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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Lease Questions



  • Thanks Croatbag. I will give Greenwhich a try. Just to clarify, the $4k discount winter event is available to anyone?
  • Seems like it. I don't have a competitors car.
  • I just leased a 2012 GL 450 and here is the info. Think it is a good deal but could probably be beat based on the info in the forum. Seems like Northeast dealers are more competitive.

    One-pay lease with 7,500 miles/year

    MSRP - $73,075
    Purchase Price 64,180
    Dealer Fee - 499
    Residual $52,614 (72%)
    One-pay excluding taxes (in order to compare different locations) - $14,338 or $597/month

    Let me know if you have any questions
  • Hi Insidecarbuy,
    I know it is against the forum rules to post the name of the CA. Can you give some pointers about whom should I talk to @Whitehills MB about the deal you got - assuming I can replicate it. Thanks in advance for the help.
  • Hi hotlanta2. I believe that Mercedes' December promotions are basically the same as its November programs were.

    If you're seeing aggressive deals on the GL, chances are that the dealer is using the aggressive "behind the scenes" promotions that Mercedes has out there such as the Conquest or Customer Appreciation certificates to get there.

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  • Thanks to this forum, I got a great deal on a lease. I hope this helps others!!

    2012 gl 450 MSRP $72,339 , got a 24/mo lease 15k miles/yr, $846 /mo incl. tax, $2250 drive offs.

    It may not be the best deal here in this forum, but if compared to what the initial quote of $6,000 down $980/mon +tax, 10k miles per year for 24mo. Also got the maintenance for 2 yr for $330.
    I feel pretty good.

    Got the deal in CA, west covina.

    Again, thanks to this forum!!!
  • Hi,

    Based on your information, your negotiated price is about 64k, 8.339k (11.5%) off MSRP. Your is okay, but not very good.

    I got 15.2% off MSRP on my deal on 11/21/2011.

  • Ali9986,
    Can you please share the dealership info. Thanks in advance
  • deenxdeenx Posts: 90
    I'm trying to figure out a reasonable offer on a 2012 GL450 lease.

    MSRP: $67,670 Edmunds Invoice $62,994

    Discounts: Conquest discount is $4000 and Loyalty is $2000 (I'm not sure if I can combine these or not)

    Give the dealer $1000 margin over invoice cost minus incentives and cap cost becomes $57,994.

    MF is .00131 and residual on 24Mths and 10K miles is 71%

    Tax rate is 7%

    Calculated lease is $592/month (tax in the payment).

    Will I get laughed at?
  • AFAIK, you can't combine loyalty and conquest, unfortunately! Believe me, I'd love to do that.

    As for the other numbers, you are about right. I think I was getting 61K sales price on a 72K car which made the payments around 600 with a 8.88% tax.
  • deenxdeenx Posts: 90
    I have a quote and it's not even close to what I'm calculating. I don't know how you guys are getting these types of deals.
  • This is a good deal. I found that there are every few gl's that don't have $10,000 of extras. Sounds like you have p1 package.

    The money factor is a bit high (not by much) but the price of the car is competitive
  • deenxdeenx Posts: 90
    This was an offer I was considering presenting to my dealer. To this point, they have not offered me anything close to this.

    What MF should I be using?
  • btrentbtrent Posts: 12
    What is the money factor and residual value for a new 2011 GL 450 with 12,000 miles per year for 36 months?

