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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lvn098lvn098 Posts: 26
    I can't understand how could you get the car for $38463+TTL. Out the door $41830ish. It was for Nav+pre+FW.

    The lowest I just got today is $2000 more than what you've got.

    Can you give me the contact info? Send to

  • suntradersuntrader Posts: 2
    Just bought it for $1800 below invoice.
    MSRP was $45,023, invoice was $39473, and I paid $37679.
    (loaded with options).
    Hope that helps you buyers out there.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I just saw your post on the RX350 thread and you had the
    MSRP listed as $43,023. Did you mean that instead of
  • If the invoice price has been reduced by $580, as the earlier post says, how does this affect the dealer's cost for vehicles that were delivered to them, say, 3 weeks ago, but which are still sitting unsold on the lot? Can I assume that Lexus will adjust the dealer's cost basis for those older, unsold vehicles that arrived before the price reduction?
  • lmcjcaolmcjcao Posts: 16
    I believe the unsold vehicle invoice will be adjusted accordingly, at least the dealer I talked to agree to honor the reduction on the vehicle in-stock.
  • ccruzerccruzer Posts: 3
    Great price looks like $1150 below invoice.
    I live in bay area, planning to buy similar configuration as yours (without NAV) ASAP.
    Bamboo Pearl with Ivory Leather + FWD + Premimum Plus package
    Can you pl send me the Sales person details.
    Appreciate a quick response
  • ccruzerccruzer Posts: 3
    wow!! $1800 below invoice for 2007 Lexus RX 350
    Can you pl give us your RX350 specs and dealer location?
    Send me the Sales person details.
    I need to get one ASAP.
    Appreciate a quick response.
  • lvn098lvn098 Posts: 26
    me too, I need to get one asap.
    please mail me the dealer/sales person/phone number.
  • lmcjcao-

    I am waiting for finance and stuff to pickup my car. How do you do with your RX350?
  • lizacolbylizacolby Posts: 14
    I just purchased a used RX 330 from Ron Coury at Stevens Creek Lexus in Santa Clara. He was absolutely great to work with and -- if anyone can do this locally -- he can. I shopped Putnam and Serramonte as well. Ron was far superior not only in listening to what my needs were, but also giving me a great price without all of the b.s. that usually accompanies a car purchase. Call him and tell him Lynn sent you.


    Oh... and one has got to see the Stevens Creek Lexus site to believe it. It is an unbelievable place to buy a vehicle and to get it serviced.
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    Lexus Announces Pricing on 2007 RX 350 Option Packages

    TORRANCE, Calif., July 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Lexus announced today that the RX 350, the top-selling luxury SUV, is now available with a savings of $900 on its most popular option packages. The new RX 350, available as both front-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) models, features a powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine that improves both performance and fuel efficiency. The 2007 models also offer advanced luxury and convenience options and additional refinements for enhanced drivability.

    To provide customers a greater opportunity to experience even more customized luxury and comfort, reduced pricing is now available on the following: Premium Package, Premium Plus Package, Navigation System/Mark Levinson Package, Performance Package and Multi-Panel Moonroof Package.

    The new pricing on the Premium Package is $1,245 and includes leather-trimmed interior, power tilt/telescoping steering wheel with memory, roof rack with rails, illuminated entry system and one-touch open/close moonroof. The Premium Plus Package is now $2,060 and includes all options from the Premium Package plus High-Intensity Discharge (HID)headlamps with the Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS).

    The Navigation System/Mark Levinson(R) Package has been reduced to $6,190. This package adds Lexus' fifth-generation navigation system and the 11-speaker 210-watt Mark Levinson(R) Premium Audio System to the Premium Plus Package's options. The navigation system includes the rear back-up camera, voice activation and Bluetooth(R).

    Additional savings are offered on the Performance Package, now priced at $4,055. This builds upon the Premium Plus Package by adding the following: 18" graphite-plated aluminum alloy wheels, air suspension, sequential automatic transmission and rain-sensing wipers.

    The Multi-Panel Moonroof Package is now priced at $2,840. This package includes the multi-panel moonroof, leather-trimmed interior, power tilt/telescoping steering wheel with memory, illuminated entry system and HID headlamps with AFS.

