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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ctsoxfan2ctsoxfan2 Posts: 25
    Invoice Price came from Edmunds. MSRP was sticker price.
  • ctsoxfan2ctsoxfan2 Posts: 25
    I believe that remote start comes with the premium package (don't quote me on this). I know that I got remote start on mine, and I got the nav/premium/comfort/wood combination.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    I have seen it as a stand alone option for $375.00
  • WhichSUVWhichSUV Posts: 6
    Hi rparis & tyler70.

    I'll be picking it up next week sometime, so i'll fill you in on the dealership info then.

    Calculating the actual invoice is tricky. In my particular case, if you go by CR, kbb, or edmonds it seemed to be 40,700 (after subtracting dealer holdback) for the Nav car with a MSRP of 47141. Now the dealer will show you a printout that lists his invoice for this car at 42K+ but i don't believe it. No point arguing over what invoice actually is, jsut tell him your going to take the lowest offer, so its academic.

    In my case, no trade was invloved and i did finance through Lexus. The remote start option i believe is a stand alone as it was present on only some of the Nav models i saw. All models in NE come with AWD and premium package. You can get the invoice and MSRP for it from any of the above websites. I think the CR new price report is very helpful if your willing to pay the 14 bucks.

    It is definitely best to do most of the price negitotiating first with internet sales guys. Play them off against each other and then go visit the three lowest in person on the same day with quotes you already know are very competitive. You'll be able to knock at least a few hundred off that on site. In my case, i told them that financing would be the tie breaker and i wanted a rate of at least 4%. Don't let them tell you they have no control over rates. They can easily pull favors with their banks to get you a "buy rate"

    Hope this was helpful.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Thank you for the detailed response.

    I will look forward to learning which dealer you purchased from. Were they all within a hundred or two of each other? I don't think Edmunds includes local dealer advertising. Appreciate your thoughts on invoice print out from dealer. There could also be special incentives from Lexus Corp. that customers and Edmunds are not aware of.

    Thanks again for your insight.
  • wrahnwrahn Posts: 45
    I've been dealing with the same Lexus dealership since I traded in my ES300 for the 2000 RX300. Since then I traded in my 2000 for a 2003 RX300 and then traded it for the 2005 Rx300. Now I'm ready to trade my 2005 for the 2010 RX350 for delivery in June. One thing I've noticed is the "discount" to me is not as good as I been able to get in the past deals. Of course I always have bought at the end of the product year rather then at the begining of the year. I've also noticed my trade-in is not as good as in the past even though the mileage at trade for my RXs has been under 40,000 miles and the cars have been still under warranty. Of course the price of the car has gone up with each year.

    Now for what I'm getting.

    RX350 FWD Base Price $36,800
    Total Accessories $ 8,672
    Comfort Package
    19" Alum Wheels
    12 - Speaker Audio
    Navigation Sys
    Intuitive Parking Assist
    Premium Package
    Wood & Leather Trim
    Cargo Mat
    Wheel Lock
    Cargo Net
    Destination $875

    Total $46,347
    Trade in allowance $19,000

    Cost $27,347

    There doesn't seem to be any deals here.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    If they are allowing $19000 for your trade in-what is the discount from MSRP aside from trade in allowance? I keep the two figures seaprate when I trade.
  • soonercatsoonercat Posts: 48
    Trade value is not bad in this market. Of course take $5,000 off the trade to see the actual cash value of your trade. I found that walking into a dealer who has never laid eyes on you before can yield a better deal. I think you could sell it for way more if you had time.

    Obviously, new RX is highly discounted now. Would leasing have cost you more or less based on your trade in experience?
    I once hated leasing but if MF is reasonable and residual is high --it protects against a bad market. For instance my 2007 BMW 328i was a 36k mile/3 yr lease. MSRP was $40k, sale price $38k and residual value is $26k--in one more year. I see 2007 BMW's like mine going for $27k now with 20,000 miles. Obviously I will not buy it for residual nor will BMW sell it for that much. Their loss in this case. RX 350 residual is 59% (compare to MDX 51% now)--
  • wrahnwrahn Posts: 45
    My discount was only $1,217.

  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Have you taken possession so you can share the name of the dealership, etc? Also, what was the difference between the high and low offers.

