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Chevy Suburban Maintenance and Repair



  • Tom, here is what the invoice says:
    "Replaced T.P.S. and clear MAG meter."

    He described it to me as a rheostat - must be GM jargon.

    The T.P.S. part was $64 and labor was $60

    Good luck.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    TPS might be the Throttle Position Sensor
  • That's it - that's what he said!!
    Thanks for clearing that up.
  • thank you george, i really appreciate this. mine must be shot, now, because it died 4 times trying to start it earlier today. i will try and find a reputable place to have this looked at, not the dealer.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Just because your symptoms might appear similar, it does not mean that the problem or defective part is the same. Take it somewhere where they can read the error codes (or buy yourself a scangauge from - thanks to another poster on this board). There are other OBD readers as well, some cheaper that don't have all the features of ScanGauge if you google the internet you can find them. The error codes for each model vehicle, will point to specific parts that could be the problem. Much better to take a logical diagnostic approach to any problem, as opposed to throwing unnecessary parts at it.
  • my suburban isnt giving any error codes, of any sort. ive taken it into Autozone, and nothing.
    and plus, with it being so old, i wouldnt mind replacing it anyways, to prevent it FROM breaking if it isnt the cause
  • ive diagnosed and fixed the problem. the automatic choke needed adjustment. a friend did that for me.
    now, runs like a new car
  • Excellent Tom! I miss the days when we could work on and diagnose our own problems. I live in a cold weather climate, often park the car outside during winter and consequently seem to have lots of electrical problems the type which I cannot fix or determine what they are. From door locks and windows that freeze up to bad throttle position sensors it seems I am always having problems.
    I have a 1976 BMW 2002 - a pure mechanical beast and it loves the cold weather (a little dicey driving on ice with rear wheel drive though) - when things break, I know it and can fix it.
  • kpzerrkpzerr Posts: 2
    My son has a 96 Suburban K1500 4WD 5.7L. It does not want to shift to any gear till it reaches 3500 RPM. Any suggestions?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Have the same Suburban, and just had that exact problem (<90Kmiles). Lost 2nd (and reverse) so it winds out 1st till it can go to third.

    Needed to have the transmission rebuilt. There is a small drum in there, which for the 96's was not a hardened steel and it breaks where it attaches to a shaft. When I described the symptoms to my local AAMCO, they predicted the problem as this is apparantely a very common failure for that model. You don't want to drive it until repair, as the metal pieces can float around and mess up the other gears. I drove it home about 10 miles after realizing that I lost 2nd gear, and then had it towed to the transmission shop. Had two other gears that chipped because of the pieces in that short 10 miles. I saw all of the pieces during the repair process.

    I did not realize that reverse went out as well, until AAMCO suggested that I should check it as that drum makes both 2nd and reverse work.

    You're looking at a 1500-2500 dollar repair, depending if there are additional pieces that need replaced.
  • breecebreece Posts: 1
    can someone tell me where the MAP sensor is on my 1997 chevy suburban?
  • Figure out where it is? I have 97 Suburban too - it never died but was hesitating when I gave it gas. They replaced throttle sensor positioner and reset MAP sensor
  • Can anyone tell me for sure if my 04 suburban LT has a replaceable cabin air filter? I bought one, and I can not find where it is, nothing about it in the owners manual, and not under the dash like I have read elsewhere.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hello All:
    New to the site. Wanted to see if any of you could help me with this one: Just purchased an 04 Suburban for my wife. Vehicle was previously owned by a retired comercial airline pilot. I suppose after 30 or so years of the flight tower knowing where he was all of the time, he decided that he did'nt want anyone knowing where he was in his vehicle, so he took a pair of side cutters and clipped the top of the On Star antena off (this part costs $35.00 in case your wondering). I replaced the antena and it still does not register with On Star, so I'm assuming that it's not getting power. Is On Star on its own fuse, or is it something deeper? Thanks in advance.

  • Recently have developed a draft coming from under the passenger side of the dash on my 2000 Suburban. No issues on the drivers side. In freezing temps and at highway speeds the cold overrides the heat coming out the vents. The draft is almost enough to blow out a BIC lighter. Covering the gap below the glovebox and the lower dash trim allows the cabin to warm, but obviously is not a fix. Any idea how outside air may be entering?
  • kpzerrkpzerr Posts: 2
    I do not believe we have the same problem. I have reverse. This transmission has been rebuilt about six months ago. The transmission people say they do not know what the problem is. I can not help but think this is a problem with a sensor or bad electrical connection but have not been able to find it.
  • hi again. i was just wondering if it is nomal for an 88 suburban to "slam" into reverse, or rather make a hard thump. it does this very time, and has been doing it since i got it, with no fade in slams. the rest of the gears are smooth as silk.
    is this just what they do?
  • On two occassions vehicle has refused to start in the driveway. If I add fuel then it will start and run normal even though the vehicle definately was not out of fuel. Now vehicle will occassionally shut off while deaccelerating from high speed (I-95 type speed) and will eventually restart and run normally. No OBD codes. Fuel pump can be heard at ignition even in no start stage. Fuel filter changed w/out results. All symptoms occur when fuel tank is less than half full. Adding fuel definately eliminates the problem at least temporarily. Any ideas?
  • I have a 2000 Suburban. Just recently the sound that is made while the turn signal is on comes on randomly. The light work fine but the signal will often not turn off. I am not sure where to start. Help?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Well I think you know it isn't 'normal'.

