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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Lease Questions



  • Looking at this SUV with MSRP at $70,755. Edmunds says people are buying this for $59,257. Does this include the $10,000 mfr to dealer incintive? Also, what is the MF and Res for 36mths with 15K/yr? Thanks all.
  • Hi brentkhack. If I was in the market for an '09 GL320, I personally would shoot for a selling price of right around dealer invoice minus the ten grand dealer cash that is available on it right now.

    While the huge chunk of dealer cash that is available on this truck right now is very attractive, its lease program is not. Mercedes is no longer providing any lease support on the 2009 GL320. As a result, if you were to lease one through Mercedes-Benz Financial, you would have to use its standard lease program. Its current buy rate standard lease money factor is equivalent to an interest rate of nearly 9.5% :sick: .

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  • I was told the res. value was 48% and the rate was between like 3.75% to 4.25% at one dealer. But they haven't called back to see if they can get access to this vehicle. One dealership in Houston has all 5 GL 320's. And that dealer didn't call back to give me how they come up with ~$1350/mth on a 36mths/15K lease. I don't want to hear MB dealers in Houston cry that they cant sell anything. And I am a returning cust. to turn in my current MB lease 5 mths early (current MB program).
  • What lease deals do you see on the 2010 Mercedes GL 450? How much are they coming off the MSRP? thanks
  • wlrdlrwlrdlr Posts: 15

    I am interested in leasing a 2010 GL350 Diesel

    The dealer offered me the following deal.
    MSRP $70,795
    Selling price (claims to be) $64,560
    39 months / 12K miles yr
    $7000 total driveoff, $845 per month including 8.75% tax

    How much more of a better deal can I get? My target is $7500 down with $750/month incl. tax for this car

  • agrawalagrawal Posts: 49
    Know the bad side of this vehicle first before you buy it. If you fill with gas get ready for big expenses.
  • wlrdlrwlrdlr Posts: 15
    I am well aware the gasoline versions are gas guzzlers.

    Is there a bad side to the diesel? its 50-60 cents cheaper per gallon than 91 where I live.
  • agrawalagrawal Posts: 49
    If by mistake someone filled up gas then it will cost you arm and leg to fix it and if you drove the car with gas in it forget it you will spend your life time saving.
  • kopierkopier Posts: 7
    I did the math and the actual payment with term you included should be $791.00 includeing 8.75% tax

    the residual is 52%
    rate factor - .00135

    I do have to say however the selling price is very aggresive what dealer is offering this deal? I am in the market for a 2010 GL 450 and I am going to Fletcher Jones in Newport on Thursday to try to make a deal. Let me know and by the way $7500 down for $7500 is a little tight - You are almost there. Thanks
  • wlrdlrwlrdlr Posts: 15
    Mercedes of South Bay. They have a huge inventory as they are a volume dealer.
    Talk to Sung Park (nice, decent, wants to move cars)

    Don't waste your time on FJ if you are looking for a good deal - they are good [non-permissible content removed] kissers but I don't think its worth paying thousands more for :)
  • sshassshas Posts: 1
    Love the advice and wondering if you/anyone can assist?
    Looking to move into a 2010 GL450 with a P2 package, running boards & Parktronic.

    The numbers are:
    MSRP: 71,225
    Invoice: 67,702
    Lease based on 66,272

    MB is absorbing 6 least payments on my E350 of 595 or 3600.
    I pay taxes upfront and additional money down of 8300.
    Monthly payment of 799.
    Lease Term is 36 months - 12K a year.

    Wondering if this makes sense to you. I like the numbers based on my previous review at two other dealers in the tristate area.

    Your thoughts?

  • wlrdlrwlrdlr Posts: 15
    Your are getting about a 7% discount off the MSRP. I just bought a GL350 from South Bay for 11.25% below MSRP and buy rates.
    The dealers have about 12.25%-12.5% in a Mercedes, before any lease cash, so the amount below invoice doesn't matter, it the discount in percentage from the MSRP that matters.
    Assuming you are getting buy rates, you should be able to get the car for $8K total driveoff and $750 or a little more including tax with 36/12K.
  • Hi! I am interested in a 2010 GL450 lease for 39 months/12k miles a year. list on the car is 67,855. It has the P1 package, ent system,running boards. The price we got to lease is $829/mo with total $6800 out the door down (includes tax,title,etc and $ down). How do I know if this is a good price? i have shopped around the area and it seems comparable, but based on things I have seen online, I am not sure. I just want to make sure I am not getting taken advantage of -

