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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    Got mine delivered today. Took a little longer than I had thought. The vehicle was picked up from the dealership on Saturday and the guy there I had first talked to said it would be delivered the same day. However, it appears the shipping company picks them up and bunches up the multiple deliveries to one area so I got mine today instead of on Saturday. looks nice. Now I just have to figure out how everything works in it, and get it registered in NJ. AWD MSRP 44.23K, Invoice 40.3K, paid $37,995 plus $295 doc fee and $350 shipping to NJ, and I will pay the sales tax/title/registration fees in NJ.
  • jrnyman6jrnyman6 Posts: 2
    Confused - the Lexus website gives two choices: Package A or Package B. Our local dealer says there are basically two choices, base or "loaded." Edmunds, however, gives way more choices - Premium, Luxury, Comfort, etc. When I look through the explanations they appear to have some redundancy that suggests you might not need to combine certain ones (eg Rear Seat Entertainment Package and Nav Package). Looking to establish baseline price to compare Edmunds against dealer offers. Any words of advice? Thanks in advance...
  • tbartmantbartman Posts: 24
    All, to recap, here's my deal: The MSRP is $48,259. The invoice should be around $43,000. The price is $41,525 + $369 doc fees. I'll pay $700 to ship MA to OH.

    The paperwork arrived Monday by Fedex and will be back to them this morning, so officially the car is mine! (as is the debt).

    jrnyman6 - although it looks like options are a-la-carte, it is typical for factories to bunch them into certain configurations. If everything were possible one-by-one, there would be thousands of possible ways of putting the car together and they would have to predict what people want (plus manufacturing would be more complicated). When I got my Corolla 12 years ago, there were no options, it was VE, CE, or LE, (low, middle, high) and that was it. It looks like there are 3 main configurations (no package, package A, package B) that they are coming in, with some variability with the little stuff (remote start, cargo package, etc.). The packages however seem slightly different for different parts of the country (if you go to the website and put in different zip codes you can see how they are shipping them to different areas) - I noticed that the package B for my dealers here in Cincinnati is different than the package B from the dealer in Boston where I'm buying the car (a little).
  • firepumpfirepump Posts: 8
    So $37,995 was for the basic model... nothing added?
  • firepumpfirepump Posts: 8
    Tell me how you've done with Sewell. Great sales people. However ,I was given a $43,950 for RX 350 + nav. I really don't think that's good. I haven't "haggled" with my sales "associate", but I prefaced our sales talk telling him I'd rather have surgery than buy a new car. I wanted a straight forward answer. Don't think I got it. Maybe he thinks I'm not serious. After all, I was driving an Eddie Bauer Explorer!
  • tbartmantbartman Posts: 24

    You'll have to look back, but sgb2003 paid $37,995 for I think the "package A". He said the MSRP was $44k, so you can figure out from that roughly his configuration (since there's only about 3 ways you can get them). I'm guessing from memory he got the base with comfort and premium but no nav. (plus some little stuff on the side).

