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Infiniti M35/M45 and Bluetooth



  • bp714bp714 Posts: 18
    My Sprint Treo 650 works great with myy M35x. The only issue is the need to sens your speed dial numbers one at a time. They will not automatically transfer to the car as is the case with "supported" carriers.
    Otherwise, great phone, no worries.
  • momanmoman Posts: 28
    I have a "suuported carrier" and phone and I had to manually enter phonebook numbers into the M's phonebook. Am I the stupidest person alive for having done this or is there really no way for the bluetooth function to transfer phonebook numbers, as I suspect?(Nokia 6230/Cingular) :confuse:
  • ct1211ct1211 Posts: 56
    Hi all. I have the verizon Treo 650 and it works fine in my M over bluetooth. There is one issue - it disconnects after you start the car or after a call. To make a call you have to hold down the "phone" button on the steering wheel for several seconds until "bluetooth connecting" appears on the nav screen. Then press the phone button again to get voice recognition to dial.

    Has anyone noticed a sqeaking of the rear suspension when going slow over a speed bump? Mine is doing it in my condo complex and it is bugging me a bit.

    Thanks!! :shades:
  • I have been using a motorola v710 since I got my m35x in march. Using the bluetooth connection at highway speed, the sound is garbled.

    Where exactly is the microphone located?
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    I have been using a motorola v710 since I got my m35x in march. Using the bluetooth connection at highway speed, the sound is garbled.

    If you're using verizon, which is one of the providers with a v70, there's a likely solution.

    Many verizon phones have an option for "Voice privacy" in the phones settings or security settings screen.

    In every case I've seen and heard about, (including with my own samsung i730) turning off voice privacy eliminates the garbled effect, and greatly increases clarity.

  • joe_ojoe_o Posts: 27
    Not a pairing issue. Everything works fine with my Siemens S66, but all of a sudden today, after two months, I cannot hear the phone. The phone is dialing fine, but I can't HEAR it ! Fiddled with all the settings on phone and car, but no luck.

    Any ideas? All other speaker functions work normally.

  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    My V710 and E815 (it's newer brother) from Verizon have excellent sound quality, so the problem must be in one of your settings ... or a hardware malfunction. Bart :shades:
  • To access voicemail, one must dial the number, then, when prompted, the password must be entered. How does one do this in the car's address book? I see no way to insert a pause, followed by the pin number.

  • To access voicemail, one must dial the number, then, when prompted, the password must be entered. How does one do this in the car's address book?

    Just pick up your cell phone and key in your password numbers on your cell phone key pad. I do it all the time. You have your cell phone laying there by you - right ? Like with a Moto E815 - just flip it open, punch in your code and you're in your voice mail. It's easier doing that than getting a headache chasing anything else.
  • thajorthajor Posts: 10
    I'm not sure about other carriers, but with Sprint you can set up a "hands-free" mode for voicemail. When you dial in from your cell, you don't have to enter your password and the system automatically plays your messages.

    It might be worth checking into with your cell carrier.
  • I bought an M45 Sport about 3 weeks ago and then purchased an AudioVox smt500 cell phone from Cingular. The phone is not listed on the Infiniti site as an approved phone, but with the help of a salesperson at the Infiniti Dealer we got it working in about 5 minutes and it's a great phone.

    By the way, I had one of the first Treo's that came out (the 600) and ended up actually giving it away and going back to my old Palm M500 and old cell phone. The Treo was cumbersome, a lousy phone and a lousy PDA.

    Check out that Audiovox smt5600....
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    The Treo was cumbersome, a lousy phone and a lousy PDA.

    I had a treo before switching to a samsung i730, which I switched to because I wanted the fastest mobile internet access (verizon's EV-DO provides 700kbps, which I really, really like).

    Sorry to disagree, and no offense intended, but I had a completely different take on the treo. I felt and continue to feel, that it was the most convenient and best designed PDA ever. IMO it is an absolutely wonderful, elegant and useful device. Just saying.

    BTW If you had a problem with the treo 600's keyboard, note that the 650 KB is much, much easier to use.

