2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    They actually sent me a copy of the window sticker. And I was able to get the vehicle to the stated price using the spreadsheet that had been posted on this forum a few months back. Here are the options on the car:

    2010 Lexus 350 AWD with options: C1, CP, EK, NV, PA, PM, TO V3, WL and WU.

    This brings up an MSRP of $48441. The invoice comes to $43245 (using this tool). Truecar.com lists the dealer cost as $43528. The dealer is claiming $43722 and is willing to show me their invoice. What I don't know, is what is included in their invoice to account for that $500 difference, and is it something I should go after?
  • cap58cap58 Member Posts: 32
    Heard from a salesperson at Lexus of Watertown that they had $1000 dealer incentive coupons, but he doubted they would last past the weekend. Of course, he was just trying to get me to come in then and purchase. I reminded him it would be an out of state purchase for me, so I wasn't going to be in over the weekend. Have not heard back. Has anyone else heard of dealer incentive cash out there? Other than this one correspondance with Watertown, I haven't heard of any additional incentives out there. The dealers still have a lot of cars in stock and appear to still be getting some in.
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    So for $3000-ish you wouldn't just buy a knew one???
  • zin22zin22 Member Posts: 15
    Sorry I don't get on the site that often. You could have emailed me I will give you all the facts right down the line.
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    What he said. The 9.5% is a guide because I got that so perhaps you should shoot for 10% but don't show your hand only say a price and don't budge. I feel that 9.5% is very close to invoice due to my research and when I asked for an email that they excepted my offer and also something that would show me all my options they sent me a copy of their invoice sheet and it showed they made $150.00 over invoice according to that sheet. Of course other incentives ,rebates, end of season buying must all be taken into consideration.
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    It's hard to say what a good price is reading the reports on the board. Many people, myself included, have paid around invoice price. Thats about what your offer looks like.

    Then several people have reported some incredible deals, 2k plus under invoice, mostly in the NJ NY area.

    I believe when I bought my car, about a month ago in VA, I got the best price that could be negotiated. I paid about 43,500 on an MSRP of 48,400. The dealers (5) I was working with were selling them as fast as they could get them in.

    I noticed one guy on the board was going to drive from Ohio (I think) to NJ to get one of the great deals. To be honest I was questioning some of the deals reported, based on my personal experience. I guess the prices can vary that much from one area to another. Some of the "great deal" reports read like BS, but some seem legit.

    Test you dealer out, make a lower offer and walk for a couple of days. E mail some of the dealers offering the super discounts. Maybe it would be worth the drive for you.

    I found a deal out of my area (state) for about 1k less than my local dealer. I finally decided it wasn't worth the inconvienience for 1k. For 3k, I would have used a weekend to go get the car.

    My wife loves the car

    Good luck 94 ... let us know what happens
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    The problem I faced is that several dealers in the Washington/Oregon/california area will not sell a new RX to Canadians. They will sell me a low mileage used one but not new. I believe Toyota/Lexus is trying to protect their dealer network in Canada. I look at it this way, in 5 years, my RX will be worth only slightly less that a 2011. In Canada, the RX that I bought will be priced at about $59,000. new. In the past, Toyota or Lexus in Canada would not budge from their full list price. They would only offer a lower rate of financing near the end of the model year. Even though my RX has some miles on it, I will still have lots of warranty and will get the same satisfaction as if it were brand new.
  • uwwmsm94uwwmsm94 Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for your insight.

    Anyone else think my deal is a good one or can I do better?

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    ahnarchi, thanks for posting. I am looking to purchase an RX350 AWD with "B" package (nav, heated / cooled seats, etc.). Watertown looks to be giving the best deals, although I live in NYC. MSRP is around $47,125, and from what I see here and being this late in the season for a 2010, Watertown should be willing to take close to $41K or less. Did you just cold call them or were you referred to a specific salesperson?
  • amsnyamsny Member Posts: 2
    tbartman, congrats on your new car. When you said that you paid around 7K below MSRP, am I to understand that you were able to be out the door around 41K or under in an AWD with nav? I am looking to purchase (ASAP) a 2010 RX350 AWD with nav and it is worth my drive to MA if they were nice to deal with and the MSRP on the one I am looking at is $47,125, which would bring it to about $40,125 plus tax (I'm out of state anyway). Can you confirm this please and also did you just walk in or were you referred to a specific salesperson? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    I simply called the dealership, got connected with a salesperson and was quoted a price of 38.5k for package A. They called me back a week later saying they could potentially do even better.