    Any thoughts would be greatly apprecaited. ps: how reliable are these cars?? :confuse:
  • wlrdlrwlrdlr Posts: 15
    The deal you are getting is not great, but also not a total drek (I figured if your username is oyvey you would understand what drek means :)
    Compare it to the national ad on with $6500 driveoff and $719+tax for a car that is $2000 cheaper and for 10K miles per year. The GL450 has a good residual, and even with $2000 difference in sticker, you should end up paying no more than $30 or so more per month with the same down for 36 or 39 months.
    November rates for the GL450 is slightly better than October (residual is the same and MF for 36+ months is .00124)
    If you want a good deal, got to a large dealership like South Bay in SoCal (ask for Sung) that has a large inventory and doesn't need to milk every deal (Don't waste time on FJ )
    Bottom line: Aim for $6500 driveoff with $700+ tax for this car and see what happens - I think its easily doable. Good luck.
    The GL is pretty reliable. All MBZ cars, like all luxury cars, have their issues, and unless you got a lemon, you should not expect too many problems.
    Look at the big picture: Its a great car, fun, roomy, comfortable. It doesn't get any better.
  • thank you wlrdlr - and yes, I do know what drek means! I am MOTT -

    I will hold out for around $739 (including 6.25% tax) and see where it gets me. We used to live in the south bay, but now live in Boston, a little too far, don't you think :) Dealer here seems motivated, so I will keep you posted
    thanks for the feedback!

    enjoy the sun!! ;)
  • So this is the lastest deal:

    2010 GL450
    Artic white/ blk interior

    P1 package, running boards, dvd install in headrests,

    Deal is $6800 out the door, 36month/12 year

    $749/mo lease.

    This is around 700 plus tax like another person mentioned. I am in no rush for the car and am wondering if I might be able to get a lower payment towards year end -

    any thoughts??

    thanks!! :confuse:
  • Looking to lease a new GL450. Premium 1 package, appearance package, and towing accessories. MSRP = 67725. 36 or 39 mo's, 12k/yr.

    What would be a good monthly number - is it possible to get better terms than what's being offered through their sales event?
  • Is this good, bad or avg:

    MSRP 70225
    6200 drive off (includes first payment)
    840/mo including tax (7% tax)

    3 yrs 36k
  • wlrdlrwlrdlr Posts: 15
    I'd say its between average and good.

    I do think the most you'd still be able to squeeze out of the dealer another $50-$60 per month (excl. tax) but even if you don't get that much you're still in good shape
  • We drove 2 hours to a dealership on Sunday and when we got there he said he thought the car was on the lot but it's actually in transit (on a truck) and should get here Tuesday or Wednesday. Well, still no word on arrival. We have already signed the paperwork and were given a loaner car, but I'm starting to get impatient. We are paying for the GL and we want it. Has anyone else experienced anything like this with a dealership?
  • Hi oyvey247. Good job at negotiating. $749 per month is certainly a lot better than $829 or whatever you were originally quoted. The one thing that bothers me about this deal is the huge chunk of money that is due at lease signing. In the unfortunate event that your truck was totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered, there is a very good chance that part or all of the nearly $7,000 that you paid at signing will vanish. Needless to say that would be annoying. I always advise consumers to put as little money down as possible when leasing. Even though it would mean that your monthly payment would increase, that would be the safer thing for you to do.

    As far as how good a deal this offer is, as I mentioned earlier it is obviously a lot better than what the dealer was initially offering you. I would be happy to give you a more detailed evaluation of your deal if you provide me with this truck's MSRP and selling price. The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. Without this number, it is difficult for me to telll how large a dealer discount you are being given, and in turn if there is any meat left on the bone so to speak so close to Thanksgiving :).

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  • Hi Car man - Thanks for the response - The MSRP (including $875 for destination and delivery) is $66,595 but that price does include the aftermarket DVD entertainment system the dealer is putting in for me (and residualizing as well)(I need the DVD screens put into the back of the headrests so that my little girl can see the screens from the 3rd row - where she sits b/c she drives her brothers crazy!!). The actual DVD price was not listed on their quote, but they said they would do it included in the $749/mth.

    As for the $6800 down, if something happened to the truck, wouldn't my insurance cover that? We want a low lease number per month b/c we already just bought a MB350 with no $ down and that payment is $900/month!

