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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nyshadesnyshades Posts: 3
    Thanks for your reply, I forget to mention one more thing in my deal, we are returning the 2008 GX a month earlier which Ray Catena is paying another $695 for the last month of the lease, so over all if you count another $695, the negotiated price is $41,305.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    ..this is a game and I believe that you as a buyer do not owe anything to anyonme as far as honesty concerning your numbers or my opinion the less the dealer knows about your knowledge, trade in etc better off you are..remember they are full time salesmaen, we are part time buyers and they will always have one trick up their sleeves, do not think for a minute that you can out fox informed, know you limitations (money) and go play the game. This will allow you to recognize a good deal when you seeit, what one dealer wont do another one all depends on inventories, time of the month, proximity of new model etc etc many variables...good luck and play your cards righ..get informed as much as you can..just my 2 cents..
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    There's no such rule of thumb as 9.5% off of the MSRP. Some cars you will be lucky to get anything off. Others you can get 15% or even more. All depends on the vehicle and timing.
  • RX 350 w/ Nav. MSRP 47k +/-.

    2k down (includes first month etc.) $465 per month including taxes. 3 years 36k Miles.
  • That seems like a great deal--where are you located?

    I'm on Swapalease. I own a Lexus IS 250 which I love, however, I just purchased a tear drop trailer and I'm looking for a tow vehicle. I'm a true-blue Lexus enthusiast. I've got my eye on the RX350 but prices in LA make me sad! :(

  • ahnarchiahnarchi Posts: 1
    Just picked up 2010 RX 350 from Watertown Lexus in Massachusetts. Transaction was smooth and the pricing was great. Will go back again and will recommend to anyone who is interested in getting a Lexus in MA.
  • Come on, Californians, anyone want to brag about the deal you got? I want to stay around $450 a month--anything?

  • tbartmantbartman Posts: 24
    My RX350 arrived from Watertown yesterday. After being nervous and unimpressed with American Auto Transport, the subcontractor they used to actually deliver the car did a great job, called me frequently during the day, and cared for the car well. In fact, it arrived ina covered truck, not on an open air auto carrier, so it didn't have bugs, etc. on it.

    In summary - I now have the car I wanted at the price I wanted (~7000 below MSRP) from Lexus of Watertown and they were great through the whole process.
  • Congratulations! If I may, how much did shipping cost?

  • atals7atals7 Posts: 2
    Dealers here in Chicago are definitely dealing. MSRP of $48,500, paying $42,995+TTL. Most of the other dealers are willing to sell at invoice or invoice +$450.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Congrats!!,,,I was following your posts as close as you were following the you dealt with?...I am in NJ I might try to go get the car myself if I do business with them..thnaks
  • I have two quotes on a 36 mo./15K lease from a dealership and a third party leasing co. on a 2010 RX 350 AWD fully loaded except for rear entertainment option. New to leasing and need some help as to whether or not these are good deals. My math is different than the figures in the second quote, so thinking it's all a shell game.


    MSRP $48,500
    Adj. Cap cost $45,000
    L.E.V.rt/56% $27,160
    Taxes/rate $ 1,694.70
    Money Factor 0.00210
    Monthly payment $647.08 If $2,363 down, then $576.00
    Out of Pocket: $3,620,78= first month payment, taxes, license and acquisition fees.

    Second quote:

    MSRP $48,669
    Adj. cap cost $46,051
    LEV/RT/56% $27,254
    Sales tax $ 1,615 as quoted
    Money factor 0.00175
    Monthly payment $613.74 (if down payment of $2,363 then $598.99)
    Out of pocket: $1,298.99 (includes first month payment, license, acq. and doc fees

    Local Dealer 1 has taxes paid up front.
    Out of State Dealer 2 has taxes figured into payment.

    Thank you in advance for any advice you have.

