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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You should try to get in touch with Jack B or Harry S at Tri County Lexus. They are great and will meet any price and beat it. Remember that there is an etching for 199 that will be tacked on.Ignore the dealer ratings these guys are amazing.
  • The offer i got today in NJ

    RX 350 AWD Navigation with additional options (Nav/Premium/comfort/tow prep/pref access etc etc ) + remote start - offer at 41836 + $900 (in fees including DMV+Etching + prep etc) + sales tax

    Is this good?
  • Hi All,

    I am considering leasing a 2010 Lexus Rx350 sometime early next year. I currently lease a BMW that I will return in February. I’ve read some of the entries in this forum regarding the deals being made on the RX and it appears that generally everyone is getting about $5K off of the MSRP. I didn’t negotiate a good deal with my current BMW lease so I want to be a much better negotiator this time around. My question is can I expect the price of the new 350 to decrease at all in the next 1 or 2 months? I wasn’t sure if when the 2010 year started the price would waver a little or if it was pretty much solid until the next release comes? I live in the Atlanta area and I’m looking to lease a 350 with Nav for 36 months/15,000 miles. What type of price should I be expecting/negotiating?

    Any advice you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • In New Jersey, many got their Rx-350 with arounf 5K off from MSRP. But currently, it appears to be difficult the get this discount. Maybe it is begining of the month. Generally, dealers are ready to make deals towards end of the month and are more eager towards end of a quarter. But there are no guarantees that same will hold true next year. Lexus and many other auto makers are not mass producing the cars like they used to and with deliberate low inventory of cars in dealerships, dealers are not that desperate to sell below invoice. But a good rule of thumb, a RX-350 with MSRP of 47250 should go for 42-42.6K. I dont think you can easily get a 5K discount on RX-350 with lower MSRP.
    My friend who totaled his BMW in an accident was surprised to get the replacement at close to invoice as BMW is also giving great deals till year end.
  • raj27raj27 Posts: 6
    Hi All,

    I am thinking about buying a used 2009 Lexus Rx350 FWD. It has Navigation, DVD/Entertainment system with dual screen on the back. Rain sensing wipers, leather and moonroof and has been driven for around 31000 miles. The asking price that we settled on right now is around 32500 +TTL.

    Considering that new base model of lexus will be sold for around $37000 with 5000 off base MSRP and as this vechile has got too many miles am concerned if this vechile worth the price or I should buy a new one instead.

    Please advice and share your thoughts on this ?

    Also advice what you think should be my target price for this vechile ?

    Thanks in Advance
  • Done deal!
    Called Tri in the morning, got Dave L (their internet guy) and offered 42K for AWD vehicle with Navigation. He said he would check with his Manager and call back. After three hr. I called again and this time got Jack B on phone. Explained to him about earlier conversation with Dave and that 42K price came from Edmunds forum where there are references of their matching Ray Catena prices. Half an hr. later got call back from Dave that the deal was done as long as I picked the vehicle color from their inventory. Drove to dealership in the afternoon, they had the color I wanted and settled.
    So 2010 AWD RX 350 (with navigation, comfort, premium, Tow, remote starter and destination etc.) MSRP $47625. Price paid 42K plus tax, title etc. Will pick the vehicle this Saturday.
    I have to admit that these folks at Tri are very nice and friendly, no pressure and try to please.
    Thanks to all the folks who posted their experiences here so that one is able to get best deals
  • In my opinion this is much too high for the miles on it. Even if you don't want the '10 due to styling etc, I'm sure you can get an '09 with a lot fewer miles at a better price. I also don't think you will be able to get a '10 with $37K msrp for 5K off--typically that discount is coming with a 47K msrp (I got a '10 for 42 with a 47.7 msrp)....good luck!
  • You may want to check out the Lexus owners forum--they have a good thread on leasing deals folks have been getting. Not sure anyone can tell if prices will be discounted any more in the future. New model year is supposed to come out in Sept. with minor changes, so not sure how much that will impact '10 prices....good luck!
  • Just wanted to add few more items on my experience. I was looking for the vehicle for almost a month yet the dealers were not willing to match the price. I even called outside state dealers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virgina. Pohanka Lexus in Virginia was worst and never even bothered to call back with what inventory they had. Towson Lexus in Maryland said they had never gone 5K off any MSRP (yet earlier in the forum there are references of otherwise). My best experience was with Lexus of Wilmington in Delaware. These guys are extremely nice and helpful. They did not have the car with features I wanted so they did the national search for me right on the phone and gave me nearest location of where the car was. One was in transit to south which they offered to divert for me and one was completing the production line in Canada which they offered to hold for me. Really amazing service!
  • It was an RX350, odo had 5500 miles on it.
  • I'm reading alot of entries about getting the elusive 5k off of MSRP. I'm not sure that is the correct way to look at building a deal on these cars and I don't think the conditions are ripe for these deals anymore. Here's why: For my example I will be using a 2010 RX AWD as available right now configurable on the Lexus website in the Northeast.

