Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Interior and Dashboard

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Ok, i feel like an idiot and I know I'm not. I recently bought my truck which has the standard solid bench seat. I have no owner's manual. For the life of me, I can not figure out how to get the back of the seat to fold forward/down. I have looked everywhere for a release. It seems aparent that it should fold because it will move back and forth a little bit until it hits a stop. Can anyone help me? Thank you.


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    I got a 93 ck 1500 a while back and have the same problem, I still haven't figured out how it works. Every now and then it does fold forward but I have no ideal what I do different when it does. Sorry I can't tell ya something.
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    I have never gotten my to fold. I did speak on the phone recently with the service department of a local Chevy dealer. I was told there are 2 types of bench seats for that year. One of them has a small release lever on the drivers side rear of the seat which often gets covered by the upholstery. There is another seat that is supposed to have a safety mechanism to keep the seat from coming forward in a crash, but should rock back and forth and release. I can not get mine to work nor find a release lever. He told me if I couldn't get it to work to come by and he'd show me. I may do that today. If I find anything out I'll let you know. Thank your for responding.
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    I did finally make it by one of the dealerships here. No one seemed to know anything about it. Basically, I was told in so many words that it's too old. No one ever brings those to the dealership so they just really didn't know. Way to go Chevrolet. Glad the rest of my vehicles are Lincolns.
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  • efultzefultz Member Posts: 4
    I have a 2003 Silverado whose speedometer is not working right. Is there a way to repair this or do I have to replace the entire instrument cluster? Is this something I can do or do I have to send it out (or have the mechanic do it)?

    I have seen people indicate the dealer quotes $500 but I am assuming that is to replace the entire instrument cluster.

    Could there be a recall for this?
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    I bought this '99 Sierra SLE 4wd auto ext cab new. 83k miles. Intermitently my fuel gauge goes from full to empty, regardless of fuel load. My shift selector only shows up if I push the odometer reset button? What the ???
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    I have a 99 Sierra SLE 2wd auto ext cab 5.3L. At around about 120,000mi my gas guage started doing the same thing. I now am at 137,000 and it still does the same thing. I,m not sure what is causing it. Thankfully that is the only problem I have had.
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  • sqhd8sqhd8 Member Posts: 3
    I took my truck in for service at the local GMC dealer, always a scary proposition, the word on the fuel gauge is it is the sensor in the tank. $500 - $600 to fix...great.
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    Anyone else had this problem? I can be driving down the road and the whoel panel will go blank. It also feels like the truck shifts down out of over drive. After a few seconds it comes back on. I have taken my battery cable off at the battery and noticed some corrosion on it so I cleaned it. Drove it and didn't have the problem today. Just curious if anyone else had this problem
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    Sounds like you found and corrected the problem. Modern vehicles must have clean tight electrical connections everywhere, both +positive and -ground, or all sorts of screwy things happen. Even a weak, not dead, just a weak battery can cause problems.
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    Just recently bought a used 05' Sierra. Great truck so far but one thing I need to do is replace is the passenger mirror. It has a crack in but the turn signal still functions and the motor still works for position. Obvisously the mirror is one with the turn signal built into it and I am looking for anyone to walk me through the process of replacing it?? Dealer quoted me $217 for just the mirror part, I am assuming I do not need to replace the whole mirror unit but just the glass?

    Anybody relplaced the mirror before? Anybody know where I can get one cheaper?
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    I just had some of the gauges go out on my truck. The speedo, Batt, Tach, Fuel, Oil Press. It got down to -10 below, and when I started diving these gauges had stopped working. Everything else seems to be working fine ( NO CODES showed up) Can someone shed some light on this issue. I think it might be a relay, or something like that. Thanks
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    Man, where are you located that it has gotten to -10 already?

    Anyway, after your vehicle warmed up and the interior warmed up did the instruments etc start working again?
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    Yes it did, but it was sure strange, and Yes I am at the North Pole AK. It was -20 today and getting colder.
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    I just purchased a 2000 Silverado and had problems with air flow direction. I removed the lower dash panels and found that some previous owner had devastated the plastic heater housing. This makes me think he had problems with the air flow also or other heater problems. I replaced the heater control panel and can see that 1 of the gates moves. One further back is hanging by only one end. Question is how hard is it to replace the whole plastic heater housing? Does the heater and all have to be removed to replace it? Any directions greatly appreciated ASAP as cooler weather is on it's way. There is no air movement to the side vents or the defroster causing me to replace the plastic housing
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    My 2003 3500 Dmax did the same thing last week. I took it into our hobby shop to work a separate hard starting issue and once the truck warmed up the gauges worked fine, haven't had that problem since,but the truck still doesn't want to start when it is colder than 0. I'm at Eielson and yep the great weather here is upon us.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    Electronics aren't designed to work in extreme climates. Extreme heat or cold will cause circuit boards or even plug-in connectors to expand or contract thereby losing continuity, usually grounding but not necessarily.

