2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • aklutherakluther Posts: 13
    hi all,

    looking to lease a 2010 rx350 fwd in the 45k msrp range with package b (nav and other options but no HIDs etc)

    are there any college grad rebates or loyalty rebates for this month? also, whats the money factor and residual % on:


    for the month of june?

    any input would be greatly appreciated! thank you
  • cap58cap58 Posts: 32
    The best deal I've seen so far in Ohio is $43997 on an MSRP of $48125. And it's been a battle to get it that low. The dealer claims the invoice on this vehicle is $43732, although using edmunds, I came up with an invoice of $42993. True Car Price shows the factory invoice is $44118 with actual dealer cost of $43338. So I'm thinking this is probably a good deal. I'm not seeing anything close to the 10%+ deals that are being quoted for East Coast dealers - this one is 8.6%. Their initial quote to me was only $3000 off MSRP.

    Any thoughts?
  • Hi Fun guy

    I appericate your post.
    However I tried one dealer in nj and another in ny -
    Both of them let me walk.
    I basically went in today saying exactly what I wanted
    and They both basically told me I was out of my mind hehe.
    Will time to keep trying. I have till the end of the month.
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50

    The best deal I've been offered is very close to the offer you got ... within a couple hundred.

    The invoice they showed me was higher that the invoice on edmunds, the invoice included the holdback, marketing money and some other stuff.

    I'm also starting to think this is not a bad deal.
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    You are not going to get $10k off right now. The only way dealers will offer that discount is if Lexus gives them extra cash to dealer (~$5k was in 2009). So normally best dealer deal is around $5k + $5k from Lexus = $10k total savings.

    If the Lexus cash is only $3k then you will only get $8k off MSRP.

    Again, Lexus will only offer these kind of cash at the end of model year (July, August? not sure).
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97

    you are correct on the 5k rebate last year, but you have to keep in mind, Lexus gave that 5k rebate ONLY because the 2010 was a NEW model, and the 09's were an aged body style, hence they were aggressive in trying to elminate old bodystyles.

    but that wont happen with 2010 models, I would hope they hit 5k rebate, but lexus has never done that in the history of RX, except when a new body style is out. Tho they did have a large rebate two summers ago on the LS460, but the economy was terrible and the car wasn't selling, hence the rebate then. But for all acounts, the 10' Rx350 is a good seller, at most they'll make a nice financing deal with some dealer cash, but not like last summer...

    but i'll love it if they did tho! :)
  • cap58cap58 Posts: 32
    Rick - thanks for the feedback. Glad to see I'm not potentially being fleeced here by the dealer. Where are you located? I'm envious of those East Coast deals, but I just don't really see them happening here, until maybe right at the end when the 2011's start rolling into the dealerships.

  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50

    I'm in Richmond Va. I could get the same car cheaper if I bought out of town. Screw it, I think its a decent price, the wife loves it, I'm gonna buy it and enjoy it.
    Appx numbers are
    MSRP 48,200
    Paid 43,700
    Sales guy is great, local dealership, I'm happy, it will be here in 2 weeks.
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94

    You are correct, we may not see $10k off deals but certainly $7k - $8k off MSRP is very possible. Look at this 2008 thread (sonysw, "Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience" #1148, 28 Jan 2008 11:57 am) people were getting $7k - $8k off MSRP that year too and it was not a "new model".

    I honestly think anyone who can wait should wait. They will save few $$. Only time will tell if I am right.
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    edited June 2010

    Several people have "reported" discounts over 6000 in the last few months .... the discounts wouldn't have to improve much to get to the 7 to 8,000 you mentioned.

    From what I can see the 2010s are selling good now. I was having a difficult time finding one on the lot like I wanted and it wasn't a wierd combination. I was trying to negotiate on cars that were not on the lot yet ... two times the cars on order were sold to other buyers while I was still trying to negotiate a price. I should mention I was in contact with several dealers and still had this problem. That puts the buyer in a tough spot when the car you want .... gets sold ... while you're trying to squeeze another thousand out of the deal.