  • I also love my Treo 650. Just hoping it works ok with the M45 Sport I'm ordering 'cause there seem to be mixed reviews on how well Infiniti handles the pairing (I just installed the Cingular 1.17 upgrade.)
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 2,965
    I just installed the Cingular 1.17 upgrade

    What is this upgrade?
  • bp714bp714 Posts: 18
    My Sprint Treo 650 works great w/ my M35x. In fact, Bluetooth connectivity is one of my favorite features.

    It's my understanding that the Cingular upgrade, like the previously released Sprint upgrade, improves Blutooth functionality with various cars. It worked for me!

    Just go to the Palm site, find the upgrade for your carrier and follow the instructions.

    BTW, I agree that the CURRENT Treo, the 650, is the best phone /PDA combo available, IMHO.
  • I have not tried this with the M yet, but you might try adding a voice mail entry in the address book with your voice mail access number followed by two commas and then your voice mail password. Each comma adds a second or two pause which is just enough time. I have had success with this in other situations with Verizon.

    Example: *86,,1234

    Goog luck
  • Hi,

    I have the same problem. I am really disappointed that infinity does not make an effort to fix this problem. I am currently fighting with infinity customer service to find a solution. Keep you apprised.
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    If you're on verizon, try turning off "Voice Privacy".

    If you have it, it can be found on the settings screen or security screen on the phone itself.

  • rrobrrob Posts: 51
    I know there have been a lot of cell phone linkage questions. I just got my new V710 (Verizon service). So far I like the phone and it is easy to link with the car. A couple of hints: it is worth it to set up a shortcut to turn the Bluetooth feature off when you don't need it: battery life is really shortened by leaving Bluetooth on all the time. It is easy to do, just select the "shortcuts" menu on the main screen (it's the arrow in a green box). The phone guide you from there. Secondly, this phone, with Verizon, does not have "voice privacy", so no need to turn it off to enhance the sound in the car.

    I've made a number of calls and the quality is very good with my set up.

    Hope this helps someone out there.

  • kck2kck2 Posts: 1
    I have a M45 Sport with the Tech and Journey package and my wife has noticed that when I am on the phone (using Treo 650 Bluetooth enable phone), she can hear my whole conversation when I pull into the garage. Anyone else noticed this? My wife couldn't necessarily hear my side of the conversation, but the she could hear every word of the person on the other end. Luckily, it is rare for my to be talking at a stoplight when people are around, but I will now be very careful about what I say.
  • Hi, I noticed that you linked your treo 650 to your M. I have not been able to do so. Can you provide some tips? Thank you. :confuse: :blush:
  • Similar observation about sound from my M, on my first fuel-up with my M35. After filling up, I started the car and got out to take a look at the exterior. The XM radio was on at the time, and all car doors/windows closed. As I walked around the car, I was shocked at how clearly and loudly I could hear the radio FROM OUTSIDE THE CAR! Based on previous posts about road noise, I am forming the opinion that, perhaps the soundproofing materials used in the M's may be inferior or insufficient. On my previous 7 vehicles, there is no way the music would sound that loud standing outside of the car. I will now try using my RAZR to see if the conversation can be heard outside as you've experienced....very curious!

  • hyekhyek Posts: 1
    I just purchased an M35x and would like to take advantage of the bluetooth capability. My cell phone provider is Verizon and they offer a couple of the Motorola phones. Which phone should I purchase?
  • docnukemdocnukem Posts: 485
    I have the V710 from Motorola and it works okay (is does sound like a speakerphone on the other end). The 815 (or something like that) is the successor to the 710, so it probably works as well or better.

    Verizon is now offering the RAZR, too. See if they will let you try them out. They do have a 15 day return policy.
  • smosessmoses Posts: 4
    My M35 is the best ride I have ever experienced. Fantastic car. My ONLY complaint is the Bluetooth mike sound quality. In other words the people I'm talking to experience poor sound quality (bowl or tunnel sound) when I'm driving freeway speeds. No problem with reception on my Blackberry 7520... I'm in the cellular business. I'm trying to determine the cause... I suspect the M has a noise canceling feature and such causes the tunnel sound. Any Infinity or Bluetooth techs out there, any remedies? Does anyone have better luck, like with the Treo 650? Do any of you use the built in Bluetooth for day to day business conversations?
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    I don't know if you're using verizon, or if this can be done with the blackberry, however, what you're describing is a common problem with verizon that can be easily handled with some of their phones.