    Thank you,

  • Were you an out of state buyer? I am also engaged with them and will be driving the vehicle back to Illinois. They said I needed to pay MA tax to get temp tags.
    I don't want to face additional tax in Illinois to get it registered and Ill. plates. Anyone?
  • If you're leasing then the tax is paid by the leasing company.
  • I apologize for posting responses out of topic--I see now how forum works. I'll stick with my original subject, "California Dreaming" about leasing deals in or near California. I didn't understand that there are several subjects posting simultaneously.
  • msubettermsubetter Posts: 2

    I wanted the same model with yours and used your price ($38k+tax for OTD) to negotiate with the dealers. One of them asked for a copy of the final Bill Of Sale and retail finance contract of yours so they would believe me and match the deal. I am wondering if you guys could give any suggestions? Thank you very much!
  • No, I am buying it outright.
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44

    Where are you located? If you are going to buy from one of the MA dealers (Watertown or IRA), you don't need to jump through these hoops. As you can see from a bunch of posts, they seem to be offering these deals to everyone. The dealer is not going to match (or not match) just because you show him a contract for a sale to someone else from another dealership. They will match it if they believe it is in their interest to do so (they make money on it in some way, and they believe that they would lose the sale if they don't match the price). Showing the bill of sale from another dealership doesn't change the first thing. As for the second, the best bargaining chip you have is a quote from another dealership for yourself, and you can get that easily from one of those two dealerships, among others.

    Hope that helps. Feel free to email me at s g b o n l i n e 2 0 0 3 at y a h o o . c o m, if you need more help.
  • Hi, Chitownman

    I think you have thirty days on dealer plates--it's insurance you need to worry about! I just purchased a travel trailer from Minnesota and had it shipped to California. As soon as your vehicle arrives in your state?, you have about 10-20 days to register it and pay the tax--you don't need to pay MA tax.
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    As soon as you have the VIN number you can call your insurance company and they will add it to your policy. I think the dealer might already do that for you. Also, it might be that at least in some states the new vehicle is automatically added to your policy, and you have a few days to let them know.
  • msubettermsubetter Posts: 2

    Thank you very much! I have learned a lot from your posts.

    I am in westchester, NY and just now a Lexus dealer in Manhattan agreed to match the deal with $38K + tax. But we are required to buy it before the end of tomorrow.

    I am wondering if there is something I need to be careful with at the dealer. I don't want to be fooled by their tricks.

    Thank you very much for all your help.
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    You are welcome!

    Once they agree to the price, I don't think they will fool you. Ask them to fax or email you a written offer. They might want to sell by tomorrow because of the end-of-the-month thing, and if you are comfortable with buying by tomorrow, go for it. 38K is a good price. However, I do think that the price will be around for a while, if not at that dealership then at some other one. I am still getting calls from dealers that I had contacted before, asking me if I am still looking for a car. MA is not that far from Westchester, so you might want to call a couple of dealerships there and get quotes from them as well, just to be sure. For all you know, one of them might come out even lower, although there IS a benefit to buying locally. If nothing else, you can use those quotes as leverage. Those guys are open pretty late (8 or 9pm) and they are pretty responsive, so you still can do that before tomorrow, in case you want to buy from lexus of manhattan.
  • fthikanafthikana Posts: 4
    Hey guys, after a few months of research and going back and forth re: lease v. finance, I finally decided yesterday to buy it. I'd previously been to Dorschel in Rochester, NY (very friendly folks there), who'd quoted me for AWD comfort, premium, nav, towing, accy packages MSRP of 48,000, and invoice of 43,357.

    Yesterday, I called Syracuse (Burdick) Lexus and said if they'll give it to me cheaper than invoice, and they said (after talking to their manager, of course!) that they have a $500 discount coupon if I'd pick up the car before 8/2/10. So I got all the paperwork ready, went today to pick up the obsidian RX350 for about $500 below MSRP + DMV fees. Very good experience with the sales rep, she spent several hrs with me on the phone and in person although it was her day off today. I'm happy with the ride, although a little nervous driving it (it being so spanking new and all).

    ps-although Toyota/Lexus banking was offering 4.6% financing, they got a cheaper rate from outside bank for 3.25%.

    This forum has been invaluable to me, so if any of you have any questions, you can post here and I'll try to answer as best as I can. Thanks!
  • dima5mdima5m Posts: 1
    I am in a market for 2010 350RX - doesn't matter what package, as long as I can get the car very cheap. would any of you please share their experience where and for how much your bought. I am in Bay Area but willing to travel for up to 6 hours to get a good deal.

    Thank you
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    I have been following Lexus RX350 prices for a long time. Based on what I have seen so far and article below I can only say on thing "Golden Opportunity is about to become Platinum Opportunity" after August 2, 2010.