    The supply and demand must be way different from region to region.
  • lookin2buyrxlookin2buyrx Posts: 3
    edited June 2010
    I got the RX 350 price to 44,800.00 on the road price for:( Approximately around 1600.00 for tax/processing fees)

    2010 RX 350, AWD, Comfort Pkg, Navigation System, premium pkg, 12 speaker premium Audio System, Tow Prep Pkg, Wood Leather trimmed steering wheel, Cargo Net mat & wheel Locks, All weather mats.

    I would appreciate if any one can provide any suggestions or opinions in this matter.

  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    Depends on what the msrp is.

    I paid about 700 more out the door, same options as you plus 19 inch wheels and AWD. Many on the board have got 6k plus off msrp ... way better than my deal.

    What area are you looking in?
    What was your msrp
  • lexusguy1lexusguy1 Posts: 11
    Fantastic Deal. Who was your sales person?

    Can you email it to

    ashy_73 at yahoo

    Thank You
  • THIS IS what I'm getting in NJ as of TODAY.

    Only $250.00 less than the invoice
    So I guess at 42800
    I stopped paying attention I thought it was too high.
    msrp was 47625 or so
    No alloy wheels in this package though.
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    Hi Rick,

    You are correct about the discounts and also demand and supply rule. By the way where are you from (which state)? Sounds like in your area this car is in demand. When the car you want is in demand, it's tough, I agree.

    I am only willing to pay the price in 30s so unless I find a RX in that price range. I would go for my 2nd choice... or 3rd choice..
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50

    I'm in Virginia. I shopped out about 200 miles, by e mail and in person. I've had good luck in the past buying cars, I was always able to get great discounts. I'd do my homework and didn't mind driving a ways and didn't mind walking away from a deal.

    But ... what the heck. I'm happy with the deal I made and didn't have to travel.

    Where are you located? Whats your second and third choice?
  • srdvsrdv Posts: 5
    Bought in April 2010
    Oakland, CA

    RX350 with Navigation (without Comfort Pkg)
    MSRP 45644
    Paid 39500
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    Thanks for the info SRDV

    Lexus buyers in Californa are really getting some awesome discounts.

    Good Job
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    I am in midwest My other choices are Honda Pilot, Toyota RAV4 Limited...

    I am starting to compare features and more i look at it more I go away from RX. I don't know but I just don't see this care worth $40k, but that is just me..
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    I actually agree with you ... is the Lexus nicer than a RAV4 or a CRV ... well yes.

    Is it worth the difference in $$ ... I say no.

    But the wife loves the Lexus ..... if she's happy ... I'm happy.
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    Now I can't argue against that. You win. :)

    Need 2011 RX 350 Now........... LoL.........
  • We Have a dealer in MA who is doing 1000.00 less than msrp on fully loaded
    rx350 awd msrp is 48,900 ( this includes a recent price increase? )
    invoice around 44000.00

    Sounds like a decent deal to me.
    But now we are debating the porsche cayenne. But no real incentives except for the financing.
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    you mean $1000 off invoice not msrp?
  • Yes 1k under invoice not MSRP.
    Another dealer in nj prestige offered 250 under invoice.

    Here is my question though - how is the below deal even possible?
    its 8k off of the msrp???

    Went to a dealer in Rochester, NY, and was offered this:
    AWD base $39025
    Total accessories $8100
    (Comfort pkg, 12-speakers, Nav, Prem pkg, Accy pkg, remote start, tow pkg, wood/leader trimmed)
    Destination $875
    MSRP $48,000
    Showed me invoice of $43,357

    Make: Lexus
    Model: RX350
    Location: Rochester NY
    Final Price: $39025
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  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    What you listed is 9k off msrp ..... I don't believe that one
  • ven7782ven7782 NJPosts: 31
    I am not sure where are you guys getting these inflated MSRP from? This is what I am getting at Edmunds TMV

    2010 Lexus RX 350
    4dr SUV (3.5L 6cyl 6A)

    with comfort and Nav package $38,831.

    A Ray catena dealer here in central NJ is offering me this at $37,551. Hoe does this sound to you guys?
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    WoW that is almost $9k off MSRP. What a deal!!!, Do they have more RX FWD with Premium Package? I would be interested with this kind of discounts...