    I'm hoping Seattle area dealers will come close to this price to save me the hassle of shipping a car across country.
  • 2stones2stones Member Posts: 3
    I'm planning to purchase a '10 RX350 within the next couple of weeks. Looking at MSRP $43,850 in Texas. (Premium, VentSeats,ParkingAsst, Camera, etc) I will be buying this one alone without my husband; he's ill with cancer treatment. And I do not want to be taken advantage of. Is $38K realistic, or I can I do better? Last Lexus we purchased years ago got 8K off MSRP of 44K. Would splurge for nav and comfort if deal was really good. It's August and web shows lots of inventory. Help:)
  • smehrsmehr Member Posts: 4
    I really like the 2008 as long as it's got nav and the wood. But I don't want over 30k miles. What's a good price (not including fees)??? Thanks :confuse:
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    I think it is a fair deal.

    I bought an RX350 ---- (premium package - no nav) w/ vented seats, cross bars,tow prep,reverse camera in mirror, wooden trip on steering and shift ---- in Bay Area,California this past weekend. Two dealers quoted the same price - $38K , I went into one and told him that the other dealer was quoting a lower price... they dint budge.... so I walked out ... I dint get a call till the next day... I went to the other dealer and bought the car for $38K

    Couple of other dealers quoted 1K more. So unless you can wait longer and find out - I would say 38K is a fair deal
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    It would take an incredible deal for me to buy a courtesy vehicle. Having worked at a dealership, I KNOW what customers did to courtesy vehicles and I'll tell you, there was NO courtesy involved at all. People beat the crap out of them and there is no regular maintenance you can do to take those kind of hard miles off those cars...
  • w100w100 Member Posts: 1
    Dear Friend,

    I would like to buy a RX 350 this week. Can you please advise which dealership I can get the price ($38K, with the options) you have mentioned here?

    Thank you for your help!

  • pat118pat118 Member Posts: 4
    I want to know it too. ANy body could please help. Thanks.

    Who is the dealer?
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    Michael, could you please tell me how to contact the sales? Thanks.
  • SeattleMaslowSeattleMaslow Member Posts: 2
    Lexus of Watertown, MA will do this. Just call and ask for Tanju.
  • wangjewangje Member Posts: 2
    Both my friend and I are looking for new 2010 RX350 deal in San Francisco bay area. With closing two deals, we hope to get $7000 below MSRP. If anyone can recommend a dealer who got similar deal for them, please let me know. Many Thanks!
  • cap58cap58 Member Posts: 32
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    After months of trying to negotiate a reasonable deal on an RX350 in NE Ohio, I have finally given up. I found dealing with the local Lexus dealers to be extremely frustrating - they were very condescending. They don't return calls or emails (without being rude). I'm not sure if any other woman has had the same experience with Lexus - all of the male salesmen I dealt with treated me like I was a moron. They seemed stunned that I had done any research and actually knew what they had paid for their vehicles. I know I could have found an acceptable deal in MA or IL, but with a trade-in involved, it was a risky proposition. And even if I had gone out of state for the purchase, I felt uneasy about the local dealers who would have to service the vehicle. Trust needs to be built upfront starting with the sales transaction.

    So I've gone back to Infiniti. This will be my 4th Infiniti. I'm getting an FX35, which retails for considerably more than the RX350, but I was able to negotiate a deal for only $1000 more than the best offer I could get on a Lexus here. I had concerns initially going back to one particular dealer here, but luckily a new owner bought the competition dealership and they are great. I also got a fair deal on my trade, a 2008 EX35 with 67500 miles. Additionally, the FX35 does not have the mechanical issues with the vehicle that I've read about with the RX350 here on this forum. And the Inifiniti salesmen (yes - I only dealt with men at Infiniti) were impressed that I had done research and knew what I was talking about. There was give and take in the negotiations and at the end of the day, we both feel good about the final deal.

    So, if you don't have to deal with a trade, it sounds like the best deals for the RX350's can be made in MA, NY, NJ and IL. Many thanks to this forum for all of the information you provided. Even though I ended up not buying the car I thought I wanted, I was a much more educated buyer in the long run.
  • kr_123kr_123 Member Posts: 2
    In the bay area , both the dealers ... The one in San Jose as well as the one in fremont were offering the price I mentioned earlier.

    Best way, negotiate by email... Mention all the details you want ( color, awd or fwd other options). Many dealers are willing to email the quote as well as the car details . If you have at least one official quote from a dealer others are definitely willing to negotiate. Also read yelp reviews for dealerships many have written the sales agent names who are extremely polite and helpful
  • wangjewangje Member Posts: 2
    For those who are also looking for RX350 in SF Bayarea,

    If you're interested in joining me and my friends to get a better deal on the 2010 RX350, please reply to this post. We also want to close the deal by 09/01.
  • gavrikgavrik Member Posts: 50
    Interesting that the negotiating part took very little time. I wanted a certain number, fair amount for both parties, and they accepted it.