    Additional options available separately include: Dynamic Laser Cruise Control, roof rack with rails, rear-seat entertainment system, heated front seats with headlamp washers, rain-sensing wipers, HID headlamps with AFS, navigation system, towing package and 18" aluminum alloy wheels.

    Produced in Kyushu, Japan, and Cambridge in southern Ontario, Canada, the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of the RX 350 FWD model is $37,400 and $38,800 for the AWD model. The Delivery, Processing and Handling fee is an additional $695.

    SOURCE Lexus
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Cardmembers can earn up to 60,000 bonus points (worth $600 at your Lexus dealership) with each purchase or lease of a new Lexus during the Lexus Pursuits Bonus promotion at your Lexus dealership.

    From August 15th through October 31, 2006 Lexus Pursuits Visa® cardmembers who purchase a new Lexus vehicle will earn 50,000 bonus Lexus Pursuits Points which can then be redeemed at Lexus dealerships for service, accessories, or parts. Cardmembers who purchase a Lexus hybrid-the RX400h or GS450h-will earn an additional 10,000 bonus Lexus Pursuits Points.

    If you do not already have an existing Lexus Pursuits Visa® Account in good standing, you must be approved for credit and have an open Lexus Pursuits Visa® Card Account at the time of vehicle purchase or lease signing to receive bonus points.

    You can apply for the free card and/or obtain more information here:
    Lexus Pursuits Visa® Card

    Pete :D
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    The new invoice price reductions haven't been posted on the Internet as yet, but presuming that the invoice price remains at 20% off MSRP, my guesstimates of the new INV price for each of the options with the new MSRP, old MSRP and old INV are:

    PM Premium Package
    MSRP new 1,245
    INV new 996
    MSRP old 2,145
    INV old 1,716
    PT Premium Plus Package
    MSRP new 2,060
    INV new 1,648
    MSRP old 2,960
    INV old 2,368
    VN Nav System/M Levinson Pkg
    MSRP new 6,190
    INV new 4,952
    MSRP old 7,090
    INV old 5,709
    VP Performance Package
    MSRP new 4,055
    INV new 3,244
    MSRP old 4,955
    INV old 3,964
    VQ Multi-Panel Moonroof
    MSRP new 2,840
    INV new 2,272
    MSRP old 3,740
    INV old 2,992

    Hope this is helpful and proves to be accurate!

    Pete :)
  • nnslicknnslick Posts: 7
    Hi thainguyend:

    Did you get yours at 36,900 + TTL?

    I am trying to get the same package and the best quote I got so far is around 37200 + TTL. With the reduced package price ($900) announced yesterday, I guess they can do a little better.

    What do you guys think?
  • lvn098lvn098 Posts: 26

    What kind of options do you get with $36.9 + TTL?
    I assume it's just a FWD with Premium Package, right?

    I am looking for a FWD w/Premium Plus and NAV. What do you think I should pay? $40.5k + TTL is reasonable enough? I can't get them to lower.

  • nnslicknnslick Posts: 7

    Thanks for the info. I will contact them.
    BTW, did you finance with them?
  • lmcjcaolmcjcao Posts: 16
    Took my delivery today (Breakwater Blue/Ivory) paid $39,367 out of the door for FWD + Premium package + 18" wheels.

    To be honest, I would go with BMW X5 if its for myself, but for my wife, its the perfect choice on handling wise...

    Have fun, guys!
  • nnslicknnslick Posts: 7

    I assume this price is for the package below with heated front seats, is that right?

    Also, did you get it from Park Place in Plano? or from Sewell?

    Anyway enjoy your car and thanks for sharing!

    Premium Package - Luxury Value Edition includes:
    - Leather-trimmed interior
    - Power tilt-and-telescopic steering column with memory
    - Illuminated entry system
    - Power tilt-and-slide moonroof with one-touch open/close and sliding sunshade

    Additional Options:
    - Two-level heated front seats (includes rain-sensing variable intermittent wipers and headlamp washers)
    - 18-in alloy wheels (235/55VR18 and full-size spare)
    - Towing prep package
    - Cargo mat
    - Wheel locks
  • lmcjcaolmcjcao Posts: 16

    You are right abut the package...