    Mine was $41,525 fully loaded (comfort, premium, nav, and a few extras (remote start, etc.). The title is on it's way to me!
  • tbartmantbartman Posts: 24
    laujohn - I have now BOUGHT from Watertown. They got my money this a.m. and are sending the title overnight so I can go to the DMV. They did what they said on the phone ... $41,525 + $369 and no hanky-panky (magical changes in price, add-ons, etc.) for a config with a MSRP of ~$48,500.
  • sj007sj007 Posts: 1
    Hi tbartman, which shipping company did you use and how was your experience so far?
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    It is AWD with premium package, heated/vent seats, backup monitor, remote start, Tow prep, and wood/leather trimmed steering wheel/shift knob.
  • Getting mine today. In the end, I'm getting mine in NJ, just an hour from home, so no shipping costs. MSRP $44,465 (Premium package, tow prep and remote starter). I'm paying $38,200 plus $249 doc fee. Unfortunately, I'm in NY so my sales tax is a staggering 8.875%.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Congrats!!!!...where in NJ and who?..if is not too much asking...and enjoy in the best of health..
    oh...did you get at that price the premium package, wood trim also?.....according to what I have seen for that price it is also included no remote starter though..
  • deep123deep123 Posts: 1
    You got a great deal. I am gonna buy one soon. Just one question. Is the price $41,525 + $369 including tax???? Also want to know if ur Lexus has an entertainment package (DVD Player and rear screens)
  • gladiator99gladiator99 Posts: 104
    If you log on to Lexus .com, you can see that with the FWD model there are 2 packages, A or B. With the AWD model there are 4 packages, A B C D.
    I could not see a supplied rear dvd entertainment system mentioned, however that may be a dealer installed option. You can go on to the website and configure your required package and options, and it will calculate a msrp for you.
  • I got it at Ray Catena in Oakhurst (exit 105 of the Garden State) and it did include the remote starter. I will say, though, that the salesman wasn't quite upfront and when I called Watertown just to verify something, they offered to sell me the car for a few hundred under $38K, MSRP $44,7++ and they would ship it to NJ free of charge. (Of course when I was actually negotiating with them a week ago they wanted $500 to ship). I don't know if the salesman was just spewing or if he really was prepared to steal the deal. I already had things set to go today and I didn't have the head to start all over again, but I have no doubt if you call Watertown and sound like you know what you're talking about, you'll get a great deal. I would call, tell them the car you want and what you want to pay. They will of course start the dance, and you thank them very much and say that's all you can pay. Guarantee they'll call you back before the week is out.
  • newcarnewcar Posts: 8
    2010 brand new with plastic on and in the car
    AWD with prem pkg,comfort pkg, navi, pref access pkg, wood steering wheel, tow pkg
    MSRP 47,625 Price 40,900 + $249 doc fee (pure profit but oh well) +tax + DMV fee
    This forum has been so much help that I wanted to share my two cents....Hope this helps you get a better deal!!!
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Actually, I got mine last night! 2010 RX350 in Smoky Granite Mica. They actually had one specific model on the lot with the
    premium package, comfort package, but no nav. You can't even build this car on the website with this configuration. The only thing it doesn't have on it besides the nav is the back-up camera in the mirror and the rear park assist. I'm loving the HID lights with the adaptive front lighting system! It also has my beloved rain-sensing wipers and heated and ventilated seats and the 12-speaker sound system.

    I'm leasing again, so my lease will be 48 months/15,000 miles, and my drive-offs were $2,000. I also purchased the 19 inch chrome wheels to be put on the vehicle to replace the 19 inch alloys.

    Payments will be $560 per month, including tax.
    Price of the vehicle before adding the chrome wheels was $45,000 even, and the selling price is around 38,000 or 39,000.
    (For some reason they didn't give me my lease papers when I went to pick up the car. I guess I'll get them in the mail??)

    I'm enjoying driving the vehicle.
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    I am glad it worked out for you at Ray Catena. I was talking to them earlier and had almost bought from them, before I discovered the MA dealers. When I mentioned the MA deal to the guy there, he implied that there must be something wrong with the car. Later on he said he said I should break my deal with Ira, and he would sell me the car at a lower price.
  • tbartmantbartman Posts: 24

    The $41,525 was without sales tax (since I was buying in MA and I live in OH). I paid the sales tax here when I went to get my Ohio title.

    Someone else asked about my shipping company. It is American Auto transporters 1-800-800-2580. They've been a little flaky/vague about pickup and delivery estimates. Every time I call they seem a little confused. I called over a week ago to tell them that I knew the car would be ready by Friday (tomorrow) at the latest and set up a pickup for then. Well, the car is ready today (Thursday) so I called and said they could pick it up today instead if they wanted, and they said it was scheduled for a Monday pickup with 4-5 days to deliver. I pointed out that I was going out of town late next week, and when I originally called I was told 2-4 days to deliver (which is why I rushed to have it ready by Friday at the latest). They still promised to have it to me by Wednesday although 5 minutes earlier he said 4-5 days. What gives? I let the dealer know it would be Monday, and he emailed back saying that they had just called him and said they switched it to tomorrow afterall.

    I will say that Lexus of Watertown has been amazing - quick to respond to messages, always picks up the phone right away and the woman picking up the phone there has a handle on everything.

