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2008 Jeep Liberty



  • In the Nitro, you can only get the 4.0 as a package with other stuff I don't want or use. Does anybody know if the '08 Liberty will be the same way or will the 4.0 be offered without any "attachments"?
  • I was looking at the Patriot. But I think not. Great looks but I'm concerned about the CVT tranny in the awd. They are going to use it instead of a two speed transfer case.

    I have had a two speed transfer cases in all my Jeeps since back in the 50's. I just could not get used to a CVT.

    I do like automatic transmissions in Jeeps. With (hi-low)
    transer cases they are truly hard to stop.

    I hear the Patroit will use the CVT at a lower ratio instead of a low range transfer case. but, the low ratio will be not as low as a true low range.

    That is probably the only reason I'll wait for the Liberty. That and the 4L engine.

    Does anyone know of any interior photos of the 2008 liberty?

  • ryanmcvryanmcv Posts: 2
    The 2008 Jeep Liberty will be revealed at the New York International Auto Show in early April. From what I've heard, Chrysler/Jeep will be hosting a press event before the actual show even starts, so you can expect an announcement sometime around April 5th. Then you'll have all the pictures you could ever want of the new Liberty.
  • billymaybillymay Posts: 59
    I agree, Jeep had a distinctive design and met my needs perfectly. Now the Liberty looks like the Patriot, Nitro, Commander, old Cherokee and a bunch of other generic trucks.

    Bland. When my lease is up, I'm done with Jeeps for a while.
  • I have to agree. I love the huge sunroof but the front end would stop me from buying one.
  • bruce32bruce32 Posts: 1
    Owning both a 03 Liberty and an 06 Commander, and having a 2 month old baby, I'd like to point out that the Liberty has enough backseat space to place the rearfacing baby seat behind either front seat or in the center, while the Commander does not have enough space behind the front seats and the baby seat can only be put in the center...oops.

  • Do anyone know when the 2008 Jeep Liberty be available?
  • I love the more boxy look. We just bought a commander and absolutely love it. It has every option and the look is terrific. I can't wait for the new Liberty's to cime out.
    The Patriot is great but a bit too low to the ground for me.
    I need to be aqble to see about the bigger trucks ect.

  • I love the more boxy look. We just bought a commander and absolutely love it. It has every option and the look is terrific. I can't wait for the new Liberty's to come out.
    The Patriot is great but a bit too low to the ground for me.
    I need to be aqble to see about the bigger trucks ect.

  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89

    Does anyone know when 2008 Libertys will be at dealerships? Are they already on some lots? I'm in southern Ohio.

    None of the dealers in my area show them as in stock on their web inventories, but I thought maybe this was because they are trying to sell the 2007s first and haven't loaded them online yet. Thanks.
  • the new KK will keep the 3.7L engine of the old KJ...

    although it seems to "look bigger"...the interior dimensions are almost the same...

    the fold flat cargo area is the improvement...

    I had a 2002 KJ and after seeing the "new look" of the 2008 KK, I decided to get the 2006 CRD...

    I just happen to like the KJ looks a bit better and the diesel option
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    I like the styling of the new Liberty. Getting the tire off the back is a plus. But gas mileage is still bad. Put a diesel in it.
  • The original Liberty KJ was the best selling Midsize SUV from the start...more than the Ford Escape, Honda CRV, ect. To say it was a failure is just plain ignoring the facts. The problem is these days models change every 4-5 years on average...the Jeep Liberty KJ lasted 6 years. The new 2008+ Liberty KK is a completely different looking animal than the KJ. Looks are so subjective that it is almost a waste of time to argue about. Some will like the KJ, some the KK and still some will like both for different reasons...there will even be some that like neither.

    For myself, I looked at spy shot and some insider shots of the 2008+ Liberty before I decided what to do with my 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited 4x4. I ended up buying one of the last 2006 Jeep Liberty CRDs. The Diesel engine was a big factor in that decision plus the fact that I knew everything about the KJ.

    I will say that the "Sport Model" of the 2008+ Liberty looks better with the color coded grill than the "Limited Model" with the chrome grill. I think they should have used the 4.0L engine instead of the 3.7L (since a diesel was out of the question). I also think that since they put a headlight pod in that looks like two quotation marks, they should have made them better with HIDs or Projector Beams...they missed a chance there IMHO.