    Also, what is it for 15,000 miles for 36 months.
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    Anybody leased GL350 recently ? Is there any program for BlueTec ?
    What deals people getting ?
  • they should better than the 450 gl, $180 for urea every oil change!!! and diesel is more expensive. I don't think it make sense!! that is MHO!!
  • gunssgunss Posts: 7
    Carman, great forum here! I think I'm so smart and savy, but I didn't even know what a MF was until I came in here. Question, how much negotiation room does one typically have on the trade-in vehicle? I have an Audi Q7 to trade-in for conquest cash.
    Carman, please advise, or if others have any experience they can share? Much appreciated.
    I live in Suffern, NY.
  • FYI, try carmax , I got $2000 more for my trade than the dealer.!!
  • gunssgunss Posts: 7
    Thanks! does one have to trade-in the competitor car to get the $4,000 conquest cash?
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    $180 urea change - it's not true. It actually cost about $20 if you do it yourself. BlueTec usually has no any good programs, that's why I asked to see if anybody leased it recently.
  • $180 is the quote I got from the service depart. at a dealer in So. Cal !!! but that is easy to confirm, and I am sure the price varies from area to area! Just trying to be helpful!Happy Holidays to you all!!
  • Hi btrent. Mercedes-Benz Financial's December buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2011 GL450 with 15,000 miles per year are .00126 and 50%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The residual value for a lease with only 12,000 miles per year are 2% higher.

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  • Thanks gunss. You don't necessarily have to trade in your Q7 to be eligible for the conquest cash. You can if you want to, but you'll get the cash either way. If you feel as though the dealer is giving you a fair offer for your trade, then go for it. Otherwise you are free to sell your vehicle on your own or trade it in to a different dealer.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • I have been following this forum and i would like to ask a question to any dealers or car leasing experts.

    My question is
    When is the best time to lease a car? I have to get a car and i am not sure if i should lease one end of year or wait until Jan 2012. is there a large difference in lease month prices between december 11 deals and jan 2012 deals?

    thank you
  • yozhyozh Posts: 3

    I would like to compare the pricing I got on a leased 2012 GL 450 Got it on November 30th under the Nov MB program.

    MSRP: $71,460 7,500 Miles/Year/24 Months $645/Month Including Tax.

    First Payment + DMV out of pocket ($849 total)

    Good deal ? Or I could of got better with 7,500 miles ?
  • Hi acapstl,
    Please remember that a lease is dependent on three key variables.
    1. Negotiated sales price
    2. Residual Value - fixed by financial institution (i.e., can't negotiate)
    3. Money Factor (interest charges)

    The first variable is dependent on incentives offered by the manufacturer, dealer's receptivity to negotiating, etc. at the time. So, for example, some dealers may be motivated to discount the sales price further at the end of this year (vs. Jan. 2012) if they have not met their target or if the car has been in inventory for some time, etc. while other dealers may not be as receptive.

    The second variable is fixed by the financial institution as it depends on the lease term and mileage driven. In theory, the RV could decrease the longer you wait to procure the car, but some month's the RV and MF remain unchanged.

    The MF determines the interest charge portion of the lease. MBFS sets a buy rate MF and in some months, they may offer a lower promotional MF. However, if you go back to the example of the dealers who may be willing to discount the purchase price of the vehicle. Often those same dealers may be unwilling to offer MSD's to reduce the MF or may even 'mark up' the base rate MF, so they can recoup profit in the lease.

    As a result, my guidance to you is to be vigilant and know the RV's and MF's for the month as well as the incentives that would reduce sales price. Then, you can dial all three knobs to get the deal that makes you happy.

  • dewarsandsoda

    thank you for your insight... i am so tired of the so to speak "bait and switch" tactics that dealers and car companies use....

    i actually found a great deal on a honda pilot touring fully loaded for 350 a month.
    it might not be the most glamorous car but all the ones i listed were at least 150 more a month and they were very modest in options.

    if you have any other advise please share..

  • yozhyozh Posts: 3
    edited December 2011
    I forgot to mention that the price above is not a one time, its per month...
  • what is december base MF for 350 GL? can that be reduced with MSD? my understanding is that no MSD MF reduction with "special rates" such as the .00131 on 450GL. is conquest cash avaliable on the 2011 leftovers, both 450 and 350, bought as new? thanks.
  • Please tell me if this deal is good or not. I'm in Bergen County, NJ.