    Someone said that their local dealer said "there must be something wrong with the cars" from MA. I worried about that too, but as I posted before, I got the VIN from the dealer and called the main Lexus number and they verified that the car had left their factory just a few days earlier straight to this dealer. It's not something that's been passed around, used as a loaner or test-drive car, etc. It has 25 miles on it. That made me feel much better about this transaction. When I told a friend this story, he said "if they can consistently sell cars before they even arrive, they're making money even selling below invoice" (dealer holdback I assume).
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    Hey Jr

    I would be curious what kind of deal you ended up with in NC and what part of NC. I bought in Va. about a month ago. I couldn't get much better deal than what they qouted you initially. They 5 dealers I worked with in Va and NC were selling them so fast it was tough to make a good deal.

  • They clearly stated the same thing to me but after the deal was made. Catena agreed to meet the MA price but when calculating sales tax based it on a thousand more. They said the price they gave me was after a 1K lexus rebate. Insisited that that's the only way MA could being selling at these prices. Just for the heck of it I called Watertown and they said their pricing has nothing to do with rebates. I stood my ground on not paying tax on their assumption of what MA was doing. Took a lot of verbal abuse but wouldn't back down. Think the salesman was relatively new and young because he was quite rude (he did eventually call back to try and make nice). The dealership though did do the right thing, but even there I had to be on my toes or I would have gotten a letter from DMV to pay more.

    All said, Catena is really quite ok. Think it was just a bad salesman. However, let me poing out the following. When I drove my car home from the dealership the light wasn't shining on it -- it was late afternoon and I saw some "nice" scratches on my door I hadn't noticed. The light shining on them made them impossible to see. when I picked up the car. Had I gotten the car in MA that might have been a problem. Don't know how a local dealer would have accommodated me. Catena was great about it and they are local.
  • whitelyonwhitelyon Posts: 1
    We're looking to buy a 2010 RX350...we live in the Atlanta area. Does anyone know a good dealership? Any deals in Atlanta area like in the MA area? I have never spent this much money for a car, so any advice would be much appreciated!
  • carbuff29carbuff29 Posts: 7
    Hi, we just ended up buying a RX after 3 months of research and negotiating. What I found is that even though there are 4 dealerships in town, 2 are owned by the same company, so there isn't a lot of competition. There is a South Lexus that is south of the airport, but I've found they play games to get you down there and then change the price on you once you do. I had good experience negotiating with Nalley, where I eventually bought it from. Them and Hennessey are pretty much the same in terms of price (both are selling for right around invoice).

    PM me if you need more assistance.
  • carbuff29carbuff29 Posts: 7
    That's like $2,000 below invoice. Where did you get this deal? Are you sure of the numbers?
  • alanw4alanw4 Posts: 2
    Hi carbuff.... Congratulations on your new RX. Which Nalley location did you purchase from ? Could you provide any details: MSRP / Final price excluding taxes and fees. I'm in the Atlanta area as well, and found the same issue with Lexus of South Atl ! Thanks for the help..........
  • newcarnewcar Posts: 8
    Yes this is what I paid in NJ at a local dealership. Hope you can get a better deal! Just wait it out and work with the internet guys. They are willing to negotiate if you are ready to buy on the spot...don't believe their BS!
  • rlhjrrlhjr Posts: 2
    Hey rick

    We decided to pass on the RX350 this time around. Best offer I received was $41,800+tax and fees from dealer in Alexandria, VA.
  • zin22zin22 Posts: 15
    edited July 2010
    I just thought I would show what I feel is a great deal in the Chicagoland area.
    In this case subtracting 9.5% off MSRP will put @ $135.00 over invoice ..
    If anyone is interested in finding out the sales person and dealership just email me. I did all of this deal over the phone. Hope I helped.
    DCV920 TIME: 10:04
    Model Number: SERIAL # Check Code: 2

    Model Description: RX 350 5-DR SUV Category ..........: G

    Year ............: 2010 Current Dealer ....: 320-61230
    Interior Color ..: LB20 BLK Wholesale Dealer ..: 61230
    Exterior Color ..: 04T5 TRFLE Previous Dealer ...: 00320
    Body ............: 5-DOOR SUV 4X4 Invoice Date ......: 06/07/10
    Number of Cyl ...: 6 Ship Date .........: 06/07/10
    Allocation Number: 051 Retail Date .......:
    Engine Number ...:
    D609475 Date of First Use .:
    Vessel Number ...: 720 LDRC ..............: NO
    Vessel Name .....: TMMC CAMBRIDGE Damage ............: NO DAMAGE
    PDI ...............: YES
    Fleet .............: NON-FLEET
    Port PDS Complete .: NO