    Only during signing of paperwork, I noticed two $500 Lexus certificates good until 08/31 which I pretty much signed over to the dealership. I decided not raise an issue with it as the salesman was nice enough for me to have a car with the options I wanted and it had 3 extra options that I thought about getting but didn't think it would fit into the monthly payment.
  • cding888cding888 Member Posts: 2
    I am interested in. Add me in.
  • jwong1jwong1 Member Posts: 1
    RX350 AWD + Navigation
    Purchased at Rockville MD, MSRP about 47600, negotiated to $40k+tax (6%)+tags+registration
  • yaskazyaskaz Member Posts: 7
    2010 RX 350, AWD new
    options incl premium, backup camera, 19 inch wheels, tow prep.
    was quoted 41,475 + tax/tag.
    thinking its too much, any opinions?
  • yaskazyaskaz Member Posts: 7
    2010 RX 350, AWD new
    options incl premium, backup camera, 19 inch wheels, tow prep.
    was quoted 41,475 + tax/tag.
    thinking its too much, any opinions?
  • artsnew350artsnew350 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks to the many members of this forum who provided the excellent information.

    I too have bought a 2010 Lexus 350 AWD for 14% off MSRP which was the number offered by phone in answer to my email inquiry. They didn't have one in stock with the colors and features I wanted but one had been built three days previously and not yet delivered so I ordered it. I asked about the Lexus certificates but was told they had only received a limited number of these and they all had been used. I didn't attempt to negotiate the price further because this vehicle had features I wanted that aren't available on cars destined for the southern US market.

    I had sent requests to over 10 dealerships from the east coast to Texas and none were interested in competing if they even bothered to answer. One was the local dealer who said this price was over $4K better than the best deal his customers had been able to negotiate, and who had previously offered me a used one with 12K miles for >$3K more.

    The only additional cost I am incurring (besides local taxes, insurance and DMV charges) is the transport cost from MA to SC. I got the same quote as T. Bartman from the Boston transport company, but am thinking of using the company I had worked with previously who quoted $650.00.

    The excellent process description written by Tbartman is being followed very professionally by everyone I have spoken with at the dealership and they even mentioned I would need to get them a shipping invoice so I wouldn't have the hassle of paying then trying to reclaim MA sales taxes. :)
  • gorx350gogorx350go Member Posts: 1
    Hello forum,

    Within the next few weeks, I'd like to purchase the 2010 RX350 AWD (without nav). Preferably around the Seattle to Portland vicinity, but open to transports from CA.

    I would appreciate hearing any fellow West Coasters' recent buying experiences - dealerships, prices, etc.

    Many thanks in advance!
  • roderangerroderanger Member Posts: 2
    Not so sure that's the very best deal you could get.

    Tomorrow we're picking up a new 2010 RX350 RWD in South Florida with Comfort Gp, Premium Package, NAV Package, parking assist, ventilated/heated seats, towing package, 19" alloy wheels, 12 spkr premium audio, wood/leather steering wheel, and accessory package. MSRP is $47,644. Selling price is $43,365. Lexus Financial lease for 36 months with 36K miles, at $539/month gross including 7% sales tax, after $2,700 cash cap cost reduction, + 1st month at $539, and $100 for tag transfer from last RX350 being returned at lease end.

    Will identify dealer if requested. We are repeat customers and get what are supposed to be very good deals.

    Would be interested if any comments on the merits of our deal, although I was told by another dealer that it was a winner.

  • yaskazyaskaz Member Posts: 7
    It sounds ( to me at least ) like a very good deal.
    Is anyone here from NC, south VA ? I have not been able to get a decent price here..despite contacting 4-5 dealers within 200 miles.
  • raminmdraminmd Member Posts: 2

    I am trying to get the same deal at Rockville. Would you mind giving more info about the sales person etc. When I mentioned the deal, they want to find out who got it and don't believe me. They want the customer name. If you are not comfortable sharing your name can you at least let me know who the sales person was.

  • ivadaivada Member Posts: 5

    This is the final offer from my dealer. What do you feel about this deal?

    2010 Rx350 AWD with Premium, Comfort, Nav, Tow Prep, Wood Steering. MSRP 47400.

    Lease terms: 3k out the door, 535/month, 36/10k miles.
  • badnjgalbadnjgal Member Posts: 2
    The best deal I can get in nj is at invoice price for AWD comfort, premium and nav pack, I also have a trade in, is that the best deal that one can get in nj - invoice price ?
  • yaskazyaskaz Member Posts: 7
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    Just curious..how does the MSRP on this come to only 47,644? When I do that through truecar , it comes in at $48,785 or so ..
  • martin2498martin2498 Member Posts: 22
    Can you please list the final price you paid, or at least what AWD package you got, such as with or without navigation.