    As for the added length of the new 2008+ Liberty...some of that is in the hood...why a longer hood area? The interior dimensions are very close between the KJ and KK if you look at the numbers. The Dodge Nitro is ewven longer with a longer wheelbase than the 2008+ Liberty. It might be a better choice for some if you really want more room and you can have the more powerful 4.0L 255hp vs the 3.7L 210hp V6.
  • Hi there,
    The 2008 Liberty is out (and arriving by the truckload if you haven't been able to see it yet). I took my 2004 Jeep Liberty in for an oil change last week- and took the 2008 Brick Red/limited for a test drive...that lasted well, let's just say I'm still driving it :) I like the new Liberty- huge change in comfort/seating and space. I commute a bit- and the ability to change the seat 6 ways is great. I like the design/look as well. It's a very smooth ride and very different from the previous design. If you haven't seen it- or driven it- I'd say it's worth it to go check it out.
    I'll add my hitch and upgrade my tires later. But very happy with the extras and comfort...and the sound system is excellent!
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Congratulations on your new Liberty.I looked at some this last weekend,and I liked it.They didn't have much stock,plus there isn't any good deals yet.I would like to know how your fuel mileage is.You might have to wait till it gets broken in.Thanks and good luck.
  • Has anyone test driven the new Jeep Liberty with the Sky Slider Option? I haven't seen one in my area with this option yet and I'm curious about what everybody thinks.
  • Can anybody account for the fact that Jeep lists the Limited 4x4's ground clearance at 7.8" while the Sport 4x4 is 9"? What the heck happened there? Edmunds lists it at 7.4"!
  • HI there,
    I'm not an expert, but the Sport comes with 16" wheels and the limited with 17 or 18"-- maybe it's due to this?
    What I am interested in learning more about is why or how do I use my electronic tire PSI monitoring alert system when off roading (let's say on sand) when I need to take the air out of my tires and/upgrade tires, etc. Does anyone have experience with the alarm/alert and how changing out tires is effected with this system yet?
  • Hi there,
    She's finally broken in -- just under 1,000 miles (only takes 300 miles to brake them in now), but drives like a dream. I've read some threads about the lack of handling- and was surprised. It's drive is smooth and responsive- not tight (not a sports car). It's almost like a truck- but very comfortable and smooth/quiet. Very different than my former 2004 Liberty. This one I feel wouldn't off road - but it's so comfortable to drive. I have the Limited ed. w/ leather-- so the seats are firm and comfy. I previously had cloth- and was very happy with them in the 2004 model. But now I like the 6 adjustments in the driver's seat. The gas is similar to the previous Liberty models...not seeing too much of a difference there at all. Tends to use more in 4wd as well- but that's OK. I like the capability of this vehicle and the simple perks- remote start, sound system and quiet ride. Still very pleased :)
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Thanks for the update.I heard nothing but good things about the 08 Liberty.The redesign the front suspension which is suppose to give it a better ride.Plus its a little bigger then the first Liberty.I'm glad you like it.
  • hey there, this is my first jeep, and I love it. i have a question, I notice when i shift in drive or reverse, there is a little buzzing or ticking noise right when it shifts, its very quiet , but i was wondering if it is normal. it drives great, pulls me up to speed , and shifts great, but i have never noticed that on other cars. thanks for any input.....
  • My husband and I ordered one with the skyslider from a dealer over a month ago. Last night they called to tell us that there might be a longer than expected delay... Until Jan/Feb, thats 4 to 5 months after we ordered it. :mad: The biggest reason we wanted the 08 liberty is because of the skyslider and now we'll have to wait almost half a year to get it. Hopefully the issues get resolved and we get ours soon or we might resort to a different vehicle.

    I did a search on, with an unlimited distance and none came up with the skyslider.
  • I drive a 2003 Liberty Limited which I really like. But circumstances are forcing me to look for another car...I need more interior storage but also really want better gas mileage. I'd like to keep the 4WD option and would like to stick with a V6...but also feel that 30 mpg should be closer at hand than the approx. 18 my Liberty is giving me.

    Have I just talked myself OUT of anything out there? I wonder if there's a good vehicle that can give me all these things. I'm clearly just starting the research...

  • Did you figure out why this is happening yet? I checked mine and don't have this issue. Check all of your settings (4wd is very easy to select, etc./take dealer for test ride when you go in for your first service), etc.
  • no I never did, but I have not really had the issue anymore, maybe it was just something with breaking in. I love it so far, its been great. Has anyone bought the lifetime extended bumper to bumper warantee , and if you did, where did u buy it at.
  • I just took delivery of my new 2008 Liberty with the sky-slider roof. I have driven jeeps since 1978. I currently own a 2002 Liberty and by far this new 2008 is one of the best Jeep has made in a while. It is a little more "top-heavy" than my 2002 but once you get used to that it is a joy to drive. The sky-slider roof is AWESOME !!! This jeep is pure fun and if you are waiting to get one it is worth the wait. :)
  • I don't want to drive a CASKET!! That is what all Jeep interiors look like, CASKETS!

    At least people in caskets don't get to complain!

    What is with all car manufacturers? Do they think we are all Sheep? (yes)

    Look at the interior of the new Liberty. You get two (2) color choices GRAY and BEIGE! WOW! What a choice.

