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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • saki1saki1 Posts: 11
  • saki1saki1 Posts: 11
    what co did you check with for trnsport?
  • I don't exactly remember this site, but try this one.......
  • bhuddabhudda Posts: 12
    Dallas, TX
    2011 AWD
    comfort, towing, and premium packages
    MSRP 50,244

    out the door, $44,998.00. 3.9% financing.
    thoughts? deal is good til Jan3rd,
  • Hello:

    As information I bought the following vehicle yesterday (Dec 31) in Southern CA (Orange County - Tustin, Newport, Mission Viejo):
    Lexus RX350, 2011, FWD
    Premium Package
    Accessory Pkg (mats, wheel locks, cargo net/mat)
    Leather interior, wood trim
    Cross bars
    Heated/cooled front seats

    MSRP: $45846, Invoice: $41544, Paid: $39750 + license/state tax/reg

    Was able to get this deal from 2 dealerships in this area, though most would not go below $40K.
  • Awesome deal, could you tell me which dealership, so far I've gotten $40500 at Westminster. Help
  • How many months did you finance for to get 3.9%
  • Just my 2 cents : You may not be able to get the deal now, since the best deals pretty much end Dec-31. However, when June/July rolls around and dealerships are getting rid of 2011 cars you may be able to negotiate again.

    Try El Monte & Mission Viejo - they gave the best deals. Make sure you always get the MSRP because, with so many options on the vehicles, that is the only way to ensure you are comparing apples to apples between cars from different dealership. For example, MSRP $45846 gets you the items I listed previously but $455xx gets you exactly the same car but without cross bars.
  • Thank you so much for your help. Dealers have until Monday the 3rd to get the deal done to count for 2010. So wish me luck, going out today at 4 to try to get your deal. We will see, going to Cerritos
  • saki1saki1 Posts: 11
    revised offer here also $39026+ ttl and I don't know any extras.
    . plus may 700-800 shipping. What do you think?
  • ferrari007ferrari007 Posts: 14
    edited January 2011
    Saki1, I fought with the Business Development Manager on Friday- She wasn't willing to give back the deal what maresident got, atlast she agreed for $38,250, but with certain conditions., I need to be there in the store satuday without fail and pay the amount in full by personal check., she isn't willing to wait till Monday to get Credit loan check from my credit union.

    I worked out the number's and felt it's not worth it to drive all the way to MA and paying the amount in full cash.

    I got a 3.75% apr through Municipal Credit Union., if I invest the money say $35,000(paying the balance amount in cash) in dividend stocks with minimun 6% return., I am loosing around $4,000 in a span of 4 years.

    Now I am planning to hunt in NY itself.

    Manager Contact:

    First Name: A_A_D_
    Last Name: Y_R_S_T_S

    First Name: Clue: _M_N_A
    Last Name: Clue: _A_U_I_E

    Let's see how it turns out in Monday.
  • saki1saki1 Posts: 11
  • saki1saki1 Posts: 11
    I have been talking to the same. My price till sat was $38560 till sat, but I could not get the wire in time . So my price went up to 39046 ($796more) + ~700 to transport! I have paid the deposit and , wire transfer , need to do it tomorrow at 39k+ price(don't know it). I was thinking of transporting it , but my husband is not comfortable withe idea and thinks we should pick it up. Means flying 2 people, staying in hotels and the drive back 1000 miles and the time in days to get back. It seems o.k. at $38250, Some cost will be covered. otherwise is it worth the effort? let me know as soon as you know mon. Thanks for all the replies .

    This is my 4 th time typing, some how it disappears while editing!
  • Saki1 - Congratulations, did you order Black on Black.

    It's not worth it flying all the way down to MA and you add 1,000 miles on a new car. I feel it's not at all worth it. What about your valuable time of 2 people, say for example if you earn $500 per day for two you loose $1,000 here itself and top of that if you add all the additional expenses, Hotel, Food, Fligth Expenses it will go around $2,000 and by the time you start using the car from your home, the vehicle depreciates additional $1,000 as it's a 1,000 miles car.

    To sum up, you loose $3,000 on the car and add $150 for the gas(50 Gallons for 1,000 miles - $3 a gallon)

    If you want to be sure and make the transport 100% safe go for Closed Container which cost more., but in your case it's worth it.