    Sounds like 2011 RX will be here soon... Lexus is trying to get rid of 2010s now..
  • mjs560mjs560 Posts: 14
    One of the cars I have test driven over the past week is s Certified Pre-Owned 2008 RX 350. My wife and I both enjoyed the ride and like the 3 year warranty on a CPO. My lease isn't up until the end of August. What is the best time to purchase a CPO? Would the end of June be better because it's a quarter end or is that irrelevant? Can I expect a Lexus dealer to discount the asking price on a CPO?

    For anyone who has purchased a Lexus CPO, did you receive the new car finance rates?
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    Yeah ... where are you guys getting these inflated MSRPs??

    I got one from the window sticker .... where it says MSRP.

    37,551 is an excellent price for a basic FWD model especially if you figure it on a percentage basis 12% plus discount.

    Here's a deal for you Funguy .... in the 30s

    37625 base FWD
    2465 nav
    1950 comfort
    875 destination
    42915 MSRP
    37551 your price
    5365 discount
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    Thanks Rick. hmm.. Sounds Interesting. Getting very close to my price :) I am going to see what my local dealers have to say.
  • hey guys i was wondering wat is best time to buy a rx350 i am hesitating to buy one i want to get a good deal and if i put 5000 down how much would my payment be on a base AWD
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    If you can wait then until after 2011 RX350 comes out. You *should* be able to find good deals for 2010 RX350.

    Good Luck..
  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    Use the Edmunds Auto Loan Calculator and it will give you the exact monthly payments.
    I think it is a good time to buy the car as the dealers are more eager to make the sale as 2011 models are ready to roll. If you can wait till Christmas You may be able to get a little better prices but then the selection would be very limited if You are stuck on a particular colour and options package.
    Start shopping around now and try to get the prices from the nearest dealerships You have access to.
    Thankyou and keep us posted about your progress.
  • mafxmafx Posts: 1
    Went to a dealer in NY, and was offered this:
    AWD base $39025
    Total accessories $8100
    (Comfort pkg, 12-speakers, Nav, Prem pkg, Accy pkg, remote start, tow pkg, wood/leader trimmed)
    Destination $875
    MSRP $48,000
    Showed me invoice of $43,357
    Neg Price - $43,100 + tax and docs
    Is this a good deal?
  • MAF
    I just purchased your same exact car
    The price I'm getting is 42500.00
    on the msrp of 48259.
    Basically no dealers in ny will go under 43000
    in my opinon.
  • I got this price in MA

    end of the month
    push them.
  • martin2498martin2498 Posts: 22
    edited June 2010
    Hey everyone,

    I am looking into getting a new Lexus RX350 in MA, possibly going to dealers in Watertown, Sharon for Herb Chambers, and Danvers to check out the best pricing available. Just looking for any insight on what the invoice may be for an AWD with no nav; not really looking for particular options on the car other then black leather. I got an MSRP from one dealer of $44,724 for a few added bells and whistles. Am trying to get down more towards 36 low/high if at all possible...not sure if that is going to be a realistic price any time in the near future. Thanks for any input you may have!
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    I think the BEST you could hope to get would be about 10% of msrp for a STRIPPED model.... that would probably be pushing it on a STRIPPED down model.

    For the car your are talking about (not stripped down) with an MSRP of 44,700 .... if you got it for 40,000 I think you would be doing real good.

    look about 2 posts up ... eastsider just got a about a 12% discount on a car with nice equipment.

    good luck
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44

    I've just started looking for an rx350 and was wondering if anyone has had experience with costco auto buying program. Are their negotiated prices good? I am looking for a base FWD with as few options as possible. Also, any recommendations for dealers/salespeople in central NJ area?

  • carbuff29carbuff29 Posts: 7
    Looking for a RX 350 FWD with nav, comfort, and premium package. Seems like cars in the southeast with nav come pre-configured at an MSRP of $47,385. Problem is there are 4 dealers in the area, but they are owned by only 2 companies. I haven't been able to get quotes below the invoice of $42,772. I would think this late in the model year that we could get prices much below invoice, but it seems like dealers here are conceited about this car. Anybody having better luck?
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    a sales price around 42,772 on an msrp of 47385 would be inline with what most people are reporting on the east coast.I listed a couple below that reported they have purchased. Many have reported the best offers they can get are on the high end of the deals mentioned below.

    rick in Va 43,700 on msrp 48,250
    eastside in NY/NJ 42,500 0n msrp 48,259
    dennis in MD 43,875 on msrp 48,259
    CT audi in FL 42,200 on msrp 47,644
    Adam NY/NJ 41,850 on msrp 48259

    Many on the west coast are reporting much better prices.

