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Honda Civic Lug Bug Problem

billlauxbilllaux Posts: 4
I just purchased a 2006 Civic EX 4 dr sedan with automatic transmission. Just found this great forum. What, exactly, is the "lug bug" problem I'm seeing on some of the posts? Does it apply to my car?


  • sheldo1sheldo1 Posts: 64
    Actually this problem has not been solved yet and I think the question is still valid. When you search this board (and others) you will find a lot of ideas but no solutions. My car has this problem but the dealer doesn't know how to fix it. Honda knows about it but again, doesn't have a solution.

    I think this problem is widespread enough to have its own thread. Hopefully, if Honda sees enough complaints, they will do something about this problem.
  • bigmike91bigmike91 Posts: 18
    I think that this is an excellent topic, especially since I am considering purchasing a 2006 Civic. If there are "posters with knowledge" who don't want to answer questions that are asked here, then they don't have to; no one forces people to participate in this message board. Does this "lug bug" problem affect the performance of the car, or is it just annoying?
  • dimon12dimon12 Posts: 10
    I have had my EX Auto for over a week and 650 miles and couldn't find no such "bug". It may have been exorcised by Honda engineers :) ...
  • bigmike91bigmike91 Posts: 18
    Pat, I hope you will keep this topic open. I know it is mentioned in the "Problems and Solutions" thread, but it is not discussed in detail, and I would like to learn as much about this topic from 2006 Civic owners as possible. And by the way, Slowpedaler's comment about letting the host do the moderating is good advice.
  • vinnycvinnyc Posts: 22
    I am totally agree with you. Consider the number of owners are having this problem. I am still suffering from that noise every day. And I am still waiting for some good news from Honda. This is the only place I can check. Please keep this topic open.

  • I hope you are correct but from reading this and related forums this issue doesn't necessarily show up at the very beginning of ownership rather it occurs as the car begins to break in. Usually 2-3K miles when it starts to occur. Please let us know when you have 3-4K miles on the odo if you DON'T have the LUGBUG!! Thanks. :) :shades: :surprise:
  • davhandavhan Posts: 21
    Please excuse my complete ignorance of not knowing what the hell a "lugbug" problem is, the person that started this off, how to find out about it from past posts.

    But...what is it? :confuse:
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Go to Honda Civic 2006+ and use the Search This Discussion feature. I'd search for lug bug (two words) rather than lugbug although it certainly wouldn't hurt to try both. You'll learn all you need to know.
  • bigmike91bigmike91 Posts: 18
    I assume that this problem does not occur when the car is new; if the problem was noticed on the initial test drive, then I would imagine that people would not be purchasing the cars. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me if this affects the performance of the car, or is it just very annoying.
  • dimon12dimon12 Posts: 10
    Sure, I will closely monitor the situation and will post if anything comes up. From engineering standpoint the only way for the problem to start happening at 2-3K miles would be premature engine mount deterioration, which would be very sad indeed...
  • bigmike91bigmike91 Posts: 18
    It seems extremely unlikely that there is a problem with the engine mounts on a car that is a few months old, but I guess nothing is impossible. One theory that I have read on other forums is that this is a computer chip problem.
  • leavenfish1leavenfish1 Posts: 65
    Sure, I will closely monitor the situation and will post if anything comes up. From engineering standpoint the only way for the problem to start happening at 2-3K miles would be premature engine mount deterioration, which would be very sad indeed..."

    Sad...but under warranty!
  • dimon12dimon12 Posts: 10
    I doubt it's a computer chip problem, since solid state device logic can't get changed by itself unless re-flashed. Another possibility may be that Honda uses some fancy liquid-filled or electronically controlled active mounts which give the new Civic it's amazing engine smoothness (smoother at idle than my 96 Camry V6) when they work, but their relative complexity (comparing to good old rubber bushings) may predispose them to failure at any time. Yet another theory may be that something wasn't screwed together properly, so it gets progressively looser with time and at some point gets so loose that it starts to resonate because it's natural frequency happens to coincide with engine vibration frequency at 1400-1500 RPM.
    Anyway, I hope that my car will be spared from this evil "Lug Bug" :) On the other note it still escapes me how Honda managed to make R18 engine so refined and smooth without employing counter-rotating balance shafts - heck, it's even smoother than Accord K24 with balance shafts...
  • bigmike91bigmike91 Posts: 18
    Just out of curiosity: are there any owners of 2006 automatic transmission Civics reading this who are NOT having this problem? I know Dimon12 is not, but his car has very few miles on it.
  • sms92sms92 Posts: 13
    Related to BigMike's question, is the "lugbug" occuring in most civics, some civics, a minority of civics?

    I did go back to the other threads and search lug bug but I could not get a sense of the risk of purchasing a civic right now OR the response from honda in correcting the problem . . .
  • mcapmcap Posts: 49
    There are two problems that are separate. The lug bug occurs at about 1,500 RPM. To me it sounds like the transmission is in too high a gear. You can get the same sound by not downshifting a manual when you should. Seems like Honda just doesn't have the shift points fully worked out but there could be a fix down the road.

    The other, is an idle vibration. This occurs at about 600-800 RPM when the car is in drive but at a full stop - much worse in cold weather. This is a separate issue and probably has a separate cause. Most people have the lug bug but only a lucky few, such as me have the idle vibration. No idea what's causing this one. Doesn't concern me that much although I may invest in the extended warranty to cover myself.