    This is the quote I got from easycarmove Sharon, MA to NY.

    STANDARD - An Open Carrier Picks up within 1 - 5 Days - 405

    RUSH - An Open Carrier Picks up within 72 Hours - 560

    ENCLOSED - An Enclosed Carrier Picks up within 1 - 5 Days - 579

    You can also get a free quote they respond quickly.

    you can reach me as well at [email protected]

    Once again Congratulations & Happy New Year 2011.......
  • raj36raj36 Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    We purchased a RX350 2011 on 12/31/10. Can't tell you how many forums I must have read. Hopefully this posting will help somebody in a similar boat.

    Here is the price we got:

    Base Price - 33,228
    Comfort Pkg - 1,560
    12 speaker - 88
    19" Aluminium wheels - 528
    Nav pkg - 2,085
    Intuitive Pkg Assist - 400
    Premium Pkg - 2,028
    Towing Prep - 190
    Wood & Leather Steering - 264
    Cargo Spider Net - 29
    Accy Pkg - 148
    (Cargo Mat, Cargo Net&Wl Lock)
    Sub Total 40,548

    TDA - 475
    Dealer Holdback - 759
    Whsl. Financial Reserve - 379
    Total 43,036

    In addition, we took resistall and dent warranty. They charged 865 for resist all and 483 for dent protection.

    Resist all - 865
    Dent Warranty - 483

    Total selling price 44,414

    Sales Tax (6.25%) 2745.69
    Dealers Inventory Tax 83.09
    Documentary Fee 145
    State Inspection Fee 23.75
    Deputy Service Fee 5
    Title Fee 98.80
    Road/Bridge Fee 10

    Grand Total 47,525.33

    Got 3.9% finance rate.

    We were naive enough to ask them to sell the vehicle with no options (33,238). We started few months ago to buy a Odyssey Touring and ended up with this vehicle. Not very happy with the dealership - they were OK.

    Went through different channels (Cosco and others) - this was the best price dealer ship had to offer. I was not happy with TDA, Dealer Holdback and Whsl Financial Reserve charges (1613 $).

    Hopefully, this helps somebody in a similar boat.
  • bhuddabhudda Posts: 12
    60 months
  • Raj - Could you please let me know the dealer name., Thanks!
  • ghar88ghar88 Posts: 3
    Bought RX350 red/black; Navigation, Premium, Comfort, etc.
    MSRP 48053
    Invoice 43299
    Paid 41150 + tax/fees = 46180 (out the door)

    From Pleasonton, California
  • raj36raj36 Posts: 2
    Park Lexus - Grapevine
  • Thanks, Raj
  • I was confused between RX 350, MDX or RDX. Now I ruled out RX 350 with the only reason that every dealer wants $4000+ options installed. I asked base model and they said, it's 4 month wait. What ? 3 out of 4 dealers didn't even reply to my internet quote request. They said, come to the dealership and we will give you the best price. When I insisted online that give me the internet price they didn't even bother to reply. I expected that since RX350 is doing this bad, they will be better customer oriented than before. But, I am wrong.
  • Car Man,

    Today I leased a 2011 Lexus RX350 AWD with Package B "Loaded Model with Navigation"
    48,033.00 List price
    3,420.05 1% Over Invoice
    44,612.95 Selling Price
    2,800.00 At Signing " Taxes (Harlem NY 8.875) & All other fee's rolled in"
    60 months lease "Tier 2 through Lexus Finanical" 623 a month 10k miles per year.

    How did I do?
  • Saki1 - Atlast I got the 2011 RX 350 AWD with Remote Starter on Jan 3, 2011 and the vehicle was delivered on Jan 6, 2011 from Rallye Lexus, Glen Cove, NY.

    I left with two dealer's to decide - Rallye Lexus, Glen Cove, NY & Herb Chamber's, Sharon, MA.

    Rallye Lexus final offer was $39,500 with 5 free complimentary services @ 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k, 25k. Herb Chamber's final offer was $38,250 with 1 complimentary free service.

    I went with Rally Lexus because....