    Many verizon phones have a setting for "voice privacy" which is the default setting, and tends to reduce sound quality. If you're using verizon, if you can find a voice privacy setting on the blackberry, perhaps in the phone settings dialogs, and if you can turn it off, you'll probably handle your sound problems.

    That totally handled my problem with my samsung i730, and helped several other verizon users, with other phones.

  • Pete,
    Thanks for the tip. I too have had microphone probs. Just switched privacy on my
    LG Verizon phone from enhanced to standard setting. Hope it improves reception on other end.
  • smosessmoses Posts: 4
    Thanks Pete. Actually using a Nextel Blackberry. The speakerphone on the device actually sounds better than the Bluetooth in the car. I tried the Treo 650, Sprint version, and it sounded about the same. Better at low speeds, smooth roadway, less wind. Funny... had the Treo in the trunk and it still worked through Bluetooth.

    I'm a salesman so I want my callers to hear me loud and clear without the distractions associated with a speakerphone. Next to the phone itself, nothing beats the sound quality of a wired headset. A Bluetooth headset comes in a close second though.

    I will use the Bluetooth for casual talk, but for business... it will be the headset.

    BTW... For those looking to make a purchase. Please don't read into my comments above that the M's road noise is loud. It's a very solid luxury sports sedan and the sound proofing fits the car. It's actually not bad at all.
  • varixvarix Posts: 72
    I successfully coupled my new Cingular Treo 650 (and of course the 700W comes out 2 days later! Arrrgghhh!) with my M35x without problems last week. Yesterday I loaded the Treo program VoiceDialit (for dialing numbers by speaking them into the phone) and noted that the phone would couple with the car OK but it would not dial out unless I dialed from the handset. Once I removed VoiceDialit all was well. Just a warning if you decide to download this program and run it on your M35/45 coupled Treo, you might also get problems.
  • jimlipjimlip Posts: 4
    Just found this forum while searching for info on the M45. I'm looking at the same group of cars that everyone does and have narrowed search to M45 and a couple of others. I just have a couple of questions for whoever has the answers/time/inclination to help out:

    1. Having driven the M35x and M45 i found the 45 to be a much sweeter ride and my wife has a 4 wheel drive that i take when it's slippery out (i drive a LS430 now - looking for something 'sportier'). So i'm mostly interested in the best drive in good conditions and would rather spend more if it takes it to get that. Has anyone driven both and found the AWD to give a better ride on dry pavement (cornering etc)?

    2. I'm at the point of getting a new cell phone and would rather wait and get one that i know interfaces well w/ the M. Has there been any sort of consensus of which phone(s) work easiest and sound ok with these cars? id' rather not get a phone and then get the car and have to struggle to get it working.

    3. Has anyone who got a black M regretted getting black? I think black looks the best when it's clean, and i know it's tough to keep clean...but my neighbor has a black accord and going through the car wash seems to have left tiny scratches all over it and it doesn't even look so great in the sun anymore. I figure some cars have better paint or perhaps the paint protection film makes a difference. Just thought someone out there might have some input.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out.

  • Jim,

    Can't answer with regard to the 4WD, but I got the black on black M45. My first Infinit was a B on B G20 which I loved. My second was an UGLY silver I30. I hated the color from the momemt I drove it off the lot.

    I garage park my cars, so keeping the Black clean is pretty easy. I also added a 3M "clear bra" to my M45 to protect the paint. Looks beautiful and 100% invisible at most angles.

    Any car shop can get out the swirls for about $75. Just be careful where you take it for a wash.

    As for Bluetooth, Infiniti shows only a few models that are tested compatible, but ANY Bluetooth phone should work. I had a RAZR for a couple of weeks, and thought the sound was fine (people on the other end thought it was OK too). One warning about Bluetooth - it is murder on battery life. That's why you usually have to turn Bluetooth on every time you power up your phone. Leaving it on all the time will make your charge last a couple of hours - even in standby - if you're lucky. You could always leave the phone connected to a charger in the car but Infiniti doesn't have a 12V outlet in the center console box, so there's really no out-of-the-way place to hide the phone. If you store the phone in the box, it does have a channel that allows you to run the charging cord out of the box to the back set outlet. Of course, if your car has the DVD player in the console box, you'll have room for little more than a cell phone (thanks, Infiniti)... Even so, you have to turn Bluetooth on (on your phone) every time you enter your car, which is a hassle (at least on Motorola).

