know that was already a good deal, then I asked for the money factor and residual value which will affect your monthly payment, make sure to ask them about those. MB @ Princeton is what I ended going for.

    can you share what the following:
    Negotiated Price
    Money Factor
    Residual Value
    lease terms and yearly mileage
    monthly payment

  • DKalb, thanks for the quick reply! I would love to help out your sales guy if possible. Can you please email it to me please at I have 4 cars that I can give him if the price is right.

  • This is the exact same deal I get a few days earlier except for a different color and I am on a lease. With multiple deposits, I have a 24-month lease of $562 tax included.
  • Hi carman,

    Your bottom line number does not make anything out to anybody. To better understand on your deal, can you mention the following (just like i did in my email)?

    As minimum:
    MSRP =
    Invoice or exact options =
    CAPITALIZED cost =
    24 mo Money Factor (MF) =
    24 mo Residual Value (RV) =
    24 mo no of miles driven per/year =
    # of MSD = Drive out pocket total =
    Drive out cost (incl security deposit) =
    Aquisition fee =
    DMV reg fee=
    Doc fee =

    In order to secure a good deal, you should be known all these numbers the by now for your deal.
  • I just leased a 2012 GL350. Palladium Silver with Black Tex. MSRP was 70,470. Negotiated price was $63,500 including $4000 conquest for the Audi I own. 36 months and 12,000 miles per year. I also had a trade. They gave me $31,000 and I owed 25,000. The trade eliminated the NJ taxes. The equity was used for inceptions and the rest as cap cost (I'm normally against that but figured it was a trade as opposed to writing a check). So roughly a $3,700 cap cost reduction. Also, I gave them 10 security deposits ($7,500) and signed up for autopay. Also put 3 years prepaid maintenance in the lease.

    $640/month for 36 months. I live in Northern NJ.

    Probably not the best deal ever, but I'm pretty happy with it.
  • *Update*

    I just got a call from the dealer saying that Mercedes rejected my application. They said that you can't put a cap cost reduction and multiple security deposits on the same lease. So, the equity I have in my trade is effectively going to the multiple security deposits and my payment goes up by $100/month. Net net it's all the same, I just bring less money to the dealer tomorrow to pick up the car. But have you ever heard of this?
    Car _Man can you confirm this? Thank you!
  • Please let me know what part of the country you are located and dealership. I'm in Atlanta and they are only offering 4-5,000 off list.

    Looking for one-pay lease 24 months. Any tips?
  • Does anyone know December promos from Mercedes? Better than November? I've seen lots of postings/ads for 2012GL with package 1 at 500-550/month as a one-pay with 7,500 miles/yr on a 24 month lease but can't find anyone to sell me one.

    Any thoughts on how they are getting there? Coupons/Promos

    Seems like a great deal: IF REAL!!
  • Just wanted to pay it forward and post my results since I used alot of the information from these boards to get there. Here is the lease I signed today at Greenwich dealership.

    Capri Blue 2012 GL450
    Cashmere Interior
    P1 package
    Wood/Leather steering Wheel,
    Lighting Package
    Trailer Hitch
    Running Boards
    Rear Seat Entertainment

    MSRP $73,390
    Selling Price $63,000

    There was a 4K incentive used, seemed like Winter Event and Conquest are the same thing or are being used interchangeably. And then he was willing to go 2500 or so under invoice.

    24 Month/ 10K miles
    .00131 MF
    71% residual

    $637/month with taxes included
    $2200 due at signing (doc fee is kind of high for these guys but the deal was so good they wouldn't budget)

    Hope this helps someone in there negotiations.
  • That's similiar to the deal I got yesterday at a Benz store in White Plains, NY. The same exact M.S.R.P. but it is silver with black interior. 24 month lease with 10,000 miles per year.

    $577 per month with tax included
    $1,846.00 due @ signing.

    The selling price was $61,540.00 and they told me the winter event was the same at conquest as well. They wanted to charge $1,095 for the bank fee and after speaking to the Manager I got it for the published rate of $795.
  • Nice, you beat me by a good amount, I thought I had them pretty skinny on the deal as is, left some on the table it seems.
  • I think I still beat insiderbuy by the discounted dollar amount ($12,000 vs $11,850) on my purchase of a fully loaded 2012 GL450 on Nov 25th at a orange county, CA dealership.

    MSRP = $79,030 , Negotiated selling price = $67,030

    Payment is $844/mo with 20k (down+others) on a 1.9% for 66mo finance.

