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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Bond8. Thanks for sharing the education website. Very helpful. Where did you get your car?
  • drkddrkd Posts: 1
    We are in the same boat. Looking to replace our 2004 RX 330 with the 2010 model and am frustrated that NO dealer in the southeast region even has a vehicle with the Mark Levinson package on the lot. I would like to experience it for myself before buying it. I've complained to Lexus directly only to get a runaround about "buyer preferences, blah blah blah". If it's not on the lot to "kick the tires" then how are people supposed to know whether they really want the option. I called the Newport News dealer and he said the same thing. Although he did admit that the dealership owner purchased a 2010 RX 350 with ML sound package for his wife. I don't get it! Very frustrating. Might even have to go back and give the Acura and Infiniti a second look. :confuse: Anyone out there actually experienced the ML system? Feedback? Is it worth the price? We are quite frankly disappointed with the sound system in our 2004 RX. Very baseline and cheesy if you ask me...not Lexus-worthy. Thought?
  • geekmageekma Posts: 20
    I am a bit frustrated with the dealers in the Seattle area. None of them will give me a quote on an RX 350, and don't appear to be interested in giving much of a discount. I guess they don't have much competition up here.

    I'm tempted to lease a car from a dealer somewhere in California.These are my assumptions/questions:

    If I lease the car from Lexus, it doesn't matter where I live and that I will pay taxes in the state that it is registered in.

    I can drive to CA and use my car as a trade-in.

    I can take it to the Lexus dealer of my choice for service, so it really doesn't matter where the car is purchased.

    Does anyone see a reason for establishing a relationship with a local dealer? Don't they all have to service all Lexus cars, regardless of where they were purchased? I have bought quite a few cars but never felt the need to have a close relationship with the dealer. Quite frankly, if I have to keep going back to the dealer I don't want to buy the car in the first place.

    Thanks for all of your help with this.
  • Agree with all your points. The quality of service is comparable during warranty period, whether or not you buy the car from the dealer. Sales and service department are not that co-ordinated in the dealership anyways. After the warranty is over, they all want to rip you off on service / maintenance / repair. Instead of dealer, it will help if you have a relationship with the service department or the actual mechanic (harder to do, because they don't let you get in touch with mechanic easily).
  • The lexus december to remember event doesn't offer much for people who want to buy, paying in cash. The best deals are in CA and NJ area. What do you guys think they will do after Jan 4 to keep selling? In your experience, are prices better in January / February, when the new model will be around the corner?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    I do not believe there are any incentives for cash sales, and I doubt new models will be introduced in February. I am purchasing a vehicle this week, so if you learn about any deals for purchase for the December sales event, please let us know.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    My local Lexus dealer's service manager stated that sales and service are two separate departments and they will do whatever is necessary to keep me happy even though the car was purchased elsewhere because they wouldn't meet my price requirements. Contrary to what sales told me, I still get the gourmet breakfast, free loaner and quick and dirty car wash. However if you don't have warranty issues, which are few; and can forgo those niceties, you can get the same parts and level of competency at a Toyota dealer for about half the price. My 2¢.

    Pete :)
  • geekmageekma Posts: 20
    I drove a fully loaded RX with the ML system.

    It was nice, but I'm not sure worth the extra $$$ over the system that comes standard with Navi.

    Especially if your freeways are as bad as ours are up here in WA.
  • bond8bond8 Posts: 33
    oncogene03, I bought mine from Herb Chambers in MA. I had bought mine way back in march. But I heard one more person in this person get a similar price as me.
  • Bond8. Thanks. Happy Holidays.
  • If you've paid that or less, please let me know where. Hoping to find in Texas but would pick up elsewhere. Thanks!
  • I have spoken to several dealerships in Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. And they have told me that this price ($41K with NAV) does not exist. Because I am holding out for that same price with NAV.

    I have received quotes without NAV for 2010 RX350 for $40K.
  • @ charlie99

    In NJ, I know a dealer that will sell with the Nav and remote starter for $42K, the no Nav package is $39K I am not sure where you are, but the $40K for no nav still a bit high. I have not seen below $41.5K for the nav one 2010 AWD that is!

    Happy holidays.
  • you have to go to the coasts to get the pricing (east or west)
  • All
    I am looking to close a deal on a RWD Lexus 350 with Premium and the dealer in Raleigh is offering the following

    """front wheel drive that are equipped
    with the premium package, wood package, cargo mat, cargo net and wheel
    locks. It carries an MSRP of $41006 and I can offer it to you for $38933
    + NC tax, NC tag and titling fees, so your grand total with everything
    would be $40649.99.