    If you can find a phone with a battery that lasts at least 8 hours in standby with Bluetooth ALWAYS enabled, let me know - I'd buy it.

    My mileage has been lower than I expected: pegged at 17.1. I drive 60% freeway and 40% surface streets. Not very good for a premium car. My wife's little Lexus SC430 convertible is getting 20.0 MPG (also on premium gas), and she is in rush hour traffic every day. That car has a V8 also, and only weighs about 400 pounds less.

    Every Infiniti I have owned has had disappointing mileage.
  • jimlipjimlip Posts: 4
    Thanks for taking the time. I want black most and i'm thinking it's worth cleaning it a little more often and i'd gladly pay to have the swirls out.
    I have the razr and the battery is already suspect (i've had it a year, so maybe time to get a new battery). i figured turning it on would be a hassle, and i don't use my phone all that much, but if i know i'm going to i'd liek to be able to activate it and use it w/ no hassle getting it to link up.
    I'm zeroing in on the B on B 45 like you have (drove the gs430, RL and A6 over the weekend). I'm glad to hear you reccommend the "clear bra" b/c i was wondering about that but i haven't heard many people talk about that.
    I'm not too concerned about the gas mileage at this point. my company pays for fuel.
    Thanks again for chiming in.
  • nycdudenycdude Posts: 33
    Regarding the Bluetooth phone, I have a Verizon Motorola E815 and the standby time is not bad at all with Bluetooth always enabled. I last charged it 2 days ago, have had it on all day today, made a couple of calls yesterday, one today, and it still shows a full 6 bars on the meter.

    The phone has a few drawbacks, but that's not one of them.

    Mileage-wise, I've got almost 3k miles on a 35x(took delivery late October)and am getting just about 20. Although I live in NYC, most of my driving is highway.

    No quality issues to report.
  • I've had my black M35 for 4 mos. Bluetooth on MotV330 phone works perfect and I have not experienced any excessive drain on my battery. I keep it on all the time. As others stated, it should work on any new phone with bluetooth capability. Seat heater/cooler works fine for me, but cold in Arizona is not the same cold in northeast. I "dusted" my car every day the first few weeks. Now down to once a week. The dirt shows...but the look of the car in black is worth it.
    No problems. Love the car.
  • rrobrrob Posts: 51
    1) I have an M45, and have driven an M35x several times. The 45 is noticeably faster, both cars handle very well. No dry pavement advantage for the 35x that I can tell. I know 4wd is used in some performance cars (like Porsche) to handle the HP, but the 35x doesn't have that much HP.

    2) I have a Verizon Motorola E815, and agree with the other posters. Good, but not great sound, no real battery problems, easily holds charge 2 days, during which time I make 10-15 calls, total ~60mins talk time, and drive for about 3 hours total. Its easy to turn Bluetooth on and off with this phone, but I usually forget and leave Bluetooth on all the time.

    3) My car is black/black and still looks great seven months since purchase. I have mine washed every 2-3 weeks at a place that hand washes and 'details' cars for $20, no other special care.

    good luck, rrob
  • I have a black on black M35 and am very happy with it; picked it up 4 days ago. This is my second black car. The M35 replaced an black Acura. With only a little extra care, black cars look great.

    I have a Motorola V60 phone and the bluetooth works great. I leave it on all the time and usually charge it each night and haven't noticed any excess battery drain. The sound from my end is good and most people on the other end say it sounds like I am on a speakerphone, but are OK with it (I am, after all).
  • johnhwjohnhw Posts: 111
    I can respond to the Black M question. I own an M45 sport which has black exterior and stone interior. I love the black exterior and do not regret it at all. The stone interior is striking with the sport package interior features such as the aluminum dash accent. I love this car and color it rocks as one write said. Mileage is about what I expect. Overall I get 18 and up to 22 on the highway at 80 mph.

    Get the black M45, you wont regret it
  • nickb81nickb81 Posts: 36
    With regard to Bluetooth and phone selection, it is a crap shoot. Your Bluetooth will either work great or not at all. I have been through 10 phones over as many months, and I have not found one that works sufficiently.