    2012 GL450: Silver/Black - MSRP: $71460
    negotiated price: $65884.92 = 8% discount - this is the winter clearance price, however, since i don't drive a luxury car i don't qualify for the other discount the dealer said there's still room for.
    Fees: (1st month,taxes,DMV,etc): $2719
    Cap reduction of $3116 ($2k cash plus trade-in value of $1116)
    10k/yr for 24 mos

    Any insight would be MOST APPRECIATED!
  • nyc_sethnyc_seth Posts: 7
    edited December 2011
    Just got this deal offered to me in Westchester County, NY:
    GL450, P1, parktronic, blind spot, appearance, heated wheel, rear ent.
    MSRP $73,460

    Discounted sales price of $63,112 (after conquest and dealer discounting)
    71% residual and 131 MF on 24mo/10k year lease
    $699/mo (taxes included) with drive of of $887 (first month and dmv fees)

    dealer says they are selling the car for $1,766 below invoice

    when i priced a well equipped gl in the past it was over $1,000/month. seems good to me!

    i've sen better deals on the forum (post #353 and #354) but as these dealers are running low (or out of) inventory they seem to be holding on a little tighter.

    any thoughts? take it and run?

    anyone want to buy my 2007 LR3?


  • This is a good price for the car (almost 14% off list). I don't know what the taxes are in your county but the $699 seems reasonable so long as there are no major upfront fees. If you have the ability to write a single check for +/-14,000; you might want to ask the dealer about the one-pay lease. It will lower your overall cost of the car.

    No bid for the LR3
  • Hello,
    Answers to your queries, based on my understanding, follow below.
    - base MF=0.00131
    - given the low MF, I doubt that most dealers will reduce via MSD. However, there maybe a few dealers willing to apply MSD off of this rate, so it's worth inquiring. Alternatively, you can try the one pay option which reduces MF by 0.00075
    - conquest cash of 4000USD is available on both 2011 and 2012 GL models

  • As noted previously, one pay should reduce MF by 0.00075 so your monthly payment of $699 should go down sizably. I suggest redoing the calcs with the revised MF to assess the savings.

  • akydakyxakydakyx Posts: 9
    edited December 2011
    are you sure MF for 350 diesel same as for 450? usually diesel MF higher than gas in GL. thanks for your reply. car man can you confirm mf for 350GL for dec is .00131?
  • arturob2arturob2 MiamiPosts: 46
    hi Seth,
    did you have to pay tax (or roll it to the lease) on the $63,112 sell price?
  • tax is rolled into lease. the sale price translates to a lease payment of around $647/month, with tax it's $699.
  • Guys,
    I would like to thank everyone who chimed in.
    I have decided to lease an E class.
    So in order to give something back to the forum I want to pass this on if anyone is really struggling to get a good deal on 2012 GL especially in the midwest.

    Long story made short - I was actually working on a GL/ML lease. And I called all over the country. I was willing to travel/ship. But eventually I found the best deal I could get anywhere - right next to me - in Ohio.
    Some have got upto 12K off MSRP on a 79K car. But most of these cars have been sold and dealers are not willing to discount much (atleast I couldnt). And also the absolute $$$ amount of discount goes down as MSRP of the car gets cheaper.

    This is the quote I got.
    Options - P1, Blind spot assist, parktronic
    MSRP: $ 71510
    Selling Price: $ 61210
    Cap cost red: $ 0
    MF (0.00121 with autopay - no mark up)
    Acq fee (795 - no mark up)
    RV - 71%
    Term - 24 months
    Miles - 10000/yr
    Tax - 6.75% (Ohio)
    Drive off - First month +Application fee + Tags and title - $ 913.37
    Payment per month - 645.49 (Including 6.75% Ohio tax)

    You cant do MSD as its a "special" MF from MBFS. But you can do one pay which will make the per month payment approx $561 ( the MF drops by .00080 from 0.000131 - cant add Autopay adder obviously)

    If anyone need a referral let me know and I will post as much details as I can within the forum rules.
  • Looking to buy a GL450 in the next week or so to take advantage of the promotional pricing (i.e. conquest). There have been some great deals posted here and I would prefer to avoid haggling - therefore, asking if anyone can recommend salespeople at some of the specific dealers that have been mentioned, in the white plains, greenwich, princeton area. Since this is allowed to be posted, please feel free to email me at billysobrien at gmail dot com. croatbag, nycseth and others, please send me a referral!

