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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Lexus of Concord, Concord, CA Highly recommend my sales person. He is an INTERNET SALES CONSULTANT. J--- L-- You can find him by looking on the sales department page of their website.
  • hmbwood:

    if you don't mind my asking, how did you negotiate 2k below invoice? I have not been able to get dealers to go anything below invoice. I'm looking for a NAV, premium, comfort 2011 and I would love to pay what you paid in Texas.

    Thank you
  • tlb5tlb5 Posts: 44
    Yeah hmbwood can you explain the last few lines there. What was tba and I guess you got them to dip into holdback etc but I thought there were no incentives going on right now except loyalty. There are 192 rx350s in a 30 mile radius around me right now (including concord) so maybe they're starting to offload? Did you have to pull teeth with the int dales guy to get him to dig deeper? I'm looking for a similarly outfitted rx350 (wad tho) in the next month or two so any help is greatly appreciated.
  • With this price that you negotiated was the sport package included? How much down? What is your monthly payment? Did you get quotes from many dealers?
  • hmbwoodhmbwood Posts: 4
    edited February 2011
    The information I posted was from the internal sheet the dealer had on the car. I am not sure if they always give this out, so I don't know what the TDA means, but maybe someone more in the know can answer that. I negotiated the price, through this forum. I saw that someone had negotiated $41,500 for a similar MSRP in Pleasanton, CA which is not far from me. I took that in to J--- L--, the internet salesman I had been talking to and would have paid $41,500, when the manager came in with him and said they were going to beat that price and would make it $40,600. I said I would take it. I am not a negotiator. I go in with a price that I am willing to pay and have no problem walking out, but didn't have to. That price was with the sport package included. I put down $5k with 2.9% APR. The sales tax in my area is 9.25%. I did buy on Jan. 29th and they may have been motivated to meet sales numbers for the month, I am not sure. I did not get quotes from any other dealers. I just printed out the page of this forum that had the price someone paid near me and took that in. Hope this answers all the questions.
  • tlb5tlb5 Posts: 44
    very helpful - thanks for sharing. i will do the same in about 2 months - i hope to do half as well as you did!
  • suvgalsuvgal Posts: 39
    Purchased a brand new RX350 AWD w/NAV, Premium and Comfort + cross bars last week for $42K + TTL (~$45K OTD). This was the lowest I got two dealers to go in the region (PA-DE-MD-VA). Just wondering if this was a good deal - the closest other dealers would go was invoice which was a little over $43K + TTL.
  • Hi, does $40,600 include local tax? Thank you for answering.
  • Also very interested in information on "new" 2010 pricing compared to 2011 pricing. I live in the Southeast and want AWD...Very few in area, and I have found one but it is a 2010. I'm just wondering what an expected depreciation would be for a 2010 that they are sitting on. Thanks! Any great dealers in AL, North Florida, or GA please let me know
  • Were you referring to state sales tax? The $40,600 did NOT include state sales tax of 9+%. We do not have local tax. Hope this helps.
  • I was wondering if any of you happens to know any broker at Lexus US dealer that will help you to import a Lexus car? (preferable closest to Toronto )
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Northtown Lexus, Amherst (Buffalo) N.Y. is about 100 miles from Toronto and may be able to help:

    Pete :)
  • openedopened Posts: 10
    Whats was the dealer name? could you send a name to my email address please: [email protected]
    I really appretiate it
  • openedopened Posts: 10
    Anybody know who is the most flexible dealer at this shop?
    ferrari007 bought a car for $39,500 plus 5 free complimentary services! Congrats! well done.
    Please share. Thanks
  • 16400 mileage . Is it an ok deal every one?
  • wcs1885wcs1885 Posts: 15
    Just bought a 2011 Lexus RX350 AWD in Missouri this past weekend. I got a great deal on it. I got the premium, navigation, & comfort option package with parking assistance. Got mud guards, cargo mat & net (for the trunk) and all season mats as well. Everything priced out to be between $49k-$50k. I ended up paying $43500. This includes the $199 administrative fee at the dealership but does not include tax. I traded in my 1996 Nissan for $1200 (not much, I know). So all in all, I only paid $43500 for everything, excluding tax. The car only had 8 miles on it so ti was brand new. If anyone is in the MO area, I suggest going to Dave Mungenast Lexus dealership.
  • txp135txp135 Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm looking at a similar car. Does your negotiated price already include the $1000 loyalty discount yet? I've read through the last couple pages and it seems like the best deals are around $2000 below invoice, but no one mentioned about the loyalty discount so I'm not sure. Thank you.
  • wcs1885wcs1885 Posts: 15
    Nope, I never had a Lexus before so I didnt get a loyalty discount. My negotiated price was pretty much at breakeven price for the dealership so not sure how easy it is to get $43500 w/ 3 option packages. I brought my mom, she was my negotiator :) lol. I traded in my car to make up the difference between the stated $50k and my ending price. Its a great car to drive though. I love it!
  • suvgalsuvgal Posts: 39
    edited March 2011
    My actual price of just under $42K did not include admin fee ($299) or TTL which added up to around $45K OTD. I had no loyalty discount or trade-in applied either. Very similar to the deal wcs1885 got except I didn't get all-weather mats or mud guards. I did, however, get cross bars thrown in. Also, same exact packages as wcs1885 on brand new 2011 AWD plus towing package and wood steering wheel and shift knob package (standard in my area). My best suggestion is to e-mail different dealerships until they get to the price point you want, if it's reasonable. I got mine below cost - invoice was around $43,700 and retail was around $48,600. And that was within a week of e-mailing the 8 dealerships closest to me. Good luck.
  • fl32459fl32459 Posts: 9
    Do you recall what your "sticker price" was on the car.... Dang Missouri is a long ways, but it may be worth it!
  • wcs1885wcs1885 Posts: 15
    I'm sure you can get a good deal in any state. The base price was at least $40k and after I added the packages, I dont remember the exact number, but it was about low $59k. They came w/ a deal around mid $46k and we met them halfway from our offer to settle at $43500.