    Any recommendations on how much lower i can drag him.. I have seen quotes of 37000+TTL on similar configurations.. Can you pls tell me which dealers
  • You should be able to purchase that car from Park Place Lexus in Mission Viejo, CA for $36,000 with a waiver of California tax & license.
  • rar2rar2 Posts: 13
    I had a quote in Watertown, MA on 12/24/09 for FWD, premium pkg, wood\leather steering wheel, heated/ventilated seats, accy pkg, remote, cargo mat, accy pkg and wheel locks I believe for 36,886 excluding tax, title & registraiton. I am looking for AWD for little more than that, not sure I can get it, but...this is what they said the FWD would be. There are a number of things that the New England cars are automatically equipped with that may not be in your area (ie remote start).

    Hope this helps. similar to what marabunta said.
  • just got a quote over $37000, OTD about $42000 from Mission Viejo, CA.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    What is MSRP?
  • I did contact lexus of Mission Viejo, CA and got a quote of 37125+TTL. Also the sales guy said it did not include destination which was another 875.. Did you haggle after they sent you the quote..

    I am working the local dealers .... thx all for the tips and prices
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    What is MSRP? I live in new Englad and would only purchase an all wheel drive vehicle for those snowy days when I have to go to work.
  • llcpallcpa Posts: 2
    I've been quoted $43860 for a 2010 RX 350 AWD, Navi, Comfort and Premium package plus tax and tags. Went to 4 Lexus dealers in the MD/VA area and this was the lowest, is this a good deal? :confuse: Thanks!
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    What is MSRP?
  • llcpallcpa Posts: 2
    MSRP is $47390
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    There have been numerous discounts, per this forum, of over a $5000 discount.
    Maybe check with dealers this week as the year end is fast approaching.
  • jhl7jhl7 Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2010 RX350 AWD with premium package. MSRP $43715. Purchase price $37988. OTD $42093 after CA 9.25% tax + document fees. I hope it is a good deal.
  • Just purchased an RX 350 FWD with NAV, PM, and comfort package for 41500. In Dallas TX. Great sales person. Easy to work with. Actually a pleasant experience.
  • rar2rar2 Posts: 13
    Sorry for the late response rparis, I'm still in negotiation as I agree with you, you want the AWD up in NE. based on what i have been told you have to get the premium package, heated/vent seats, leather/wood steering wheel, backup cam in the rearview and remote start in NE. Which is fine for me.

    I can tell you they were at 36,886 with fwd and all the above - so figuring the awd is approx 1200 more based on that - however that's what they quoted over the phone ...but I'm still thinking it should be at 37-38K for the AWD car. I had quotes of 39202 from the internet spec -AWD, packages/features noted above no NAV and they were supposed to come down from there if you go in person - do NOT go to Chambers - Sharon, they say they are going to come down - but they didn't move one dollar.

    I am trading in and although had a price on the fwd wanted the awd and brought up the trade. Ended up saying i'll pay this plus my car. We still have a fair difference but something I'm hoping can be overcome. Still haven't made an arrangement, but still in touch with the dealer so hoping to wrap something up by end of year, if possible.
  • When I purchased mine I did not mention a trade-in until I had my price so that I would know what they were really giving me for my 2000 Tahoe. They offered me $3,000. I replied that they would have given me more than that when they were offering $4500 cash for clunkers. They said that is correct. I purchased the RX 350 with no trade-in and listed my Tahoe on Craigs List. First person who looked at it paid me $6,750. Trade-ins are usually not the way to go at a Lexus dealer.

    By the way, I just purchased clear mats for the front and a black Lexus rubber mat for my RX 350 via E-bay from Park Place Lexus in Grapevine, TX. They sell a lot of Lexus parts and accessories on E-bay and will combine shipping. Same items that they offered me at Park Place Lexus in Mission Viejo, but at lower prices and shipping was about the same as I would have paid for sales tax at the Mission Viejo store. They also have good prices on filters, filter wrenches and other items for those who tire of the service costs at the Lexus dealers.

    I purchased my 2006 ES 330 from Park Place Lexus in Mission Viejo, CA and paid their high prices for service up to and including the 30,000 mile service. However, once they had the car for the 30,000 mile service, I received an emergency telephone call from the service writer informing me about all the items that they discovered needing repair. I gave the service writer a telephonic authorization to repair most of the items and said I would wait on the non emergency repairs. I paid almost $2,000 for that 30,000 mile service for a car that my wife drives like a little old lady. The following day I took the car to a service facility to get a quote for the remaining work and was told the remaining repairs were not needed.

    After that I started taking the car to the facility that was not attempting to sell me work that I did not need. I later discovered that the service writers at the Lexus dealership are paid a percentage of the service work that they can sell you. When I purchased my RX 350 from Park Place Lexus in Mission Viejo, they were aware that I would not be using them for service after the two free service visits and the reason I would not use their service department. They told me that they would discuss the matter with the service writer, and I told them no. I feel it would be like sending back food that you don't like at a restaurant and did not want to allow someone that I complained about to have access to my vehicle.
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