    I bought a Black on Black M35 and IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!! I do not regret getting the black at all - even after 11 months of ownership (purchsed: 2/28/05). I tinted all windows including the windshield and it cuts down on heat (I live in Palm Springs, CA - 120* during summer). I also put some 18" chrome wheels to complete the car. I would recommend having a mobile detailing company come to your home/office and clean it weekly. I have no swirl marks and it is NO more expensive than a car wash! I also have a complete detail done every 3-4 months. Black does require a bit more work, but it's worth it when you factor in all of the admiring stares as you pass through an intersection!
  • nickb81nickb81 Posts: 36
    Although the sound quality on my M35 (via bluetooth) is atrocious - the LG XV8100 has an outstanding battery life. I use my phone about 4000-5000 minutes per month, and 75% of the time I am in my car - with bluetooth enabled at all times. I can count on one hand (with fingers to spare) the times that I have not made it through a full day/night. I always leave my phone on (literally 24 hours/day) and I charge it while I sleep, then I am good to go for 12 hours of chatting and standby (again with bluetooth enabled). I would recommend the phone - but not in conjunction with the car! Well, to be honest from my experiences - I wouldn't recommend the car at all :shades: .
  • jimlipjimlip Posts: 4
    Thanks All for the replies. I'm sold on blk on blk. I'm just about sold on the M45 too. Here's the thing tho. car payment is my company's, not mine.

    I drove a MB CLS500 and it was nice. But it'd be pretty stripped to be even comparable to a loaded M45. I know it's not a fair question. Loaded+ M for a little less M than a MB CLS500C w/ just heat/cooled seats and a couple other things for more $. Anyone driven the two? I ruled out the RL (weak) and the GS430 (small/nothing exceptional) and any american cars and the E500 (blah) and am left w/ M vs. CLS. I know...apples to oranges.... I see it as: flashy and slick vs. blander and loaded. Anyone have any input?

    but it'll be blk on blk either way...and thanks for the feedback...i appreciate it.

  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    Funny. Most people would not consider these cars as competitors, but they were my two final two choices as well (I was thinking about the CLS600.)

    I wanted the most satisfying car I could find and was willing to go to about $120K. My criteria included performance & handling, tech & convenience, style, reliability and prestige.

    Both cars have excellent performance and handling IMO.

    The CLS was a clear winner on style and prestige, although I do think the M looks great and turns a lot of heads.

    The M wins huge on tech/convenience and reliability.

    The M's Nav (IMO the best in any car, with voice recognition for speaking address destinations, perspective view, far greater map detail and a ton of convenient features) absolutely blows away the CLS Nav. The M's backup monitor, with markings that predict the cars path as a function of steering wheel position, and which works great even in the darkest road conditions, is a gift that keeps on giving (backup monitor not available on the CLS). The M has much more seating room, great surround sound, excellent intelligent cruise, and a very long list of advantages. The CLS has steering wheel controls that won't even take you through your radio presets. (A big problem for me right there.)

    The biggest issue for me was reliability. My wife got a 2003 CLK and has been in the shop non-stop, same with a friend and his mercedes. I got a 2003 Q45, and have had incredible reliability, same with my '06 M45.

    My question to myself was, how dumb would I feel to spend so much more and get a car with far less every day satisfaction, AND have it breaking down all the time. For me it was a choice between a car that everyone would be envious of, or one that would really make me happy.

    I went for happy. The M has been a constant and enormous pleasure. No regrets.

  • Pete,
    Great reply. It's funny because as soon as i posted that question i knew it was kind of a dumb question. Price wize those cars aren't even close. I was just figuring they were the two cars i was most intersted in. and you're right, it's the cache' thing... Infiniti hasn't gotten there yet and i think the M45 is kind of bland by comparison.
    But I drove the CLS today and was kind of let down (had just driven the M45 again). So doesn't seem to make much sense to go that way just for the name. I drove the E500 and that was closer, but still pretty steep for what you get. I also drove the A6 and the 545i and the GS430 (busy day) and i was back where i started. M45, non-sport i think (still thinking about that one).

    another question tho.... does anyone have or have you seen the M45 - Black w/ chrome wheels? Local dlr only has M45 sport on site and the non-sport is coming in w/ the chrome wheels but i can't seem to find a photo of it.