    Here are the few reasons for that:
    (1) Lexus is falling behind very quickly in % market share
    (2) 2011 RX is around the corner, they have to get rid of 2010
    (3) I see dealers are pushing all they can before August 2.
    (4) Most new buyer are not going to buy older model (2010), even though it's same because your car is worth less when it says it's 2010 vs 2011. Buying 2010 is only worth if you are going to keep your car for 10 years or more.
    (5) Lexus needs to get their new models (2011 with break override) out to cool down all the issues with their recall issues.
    (6) Car sales in general will go down in coming months, Consumer confidence is down.

    With that said, if you are still in the market for new RX350 You are probably going to score a good deal in coming weeks. Good Luck everyone!!
  • cap58cap58 Posts: 32
    I am working with a dealer willing to sell the car to me at invoice. The car's MSRP is $48441 (2010 RX 350 AWD w/Nav, Prem, Conf, Parking Assist). Edmunds gives the invoice as $43293. lists it as $43528 and the dealer says its $43772. So what is the real invoice? I am buying out of state so won't work the deal until August. Sounds like Lexus is probably going to give the dealers some incentive cash, so I'm hoping the deal will get better. I also have a call into Watertown Lexus and will get a quote from them next week (the car I want is not is stock - its on its way to them). Either way, it looks like I will be buying out of state.
  • cap58cap58 Posts: 32
    Can I ask which dealer in Chicago is quoting under $43k? I just got a quote of at invoice from McGrath in Westmont - MSRP of $48441 - invoice of $43722. I really liked the internet sales manager - didn't waste my time with deals that are insults (was quoted $46K on just about the same car from an OH dealer - PLEASE!) It's worth the trip out of state to me for that much of a savings - and I can go shopping in Chicago when I go to pick up the car......
  • I am looking for a deal on the 2010 RX, however I am still wondering how long before the 2011 models will be out. Has anyone here heard any rumors or dealer talk about the 2011's ? Should a guy wait hoping for a better deal later or buy now?
    Best deal I've found is on a msrp of $47,147.00 now adv for $42,075.
    Anyone had any dealings with FLEETRATES.COM? They have offices in Florida and California, and seem to have some good deals.
  • mpd04mpd04 Posts: 4
    Thanks to all on this forum. The shared information here has been very valuable to us during our recent purchase. We completed a deal today on the 2010 RX 350 AWD with EC, HS, PM, TO, WU, remote key, cargo net, wheel locks, carpet mats, and roof cross rails. This package is readily available in Mass at MSRP = $44724. We had very positive experiences at Herb Chambers in Sharon, MA, Watertown Lexus and Northborough Lexus. We closed today at $2500 below invoice for this car. Good luck.
  • cap58cap58 Posts: 32
    Was there additional dealer incentive money available today - is that how they got to $2500 below invoice? Congrats on a great deal!
  • If i understand this right. You paid around $37500 + Tax for this car? That is the best deal we have seen here on the forum. Good Job and good luck with new car!
  • mpd04mpd04 Posts: 4
    I certainly wish we had paid $37.5K but we didn't. As has been posted a few times on the forum, this car has an invoice of a bit over $40.5K here in the northeast. This is a case where the dealer invoice doesn't reconcile with the numbers available on Edmunds for the car and package and the Lexus web-site for the accessories. Those numbers indicate the invoice should be about $40.3K. Seems like the difference is about the value of the roof rack cross bars.
  • smozsmoz Posts: 1
    I'm considering a new AWD RX 350 (w/ premium and comfort packages and NAV), while I'm mostly interested in a new one, had a dealer offer me a 2010 with 12k miles for $39k. This build had an MSRP around $47.5k (basically "option B" from the lexus website plus a few accessories).

    From what I've gathered on this board and a few other discussions, seems like I could get a brand new 2010 with this build for $41k - $42k, if this is the case I think I should be getting more of discount for one with 12k miles.

    Anyone have thoughts on how much I should be able to get this used 2010 for, and/or what I realistically can get the brand new one for?
  • >> certainly wish we had paid $37.5K but we didn't.

    >> Those numbers indicate the invoice should be about $40.3K.