    Question is, is the problem worth the effort and cost to fix it.
  • you see, i dont know if it is "normal" or not. thats why i would like to hear from someone that owns this model year suburban to compare reverse shifting.
    naturally, all vehicle transmissions shift differently. and while new transmissions shift smoothly and if it slams into gear, then it is un-doubtably a problem. older vehicles are different, much harder and less refined.
    if this, however, isnt in fact normal, it will not be fixed. i wont fix it because it doesnt "need" it, the transmission shifts like silk in the forward gears and i have gotten used to it. like most of my feelings about this vehicle, if it breaks, it breaks. i wont drop a penny into a suspected problem until it actually does become a problem. or i might fix it, i dont know. but sometimes a good and capable hunting rig i can drive up and sleep in sounds nice.
  • earlier this morning, i got in the car with my kids and started my new 99 tahoe. it started flawlessly the first time, but my daughter wanted her ipod out of the house, so i had to shut it down. when i tried to start it again, all it did was crank and crank and crank. pumping the gas pedal did nothing. i did however, get it started by standing on the gas pedal, to the floor, while it cranked. it sputtered some then...RHOOOAAAARRR. now, it runs fine. it hasnt done it since. i will also mention that i live in washington, and here its about 27 degrees out and very snowy. i got this car about a week ago, and its already causing problems. very weird
    any ideas?
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    Today I had a customer come in with a '07 Suburban. It has the heated washer fluid feature. The weather here is about 20 degrees. He fired up his truck and turned on the washer to clear the windshield. A lovely crack formed in the center of the glass. Unfortunately, he has a rock chip on the windshield (which the crack runs out from), so this is not a warrantable repair. GM would probably cover cracked windshields if this happens without a preexisting chip. (if still under 3/36 warranty, of course)

    So be careful-if you have heated washer fluid, you could get a cracked windshield if you use it on a cold day.
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    70ss454Man said: i got this car about a week ago, and its already causing problems. very weird
    Your '99 model is now 7 or more years is not expected that a vehicle that old would not occaisionally have some problems. It sounds to me like somehow the engine was flooded and that caused the starting problem. By "standing" on the gas pedal enough air entered the system to get the engine going again.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Right, I was thinking the same thing. I wouldn't consider it weird, I would consider it 'expected' to have problems. Many reasons to get rid of older cars, and having a bunch of problems that you don't want to fix is one of them.

    When I buy used, I've planned for the worst, and hope for the best.
  • Hmmmm. It did it again today, and I had to do the same thing to get it started. Could something be clogged?
  • I have a 2001 Chevy Suburban 2500, 2WD w/ 6.0L engine. We purchased it from a Chevy dealership back in 2002. It was a GM buy-back, for the same reasons it's now having.

    Having a problem with stalling. It usually happens after backing out of parking areas when vehical returns to idle while shifting from reverse to drive. It then become difficult to restart. Also during this issue if vehical doesn't stall it starts exibiting erratic idle. The vehical also seems to idle low 550rpm down to 400 and lower on occasion.

    I have attempted to locate the idle air valve but it doesn't seem to have one in the location in the manual (on throttle body by altinator). I can only find what I believe is the Throttle position sensor in that location.

    Vehical doesn't do this all the time but nore times than not and seems to be more often during cool/cold weather.

    Any help or idea would be gratly appreciated.

  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    I would suggest replacing your fuel filter. Its a quick easy item, that is probably due to be done, and it could certainly explain your problem.
  • I seem to have a similar problem. I have a 99 Tahoe, with 130k miles. Recently, in under 30 degree weather, it would not start. Had spark and gas. Seemed as though engine was flooded. Poured gas down the throat, and it would not start that day, but the following day it started. However, the following morning it again did not start. I had the fuel pump, and fuel filter changed. It started fine for a few days. However, now it did not start again. Had mechanic friend make house call. Hooked it up and found no abnormal readings. Changed 4 spark plugs on driver side. Started great. The old plugs (not really old, changed in July) were wet. What is causing the flooding? One mechanic speculated the spider-something-or-another. Another speculated that all I need is Heat in the gas tank.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Problem could be on the fuel side, or on the spark side.

    If the fuel mixture is not ignitable because it is too rich or lean (assuming a perfect ignition system), then the plugs will foul with excess gasoline and be flooded.

    If the mixture was correct (assuming a perfect fuel system), but the ignition had a problem in not firing the plugs with enough voltage and/or at the right time.....then again the engine would be flooded.

    You need to suspect and check both sides of the equation.....takes both to Tango.
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