    If i add up the moving cost to NY from MA with Herb Chamber's an additional $600 adds up to $38,850 and If i had the 5 free services say approximately @ $500, it adds up to $39, 350., with Herb Chamber's. The difference is $150(Rallye Lexus $39,500- Herb Chamber's $39,350)., so I went with the local dealer., Rallye Lexus, NY (Herb Chamber's offer only one free complimentary service, that too I can't use it, I can't drive 200 miles for one service.)

    2011 RX 350 AWD -----------------------35,633/39,375
    Premium Package -------------------------2,028/2,400
    Towing Prep Pacakge --------------------190/238
    Back Up Camera ---------------------------289/350
    Heated Ventilated Seats------------------512/640
    Wood & Leather Trim----------------------264/330

    Accessory Package-------------------------141/232
    (Cargo Mat, Cargo Net, Wheel Locks)
    LDA-(Advertisting Fees)-------------------590
    Delivery Processing & Handling----------875
    Total Invoice/MSRP Price-----------------40,521/44,450
    Remote Start--------------------------------225/375
    Total Price with Remote--------------------40,746/44,825
    Negotiated Price with Remote-------------39,500

    I did the homework and had all the information of MSRP & Invoice but somehow the Dealer Invoice I got from 3 different dealer's matched the same number 40,521. My Invoice calculation was $39723 without the LDA & Delivery & Processing fees.

    I got the New price car report from Consumer Reports by paying $14 and got Dealer hold back information of $796, so the actual invoice price of the car is $39723-$796 = $38477.(without the Delivery & Processing & LDA) So anybody getting this model should negotiate below this rate of $38,477.
    We don't need to pay for Delivery & Processing & LDA.

    Actual Invoice for my Model with options is $38,477
    My final price is $39,500 with 5 free compliementary services, If i deduct $500 for the free services, it comes to $39,000, still I lost $500., but still I made it by.......

    I got 3.75% APR for 60 months from Muncipal Credit Union, it comes to $3,764 interest, the dealer offered that he can meet or beat the price with his affiliations and got me for 2.64% from NEFCU(Nassau Educators Federal Credit Union) for 60 months which is $2,620 interest.

    Dealer savings in APR (3,764-2620)= $1,144

    My final deal with this dealer including all the savings:
    Negotiated Price ---------------- 39,500
    Complimentary free services ------500
    APR Savings -----------------------1,144
    Final cost with Savings---------- 37,856 + TTL

    My final Invoice price--39,500 + 5 free complimentary services (5,10,15,20,25K)
    NY Taxes-----------------3406.88
    New Plates--------------228.50
    New Car Inspection-----10
    NYS Tire Tax--------------12.50
    Titling & Document Fee-75
    OTD(Out the Door Price)--43,237.88
    Down Payment---------------5,000.00
    Credit Union Loan @ 2.64%-$38,237.88

    Interest for 5 years($38237.88 @ 2.64) ---------------2,620

    Total cost including the interest rate = $43,237.88+2620 = $45857.88
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Muimui, I'm driving my second Lexus, a 2010 RX350 that was made in Canada. My first Lexus was a 2007 RX350 that I drove for four years until my lease was up. That RX was also made in Canada. I had no problems with the '07, and so far everything is A-OK with the 2010. Good luck with your purchase!!
  • hi raj36 , correct me if i am wrong but if u buy premium package ,does not comfort package comes with it? you shoul not pay for both comfort and premium package. that is what i think.
  • hi ferrari-bond(007), thanks for your help so far. i live in long island,ny. i am interested in buying rx350, with almost same package like yours. can you tell me who is your sells person i am going there on this weekend. thanks in advance. seems very good deals to me.
  • jp17jp17 Posts: 1
    Hi, anyone bought new 2011 RX in Roswell Ga. Since the first of the year. Looking for nav, comfort, premium. Is white difficult to get due to popularity?
  • saki1saki1 Posts: 11
    comfort package is a separate package, and most of the cars come with comfort pkg only when nav is ordered. all the conv like rain sensing , auto dimming etc. come with only comfort package. The cars with msrp 44,825 do not.
  • JJsheth -Comfort package is entirely a different package. I think you need to do more research. Check the various packages in
  • jjsheth - e-mail me at [email protected]

    I will give you more details.
  • Hello,

    Can someone please put up the info on the 350 and 450 for Jan and if feb is available. Mf, residual etc. Thx carman

    Also Ferrari, can you give me the invoice cost on the rx350 2 and 4wd.
    Where is this info available.