    1. Back in September (I think), Lexus increased the invoice price on the AWD from 33,998 to 34,977 without changing the MSRP. I never did receive a satisfactory explanation as to why.
    2. Per the Lexus website, the available configurations start at MSRP of 43,483 up to 47,910. The invoice range is 39,126 to 42,743, respectively. Factoring in a modest TDA of 600 and then taking out the Holdback (387) and WFR (773) leaves a Net Cost To Dealer of 38,567 to 43,343. This leaves the greatest possible margin between MSRP and Net Dealer Cost at just under 4,600.

    The vibe I got from dealers is that they will sell these all day long at invoice plus 1k. Some reluctance under that, and extreme reluctance under invoice, but it can be done.

    I hope this helps.
  • 2007s are coming off leases. I'm looking to buy one w/high mileage. Are there any maintenace issues to watch out for??
  • jklossjkloss Posts: 39
    Go to any of the Safro dealerships in Milwaukee - great deals and no problems
  • Hey nosfertoo,

    No problem at all, I dealt with Jack B and Harry. Great guys, actually Harry will be delivering my plates tomorrow at my house. By the way I traded the Lexus survey for a Lexus coffee mug. Let them know that you will trade the survey for one of the items (shirt, teddy bear, mug and etc). Harry is the nicest person you will meet. Congrats on the price.

    David L
  • I am no expert but that is just a bad deal. 32.5K for cars that already has 31000 miles on it!!!!
    Like you said, you can buy a new re-designed 2010 model for 37K. I would price this car somewhere between $25k - $29k. There is no way in my book it's going even close to $30k.
    You must remember, when you buy new car, it's value goes down very fast in the first year.
  • At tricounty, I jokingly said that I was going to put my experience on Edmunds forum and they might get more queries for a >5K discount. They said they would match all requests. Maybe the 1K invoice increase of September was just a window dressing by Lexus to give their deals more latitude in selling.
  • Could be. But the only way we as outsiders can estimate the cost of the vehicle to the dealer is through invoice price. Perhaps your vehicle was pre September.

    I'm glad to hear that you had a good experience with tr-county. I inquired back in Aug for a high discount and once they heard my intentions I never received another communication from them. Timing is everything.

    You mentioned in a earlier post that the RX you purchased had remote start. I was not aware that Lexus offered remote start as a factory option. Was it?
  • I am getting a similar offer from tricounty. However they state that they have a $900 charge for fees (dmv which they cannot control included but the remaining amount is much higher than other dealerships). Has this been your same experience

    Any feedback would be much appreciated since i am planning to buy the same RX ASAP

  • I got the same cold shoulder in the begining but when I mentioned the price came from Edmunds forum they immediately warmed up. It could be that you have to talk to same agent who gave the earlier discount. I also believe, it is the timing. End of quarter and end of month also help.