  • nyshadesnyshades Member Posts: 3
    Hi, I picked up my rx a month ago, same options as you want, awd,nav and etc... My lease terms are $1500 out of pocket which includes ( first payment,bank fee. And registration fee, exact total was $1492) plus $555 a month including ny tax, so I think you can do better in terms of negotiating cap cost reduction, I am not a fan of putting anything down on the car, due to fact if something happened to the after you pick it up you will loose that money, I mean if the car gets stolen or totaled, insurance will payoff the bank balance buy you will never see your portion that you put towards lowing the payment, hope it helps.
  • wclbankerwclbanker Member Posts: 3
    I'm dreading the process of going to my local Lexus dealer (Prestige) and negotiating the purchase of a fullly loaded (including navigation) RX350. I'm looking for a 3 year lease at 12,000 miles per year with upfront front money to a minimum. A friend was just quoted a price of $609 per month with $1858 due at signing by Prestige Lexus. I'm relatively new at this game and looking for fair deal. Anyone buy/lease recently in the Northern NJ/NY Metro market that can share the specifics of their deal? Is $609 + $1858 too much? Thx
  • wclbankerwclbanker Member Posts: 3
    Did you ever do your group purchase? I know Im months late but would def do if not too late. If you did already purchase, can you share deal from Prestige Lexus? I live near the dealership and am looking for fully loaded RX 350
    Thx, dennis
  • lex999lex999 Member Posts: 4
    It was helpful to me reading the notes in this forum. I just wanted to share that I was able to get the price on RX 350 with an MSRP of $48259 for $41150 or a 14.75% discount. I shopped around in the Boston area and found Herb Chambers Lexus in Sharon to be the most aggressive in terms of pricing. It was a pleasant process and I was handled in a very professional manner.
  • artsnew350artsnew350 Member Posts: 4

    Optional equipment was CP, EK, NV, PM, TO, V3, WU, and 3T on an AWD 350 with 18 inch wheels ( MSRP $48,259) for $41,025 plus $369 Doc fees. The car is being released for the transport company Monday evening and will be picked up on their normal swing through the MA area on Tuesday with an expected delivery time in SC of Friday Sept 3rd. The Watertown folks went out of their way to get me the doc's overnight so I didn't have any delays with the SC tax office or DMV. A delay would have meant the transport co. wouldn't pick it up until the following week so the doc fees were certainly justified.

  • yaskazyaskaz Member Posts: 7
    wclbanker -
    I am also talking to Prestige and have received a couple of quotes. Let me know if u want to discuss more.
  • michaelwestinmichaelwestin Member Posts: 2
    Put down a deposit on a used RX 350.. 15k miles, bluetooth,AWD, heated/ventilated seats, back-up camera.... used to be a loaner vehicle, has everything except navigation. I'm fairly sure this is a good deal for the colors I am looking for (white ext / tan int.) as I have not been able to find anything cheaper.

    The rep @ the dealer told me that anything done outside of the dealership will void the warranty, such as installing remote start. This doesn't sound right to me, but I could be wrong. Does anybody know if this is true?

    Also, they didn't have much information about what roadside assistance really entails, and I'd also like to know how long the stock tires are rated for. Thanks for any assistance!
  • sooznaplessooznaples Member Posts: 13
    What is the S Florida Dealer that you bought from and what is the salespersons name. I dont want to lease just the best out the door price. Thanks, Susan
  • sooznaplessooznaples Member Posts: 13
    I am interested in purchasing a Lexus RX350 with package B including navigation.
    The best out of door price, I will pay cash. Who has the best price???
    Should I get a 2010 or 2011? I live in FLORIDA lots of dealerships to dirve to in a 2 hour drive time. Who has the best price? Let me know what dealer and salesperson. Thank, Susan :blush:
  • rparisrparis Member Posts: 368
    Although I am not 100% certain, if a remote starter is installed, for example, and damages the electrical system your warranty would be in effect on other parts of the vehicle not damaged. Also, once the electrical system has been repaired to the original state, the full warranty would be in effect again. Quite possibly your Lexus dealer would be negotiable on on the price of anything you might want done if you show them price comparisons although they probably will not meet the price.
  • pat118pat118 Member Posts: 4

    Would you please send me the dealer information?
    [email protected]


  • lex999lex999 Member Posts: 4
    I got $535 a 15K lease with $2000 down on a $48200 Msrp
  • ivadaivada Member Posts: 5
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    FWIW, I got mine yesterday (AWD, Nav, Comfort, Premium, Wood, Tow) $200 below invoice (NJ).
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