    When I did my research before I bought my car, I read on here that someone in NY got all those packages for about $41k or so. You just gotta find the right dealer that will give you a good price. I went to one where the guy wouldn't budge on anything lower than $45k. I think the dealer broke-even w/ the car sale to me. I think they had a little loss because apparently there's a difference between a 2011 model being built in 2011 vs 2010 (the one built in 2011 is like $4k more expensive). That's what they told me, after they checked it in the lot.
  • bdewittbdewitt Posts: 13
    Hi All--

    This is the typical "How'd I Do????" question.... but please let me know! I thought I did pretty darn good!

    2011 RX350 AWD
    Starfire/Grey Leather
    *MSRP: $48,430
    *Selling Price: $43,000 (plus tax & fees)
    *PLUS they included an installed Lexus Ski/Snowboard rack & Snowboard
    *PLUS they "overallowed" on my 2010 Lexus IS250 w/ 30k miles trade. They gave me $30,000 for my trade (other dealers were offering between $25,000-$27,500).
    I should note that I could have gotten another $1,000 off the price if would have financed through LFS, because I'm a current Lexus owner. I decided to finace through my home bank, but now I'm kicking myself for not taking the extra grand.... I may call them back to see if I can change the paperwork!

    Anyway, How'd I do??? Let me know!
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 57
    I got a 2011 RX350 last month at 16% below MSRP ($1k loyalty rebate included). You should start your negotiations at 15 - 20% below MSRP and work your way up. Deals can be had if you're patient.
  • wcs1885wcs1885 Posts: 15
    Did you get any options or packages as well? If you did, I'd say you got a great deal especially since taxes & fees were included in the $43k.
  • pjlrpjlr Posts: 1
    Sounds like you got a good deal. For clarification, is the $43,500 net of your trade in of $1,200? In other words, was the cost without a trade-in $44,700 and then they gave you $1,200 for your trade-in, bringing your cost down to $43,500. Or did they give you the $43,500 price, plus $1,200 on the trade-in? I don't have a car to trade.
  • wcs1885wcs1885 Posts: 15
    Yes, the $43500 was with my trade in value of $1200. The $43500 also included the mud guards & mats, 3 packages, & the dealer's $199 administrative fee. The only thing not included is tax.
  • I am in the market for 2011 RX350 FWD. I don't want the NAV package. Does anyone have good exprerience in central NJ? What price should I expect, below/over invoice, by how much?
    Thanks in advance.
  • openedopened Posts: 10
    Consider going to PrestigeLexus in NJ. You can buy 2011 Lexus RX350 AWD, no navigation at around 39K. Their documentation fee is $299. Godd luck
  • wcs1885wcs1885 Posts: 15
    I think if you could get one w/ AWD for $39k, that would be a good deal. You can always try to see what they're selling for in your area.
  • Hi, I am currently in the market for 2011 Rx350 AWD with Premium + Comfort Package and have heard $48,000 OTD near the Central NJ area. Let me know if that price is good or not and if there are any other dealers I should try for a better deal. Charlieliu - if you are in the market as well, we should try to get a better deal together :) let me know. Thanks.
  • wcs1885wcs1885 Posts: 15
    I think the dealer should offer something lower than $48k. Are you trading in a car or such? I'm not in the NJ area, but I've read posts on here that you could get somewhere between $41-44k. It's a beautiful car and drives great, good luck!
  • charlieliucharlieliu Posts: 80
    edited March 2011
    I went a dealership this past Saturday and looked at all their RX350s at the lot. They're all, except 1, AWD and mostly come with Premium with Heated Seat. I don't see any with Comfort and Premium because that's exactly what I want. The cars have a sticker price of $43K+. Edmunds shows TMV of $39K. Will asking $38K be too aggressvie to scard the dealer off?
    I'd love to work together to get the best deal we can. Send me email directly to [email protected] if that's quicker way to communicate for you.
  • wcs1885wcs1885 Posts: 15