    I am looking for whatever fx will offer the lowest payment for 36 month lease.
    At the moment the best I have is a 4x2 with prem,nav etc, basically package B but without 1 thing as the msrp is 45836 and I see package B on lexes is 46004. Sale price is 40,037

    Payment I'm getting is 553 tax included with 1273 drive off 15k miles per year. I am in socal. I'm thinking that 535 should be available? Thoughts
  • You can get the invoice price in any Auto sites...No spoon feeding. You have to work on it.

    To get the dealer holdback & incentive information, get a $14 report from Consumer reports., it gives the Invoice price as well.

    In the below sites, you can get free Invoice price, not the Incentive Info. or holdback.

    Yahoo Autos
    True Car
    nadar(North American Dealers Association.)
  • declandeclan Posts: 2
    edited January 2011
    First of all, thank you help5. Your posting helped me a lot. I just printed it and showed dealer . In addition, other posting gave me better chance to get right deal.

    On January 15, I bought white color 2WD RX350 Navi (MSRP: $46,246) in Orange County CA with OTD $44,969, 3.9% APR. Here is the option package as below

    19" ALLOY WHEELS: MSRP $ $660
    CROSS BAR: MSRP $259

    TOTAL MSRP: $46,246
    TOTAL OTD: $44,969

    I received 3.9% apr because of insufficent credit history even though I have good credit score, 745.

    I wish you would have better deal with this information.

    Thank you.
  • vijvij Posts: 3
    Hi ghar88,
    I am also planning to go with same options(nav, premium, etc), but with a different color. It seems you got a pretty good deal in Pleasanton. Could you please send me the contact details in the dealer, so that I can talk to him/her directly. Also, please give more details on the options that you selected with a full break down. I appreciate your help.
  • vijvij Posts: 3
    edited January 2011
    Congratulations declan.
    Could you please break down your OTD price. How much paid for the actual vehicle and how much is the tax part of OTD price. I live in BayArea and the tax here may be little different.
  • vijvij Posts: 3
    Hello helper5,
    Do you also have 19inch wheels. It looks like your MSRP should include 19inch wheels. Please confirm.
  • jp89jp89 Posts: 10
    edited January 2011
    Good for you!
    I negotiated a RX 350 AWD Pearl/black; premium, comfort, navigaion, and accessaries.
    MSRP on the base model AWD IS $39,375 (I notice most of the other dealers in NY has $39,775 due to small price increase). With all the options, the invoice price is $43462. I got it for $42,462 .

    I lease for three years, 12,000 miles with residual value of $57% (the highere the residual, the lower the lease.) and money facor of .0017 (the lower the better. depend on individual's credit.). My lease price includes the sales tax to be $589/month. To calculate lease see: The auto lease in Edmunds calculation is not accurate.

    My dealer is in NY.
  • jp89jp89 Posts: 10
    edited January 2011
    I do not have 19 inch wheels.

    In northeastern, there are option A (with comfort package and premium package) Option B (is comfort, premium and navigation system.) I was told all Lexus RX350 here are AWD. You can not buy anything less.
  • jp89jp89 Posts: 10
    The lease rate I had for RX350 AWD for 3 years, 12,000 miles/year on this week.

    Money factor is 0.0017 (tier 1) and Residual 57%.

    To learn to calculate lease, please see
  • I am trying to find an affordable off-lease 2008 RX 350 with low miles. I am having a hard time at the dealerships because the prices are still expensive. Does anyone know of a great place to purchase pre-certified RX350?
  • jp89jp89 Posts: 10
    You can start by going to click the tab of car, used. You can specify the year, make, model and options. This is how I started. I then go to dealers to look and test drive the car. I was looking for new car.

    It depends on where you live. All the Lexus dealer are good places to purchase. Go thru the internet department. They are cheaper. You have to make appointment thru internet.

    I got a consumer report new car price listing. Used car could be harder since the standard are different. I email the dealers telling them that I was looking for a new car and I will buy it in a week or so. I also told them that I had a consumer report price listing (includes MSRP and invoice price.) They know that I would not be interesting in car pricing higher than invoice price. I got a few with invoice price and one below invoice price.