    VIN .............:
    Ignition Key.....:

    Factory Installed Accessories: CP EK NV PA PM TO WU
    Port Installed Accessories ..: V4 Z1

    Vehicle Base Model ....................: $ 39025.00
    Total Accessories .....................:
    $ 8600.00

    * 3.5 Liter 275HP Four Cam 24-Valve V6 Engine
    with Variable Valve Timing (VVT-i)
    * 6-Sp Automatic Transmission w/"Snow Mode"
    * Full Time Active Torque Control All-Wheel Drive
    * Column-assist Type Electric Power Steering
    * 4-Wheel Power Assisted Ventilated Front & Solid
    Rear Disc Brakes
    * 18" Aluminum Alloy Wheels
    * Dual Advanced Front Airbags, Driver & Passenger''s
    Knee Airbag, Front & Rear Side Curtain Airbags
    Front & Rear Seat Mounted Side Airbags
    * 3-Point Safety Belts for All Seating Positions
    * Front Seat Belt Pretensioners w/ Force Limiters
    and Manual Height Adjustment Anchors
    * Front Active Headrests
    * 4-Wheel Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with

    Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Brake
    Assist (BA) / Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
    * Energy Managing Crumple Zones, Side Door Beams
    * Vehicle Theft-Deterrent Sys w/Engine Immobilizer
    * Automatic On/Off Headlamps / Integrated Fog Lamps
    * Daytime Running Lamps (DRL)
    * Variable Front Intermittent Wipers
    * Safety Connect with: Automatic Collision
    Notification, Stolen Vehicle Location, Emergency
    Assist Button (SOS), and Enhanced Roadside
    Assistance (1-year trial subscription included)
    * Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    * Tool Kit and First Aid Kit
    * Lexus Premium Audio System, Automatic Sound
    Levelizer (ASL), and In-Dash Single Feed 6-Disc
    CD Auto-Changer, In-Glass Antenna w/FM Diversity
    Bluetooth Technology, XM Satelite Radio
    (includes a 90-day trial subscription)
    * Auto Dual Zone Climate Control Sys w/Rear Vents
    * 10-Way Power Driver''s & Front Passenger''s Seats
    * Power Tilt-and-Telescopic Steering Column
    * Height Adjustable Headrests for All Seats
    * Reclining/Sliding 40/20/40 Split Rear Seat
    * 3-Spoke Steering Wheel with Audio Controls
    * Cruise Control
    * One-Touch Up/Down Pwr. Windows w/Jam Protection
    * Power Door Locks with Anti-Lock Out Feature
    * Lexus Homelink Universal Transceiver
    * SmartAccess Passive Entry System
    * Rear Black Privacy Glass/Integrated Rear Spoiler
    * Genuine Wood Interior Trim
    * Premium Roof Rails
    * LCD Screen for Ventilation, Audio Settings
    * Multi-Information Display with Lexus Personalized
    Settings, Trip Computer & Outside
    Temp Display
    * Tonneau Cover
    * Carpeted Floor Mats
    Retail Total
    Vehicle Base Model ..........................:$ 39025.00 $ 39025.00
    Comfort Pkg: Bi-Xenon Headlamps, Adaptive Fro 1950.00
    Lighting Sys, Intelligent High Beam, Rain-sen
    Wipers, Heated & Ventilated Driver/Pass Fr Se
    12-speaker Premium Audio System, Auto Sound 110.00
    Levelizer, In-Dash 6-Disc CD Changer .......
    Navigation System Includes:
    Hard Disc Drive 2465.00
    Navigation System, Lexus Enform with Destinat
    Assist and eDestination (includes 1-year tria
    subscription), Lexus Insider, Voice Command,
    XM NavTraffic, XM NavWeather, and XM Sports &
    Stocks (includes 90-day trial subscription)
    Intuitive Parking Assist ................... 500.00
    Premium Package Includes: Leather Trim Interi 2400.00
    One-Touch Open/Close Moonroof, Auto-Dimming
    Electrochromic Power Heated Outside Mirrors,
    Power Rear Door, MP3 Mini-Plug w/USB Audio Pl
    Tow Prep Package: Transmission Cooler, Heavy 238.00
    Alternator & Radiator (ball mount not include
    Wood & Leather-trimmed Steering Wheel & Shift 330.00
    Remote Engine Start ........................ 375.00
    Accy Pkg: Cargo Net, Cargo Mat & Wheel
    Locks 232.00
    --------- ---------
    Total Accessories ...........................: $ 8600.00 $ 8600.00
    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 875.00