    Thank you in advance.
  • degirldegirl Posts: 45
    Hi everyone,

    I was told by a dealership that the luxury package is only with the navigation package. Is this true? I didn't see it on Edmunds or the Lexus build your vehicle site. I also told the dealer I am not sure if I want heated/cooled seats and his response was "all 2010 rx 350 are equipped with them." True or false? Anyone in the pa/de/md/nj area interested in doing a multi purchase. I did see some posts last fall where a few people did that. I inquired about it and the dealership kept upping the amount by a few hundred dollars. He stated the contact person for the group was confused on the figures. I am ready to purchase. I just would stay away from that dealership(Lexus of Chester Springs)
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    can anyone answer this for me.?
    I saw on one of the RX review that when you "remote start" this vehicle, the engine will turn off when you open the door. is this true? my second question if if anyone has seen the the intuitive park assist comes as a "stand alone" feature or it only comes in a package. On Edmunds I see it comes as a "stand alone" feature, but then I went to the dealer, they said currently it only comes in with a package. I have been watching the prices on this veh and dont see the prices go down much. I am not in a rush to buy one, but I like to get it by the end of the month. any suggestion when the best time to buy this veh ? thanks
  • bond8bond8 Posts: 33
    Yes that is true for the remote starter. Once you touch the door handle the car engine will turn off. That is a safety feature built in. I have another car that has a remote starter and that turns off as soon as you touch either the brake or the gas pedal.
    About the park assist, I think you should be able to get it as a standalone feature, but dont quote me on it. I had spoken to a dealer and he had told me that with the 2010 RX you can pretty much buy any feature individually unlike the older versions.
    And I think buying towards the end of teh month always helps. Because the dealers are eager to meet their targets and generally will honor a decent offer.
  • smr36smr36 Posts: 59
    What is the reason to have a remote start? Why would I want the car to start if I'm not in it?

    Anyone have RX sales figures for for April and May?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    In cold weather areas, people like to start the car before getting into it so the vehicle will not be ice cold when first starting out on a trip.
  • jpzy3jpzy3 Posts: 11
    Could you tell me which message #s you saw the posts on the group purchase last fall or around which month these were posted?
  • sxylxysxylxy Posts: 29
    The lease on my RX 350 w/Mark Levinson & NAV is 6 weeks away from ending. Any thoughts on my 3 options:

    1. Avoid paying the registration & all four new brakes by turning it in.
    2. Pay the $26K residual, $430 for the brakes, $480 for the registration, $1K to get it "Certified" and hope that there aren't any additional charges during the certification, plus $2,300 Calif. tax.
    3. Sell it to a third party and have them pay the tax...pocket the difference.

    Anyone else face this choice? What did you choose?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603
    What year and mileage for your car?

    As far as option #3. Most leasing banks won't allow you to sell the car to a third party, and avoid the tax, unless it's a car dealer. Also, the chance of your car being worth more than the residual is slim.


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  • sxylxysxylxy Posts: 29
    What did you finally decide?
  • sxylxysxylxy Posts: 29
    The car is a 2007 with 32K miles.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603
    Well.. first... you have to decide if the car is worth buying out.. Then, assuming it is, do you still want to drive it for at least three more years?

    You can get a good idea of it's current wholesale value, here:
    Real-World Trade-In Values

    Good luck!
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  • smr36smr36 Posts: 59
    "In cold weather areas, people like to start the car before getting into it so the vehicle will not be ice cold when first starting out on a trip."

    Thanks, I live in So CA so the idea didn't register.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603
    Sure... rub it in.. ;)


