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2008 Jeep Liberty



  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    Use you x-ray vision, Clark. ;)
  • I would, but Daveit is using Kryptonite! And I can't see through the smoke coming from his bong!

    CK ;)
  • and much better than its Dodge Nitro sibling. Now if only DCX will see fit to equip the new Liberty with a version of the 3.0 Liter diesel V6 that's currently being offered in the Grand Cherokee, mated to a 6-speed manual, I could get very interested!

    Jeep has let me down twice before. First when it decided not to build the slick Wrangler-based Gladiator pickup, and again when it decided the off-road package for the Patriot mini-ute would only be offered with the CVT tranny.

    Please, DCX, don't screw the new Liberty up by forcing us to take an automatic transmission to get the off-road package!
  • Forget a mini- commander... What it looks like is the iconic Cherokee(not the grand)

    jeep learned the hard way that is made a huge mistake by scrapping the boxy design which was soooo popular.... They tried to fix that by going to the supersized commander... which to me does not look right, then the upcoming patriot, and even the four door wrangler.... All these vehicle emulate the discontinued Cherokee sport... So it is nice to see jeep coming to their senses and returning to their roots... BOXY IS GOOD !!!

    I would also like to see a Diesel... My next car will either be a hybrid or a diesel... and It would be nice if I could climb back into a a boxy jeep.
  • My wife and I were considering selling our '04 Liberty and buying a Nitro. Thank goodness for this forum. I think we'll wait for the new Liberty now.
  • :mad: Maybe I will be the only defect in this forum, but from what I can see the current jeep liberty is very popular. I believe it got that way because it did not follow the boxy styling or external tail lights that seems to plague the jeep lineup. When I go out in my Libby it is nearly impossible to see less than a bakers dozen of other Liberties in a one way trip. It will be very disappointing to see a miniature version of a Commander in the 2008 Liberty's future.

    I would also like to add in my thoughts of the Compass. Although it is relatively attractive I was very upset to see they didn't follow the original concept design seen here:

    The Patriot looks like a cherokee from long ago, but it fits...I like it

    Here is my opinion:
    Keep being different. If jeep wants to appeal to more and more buyers then they would have to keep some boxy designs and also expand on designs like the current 02-07 Liberty, Concept Compass and Production Compass. Maybe even an all wheel sedan type thing like an AMC Eagle would be awsome.
  • I agree. I absolutely love the design of my current 2003 Liberty, and I see at LEAST 10 others on the road every day. You can call the Libby cartoonish, feminine, or whatever, but the fact of the matter is that it is very well designed. It keeps the traditional Jeep look while also appealing to a much broader audience. I love the look of the spare tire on the back as well as the overall round, smooth look of the car's design. I was looking forward to buying a new Liberty within the next year or so, but after seeing these prototype images, I'm beginning to have second thoughts. The new design is much too boxy and will definitely not appeal to the average Joe. If they do release this model, I sincerely hope that they continue to sell an edition of the Liberty that retains its current design.
  • Don't get me wrong, but the boxy look is nice too. But not on the liberty. I works on some of the jeeps, not all. I think the compass would be better if it followed a more rounded/flowing/fluid styling. But when I look at the patriot I find it very attractive as well. It reminds me of the cherokee ALOT, but it's still different. Does anyone think an AWD Jeep Sedan would be neat? Kinda like the AMC Eagles from long ago??
  • I disagree... I'm sure Jeep did alot of research before they decided to "Scrap" the current liberty design... There is tremendous appeal for a boxy SUV... And rememnber the "U" in SUV... Boxy vehicles tend to have more useable space...and better visability...

    As far as popular... NOT... The vehicle it replaced... the iconic Cherokee sport maintained its broad appeal with only minimal changes from 1884 (I believe that was it's intro date) How many vehicles can claim that... In fact it was so popular they even put off discontinuing it after the planned replacement date... And to this day used car jeep dealers can not keep them in stock ... As a replacement for the iconic cherokee and as a UTILITY vehicle it fell far short and left Jeep with a void...

    As an avid outdoors person( I've been a white water and sea kayaker for 20 years.... The boxy cherokee sport was ideal.... rugged... good ground clearance, low flat roof line... easy to load kayaks and bikes... ample room behind the back seat...It definately put the Utility is SUV.

    The liberty on the other hand is a "pretty" SUV... bubble room... crappy short roof rack... hard to load boats and bikes on....very little room behind the back seat...