    Total .......................................: $ 48500.00

    PURCHASE PRICE $43,892.00
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    Finally 2011 will be out very soon:

    Checkout this article. Not much changes except break overwrite and some colors. Alright, when are we going to see a bit more discounts on 2010? LOL neup-small-changes-for-all/page-3
  • tbartmantbartman Posts: 24
    My car from Watertown MA is on its way to OH as we speak!

    I thought I'd relay an interesting story ... when I was trying to buy around Cincinnati/Dayton, I couldn't get nearly the deal I was getting from Massachusetts. One saleslady in Dayton was particularly rude, saying that I was lying for claiming I could get the car for what I was getting it for, and implying that everyone else here was lying too about buying below invoice. So once my deal was closed, I e-mailed her the VIN and my purchase price and said (basically) "stick it!"

    Well, a few days later I had a voicemail from the dealer here in Cincinnati, and he said "You'd better call me, I have some bad news for you about Lexus of Watertown. I think you're going to be unhappy to hear this." I had a brief moment of panic. I called him back, and he said that the dealer in Dayton contacted him and then he looked up my VIN and said "They sold you a car without the nav package, that's why it's so cheap." I told him that I had the window sticker as well as a bill of sale which both listed the nav package/NV, so if the car came without it I certainly had grounds to go after Watertown, and he said "fine".

    I then went back to look at my e-mail to Dayton an noticed that I mistyped the VIN (the last 6 numbers are one number off from an important date for me, so I typed that instead).

    Funny that these two dealers a) talked to each other, b) were so concerned about whether I was getting the right car or not, c) didn't make one effort to try to match Watertown's price, and d) are obviously scratching their heads trying to figure out how Watertown is doing it!!

    I'll post again when I have my car between today (Sunday) and Tuesday.
  • cap58cap58 Posts: 32
    Very interesting. I'm getting similar responses from the dealers in NE Ohio - they think you're lying when you say how much better the deals are outside the region. Can you email me at [email protected] - I'd like to get more information from you. I live in Cleveland but come down to your neck of the woods weekly on business. So if I could get the Cincinnati dealer to match your MA deal, I would consider buying there. I have bought from them in the past - wasn't overly impressed with their service dept, but I wouldn't have to take the car there.


  • njbuyer35njbuyer35 Posts: 1
    just went out this past weekend and with $3000 down, the dealer is offering me $549 / month for 36 months, 10,000 miles per year for the 2010 RX 350 AWD non-navigation but with back-up camera. is this decent?
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    edited July 2010
    Great story!!! you mind sharing who you dealt with at Watertown?..I am in NJ and if I get a similar deal, (I am awaiting the 2011), I might travel there (4 hours away) and buy from them...enjoy in the best of health...happy motoring..
  • tbartmantbartman Posts: 24
    I was not able to get anyone here to come close to the deal. The guy at my local dealer said (quite calmly and nicely) "If they can really sell it to you for that price, go get it. I would!"

    All the info about my specifics are earlier in this board. We're not supposed to post names, but I just called Lexus of Watertown and asked for their internet sales person.
  • Picking up an RX 350 and Es 350 from Lexus of Watertown tomorrow. They blew away their competition with their prices. I'm leasing these vehicles. I am turning in a 2008 RX 350 and 2007 ES 350 that I had leased from Lexus of Norwood. They valued their customers so much that they quoted me higher than Watertown and then told me Watertown could never do this deal. Anyway, I just wanted to follow up on the other Watertown posts and say they are Legit.
  • pvignuolopvignuolo Posts: 9
    edited July 2010
    Could you indicate which dealer in NJ? I am looking at the same car.
  • pvignuolopvignuolo Posts: 9
    edited July 2010
    Not having a good Monday!!
  • tbartmantbartman Posts: 24
    Still unimpressed with these guys who are transporting my car from Watertown, MA to Cincinnati, OH. The car was picked up from the dealer on Friday, but apparently sat somewhere near Boston over the entire weekend. They said it's leaving Boston today (Monday) and I'll have it tomorrow. I'm skeptical to say the least. I've told them many times that I need to have the car before I go out of town.