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    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • As the name indicates, I am a first time buyer of a car. I never needed one before as I live in New York City, but will now be doing country driving, sometimes in rough weather. After extensive research of what I consider to be comparable vehicles (Audi Q5, Infiniti FX 35, etc.), I'm negotiating on the 2010 Lexus RX 350 AWD. Color isn't too important, something dark, black or blue. Anyway, I want the premium package, the comfort package, and the navigation package. I'm finding that there is never a car that has EXACTLY what you want! You've always got to take a little less or a little more. In my case, it's a little more, including the remote start and the tow prep, neither of which I want. We all know the MSRP, which, in my case comes to $47,200. I consider that a starting price, but what would all of you experienced experts, especially Car Man, consider a good, or great, ending price? And how do you get invoice prices?
  • newkid300newkid300 Posts: 18
    You should not have to take more than you want. Try Catena in Larchmont or Rallye in Glen Cove. They just got their June allocations. I am in the process of leasing a 2010 RX350 with Premium, Nav etc. comes to either 47666 or 48500 roughly on the MSRP. I got prices to buy of about $44300. I am leasing but those are the buy prices. Play hardball. I suggest internet contact to 2 or three dealerships. Tell them that you do not have time to play games. You want their best price and if they have it, you will buy the car from them. From whatever their "best" price is, you should be able to get few hundred more off. Try configuring the vehicle on this sited under "new cars." Put in the options you want and you will get the MSRP, invoice and what other people are allegedly paying for it. Good luck.
  • I appreciate your advice, and will try "new cars" on this site right now. I didn't realize you could get different dealers to compete. I don't want to ask too many dumb questions, but isn't there some kind of central inventory that they all use to find your car, or does each dealer have his own exclusive inventory? Otherwise they will know, as you go looking for the same car from dealer to dealer, and if they were smart, they would try and protect themselves against that. Thanks again for your help.
  • skyiceskyice Posts: 21
    I am new in this forum. I live in Canada. Today, I went to a local dealership to test-drive a used 2007 RX350 with premium package with 101k. The sale price is CDN$33K. At the end, the dealer told me if I lease a brand new 2010 RX350 is better than buying an used one. He told me about a security deposit program with Lexus, which will offer me a leasing rate as low as 2.1%. Every CDN$500 I deposit in Lexus will reduce 0.2% off the original 3.9% 4-year leasing rate. After I deposit CDN$4500, I can get 1.8% off 3.9%, which is 2.1%. This is the maxium discount rate that I can get. So, under the 2.1% 4-year leasing rate, the monthly payment will be $551 for premium package model WITH 10K down payment and the residual value is about CDN23k. After 4 years, if I decide to return the vehicle to the dealer, I can get my $4500 deposit back. If I buy a used RX, I will pay slightly less amount every month under 3.9% best financing rate they can offer. My question is, is it worthy to lease a brand new RX? I never did that before. So what should I worry about in the lease term? Also, if I go to purchase a RX in the US, can I carry the warranty over to Canada?

    Thanks for your help in advance.
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    has anyone tried to buy a new car using the auto brokers? is it better than buying it thru the internet fleet dept ? I met someone and she bought a brand new 2010 rx in April with all fullly loaded, including the luxury package and head up display and navigation package for $46k including all taxes & DMV registration. I tried to look up the price for this vehicle with these options and the invoice for this vehicle is apprx $44k. Which means that she got it for apprx $2k off the Edmunds invoice price. One thing is that she paid off the veh and there is no finance. but even with paying cash for it, it is still too good to be true, but there is no reason for her to lie to me. she even gave me the infor of the auto broker she used. can anyone answer this for me. ? :confuse:
  • newkid300newkid300 Posts: 18
    They have their own inventories. However, certain dealers are networked. For example, Lexus of Queens, Manhattan Lexus and Bayridge (I believe) are in the same network. They advertise together on TV. Since we can kind of check available inventory of area dealers on this site too, they probably have a more linked way to do it. Don't worry about insulting a dealer by shopping around, they are used to it. You usually get less price nonsense if the dealer feels you are an informed shopper and looking to really cut the price. Otherwise, they will just give you a price with the profit they want from the suckers.
  • emmdeejayemmdeejay Posts: 3
    Dealers get allocations of cars as they roll through production. That said, there is a clearing house and dealers swap cars all the long as they have a desirable vehicle to swap. Most Lexii come in with relatively standard packages and trim as determined by the dealer. I have a deal, signed in May, with Lexus of Southampton to lease an RX350 with Comfort, Nav and Premium...and the tow prep (don't need it...but will buy a bike rack so it's not all bad), wood and leather trimmed steering wheel and gear shift ($330...don't need it but I'll bet you can't find an RX without it), remote start and wheel locks. The MSRP is $47108 and the purchase price is $44052. 36 mo 12K lease at $614.85 paying NY tax and fees up front.

    It's good advice to do an internet request for pricing. There will be differences and similarities between each dealer and you can always try to leverage your best offer agains the dealership that is closest and most convenient for service.
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