    Big difference is, I will be owner of my dream car after 5.5yrs vs returning the leased car only after 2yrs.
  • Ha,

    I went to White Plains and asked about those numbers and they told me those don't seem realistic. Did you have an in?
  • @Croatbag - these numbers are realistic and you can do the same in many other places, assuming they have the car in. Check Princeton MB if you want as well.
  • Krimgold,

    I believe you all, I'm just telling you the White Plains dealer told me that was unrealistic, so he was willing to deal again that low I guess, not sure what to say.

    I spoke to princeton and greenwich and 60K on an MSRP of 70740 (or equivalent discount for a higher MSRP) was as good as I could get.
  • With those numbers, your payment is around $600 with NYC tax in. Isn't that what you wanted?
  • xpress88xpress88 Posts: 3
    edited December 2011
    Question to those who got on this; $600 or so per month inc tax seems like a great deal - was there any special discount involved? I also called White Plains but did not get anywhere close. I am looking for a similar GL 450 ; do not drive an MB or any of the other luxury brands at the moment. Croatbag; maybe we should team up and see if we get additional discounts if we buy at the same time!
  • No, the original message was for a car with a almost 74K MSRP. The previous post responded and said he got a car for that same MSRP for 560-570. I was just saying I used 70,740 as the MSRP for my negotiation starting point since that seemed like a standard MSRP that all dealers had in stock so I could compare apples to apples. Then whatever discount they applied to that, say X% off MSRP or X below invoice, could be applied to whatever MSRP car I eventually chose.
  • Xpress,

    I am picking up tomorrow so too late for the group discounts, but here are the dealerships that were willing to go to 60K on a 70,740 MSRP vehicle. Greenwich is close to White Plains you can try them. If you are willing to take a decent drive you can try Princeton, Euro Motors, or Fort Washington was also fairly close, maybe $10/month more.

    I was not able to get anyone to get under $600 for a car with a $73,990 MSRP as the price as @insidecarbuyer said he was able to.
  • @xpress, sorry forgot to answer part of your question. The way my guy got to the selling price was he pulled out the invoice showed me that price, took 4K off for the winter event, and then took an additional 2500 off for nothing in particular (at least nothing in particular that he mentioned, just standard discounting)
  • Thanks Croatbag. I will give Greenwhich a try. Just to clarify, the $4k discount winter event is available to anyone?
  • Seems like it. I don't have a competitors car.
  • I just leased a 2012 GL 450 and here is the info. Think it is a good deal but could probably be beat based on the info in the forum. Seems like Northeast dealers are more competitive.

    One-pay lease with 7,500 miles/year

    MSRP - $73,075
    Purchase Price 64,180
    Dealer Fee - 499
    Residual $52,614 (72%)
    One-pay excluding taxes (in order to compare different locations) - $14,338 or $597/month

    Let me know if you have any questions
  • Hi Insidecarbuy,
    I know it is against the forum rules to post the name of the CA. Can you give some pointers about whom should I talk to @Whitehills MB about the deal you got - assuming I can replicate it. Thanks in advance for the help.
  • Hi hotlanta2. I believe that Mercedes' December promotions are basically the same as its November programs were.

    If you're seeing aggressive deals on the GL, chances are that the dealer is using the aggressive "behind the scenes" promotions that Mercedes has out there such as the Conquest or Customer Appreciation certificates to get there.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Thanks to this forum, I got a great deal on a lease. I hope this helps others!!

    2012 gl 450 MSRP $72,339 , got a 24/mo lease 15k miles/yr, $846 /mo incl. tax, $2250 drive offs.

    It may not be the best deal here in this forum, but if compared to what the initial quote of $6,000 down $980/mon +tax, 10k miles per year for 24mo. Also got the maintenance for 2 yr for $330.
    I feel pretty good.

    Got the deal in CA, west covina.

    Again, thanks to this forum!!!
  • Hi,

    Based on your information, your negotiated price is about 64k, 8.339k (11.5%) off MSRP. Your is okay, but not very good.

    I got 15.2% off MSRP on my deal on 11/21/2011.

  • Ali9986,
    Can you please share the dealership info. Thanks in advance
  • deenxdeenx Posts: 31
    I'm trying to figure out a reasonable offer on a 2012 GL450 lease.

    MSRP: $67,670 Edmunds Invoice $62,994

    Discounts: Conquest discount is $4000 and Loyalty is $2000 (I'm not sure if I can combine these or not)

    Give the dealer $1000 margin over invoice cost minus incentives and cap cost becomes $57,994.

    MF is .00131 and residual on 24Mths and 10K miles is 71%

    Tax rate is 7%

    Calculated lease is $592/month (tax in the payment).

    Will I get laughed at?
  • AFAIK, you can't combine loyalty and conquest, unfortunately! Believe me, I'd love to do that.

    As for the other numbers, you are about right. I think I was getting 61K sales price on a 72K car which made the payments around 600 with a 8.88% tax.
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