    The one thing they were quick to do however was to charge my credit card!

    I didn't shop around but used the recommendation of the dealer. Other's should shop around.
  • carbuff29carbuff29 Posts: 7
    edited July 2010
    alan, I got it from Nalley in Roswell. It was the $47,385 configuration. I got it for $42,200. It was a Navi with comfort and premium packages. You can email at [email protected] and I can help you more.
  • nyshadesnyshades Posts: 3
    Hey, just wanted to let you know that you can get a much better deal on a 2010 rx 350 with navigation at Ray catena Lexus in nj, here is what I got from them, I am also leasing:

    Msrp $47,250

    Negotiated price:$42,000, which will make the following lease terms:

    36 month at 10k/year, through Lexus bank,
    $555 a month with tax already
    No money down just first payment, bank fee($700) and registration fee, Total at signing just over $1500.

    This is my second rx 350 through Ray Catena, always beats any price, let me know if you have more questions.
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    Tbartman.. that seems to be standard practice for the shippers. Not sure if mine was the same company, but my car was picked up on Saturday, and delivered on Monday. They ship them on multi-car trucks, not individually, so they collect the deliveries for a region in one place, and then send them out together.
  • tbartmantbartman Posts: 24
    Did you use this same company? Did you have any problems? I hired them at the recommendation of Lexus of Watertown without doing any research, but I looked today and their BBB rating is D- and their rating on is 1/5! Lots of haters out there. I'm praying that my car gets here and is o.k.! I'm really nervous now!
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    Not sure if the negotiations work the same way on leases as they do with purchases, but you might be able to do better. People are getting discounts in the range of 14-15% of MSRP for purchases, even before the current Golden Opportunity promotion. Ray Catena for me was nowhere close on price when I bought my vehicle (although later on they claimed they would've beaten the deal that I got). If you haven't completed the deal, get quotes from some out-of-town dealers, and use them as leverage.
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    I don't remember the name of the company that IRA used for me ( I just paid them the money and let them handle it - that way they are responsible for it) - I will look it up when I get home in the evening. I am sure that apart from the delay, the vehicle would be fine.
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    Never having leased a vehicle ever, I don't know how that works. However, I think you should start from the negotiated "purchase price", and work from there, instead of starting from the monthly payments. What's the MSRP on the vehicle, and what's your "purchase price"? My guess is that the MSRP on your vehicle is around $44.5K, give or take a few hundred. The purchase price for that should be around 38K (again, give or take a few hundred). Use these to calculate your monthly payments, and see if what you are getting is a good price or not.
  • newcarnewcar Posts: 8
    Bought from ray catena
  • uwwmsm94uwwmsm94 Posts: 5
    I am looking to lease an RX 350 AWD in the state of Wisconsin.

    What is the money factor for this vehicle without nav (36 months, 10,000 annual mileage). Please assume top credit. This vehicle (that I am looking for) has an MSRP of $44,465 and includes the premium package, towing prep, heated seats, wood and leather wrapped steering wheel, backup monitor, remote start, wheel locks, cargo mat, and cargo net. What is the residual value (in %) as well? Are these numbers good through the end of July and then will they change? Should the money factor be the same regardless of where I lease it?

    What is a GREAT price for this vehicle? PLEASE help as this is new to me!

  • pvignuolopvignuolo Posts: 9
    Catena in Oakhurst telling me that they can't go lower than $42,921.00 on the $47,625.00 model. Any insight/suggestions? Also, were there any trade-ins/rebates/etc.? They are telling me that there is no way they let that car off the lot for $40,900.00. Thanks.
  • zin22zin22 Posts: 15
  • uwwmsm94uwwmsm94 Posts: 5
    Is subtracting 9.5% off of the MSRP an industry standard to arrive at a great price? I looked on the web and couldn't really find any mention to it. Just want to make sure when I talk to a dealer and mention the 9.5% they don't look at me and think how did he use that number?

  • atals7atals7 Posts: 2

    Im in the Chicagoland area and looking for the same packages you received. Can you let me know who you dealt with in the area? Thanks!
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