    Also, do you know anything about the 2007,2008 GL's catching fire? I read a few things online and am not too keen on the Truck burning my house down - dealer knows nothing about it - Have they fixed this problem for the 2010??

    My current lease (MDX) is good til Oct 2010 but I can turn it in anytime - I am in no rush, just need a good deal. Was originally going to buy the Sequoia but their lease is $850 month! yikes!

    Thanks for all your help! Happy Turkey Day!! ;)
  • CarMan - I am looking at leasing a 2010 MB GL 450 - 12K miles - $5K down - P1 package

    What Money Factor should I look for ? Is .00124 the magic number?
    What Residual should I expect ? 55% ?
    What type of discount should I look for from MSRP? I heard that the dealers have roughly 12% to play with ?

    Have you heard positives or negatives on the web guys like Vehix or Fleetrate?

    Thanks for your help !
  • Hi!
    There seems to be a low supply of the new 2010 MB GL 350 Bluetec's around my area. They are hard to find!

    We are looking to lease one for 36 months. After calling four dealers, we finally found one. Here's what they are offering:

    MSRP $71,465
    (includes lots of extras I don't need.... P02, Lighting Package; 3 zone climate control; Infrared glass; Running Boards; Pre-wiring for Rear Seat Ent; Walnut wood trim

    $2800 down (includes 1st month)
    36 months, 12K/yr
    $1240 per month plus tax

    Any thoughts? Would love your input.
    Seems a bit high to me....
  • Hi shoefly2. .00124 is indeed MB Financial's current buy rate for this truck. 55% is its 36-month, 12,000 mile per year residual value. Make sure that the dealer that you're working with uses these numbers to calculate your truck's payment.

    I'm not personally intimately familiar with what the market is like for the GL right now, but if I was in the market for one I would look up its dealer invoice price here at (New Vehicle Pricing) and shoot for $1,000 over or better.

    I'm not familiar with Vehix or Fleetrate. Are they brokers? I'm not a big fam of brokers. I find that intelligent consumers are usually able to do just as well as or even beat brokers' deals by doing things on their own.

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  • Ok - We did it - bought the 2010 GL 450 and taking delivery monday! Phew!

    P1 package, running boards, prewiring for DVD (we are having after market DVD put into headrests on MB dime and they are residualizing it!), irridium silver, blk interior

    6500k down out the door (incld tax, etc), 36 month/12k miles, $739/mo
    (incld 3 years service - they will pick up my car (1 hr from dealer) and bring me a loaner!)

    We think we did pretty good -

    Any thoughts out there??

    I just need a new car at this point - the MDX I am driving dies weekly!!

  • oyvey congrats! do you mind posting the MSRP, cap cost reduction, and negotiated price. I am looking to lease one as well.
  • Hi Dollar!

    The msrp was $67,315, cash cap reduction was $4,206.51 and selling price was $62,100. We put $6500 down but probably could have gotten that a little lower. Ended up at $739/month (incld tax), 36 month lease at 12k miles. I think we got a pretty good deal.

    Originally they started their price at $829/month without the extras I wanted (paint color, running boards). As it turns out, the car they got for me had the parktronic (which i didn't really want) and NOT the running boards (which i need for the kids). So they ended up eating the cost of running boards and I got the parktronic too!

    Not sure where you live, but we bought this and (my hubby's Mercedes R350 last year) at Chambers Motorcars in Somerville, MA - They have the best deals as I priced out ALL the dealers near here (and in NH too!). They bent over backwards to get our business - even said they will drive out here (1 hr from their showroom),take my car and bring me a loaner if my car ever needs service. Not bad!

    All in all, very happy, car drives like a dream and hauls "you know what" on the road! Hope I answered all your questions! Good luck!! :)
  • Thanks Oyvey, I am NJ. one request for clarification, how much above below invoice did you get the car for? I plan no cap cost reduction payment.
  • We don't have the invoice on the car but the price we paid on the car (w/o the added options) was $59500 - Plus we paid the 3K for dealer installed DVD (doesn't cost nearly that much but dealer just threw in that number). We were more concerned about our monthly payment - Our sticker was $ 67,500 but they had to add running boards on their dime (see above). So we figure around 5k under sticker. Not sure if that helps. To get invoice you can look on Edmunds for prices. Invoices are tricky on leases - I suggest shopping your area to see who can give you the best deal - We started at 829/mth and got to 739/month with extras thrown in - Good luck!

    ps: Car is a dream to own - we are loving it!!!
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