    I spent some time at the Westchester dealership this week but best they could do was invoice pricing which is about 7% discount off of MSRP.

    BTW, anyone know when conquest expires??
  • Sengopalcricke, by the way, my email is billysobrien at gmail dot com if you want to reach out directly.
  • gunssgunss Posts: 7
    CarMan, do you know what types of deals are available for January, 2012 for the GL 450? conquest cash? MF, residuals? Thanks! If not CarMan, does anyone else know?
  • lan_roverlan_rover Posts: 8
    edited January 2012
    Ditto on GL350 and GL550. Looking at 24, 30, 36 month leases. Thanks
  • gunssgunss Posts: 7
    Carman, I'm being told that the Jan, 2012 conquest cash is now $2,OOO for all cars, whereas it was $4,000 for selected cars, including the GL, last month

    Any word yet on MF and Residuals? Thanks
  • gunssgunss Posts: 7
    Residuals for Jan are 66% for 24 months/10k miles.....
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    Pardon my silly question, but can somebody tell me - when you lease a car and calculate residual value - is it calculated from MSRP or selling price. When you say 66% - it means 66% of MSRP ( I think ) and than you take your selling price minus RV and calculate your lease payment...right ?

  • Hi gunss,
    You are correct. RV is calculated on MSRP.

    Please remember that a lease is based on three variables: Negotiated sales price; RV; and MF. In a monthly lease payment, the RV determines the monthly depreciation component while the MF determines the monthly interest charges. Then, in most states but not all, your tax is assessed on the monthly payment.

    My unsolicited advice is to put $0 down (cap cost reduction) and only pay 1st month's payment and any DMV fees. Additionally, check the MF to ensure its the base rate and consider ways to reduce the MF (e.g., one pay, auto pay, MSD) if you can afford it.

    My apologies for being pedantic as I'm simply trying to help.

  • Could you clarify what "One Pay" means? Is it one payment per year or one payment for the entire lease or something else?

    What is MSD?

    Finally, are the lease terms (ie MF and RV) different from model to model -- specifically GL550, GL450, GL350? I assume MF and RV change with the length of the lease.
  • Here's a quick primer.
    RV - fixed percentage that is set by the financial institution (i.e., non-negotiable) It is based on the lease term and mileage per year. And, naturally it varies from model to model.

    MF - there is a buy rate MF, and you need to make sure that the dealer doesn't mark up the MF as some do as an additional source of profit. MF does vary model to model, and you can ask CarMan for the RV and MF for lease and model of interest.

    There are a few ways to reduce MF.
    - one-pay = pay the entire lease immediately. Generally, this may provide anywhere from 0.00075 to 0.00085 reduction in money factor
    - auto-pay = direct deposit/deduction from your acct. Offers a 0.00010 reduction in MF
    - MSD = multiple security deposit. This is the most complex and not all dealers are aware. You pay a security deposit to buy down the MF, and each security deposit could offer a 0.00007 reduction in MF. MBFS allows you to pay up to 10 security deposits (=0.00070 MF reduction), so coupled with autopay, it represents ~2% reduction in interest charges. The best part is that you get the security deposits back at the end of the lease term.

  • Trying to figure out how you got that deal. I am being offered the following:

    MSRP $71570
    Sale price $63000
    MF .00131
    Residual 71%
    10k miles/year X 24 months
    $1800+ due at signing
    PAYMENT = $755 per month with NJ taxes included

    How am I $50+ more per month? Any help from you guys is greatly appreciated.
  • Thanks. That's very helpful.

    With the MSD how much is each deposit? Does the price vary month to month? Does MBFS or the dealer set the price? Is it negotiable? Do you get interest on the MSD? As you can tell I've never heard of this before.

    @CarMan, any info on Jan numbers for MF, RV for 24, 30 & 36 at 10k miles? I'm looking at the GL350 & GL450.
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