    And while it had "cute" look some people liked... MANY more people hated it... And if it was so popular why redesign it???

    There were many more hard core jeep enthusiasts that felt it was a betrayal to its iconic predicesor...

    The chereokee (sport) was the work horse of the jeep line... (the Grand was the flagship, the commander the soccor mom car, the wrangler the off road fun truck and the patriot will be the fuel friendly entry level) What Jeep needs is a good utility vehicle, rugged, useable at a decent price (similar to the Nissan X-tera) The liberty offered none of that... it sold because it was cute and relatively inexpensive... But it was a far cry from a true SUV... in the tradition of what SUVs were designed for... you want cute by a WV beetle...

    But as far as I'm concerned the liberty was an embarrassment to Jeep... and to the cherished vehicle it was charged with replacing

    That is why Jeep have returned to their roots with their designs...

    The new liberty loses the bubble roof... in fact I think the roof line is lower... which will be good for folks who carry kayaks and bikes... it will be longer with more room behind the back seat for additional cargo storage...

    It is a great design direction jeep probably wishes it had taken as a replacement for the cherokee to begin with... but from the looks of it... they have corrected that mistake
  • We will definately have to agree to disagree. In my opinion Jeep should broaden their design styles such as they did for the Current Liberty and the Compass to be able to appeal to a broader consumer base. Why not introduce this '08 Liberty as another Cherokee and elaborate on the current Liberty design. Make it "cute" if that's what you think, but don't make it another boxy vehicle like others in the Jeep lineup. And I'll say this again...The boxy look isn't a bad thing, it's just that it looks better on some rather than them all.
  • In the Nitro, you can only get the 4.0 as a package with other stuff I don't want or use. Does anybody know if the '08 Liberty will be the same way or will the 4.0 be offered without any "attachments"?
  • I was looking at the Patriot. But I think not. Great looks but I'm concerned about the CVT tranny in the awd. They are going to use it instead of a two speed transfer case.

    I have had a two speed transfer cases in all my Jeeps since back in the 50's. I just could not get used to a CVT.

    I do like automatic transmissions in Jeeps. With (hi-low)
    transer cases they are truly hard to stop.

    I hear the Patroit will use the CVT at a lower ratio instead of a low range transfer case. but, the low ratio will be not as low as a true low range.

    That is probably the only reason I'll wait for the Liberty. That and the 4L engine.

    Does anyone know of any interior photos of the 2008 liberty?

  • ryanmcvryanmcv Posts: 2
    The 2008 Jeep Liberty will be revealed at the New York International Auto Show in early April. From what I've heard, Chrysler/Jeep will be hosting a press event before the actual show even starts, so you can expect an announcement sometime around April 5th. Then you'll have all the pictures you could ever want of the new Liberty.
  • billymaybillymay Posts: 59
    I agree, Jeep had a distinctive design and met my needs perfectly. Now the Liberty looks like the Patriot, Nitro, Commander, old Cherokee and a bunch of other generic trucks.

    Bland. When my lease is up, I'm done with Jeeps for a while.
  • I have to agree. I love the huge sunroof but the front end would stop me from buying one.
  • bruce32bruce32 Posts: 1
    Owning both a 03 Liberty and an 06 Commander, and having a 2 month old baby, I'd like to point out that the Liberty has enough backseat space to place the rearfacing baby seat behind either front seat or in the center, while the Commander does not have enough space behind the front seats and the baby seat can only be put in the center...oops.

  • Do anyone know when the 2008 Jeep Liberty be available?
  • I love the more boxy look. We just bought a commander and absolutely love it. It has every option and the look is terrific. I can't wait for the new Liberty's to cime out.
    The Patriot is great but a bit too low to the ground for me.
    I need to be aqble to see about the bigger trucks ect.

  • I love the more boxy look. We just bought a commander and absolutely love it. It has every option and the look is terrific. I can't wait for the new Liberty's to come out.
    The Patriot is great but a bit too low to the ground for me.
    I need to be aqble to see about the bigger trucks ect.

  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89

    Does anyone know when 2008 Libertys will be at dealerships? Are they already on some lots? I'm in southern Ohio.

    None of the dealers in my area show them as in stock on their web inventories, but I thought maybe this was because they are trying to sell the 2007s first and haven't loaded them online yet. Thanks.
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