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2018 Rogue Oil Change

ncodmunncodmun Member Posts: 22
edited July 2018 in Nissan
I went to two different places today to try and get an oil change and both of them said that I have to use either full synthetic oil or synthetic blend for my car. I didn't believe them so then I went home and looked at the manual and it says that "genuine nissan oil 0W-20 SN is recommended" but if that is unavailable to "use an equivalent motor oil that matches the above grade and viscosity". I mean I am not a mechanic but I find that hard to believe. I read online that the reason nissan wants you to use that is to improve fuel consumption, but that it does not make a big difference and that you can use 5W30. One of the guys where I asked to change my oil said if its 5W30 then it has to be full synthetic. I don't know it just seems like a scam to me so they can get us to keep going to the dealership for oil changes. I HATE going to the dealership not because of the price but because I have to wait like weeks before I can get an appointment with them and then when I actually show up for the appointment it takes them like 2 hours to change the damn oil. I remember reading online posts like years ago and they said that there is nothing wrong with using conventional oil and that it can even be better for new cars. What are your thoughts?


  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 236,527
    It would be in your own interest to use the oil specified in the manual.
    There is no component of your vehicle that is more expensive to fix than the engine, and to use the wrong oil would be a good way to void the warranty.

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  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,745
    First the majority of people who are throwing out advice on the web have no education on the subject of engine oil and there have been significant changes in the specifications over the last twenty years.

    The two shops you visited tried to advise you to the best of their ability. They likely suggested the synthetic blend because of your push back, however you are supposed to use a full synthetic, not a blend. The problem is you cannot tell by the wording on the front of the label just what exactly is inside a bottle of oil, unless you really know what to look for. The word "synthetic" isn't restricted to man made products in North America. Products that are in the Group III plus (conventional oil with additional processing) can be labeled synthetics. A true synthetic is a Group IV or Group V base stock.

    This chart shows Nissans information about their 0W20 http://www4.total.fr/asia-oceania/australia/Technical Data Sheets/TOTAL/TOTAL Automotive/11 - Partner Products/Nissan Genuine Oil 0W20 SN GF5 TDS 20161110 v1-0.pdf

    There was a lot of noise in the past when GM brought out their dexos1 specification about the "or equivalent" part or the reccomendation. Let's just cut to the chase and say that figuring out what exactly is an equivalent isn't easy and the majority of the products in a parts store are not equivalent to Nissans actual specification. But there is one way to know if you are choosing the correct product. GM's dexos1 Gen2 is a full synthetic that exceeds Nissan's requirements for your Rogue. GM made it easy for a lot of vehicle owners to choose the right oil for their cars and the dexos1 Gen2 label on the front of the bottle is all you have to look for.

    The Nissan page above states that Nissan Genuine motor oil is designed by Total as in they are the O. E. supplier. Here is a sample of their oil, notice that the GM dexos1 Gen 2 label is on the front of the bottle.


    Lastly, the bearing clearances on many of today's engines are so small that heavier oil than it is designed to run will be damaged on start-up. GM's dexos1 specification for a 5W30 made it as thin as a 5W20, non approved product and now GM has discontinued it's 5W20 approval and revised all of the specs to 0W20. Similarly a 5W30 is too thick for your Rogue. Using a 5W30 can lead to piston ring deposits, cylinder scoring, and oil consumption issues. The engine oil also has to protect the emissions system, not just the engine.
  • ncodmunncodmun Member Posts: 22
    So I just went and got it done at the Nissan dealership and they used 5W30 hahaha okay.... I don’t even know if it was synthetic it might’ve been conventional who knows. 
  • Poppa_Bear1Poppa_Bear1 Member Posts: 1
    Also have a Chevy avalanche 2006 went for an oil change at a garage they put 10 30 oil in the truck has over 300 hundred km it started to run really bad blue smoke coming out right away I changed garage and put back 5 30 it makes a big difference truck still running great last tuneup was at 150km
  • waltwegowaltwego Member Posts: 1
    The question was never really answered. I have a 2018 Rogue. The dealer did my oil change and left a Mobile1 sticker in the upper windshield indicating when my next oil change is but at the bottom says 5W30. Did they use synthetic? Dealer went out of business. But then again I'm a 3000 mile oil change guy so if I can get 5000 out of synthetic it pays for itself!
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,745
    The reccomended service interval is 5000 miles provided you use a product that meets the specs.
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