    How bland can you get.

    I like the new Liberty but told my Jeep dealer I would not buy any new Jeep or any other car until I got some color in it!

    Look at Toyota, heck you can only get VERY BLAND colors there.

    I use to get any (and I mean any) color I wanted in the interior or exterior of the Cads. I bought. I could get red, yellow, blue, green, white, orange, black, light blue, etc. That is both the Exterior and Interior. No more today.

    Again, the new cars have nothing but CASKET interiors all the way. I'm not dead yet and I'll not let the auto manufactures think I am dead or a Sheep!

    At least my 1991 Cherokee has a Maroon interior and I'm going to drive it until Jeep starts putting out some real colors in their interiors!

  • I don't know what it is about Leasing a Jeep but they really seem to be able to negotiate on price.

    Beware of BayRide Jeep. They pulled my credit and then told me they could do a deal over the phone. Then after I got there they told me the quote was mistakenly done on a Sport model instead of a Limited even though I had what they faxed me in writing. Wasted my saturday morning.
    -They told me the deal quoted was impossible on a limited. I then told them where I got it from and they guaranteed I would not get the deal.

    I then went to the other dealership and the dealer that I was working with tried to play it off that the deal he offered me last time was also for a sport "if he remembered correctly" I am almost certain one dealership called the other and gave them a heads up. Anyway I didnt fall for it and after I was about to walk out they gave me the deal on a limited. It just seemed like a really dirty trick to try and ruin my deal at the other dealership.
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    I had been looking at this forum since the past few months had strongly been considering buying a new Liberty, until I drove the Ltd vs a Gr Cherokee (no comparison) and some CUVs. The V6 Gr Cherokee does not get much better mileage than the small 4.7 V8 and since we need tow, that V8 has a lot of torque so we went with that (somewhat begrudgingly, love the vehicle though ... so far 15 mpg tow, 21 on highway is OK, just like the EPA ratings).

    I don't think you can ever push 30mpg in a true 4wd SUV. Perhaps smaller ones like 4cyl Rav4s or CRVs might get close to that on the highway, but they are really FWD with just on demand 4WD and of course still limited interior space with no towing capabilities. The Highlander Hybrid can get high mpg with a $8000 premium cost and extremely long wait times to buy.

    I am disappointed we are not doing more to get higher mpg mid sized SUVs as well, Jeeps and other could all do better.
  • I had an '02 Liberty and traded it after only 18 months because it slid all over the place. I liked its looks, form, function, engine, etc., but when it rained or even encountered a large puddle, I was constantly sliding, especially when applying the brakes (and not necessarily a hard brake). After having a sedan for a few years, I am ready to get back into a small-ish SUV, and my priorities are V-6 (for performance) and a factory-nav system (so I can retain the steering-wheel audio controls for the stereo). Of course, looks and reliability are factors....For those reasons, I approach getting an American-made car with some trepidation.

    I test-drove a loaded '08 Liberty and was impressed with its looks, technology, performance, etc. It has everything I want in it and more.....but I must admit to being nervous about the manufacturer's future and the vehicle's long-term reliability. I know this vehicle is different from my '02 since the wheel base is completely different, so I figured it would be a different vehicle altogether (which it does seem to be). I would consider the Honda (due to good personal experience with them) but it is only a 4 cylinder so that takes it out of the running. I don't want an SUV with the spare tire on the tail gate (it just gets too cumbersome), so that rules out many models. I am also interested in the Saturn VUE and perhaps the Mazda CX-7 since they can be similarly equipped. The CX-7 gets excepted from the 4 cyl. rule due to its turbo charge and people who buy them seem to be pretty positive about the performance.

    I do have an extra $1000 potential incentive if I trade my '05 Dakota (the lease is up next August), or get rid of my '05 Camry, the most boring car I have ever owned in my life. The Dakota has 33K miles on it and has not given us any problems. The Camry has 45K miles and while it has been fairly reliable, the "check engine" light has come on and off randomly since the day we drove it off the showroom floor. There is nothing wrong with the engine (we've had it to the dealer a couple of times), but heaven help us if/when a problem really occurs because the warning light is useless. The car lacks a light in the trunk, on the vanity mirrors; things I considered basic (how silly of me). The security system is psycho--if the doors are locked and you close the trunk, the alarm goes off....very annoying. After having a loaded Accord EX-L w/nav (which I had to give up, a long story), this car doesn't even come close to the Honda's quality, ride, finish, etc. But, of course, it didn't cost as much, either.

    So, I digress.....anyone out there with an '08 Liberty who can offer an opinion, pro or con? I would probably lease it for 33-39 mos, if that impacts your opinion.

    Liberty? CX-7? Vue? Opinions wanted and valued!

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