    Also keep in mind .... this is the internet .... it is possible some may overstate the deal they got. Many are frustrated trying to get the same deal, in the same area, as reported in the forum .... when several dealers let you walk, after making a similar offer as reported .... sorta makes you wonder.

    Good luck
  • firepumpfirepump Posts: 8
    Looking for 2010 Lexus Rx 350 in Dallas, Austin, Houston area> Seen any great pricing? Any finance incentives?
  • gladiator99gladiator99 Posts: 104
    I am looking for a sweet deal in the Washington/Oregon area on either a 2010 or a 2011 RX. I live in Canada and these vehicles, some of which are made in Ontario Canada sell for at least $10,000. over US list pricing. I have been browsing on dealers internet pricing and most were 3-4 G's under MSRP. I was looking at a site called Fleetrates.com. They offer a $4100.00 discount on a MSRP of $47,385.
    This is on a FWD with:
    19" whls
    Park assist
    nav system
    wood and leather steering wheel and shift knob
    HID lights
    comfort pkg
    Prem. audio
    preffered acc. pkg
    prem. pkg.

    I think a guy could do better at some of the dealers.
    Keep up the great posts here.
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    I am looking at two possibilities. One is FWD, with premium package, heated/ventilated seats and preferred accessories. MSRP around 41.7K, for 37.5K. The other is similar, but with AWD (MSRP around 44K), for 39K. This is in Central NJ. Are these reasonable quotes?

  • ashay21ashay21 Posts: 6
    I need a little more info/details on the car. I'm assuming that is before tax+fees?

    Also where in CNJ as I am looking as well :)
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    You are only asking for $5k off MSRP. based on what people have reported on the board here, you should be able to get that price. Every dealer is different, you must try and contact multiple dealers to get that price. Lexus dealers are known for their ... "we will tell you price when you are ready"... I hate those dealers. I simply go to next dealer.
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    I have talked to half a dozen different dealers, and am in negotiations with 4 of them. Couple of them have agreed to these prices but the sticking point has been the doc fees. I want them to take that off or reduce the price correspondingly. I am this close right now and I think they will come down. I am in no hurry, so that helps.
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    You are in a driver seat. don't give up, keep up the pressure, if they agreed on your price, I don't think they will lose your business just for the doc fees. Sounds like you are all set :) As for me, waiting for 2011 so that i can get a little better discount (hopefully).
  • ashay21ashay21 Posts: 6
    edited July 2010
    I could have shopped around more, but I'd rather spend time with my newborn instead of weekends at the dealers. I have to admit that this forum and people like you have revolutionized the buying experience.

    Location: Central NJ
    Equip: AWD, Prem, Comf, Accessory, NAV, Tow Prep, Wood Steer/Knob, Crossbars,
    MSRP: $47,844 (inc Dest)
    Sale: 42,300
    Est $900 below invoice

    They gave me 3.9% financing for 60 months but I will pay it off pretty quick. They also took my beatup 2001 RAV4 135000 miles for $3500. The car was in poor condition because it needed brakes, tires, and servicing. It also had a few dents.

    I could have gotten a better price on the RX going to more dealers...but sometimes time = money. This is my wifes new car and having her spend a day at the dealer is major step to begin with.

    The dealership was in Central NJ where demand is very high and negotiating is a little tough.

    I did have a few quick questions...I noticed that my MSRP had a charge for Crossbars?? I don't see many others post that....I think I see almost every RX come with them...am I wrong?

    Anyway, I'm happy this is over. The only other car we looked at was the SRX...nice car but was uncertain and didn't want to have regrets. I love the Smokey Granite Mica (Black Interior).

    Truffle Mica was also nice....but the color really varies between indoor and outdoor.
  • Looking at the RX350--MSRP 44,090--no nav. Best price I've been able to get in NJ and nearby NY area (White Plains) is $39900. That includes everyting but DMV fees and sales tax. Should I keep looking or is this as good as I'm going to get? I don't mind driving a ways to get a better deal.
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