    I got it from Park Place Lexus in Grapevine, the sales person I dealt with is great, he tried to match and beat whatever offer I could get elsewhere, at the end, I got it $36,804 + TTL. It might not be the best, but I'm satisfied with the buying experience.

    If anyone want the sales contact information, please let me know.
  • kirakatkirakat Posts: 7
    Hey all. A few questions about dealing with Park Place. Will they give a no hassle internet price, or do you still have to bargain? Also, I noticed they have several RX330s which appear to have been loaner or demo cars with very low mileage. Any idea on how low they go on those? TIA
  • nnslicknnslick Posts: 7

    Thanks for sharing! Hope that you and your wife will enjoy your new ride!
  • lvn098lvn098 Posts: 26
    I received a nofication of your post to me but I can't find it. Please send to my email address.

    #87 Re: new RX350 !!!! [lvn098] by mss443 Jul 26, 2006 (7:24 pm)

  • nnslicknnslick Posts: 7
    I got the same deal as lmcjcao's at Park Place in Plano, TX and picked mine today!:)

    Thanks everyone for sharing!
  • choonychoony Posts: 12
    can you remind me again what package you got and for what price at ParkPlace Plano. I"m days away from getting one.

    did you deal with Tony Arthur?
    thanks! :)
  • nnslicknnslick Posts: 7

    See message #83 for the package content. When you go to and build your own RX-350, it is the second package presented. I think the main difference compared to the first package is the heated front seats.

    I got it from the saleperson who gave me a test drive a few weeks ago, not from TA.

    Have you got yours yet?
  • phongddophongddo Posts: 11
    Dear Sir/Madame,

    If you don't mind, please share your contact information with us. We are looking at the RX-350 with the exact package, except the color is Bamboo Pearl. We are a two-time customer with Park Place, bought a '93 ES-300 and '99 GS-300 with them. The RX-350 will replace the ES-300 after years of reliable service (165,000 miles). We live in Grand Prairie so either Sewell in Ft Worth or Park Place in Grapevine are both convenience. But we would not mind doing business with them again. Many thanks in advance.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please don't post contact information in the Forums. If you would like to make your email address available to other members you can make it visible in your user profile (see Forums Profile link to the left on this page).

    tidester, host
  • phongddophongddo Posts: 11
    Sorry about that ... did not mean to ask for personal contact information, simply some sales contact information if possible. Anyway, we will head to Park Place @ Gravevine next Saturday and see how it goes. The numbers gathered from this thread will be extremely useful in giving us a place to start.
  • jorgegvbjorgegvb Posts: 15
    Anyone seen this option anywhere? I was told it is pretty rare and neither of the two Lexus dealerships in southeast Virginia have one.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I just bought an RX 350 with the Mark Levinson package. If you love a great sound, you'll be happy with it. It did seem very rare when I was looking. You might try ordering it?

    Here's my recent post in the leasing board:

    First, a thank you to all of the great info on the board. It helped during the 3 month process of looking for the right car at a good price. After dealing with dozens of salesmen, leasing specialists, European Delivery Plan people, etc...and having a full 90% lie to or mislead me, this board was a welcome respite. Most people in the auto trade will say anything to get you into the dealership, which makes the process that much longer.

    It was very difficult to find a black Lexus RX 350 with Premium/Mark Levinson/black interior/AWD when the time came to lease. I really wanted the black interior but could not find it anywhere in the state. So I gave up on the black interior and the AWD. I got a Black 350 with Mark Levinson, NAV and RES.

    MSRP: $48,243
    Cap Cost: 42,450
    Aquisition: 600
    Residual: 26039 (54%)
    MF: .00151

    Monthly payment: 639

    Fees (DMV): 394

    Love the car! Hope this helps someone else. It's confusing with the reductions in the packages, etc... So Carman, how'd I do?

    I plan to buy the vehicle at the end of the 3 years for the $26K and keep it for a year, until the warranty gives up. I get free car washes the whole time I have the car, 1st service free, and free shuttles to the airport. I'm happy It's the nicest car I've ever had.
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