  • slowpedalerslowpedaler Posts: 62
    Mcap brings up a point that just occurred to me today. You automatic owners are describing a "lugging" sound at 1500 rpm. I drive a manual Coupe and can't imagine driving the thing around at that engine speed. I rev it to at least 2000 on even my gentlest accelerations. There's just no power below that. It's a Honda, after all. The company has a long history of burying the power and torque in the upper reaches of the rev-band. Their motorcycles are known for this, too. It sounds to me like the automatic is trying to do a job the motor's not built for.
  • crashbsdcrashbsd Posts: 1
    I have a 06 Civic EX sedan, AT with Navi, and I have not experienced this "Lug-Bug" problem at all. I personally am a car fanatic, and am very anal to how my car drives. At almost 16,000 miles, I have to say that this car runs perfectly! I do drive my car kind of hard though, so maybe that is the fix. Possibly by driving the car to higher RPMs (when the AT is about to shift, take your foot of the gas pedal for a brief sec), this might just clean out your fuel injectors. Of course this is just a theory. So please dont drive your civic beyond the redline. :)
  • mcapmcap Posts: 49
    I am unlucky enough to have both. The lug bug could be solved by driving in higher RPMs. That does nothing for the idle vibration though. I think both of these issues are worth looking into but I don't think they will affect the car long term. Don't overreact. For now, it is largely a cosmetic issue. We dont' know if it will affect the engine. And, if enough people complain about it, Honda may issue a fix.

  • slowpedalerslowpedaler Posts: 62
    I'm curious about something. I was able to create the noise/vibration y'all are talking about with my manual Civic at 1500 rpm. It was obviously lugging the motor and needed a downshift. Is this happening in every gear on the aotomatics, or just at low speed in 5th/OD. Does the Civic Auto have an OD button so you can turn it off around town? My automatic Boxster used to cruise in 5th all the time, but it had the torque to pull it off. My Civic definately needs downshifts to keep from lugging.

    The idle vibration is a different matter. Your dealer needs to fix that.
  • doan4udoan4u Posts: 105
    Woooow! I just hit 5,000 plus mile on my honda Civic Automatic 2006 sedan. I seem to notice NO problems with "Lug Bug". I can't barely hear my engine running at idle in the morning before work. After noon and evening, I can't even hear it at all. My opinion, it might happen to very minor Honda Civic. I might be a lucky or fortunate individual that don't have any problems yet. :P
  • Good for you. Keep us posted!!! Is you VIN 1,2, Or J??? :surprise: :)
  • doan4udoan4u Posts: 105
    One area I don't now. What "VIN 1,2, Or J???" where you find it? Since last chat. I hit 7,000 plus mile now. Have my free oil change at the dealership. Currently try to install blue neon light beneath my driver and passenger foot areas. Any one have a ideas or clue where 12v would locate in the dashboard? I don't want to used headlight. The only option left in where the fuse box. I need to purchase the harness for it.
    :P :shades:
  • Does your Vehicle Identification Number begin with a 1,2,or J. 1.= made in the USA. 2.= Made in Canada, and J=Japan. Your VIN should be visible through the bottom of the front windshield driver's side where the glass meets the body of the car. Canada made cars seem to have the most problems at the moment. USA made cars also having lots of problems and I think Honda has quit importing Civics from Japan. Hope you car serves you well, keep us informed on how it does. :D ;) :shades:
  • doan4udoan4u Posts: 105
    Got me so curious. I went out and look at it. It number 1= made in the USA. :P So far no problems, Look where I park in the garage, It like this every day.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Never worry getting bumper to bumper, dents from other door etc.... :P
  • jesseycyjesseycy Posts: 1
    Hi all!

    I've actually noticed the threads quite a bit, as I have the same noise for ">my civic too... (New Zealand/Japan version, 1.8S).. Talked to Honda Direct (doesn't work on a dealership basis here), very good service, they send a tech out to ride with me, noted the noise....

    Few days later, they confirmed that even for their own Civics, it was making the same noise, so it's a "model-wide" thing over here I guess.... They assured me it should cause no problem though, so I guess maybe I'll just live with it and try not to hover around the 1500rpm mark....

    Till hopefully they find some sort of magic solution!


    That's the type btw...
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    To all who have this problem and still monitor this thread I have found a Honda service bulletin #06-059 that seems to address the problem. It is titled "Buzzing from the engine at low rpm" I know...doesn't sound like it comes from the engine but the symptom is listed as "a buzzing (vibration? my interpretation inserted here) from the engine under light throttle (1300-1700 rpm)or at idle while in gear". The S.B. lists the vin's of affected cars and there are a lot if the serial number is the sequential build number. It also lists the faulty part number the part number of the new part etc. The actual service bulletin is quite lengthy but esentially Honda seems to believe it is the belt tensioner....Probable cause: "the drive belt layout allows drive belt tensioner noise to be heard in the passenger compartment". The fix is a longer re-routed drive belt. Ask you dealer for more details..Hope this is THE FIX
  • vinnycvinnyc Posts: 22
    Thanks targettuning for the infmation.
    I took mine in yesterday. They fixed for me without any questions. I have test my car while I was driving it to work this morning. The noise and the vibration seems to be reduced a lot. It definitely worth to get this fix done!
  • kwk1kwk1 Posts: 39
    Just a quick question.
    Is the "lugbug" problem only with the automatic transmissions?

  • I expect you could get a manual to do it if you short shifted it so it ran under load ~1500rpm.
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