    You could pull the dash and go over all the connections and plug-in components but that would probably be an exercise in futility. Best solution would be to put a small electric heater in the cab to keep a reasonable temp in the cab overnight. Then again, unless you are using a engine heater you may well have a problem with the sensors etc under the hood not working until warmed up.
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    My 2004 Sierra is doing the exact same thing. The speedometer intermittently display the wrong speed.

    Have you heard any more about this problem since you first posted?
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    I just can't seem to figure this one out. I have a 98 chevy. On occassion - When I turn on the headlights, the instrument panel lights go out and both blinkers light up. In addition, the high beam light comes on even though the lights are on low beam. After a few minutes of driving, the instrument panel lights come on like normal to include the blinker lights and high beam light. I am also wondering if whatever problem this is is causing battery drain. Help!
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    Mine is acting up also, 99 silverado. There is a gate above the gas petal that was hanging up. I was able to move this gate but was unable to get it to work. Will probably have to replace the actuator motor. Hard to work on and is in a tight spot. Let me know if you find the fix.
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    I finally found a guy that had bought some trucks in New Orleans that had been in the flood during the hurricane. He was replacing everything in the cab. Bought the whole heater/air conditioner assembly for 50 bucks. Then decided to let someone else do the work. Cost me 447.47 more but I had a new heater core installed. Books says it was 6.7 hours work. I also had them use the actuators that hadn't been in the flood off of the old unit. Works fine now and the cold weather is here.
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    Did you ever figure out how to replace it? I tried prying the back of the mirror housing out, but was afraid to push too hard. Also tried to pry the gasket off, but was afraid to break it. I already scratched it trying.
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    Yes there is a problem with the gauge clusters on GM cars and trucks from about 1995 and up. As far as I could tell there is no recall. I would add that the problem is not only with GM but most other cars that have electronic dashes. The fix is to have your gauge cluster rebuilt. I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado. My gas gauge just went out. Every time I turned on the key the gauge would go about a ¼ of an inch farther clockwise. My shop checked it out with their plug in computer to check codes and do diagnostic check on the truck. During the check the plug in computer cycles the gauges, my gas gauge would not cycle. But the computer said that my gas tank was 45% full of fuel. That told us that the gas gauge was bad. According to the blogs on the Internet the two most common gauges to fail are the speedometer and the gas gauge.

    Now we come to the bad news. Through the Chevy dealer here in Tucson it’s about $550.00 to send the gauge cluster off a get it rebuilt. Plus about $100.00 to pull it out and reinstall it. The price was the same at the repair shop that I use. Again according to the blogs on the Internet that’s the common price everywhere.

    Now for the not great news, but almost good news. As I searched the Internet for information after about 8 hours I found Tom Jeroski at Mr. Whizard Technical Services (yes I know he has an h in wizard it must be the way they spell it in Canada) Toll Free 1 888 803 8523. Tom does flat rate repairs for most electronic gauge clusters. I sent my gauge cluster Mr. Whizard with his supplied prepaid UPS label, which is covered in this flat rate price. Yes that’s right shipping is covered both ways for UPS ground. The only small problem is that it takes two weeks for the round trip. But again the good news is that the truck will run and drive with out the gauge cluster.

    On the Mr. Whizard website you will find instructions on how to remove your gauge cluster. I was able to unsnap the dash trim (one piece) and pull my gauge cluster out (the cluster is held in with four 7 mm screws) and put back the dash part in under15 minutes. It was a snap to say the least. lol

    The flat rate for my 2003 Chevy Silverado truck was $169.00 US. Tom lives in Canada so you will see an exchange rate thing on your credit card but it still comes down to $169.00 US. By the way Tom did both my gas gauge motor and my speedometer motor for the one flat rate charge. Tom said he likes to replaces the GM speedometer motor because they fail so often.

    I put the gauge cluster in today and it works great. Saved $381.00 to 481.00 depending on whether you do the work yourself or not. Now I can go get that GPS unit I wanted.
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    Try an autoparts store they should be able to order the mirror. If you have to replace the whole assembly the mirror is held on with 3 bolts to access them you have to remove a small triangular piece of trim on the inside of the door, then remove the foam,disconnect the wiring harness,and unbolt the mirror.
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    Check out this link for EASY mirror removal w/pics for
    mirror glass replacement:

    Not sure on the cost of the replacement heated/signal
    mirror glass. The heated only glass is around $30 with
    discount at dealer or try GM parts