    Can you simply share the price that you paid instead of the riddles :-)

  • >> certainly wish we had paid $37.5K but we didn't.

    >> Those numbers indicate the invoice should be about $40.3K.


    Can you simply share the price that you paid instead of the riddles :)

  • nah,

    I have not purchased this car yet. I am still looking. mpd04 said he paid 2.5 k below invoice so I was trying to put his price for everyone so I took edmund's invoice ((~40k) and -2.5k so I thought mpd04 paid 37.5k but instead it looks like he paid 38.xk.
  • cap58cap58 Posts: 32
    edited August 2010
    Has anyone heard of any August incentives (outside of the Golden Opportunity promotion)? I haven't heard a thing on any dealer incentive money out there. Does anyone know of any additional deals? I've heard the 2011 models may be showing up as soon as September. When are we going to see some really good deals?
  • marklinmarklin Posts: 12
    I've been shopping in the MA area and it seems the luxury package is not available for this region?! can anyone suggest other states in the eastern coast?

    Also the quotes I got so far are about $4k off MSRP, I suppose I could do better?

  • Hi guys,

    Just wondering if you think this is a fair deal:

    (I live in NY)

    2010 RX 350 AWD ---no additional options

    3700 total down includes taxes, title, fee's etc.
    499 per mo
    42 month lease
    42,000 mile allowance

    Thanks in advance --Matt
  • david641958david641958 Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    yesterday 8/8/10 got one from longo lexus in el monte, ca out of door 41k sharp. ask for saleman nurul.
  • 2010 RX 350 with Nav - MSRP of vehicle is $48,125

    Dealer is willing to sell the vehicle at $43,830.

    Is this a great deal for me? PLEASE ADVISE ASAP as I plan on making a move quickly.

    Curious what people's opinion is ...

  • After looking online at several hundred new or used RX 350 's, I came to the conclusion that I will buy used as most US dealers will not sell a new vehicle to Canadians. So I found a 2010 RX with package B which would have a MSRP of just under $49,000. for $39,995. This was about the best price I could find for a similarly equipped vehicle. This RX would be about $58,000.00 in Canada. Looking forward to picking up my (new to me RX) Has about 14K on it.
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    What state, area are you looking
  • Wisconsin (central)
  • I went to see a salesman who is a friend of a friend, and he can offer me a 2010 RX 350 AWD for about ~$31k (Purchase).It was a courtesy vehicle to give to customers when their cars were in for maintenance.

    It has between 11,000 and 12,000 miles on it, and has everything except Navigation and the Mouse Remote control. For right now, I'm assuming it is stock + Option A on the Lexus site because I know it does have backup camera. It hasn't been in any accidents and it is being detailed right now. I should see it later this week and be ready to make a decision. Before I do that, I would like to know from my fellow forum members if this is a good deal for this type of vehicle.

    Thanks for any input!
  • Recheck your prices. When I selected your options, Edmunds showed MSRP of $47215, invoice of $42264 ($1000 difference). Ask the dealer to state the price of each option and dealer fees. Yes, the manufacturer sometimes gives the dealers incentives which are not revealed to the public.
  • Michael.....that sounds like a great deal. If you go on autotrader or you will see that most of the 2010 RX models even with 10-20k on them will fetch asking prices of close to $40,000. The only 2010 models priced lower were vehicles with salvage title that had been repaired. If the vehicle is in great condition, then I would jump on it. You can always buy a great GPS for around $200.00.
    Good luck
  • You may ask yourself what is a year's depreciation worth? !0% or 15%? Then subtract the depreciation, say 10% of $42000 and you arrive at $37800. A dealer that really wants to move his inventory should respond accordingly,

    Good luck!
  • While searching for a used AWD RX350, I found out that one can get a 2008 RX350 for $2400 to $4000 below Kelley's True Market Value (TMV). Can someone explain why dealers are below the TMV?

    Are there concerns about the Lexus all wheel drive (AWD)?
  • That sounds like a really good deal. RX 350 for $31k!. Although to me, 11k miles = used car.

    Anyone has any idea what is RX 350's dealer cash for this month (I know there some cash, otherwise what's the point of Golden Opportunity)? I think Lexus is getting smarter, I bet there is a dealer cash but they must have rolled some way so that sites like Edmunds can't see them.
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