    Anyone who's seen it or has a pic...i'd appreciate any feedback.

    Thanks again Pete for your 2cents. i think you hit the nail on the head...

  • rrobrrob Posts: 51
    Your 'dumb idea' my have many more adherents than you think. The Mercedes that was on my list, and that I drove was the CLS 500. I picked the M. I was worried about the quality with the Benz; the M was more fun to drive; the CLS is a beautiful car, but was really more of a standout than what I wanted; and, the back seat of the M was much more comfortable - I often have rear seat passengers. So, the M it was. Mine has the regular wheels, I saw one with chrome at the dealer, but didn't like them as much.
  • mexibecmexibec Posts: 114
    > Anyone who's seen it or has a pic...i'd appreciate any feedback.

    I got an M45 Twilight (dark) Blue with chrome wheels. It's of course a matter of personal preferences, but I absolutely love the wheels.

    It's funny to see that many people looked at the CLS as well as the M. So did I. I really like the CLS design, but MB quality turned me down. Same for the BMW 545i and Audi A6. The M sure doesn't carry the same prestige, but it (M45) beats them all when you floor it anyway :D and the electronics (which all work!) are just unbeatable. I bought my M45 6 months ago and I still have a grin every time I drive it.
  • jimlipjimlip Posts: 4
    Any pics of your ride with those wheels? I think i'll like the chrome, but i havne't even had the chance to see the wheels at all and what they look like.

    I'm with you on the rest. I tried to like some of the others, but couldn't get excited about any of them for various reasons.

    It's funny that the thing only "drawback" with the M is the fact that saying you're buying an infiniti isn't the same as some of the others. I guess maybe that will change sometime down the road.
  • I recently purchased an M45 and really like the car except for the quality of the bluetooth microphone. The sound quality of the person on the other end of the phone comes across very clearly but they tell me the sound quality from the car is horrible. Anyone make any changes to the configuration that have improved things?

    I have a Cingular Razor for my phone.

    I noticed a post about 2007 improvements. I sincerely hope that this is one of them and they make it usable for the 2006 models.
  • I have a M35 I'm using a Sony Ericsson T68I several people have indicated that the sound is great including Overseas calls. I have not experienced any bad sound quality I'm using Cingular in South Florida.
  • There is a diagnostic menu that you can get at that has fixed this problem for my Treo 650. It is described in some of the other forums. Specifically, you can follow these instructions (do at your own risk):
    - Start Engine [required if you want to see all available diagnostic options]
    - Turn OFF the Audio system
    - While pushing the SETTING button, rotate the radio's VOLUME control either clockwise or counter-clockwise 30+ clicks.
    - You will then be put into the diagnostic mode.
    - Use the BACK button to get to previous screens, or to quit the Diagnostic Mode.

    Holding down the SETTING button and rotating the volume knob a 2nd time
    will put the diagnostic mode into a more "detailed" state offering more options.


    Diagnostic Mode - CELL PHONE VOLUME

    One potential use of the diagnostic mode is to improve the sound quality of your cell phone.

    - The diagnostic mode has an option "Handsfree Volume Adjustment".
    - The default setting for this option is "MED".
    - Setting the volume to "LOW" [or possibly HIGH] may improve the sound quality of your bluetooth compatible cell phone.

    I (and many others) have found that "low" works great for my Treo. Hopefully it'll work for your phone as well.
  • dl8dl8 Posts: 25
    these 2 cars were my last choices, before I decided M45 sport.
    The CLS was a clear winner on style and prestige,
    The M wins huge on reliability.
    I had a MB600S, was in the shop all the time.

    don't make the mistake...

  • rpiercefrpiercef Posts: 2
    I absolutely love my 1 month old M35, but I recently noticed that when using my cell phone in the car, while attached to the Bluetooth, callers on the other end hear themselves echoed. I know this must be a problem with the car because I recently switched from Cingular to Verizon and the problem is the same.

    I have a Razr phone now and had a different Motorola phone before that.

    When I contacted Infiniti Customer Care and Bluetooth (through Infiniti) they both said it's a known issue.

    My question is, does anyone have a work-around for this issue? For instance, when this happens, is it best to hang up and call back or is it best to hang on the call until it goes away?
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