    The crack is a common problem and dealer should fix
    if under warranty................
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    My speedometer quit working. The dealer said they had to replace the whole cluster for only 450.00 but that was for them to install it. I ended up getting a reconditioned one for 250.00 and installed it myself. That was back in June.Now the new one just broke and its only warrented for 1200 miles. So now I have to get another one.I think it would be cheaper to go to school to fix the #!/@% things. The dealer said the place they order from are GM certified Itold him not to brag about that.
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  • engine103engine103 Member Posts: 3
    After 60,000 + miles, my drivers seat heat has become inop. only staying on for a few minutes before shutting off on it's own. Is there a circuit breaker for this or is it on a thermostat. Thanks
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    Well I recently purchased a used 1500 with 160k on it. It runs quite well, doesn't appear to have the common engine clanks that most have in the cold weather. However while driving, or parked I noticed that my oil guague sits at about halfway and just jumps up and down. I hadn't seen anything about this being a common issue so I thought I'd ask and see what you all thought. If worse comes to worst I'll just have to take it in and get it looked at.
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    Exactly how far does it jump? Are you talking about the needle or the gauge itself? When parked it jumps as the idle remains unchanged?
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    My 02 just started doing this and while I haven't fixed it yet, I suspect the sending unit is worn where it spends the most time. Doesn't do it when it's cold or if you rev the engine a little to get the sender to a different spot, so I suspect a new sending unit will fix it. Good luck ,Jim
  • fiddelm3742fiddelm3742 Member Posts: 3
  • fiddelm3742fiddelm3742 Member Posts: 3
    Well after watching it a little more closely it appears to stable out while I accelerate, however when i sit idle it moves from about the halfway point on the gauge about a quarter of an inch. Its not a constant rise and fall it bounces up and down. So... sending unit?
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    Ok guy big problem with my 99 z71 truck (im setting with 96,000 miles right now)
    Im supposed to leave town tomorrow on a family thing but the other day my speedometer just died on me and went strait to 0MPH for no reason at all now the crazy thing is when I lay off the gas (or touch the brake) the speedometer acks like it wants to work and the needle jumps up but then the very second it jumps up it drops strait back to 0mph…
    I took the truck in and the mechanic installed a new sensor but it was still having the same problem (he said he has never seen this type of problem before) so what can I do to get this problem fixed???

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Most likely your instrument cluster has failed.
    Common issue on 03+04 trucks. First post I have
    seen on a 99 model..............

    Check out or
    You will prob. find more info. there.........
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    chev 1500hd Silverado lt loaded. Fan in the headliner is rattling. Has anyone found any information on why this is there or how to replace the thing. Figure it has something to do with keeping the onstar cool but that's going away the end of this year anyway (analog). Any information would be of help. Thanks and ChevON!!
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    i own a 1999 chevy silverado reg cab. when i got it, it had an aftermarket cruise control in it. it did not work when i got it. i want to put in a stock control with a cruise control on it. looking at the things on eBay, the connectors look identical from the one w/o cruise and the one w/cruise. my question is can i simply buy a new one with cruise and install it. is it that easy? i want to know if these vehicles are prewired and ready for options it doesn't have, the speakers are as i found out but ya im not sure if a cruise control swap is that easy. thanks a lot
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    the fan is the temp. sensor for the climate control.
    Mine is making a loud buzzing sound. It started out doing it every couple days but now its all the time. Im getting ready to un plug it. I didnt know it had a fan it until I took it in to the dealer.
    They offered to replace it but I said I would wait and see if it stopped. It didnt so Im going to take it in soon.
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    Jtryer is correct it is a sensor for the temp for passenger controls. I work for the supplier that assembled the headliner for GM. GM is aware of the situation and fixed the issue, but after a few thousand vehicles were assembled. Take it in to dealer to get fixed. I have the ext cab and have not had an issue (yet). I can tell you you can not do it yourself as the headliner has to be removed to replace the PCAT sensor. The grill snaps in the sensor. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    Hi All, new to the forums here.
    looking for some in locating a replacement glove compartment door for a brown '89 sliverado.
    i'd loaned the vehicle to my bro-in-law, and it came back with the pin hinges on both sides broken off. i found the piece from one side on the floor, but the other side is completely gone. the only thing holding the door up when its open now is the plastice string supports.
    i've been looking around in various car part web sites, and have found pretty much everything BUT a glove compartment door. any suggestions?
    (i haven't been to a dealer to ask yet either)
  • meyertreemeyertree Member Posts: 2
    no ideas from anyone? none at all?
    okay then...does anyone have an idea about how to repair or replace the hinge pins?
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    I have a 1999 Sierra and the passenger's power seat moves ~ 1/4 to 1/2 inch when braking/accelerating. It just started to do this. Is there a lead screw or something that can be tightened/adjusted to take up the slack? I notice if I move it to the far back position, I don't have this play. Not sure about full forward.

  • dolphan456dolphan456 Member Posts: 3
    I have the same problem on both seats. I have been trying to get a solution for some time. I also recently heard a caller on a local DIY radio show with the same problem, the host suggested it was an unsafe condition, but had no other advice. It apparently is an issue with this model.
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    Bought seatcovers for my truck, but can't get headrests removed to put them on. Anyone got any advice? I have a 2007 Silverado 2500HD(new body style) crew cab. Pushing the little button only allows up/down adjustments, not removal.
  • fgjwfgjw Member Posts: 5
    In Canada it is a trip to SPEEDY AUTO GLASS and you are fixed up.
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