    If the dealer is good, they wouldn't "blow you off". When I got mine, the 1st dealership looked at me like I was crazy to even say $38500. So the 2nd dealership worked w/ me on a middle ground. The total w/ comfort, premium & nav was about $50k... they offered $46k, I offered $38500, then came back to say they couldn't sell it to me for that price because they'd be taking a loss and said they could breakeven, but not take a loss. So we settled at $43500. I traded in my '96 nissan for $1000. So if you have a car that's in fairly good shape and more recent than that, it'd be good for you too. Hopefully that helps you two.
  • wcs1885,
    Thanks. I'll try a $38K for the cars with Premium + Heated Seat (the sticker price is $43K+) to see what kind response I'll get.
    Appricate it.
  • gr8trfoolgr8trfool Posts: 21
    edited March 2011
    I am interested in your results. I am looking at one in Dallas. The general MSRP price is $44,460 with a package that runs about $5,100 for the premium, confort, wheels, etc. It appears to me that invoice is around $38,250 to $38,500. Should I be taking loyalty cash off this also?

    We have a 2009 with 25,000 miles with lease expiring. Does anyone have an opinion of the new console layout with the funky center and drive by wire shifter compared to prior model before 2010. The new center console looks like the Prius and seems a bit like they are going backwards in appearance.

    Anyone have any experience in selling the used one when buying a new one. Dealers here want $31-$32k list for comparable used one (I am asusming maybe a $28k-$29k clearing price) if I sell.

  • wcs1885wcs1885 Posts: 15
    Good luck! :)
  • wcs1885wcs1885 Posts: 15
    You can always find how much your car is selling at (approx amount).

    When I bought mine, I worked out the best deal they'd offer me without any trade-in or loyalty cash, which was $43500. They wanted somewhere around $45k-46k. So then I bargained to see if I traded in my old car, if that could "make up" for the difference.

    I think you got a pretty good price if the dealers are willing to take in your used Lexus for $32k.

    Regarding the interior appearance, it definately took me awhile to like how the console was laid out and looked since when I compared them to 2009 models, I thought the 2009 models had a "modern" look. But honestly, I dont really notice it anymore. I dont like big bulky buttons and I like the simplicity. I don't know what a "drive by wire shifter" is, sorry.
  • kkhomekkhome Posts: 9
    Agreed, not worry scare back the dealer. They got tons of experience to handle customers likes us. It mostly likes to take some turn to settle final deal. Now I felt $38k out the door at 2007 still good deal compared to current .
  • suvgalsuvgal Posts: 39
    Assuming you are looking for one without NAV, I would say at most you should be $45K out the door with TTL. Depending on where you are in CNJ, Ray Catena (either Freehold or Eatontown) are the better ones to deal with. There's also ones in Edison and Bridgewater but I didn't contact them when looking for my car (and ultimately I bought my car in DE). My best suggestion is to e-mail the dealerships first to get the best deal so if you don't like the deal you don't have the pressure of being at the dealership and having a salesman talk you into a price there. Also, if you haven't test driven one yet, go to a dealership and tell them you are test driving one but be firm about it so you can evaluate different offers. Hope this helps.
  • szackszack Posts: 1
    I just purchased a brand new Lexus RX 350 2011 with 8 miles in Chicago for $41,000 plus doc fee, tax, title etc. The car comes with Z1 package with premium and accy packages, but no nav. What I learned is that the MFSP was $44,850, and the dealer would offer $42850, and $41,000 is a reasonable point because the invoice price is around $40,889. We purchased an extended warranty of 4 yours, and the interests rate dropped from 2.9% to 2.25% for 60 months. The price is about $ 400 lower (all the same package) if the car was delivered to the dealer store before Feb. 2011.
  • mjciphamjcipha Posts: 4
    Just purchased 2011 RX 350 AWD with premium, comf, and nav. I was able to get a price of exactly 40K . I've been reading the RX350 threads here for a while to see how much is everyone is paying. After 4 months of research I finally went to the dealer yesterday to test drive the car with no intention of buying one the same day. The MSRP was 49K. I had a 3K worth of trade in. When it finally came down to dealer's final offer they gave me exactly 37K including my trade. The dealer told me that the offer was for that time only so I did not hesitate took the offer. I was very happy with the deal compared on what everyone is paying on this thread.
  • Wow! Where did you buy it? So far, the best I could get w/o Nav is $39.5. And your price is amazing. Do you mind sharing the dealer info? You can email me at [email protected] if you feel more confortable that way.
    Thanks a lot.
  • mjciphamjcipha Posts: 4
    Lexus of Watertown in MA.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 179,855
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  • OK. How can I send a message to a person's email?
  • bluebmxbluebmx Posts: 15
    Does it include a remote starter? Anyway, a great price. Congratulations.
  • mjciphamjcipha Posts: 4
    Yes it includes remote starter, Mine did not come with a cross bars. This is the only thing I regret not asking the dealer to add. Oh well..
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 179,855
    OK. How can I send a message to a person's email?

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  • oneo10oneo10 Posts: 9
    mjcipha can you post a breakdown of the sticker price on your car (is it awd/fwd and all options)
  • bluebmxbluebmx Posts: 15
    mjcipha: like to know privately whom you did business with at watertown. Thanks
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