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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bbhatbbhat Posts: 6
    Could you help with name of dealership and salesperson
    Thank you!
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Since I expect to purchase soon, I am looking forward to hearing about the details of your negotiations.

    Thank you.
  • divsdivs Posts: 13
    We took our Lexus delivery from McGrath CHICAGO, but was not happy with the services...We bargained on the MSRP of $51400 which included the option of 19" wheels, so we agreed on $46750 as sale price + taxes= $50487. The day of delivery they had taken out 19" wheels and had put standard 18" wheels sayng you got a good bargain so we cannot give 19" wheel if we need pay extra $660 for the same. We refuse to buy the car and afterwards they replace the tires. They kept us waiting almosr 2 1/2 hrs for delivery plus car was not cleaned properly after repeated requests. ...Please make sure you check the options you paid for are in the car also...
  • I found a Rx350 2010 just having about 100 miles..
    The seller asking for $46500..
    It is equip with Navigation system with voice command, hard disc drive, premium package, comfort pkg and tow prep...
    I'm new to this kind of stuff.. so if you guys could give me some suggestion whether the price is too high or its standard etc...thanks alot
  • bbhatbbhat Posts: 6
    Could you now send details of your negotiation to
  • divsdivs Posts: 13
    We had seen a car we same config + Dealer installed DVD Rear Ent. at Schamburg, IL dealer Tungsten Pearl/Gray interior, the MSRP was $44 + DVD cost ($2500)K and he agreed on $50K OTD (incl taxes and other fees), if we wanted he could have come down another $500-1000 more...but we opted out since we wanted factory installed DVD as it comes at same cost....good luck!
  • That seems like a great deal. What dealership?
  • Can you email me the dealership and the sales person name? I am in the hunt for an RX350. My email is
  • Sorry to hear about your experience divs. My father purchased a GS from their Westmont location waaaay back in 1999 and the experience was pleasant, but I gather they've sacrificed customer service lately. I would be sure to call Lexus NA and voice your concern to them, particularly the part where they swapped out your wheels AFTER agreeing on a final price. Lexus is based on service and satisfaction, so if corporate hears from you, they'll make up for it.

    FWIW, I heard Longo Lexus (Socal) has good ratings for customer service
  • so does that mean that the $46500 (not include tax) with that equipment seem reasonable?how to get that price down? is there any strategy or else??
    thank you
  • I have received a price of $37,500 from 3 LA dealers for RX 350 FWD with premium package only and additional fact0ry installed stuff. The MSRP is $42,336. I live in Phoenix and no one in Phoenix can match this offer.

    This forum has been very helpful to me so far. What do you folks think?
  • I wound up contacting Lexus of Watertown not too long ago. A Craigslist ad caught my eye and I called. I spoke with Adam and here's a trick I recommend. Lexus dealers aren't allowed to discount (or advertise discounts) for new cars too much, but they can discount 'demos' and 'managers specials.' Lets just say the deal was far better than the other dealers I called within about 100 miles.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Please share-what was MSRP, price they offered and if you purchased how many miles did the odometer indicate?
  • Hello, Has anyone got a good deal recently on 2010 Lexus RX 350 FWD, premium package, comfort package with navagation in Houston, TX area? What kind of price has others been quoted?
  • divsdivs Posts: 13
    ya it did to us atleast b'coz invoice was $45750 approx so $1000 + Sale Price is good enough based on this forum only. after reading this forum we decide we will straight do minus 5K from MSRP and stick to it + sales tax, and that worked it was liitle hard though we went to atleast 3-4 dealers personally and all were around 100-120 miles distance but it was worth the trip and the lexus had 130 miles but new.
    Never show u r in hurry to buy, you need good deal and its true --month end they really want to get rid of stock as dealers get cash incentives based on # of vehicles sold in a month by LEXUS.
  • "Lexus dealers aren't allowed to discount (or advertise discounts) for new cars too much"