    Almost all the AWD that I test drove at various dealerships had remote start and it is factory installed. Most of FWD cars did not have them. The dealer also said that at the begining of the year Lexus execs and dealerships agree on packages that sell most in their respective regions. Thus, in north east, park assist option is rare but common down south...
  • I dont remember the exact fee structure. I know that they seemed to have a high document preparation fee (think it is $350). Also remember, the bandits and thugs who write NJ laws want you to pay a 4 year vehicle registeration fee up-front for new vehicles (so they can double dip should you sell your vehicle earlier than 4 years).
    Since I am transferring an old registeration and tag I think my out of the door numbers are around 45.6K. Will know exact tomorrow. But with $5625 off MSRP, I wouldn't nit-pick few hundres bucks here or there.
  • Interesting, my experience was exactly the opposite, none of the AWD's I looked at, including the one I bought, had the remote start installed. BTW, it is listed as a POI (port installed option) not factory equipped.
  • Thanks for your feedback
  • OK.
    They charge you 198 for Vehicle protection program which I guess is the etching fee, 279 for document service fee, 19 for credit enquiry and 7.70 for online registeration. These fees ($504) are, I guess their overhead which can be variable depending on dealership. Rest (sales tax, registration, titles, tag) is state based. In other words they are charging you $504 for their services which I guess is variable depending on dealerships. Hope this helps.
  • I think you are right. It does not show up on Edmunds, pricing structure. Although I read somewhere it adds up to the weight to the vehicle and wonder why it is not a factory option given the mechanism of its operation is complex and they have to cover it under vehicle warranty anyway?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    What was MSRP as $5625 discount is great. Any secrets to your negotiations?
  • MSRP: 47625. Sale price 42K plus tax and tags. No secret to negotiations except reminding them of edmunds form where there are references of such discounts from various dealers and if they can match the discounts. Majority wont match but someone will, especially if you approach them at the end of month, quarter and better still a year. Who knows, someone may do even better between Christmas and New Year!
    You also have to take into consideration that many buyers get a bid from a dealer and then use that to pitch various dealers against one another. Dealers dont like that. So you have to call them and show you are not playing bidding games and be willing to back your offer with a credit card right on phone.
  • I have been quoted $5341 off MSRP - $48,329, down to $42,988. This was in response to my Internet query. Some dealers will not quote me over the phone which is somewhat tiresome since that is why I am seeking out the internet as an option for quotes. I found it refreshing to just get the quote! I think this is a good deal - Yes?
    I also looked at dealer cars - 2010 with 4-6K miles. They wouldn't give me a direct quote, but hinted I could buy them for $40-41K. These are MSRP in the $46-47.7K range. Not the colors I want but I'm tempted by them anyway. What do you think?
  • I was really curious about the difference in invoice pricing around the Sept 09 timeframe so I went back and compared the car I "built" on the Lexus website back in August versus the one I built since Sept. This also reconciles to what the dealers had told me. The later built cars, with the higher invoice price, include the Lexus Enform and Safety Connect features aka Onstar, earlier vehicles don't include this.
  • Are you in North NJ? If so your deal is $988 higher I presume this is with the Nav. If you are out of NJ than I am not sure, but I know a dealer that can sell the same car for $42K with Nav (By the way the salesperson told me that he personally would never buy a Nav and lights for $3K more than the RX without Nav). In any case let us knwo your region. Best of luck $40K for a car with 4-6K miles on it is to much, I am sorry to sound a bit negative, but who are giving you these quotes. Sounds like they are trying to make a buck on you. You should find out what the real price is and what people are paying. Best of luck and happy hunting!
  • I ended up buying the new car instead of going with the dealer cars that were only slightly less $. I got another quote that was almost $1K higher than 42,988 for the 2010 RX350.. It has Nav, Premium, Comfort pkgs along with a bunch of other stuff that I probably don't need, but I do like that parking assist! I am in the Ca. Bay area and bought from Pleasanton Lexus. The other place that had the slightly used 2010's is Magnussen Lexus, Fremont. They would not give me a direct quote without the big "sit down", sales mgrs, etc. and I did not want to do that.Pleasanton was real straight forward and gave me a good quote. I did have a pretty big hiccup with my trade in, but the car seemed to fall apart at the dealership! Sunroof got stuck, power steering stopped, etc. so that was not great, and I almost left, but otherwise a good experience.
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