    Good luck.
  • kd007kd007 Posts: 3
    edited January 2011
    Hi, question for you all, i am looking at all the posts here and you are getting some sweet deals like OTD 44k for prem comfort navi , while I am here looking at used 2010 models of the same specs on various sites etc and they are all selling for nearly the same, with 15 -20 k miles on it. What gives??? Shouldn't the depreciation alone on a 2010 be 4k? so working backwards a brand new 2010 with premium comfort and navi should be roughly 40k... One with 20000 miles on it should be 37 ish? What I am missing here? Why would anyone pay 44k for a 2010 model with lesser options and 10k miles???? Thanks in advance.
  • jp89jp89 Posts: 10
    I did get a quote for brand new Infiniti EX 35 and miss type for 2010 instead of 2011. I got offer of 5000 below invoice price. 2010 new car is much cheaper than 2011. I am not expert. I just have a recent purchase experience. Go to or is more than the other. Also eBay is more. I guess it depends on your area.

    Theoreticly, you should be a few thousand off from the invoice price for 2010 car. You need to ask what is the invoice price. You can get from 2010 price may be different than 2011. I understand that 2011 price just raised a little after my purchase due to the rate of US$ is lower a little.
  • My 2008 RX 350 is due next month with only 25k miles. Very clean in and out and I'm not a smooker. In the moment I'm still undecided whether to keep or to sell. I'll let you know if I decide to let it go, if you're interested.
  • jle517jle517 Posts: 1
    Hi jp89,

    I am also in NY looking at the same vehicle. Would you be able to share the dealership info via email please. Thanks.

  • jp89jp89 Posts: 10
    Lexus in Mt Kisco, NY. You can order a consumer report new car buying system on line or by calling 1-800-225-9900. After you got the report, you can email to a few Lexus around you telling them that you have the consumer report new car buying guide and the price. Ask to see if they can offer you a price. What I did is telling them that I want to buy the car in a week, I name the options that I want and a few dealers comes back to me. I told them that I did not want to waste their time and mine. I did not want to test drive.. Mt Kisco is the closest one. If you are just looking, they may not be interested. Most dealer will email you and ask you to go in and they will give you the price. The lease MF is base on individual's credit score.

    You are dealing with internet sales department. You can not call them. The regular sales will not give such a discount. I made my arrangement thru email. When the price was agreed, I called to get direction to the dealship.
  • oneo10oneo10 Posts: 9
    I'm considering a new RX350, does anyone have an idea about what kind of price I can expect on a 2010 model? Has anyone opted for a 2010 over a 2011 because of a killer deal on it?
  • Someone give me peace of mind. I leased a 2011 Lexus rx350. 12,000 miles, for 36 months. I put 4630 down and my payment is 524. Is this an okay deal???
  • I think I did well with my purchase. Spent a lot of time researching this forum and others to get my information before negotiating with the dealer. I bought a 2011 2WD RX350 Starfire Pearl/Parchment with MSRP of $47,504, INVOICE of $42,870, I paid $40,600, plus TTL. I got 2.9% APR financing through the dealership. I live in the bay area of Northern CA. Here is the breakdown of my purchase:

    2011 RX 350 FWD----------------------------------------------33,228/37,975
    Comfort package----------------------------------------------------1560/1950
    12 Speaker Premium Audio--------------------------------------------88/110
    19” Aluminum Alloy Wheels-------------------------------------------528/660
    Navigation w/voice,backup camera, etc.------------------------2085/2465
    Premium Package----------------------------------------------------2028/2400
    Towing Prep Pacakge -------------------------------------------------190/238
    Wood & Leather Trim Steering Wheel & Shift Knob--------------264/330
    Cross Bars---------------------------------------------------------------168/259
    (Cargo Mat, Cargo Net, Wheel Locks)------------------------------148/242
    Delivery Processing & Handling--------------------------------------------875
    TDA------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -570
    Dealer holdback---------------------------------------------------------------759
    Wholesale Financial Reserve-----------------------------------------------379
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------
    Total Invoice/MSRP Price---------------------------------------42,870/47,504
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------
    Negotiated Price ----------------------------------------------------------40,600
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------
    Lexus Financing 2.9%
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------
  • I am also looking to buy RX350... let me know the dealer and Salesperson name
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