    This is quite a funny statement. You can't be serious? :)
  • I tried to negotiate at McGrath on RX 350 2010 ,premium pkg,comp pkg etc list prie 47750 they are not going below 43,800. Any advice?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    I vaguely recall a dealer commenting they cannot advertise discounted prices. Obviously, discounts are available.
  • divsdivs Posts: 13
    they are pretty stubborn abt giving discounts but stick to your price they will come down dont show you are in a hurry..who are you dealing with???????? plus end of month is the time they want to close the deal more quickly as compare to start of month....

    go to naperville dealer, he is agressive too!
  • since they don't want us to post names of salespeople, I want..
    I am also going to try the Highland Park dealer and the one in Schamburg.
    I am not in any rush so hopefully it will help
  • I leave in NJ area and looking for a good deal to lease RX350. Here is what I got so far from the local dealer:
    MSRP $43,715, AWD, Premium, Rear camera, wood trim...
    for 36 month, 10K miles/year, $525/month including 7% NJ taxes, with $1800 out the door ($700 bank fees, 1st month payment, $330 or someting for registration and the rest for documentation fees).
    Calculations included 63% residual value and 5.3% interest (or 0.0022 money factor). Dealer claims that its a rock bottom price. Is it?
  • i received a price of $37000 today with premium package.
    but they didn't give me the otd price.
    can anyone tell me your otd price?
  • Quick question I've been bouncing back and fourth between the and site. Edmunds shows the base invoice price as $33,710 and KBB shows it as $32,752. Which of these is correct?

  • Can you tell me the name of the dealer and what was the MSRP. They mentioned the sales tax, 55 doc fee and title and registration. They mentioned there were no additional costs.

    If you do not want to share on this forum, please email me at
  • I just purchased a 2004 RX330 with 34k miles, AWD, extremely nice certified car for $24,900. So far it's really nice. From Des Moines Lexus dealer, they were good to work with. Not a great price, but ok.
  • Well, my purchase is done. I completed it last week here in NJ. I had been searching for the right deal for months and it finally hit. On the hint of an earlier post I tried and it paid off. Overstock introduced me to a very aggressive dealer and I negotiated from there.

    MSRP of 50,950 (2010 RX350 AWD, NAV, Rear DVD, etc...) for a price of 45,500 plus 249 doc fee plus tax and tags.

    One driving factor for me was the rear DVD. I wanted it factory and Lexus does not appear to be offering it in their "standard" packages on the website anymore. Seems to be going special order only.

    As for carsdirect, they have "jumped the shark." I had bought three or four cars from them in the past (remember when they used to deliver it to you on a flatbed with a bow on top?) but now their pricing is nothing special and car availability appears dim. I am so glad that overstock entered as some online competition.

    Good luck to everyone else.
  • MSRP is $48,000 with following options, got quote of $44,500:

    Premium package
    Comfort package
    Intuitive parking assist
    Wood-leather trimmed steering wheel and shift knob
    Towing Prep Package
    12-speaker Premium Audio System for Navigation with Automatic Sound Levelizer and In-dash Six-Disc CD Changer
    Accy pkg: cargo net, cargo mat & wheel locks

    Seems like they should be able to go down another 2k or so. What do you guys think?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Based on previous posts, an additional $2000 is probably being quite optimistic, but maybe 15-1800 more.

    Lets us know.
  • Do you mind sharing which dealership you got the vehicle from? Joel Cohan at Ray Catena of Freehold is killing deals right and left these days. Joe Flores has left the company for personal reasons and Joel is no longer allowing deals struck last month to go through ( $47250 MSRP going for 42K)
  • Hey nosfertoo,

    You are right, last November I had a deal in place with Joe Flores and Cohan killed it. I went online to Tri County Lexus and talked to Jack B and Harry S. and my mother got AWD RX for the same price as Joe Flores had in place. Cohan killed Joe Flores's deals left and right and he is murdering Ray Catena in Freehold. Joe Flores is a young kid who is trying to make it in the business and Cohan is a big ego clown. You can see my other posts. The only thing at Tri you should know about is the etching $199. Also Harry S is the nicest person you can meet. Do not worry about the dealer rating. In fact right now I am talking to Harry S for an RX for my wife. I think I can get it for $38K my mom paid $39K. good luck you can email me at and I am wiling to share more with you. Right now I am negotiating on my trade in value.
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