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Toyota Land Cruiser Maintenance and Repair



  • Edit to my post above. In discussion of loosening fill and drain plugs, I incorrectly emphasized doing the drain plug first. Should read fill plug! Always do the fill plug first.

    Sorry for the confusion
  • gkazgkaz Posts: 18
    I'm having a problem where the DVD magazine in the center armrest of my 2002 Land Cruiser won't eject. When I push the Disc button on my radio i get a "DVD Error" message. All I want to do is remove the cartridge but it appears stuck. I shine the flashlight down there and I can see the disk is halfway inserted. Anyone have the same problem or suggestions how to fix? Thanks!
  • You may try pushing down on the cartridge while pushing on the eject button. Don't force it though.

    Any way for you to slide a narrow bladed implement in there and push in the disk that's protruding? A standard table knife?
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    If anyone is interested in getting a set of Service/Repair Manual (Used, but kept both volumes in like new condition) for the 2000 Land Cruiser, please let me know via e-mail at "". I'd like to sell mine for $95 or BO, as I have recently traded my 2000 TLC.
  • Help! Recently I noticed a damp smell inside my 99 LC and whenever the vehicle sat in park for a period of time, the windows steamed up on the inside (LOL--and no, there were no people in the vehicle at the time!). Upon further investigation, I noticed the back cargo bay carpet to be soaking wet. I lifted the carpet back and found standing pools of water between the carpet padding and metal frame. Water is not coming in through the windows, as I checked the seals during a rainstorm. The interior back walls are dry. However, water is obviously leaking in somewhere...has this ever happened to anyone? Can I expect a costly repair?
  • While I can't guess as to the source, have you tried removing the seats and all of the carpet and padding? If you can do this, then let the vehicle sit or drive it as you usually do, you may have a better chance of locating the source.

  • I am having the exact same problem in my 96 LC. I have narrowed the initial wet area to between the 2nd and 3rd row seating, and I am eagearly awaiting our next decent rainstorm while the carpet is pulled. I'll let you know what I find.
  • I had the wet interior problem on my '94, but it was "self inflicted" (don't ask!). I removed all of the seats, carpeting and padding. Wiped everything down with alcohol and let it dry out for about two days. Did another alcohol wipe down and let it dry one more day. Cleaned and vacced all the carpet and mats. Put it all back together and it was fine. Haven't had any issues on the '02 like this.

    I no longer have the '94 or its service manuals, but I seem to recall the sunroof drains can get clogged and lead to some interior moisture issues. Sounds odd, but IIRC the drains travel a rather convuluted route with in the body structure.
  • This does sound like a sunroof drain plug being clogged. Check around the sunroof and clean out any debris. Make sure the exit holes by the running boards are unobstructed also.
    Side note:
    A common leakage problem on some FJ80 models is that the seams of the body will allow water to seep in when raining. The seams in question are above the doors. Some have used silicone sealant as a workaround solution.
  • edsel4uedsel4u Posts: 39
    Perhaps a car-wash or a weakened tail-gate seal flooded your LC.

    I have a 2000 LC and water from a self-serve automated car wash will poor in past the top seal of the upper tail gate and soak my cargo area. This is the only car wash in my area that will do this to my LC. I've tried this car-wash three times (with a cargo liner in place) and each time a high pressure wash nozzle will align perfectly and force water past the seal. All of the other car washes in my area, including similar self-serves will not do what this one particular car wash will do.

    All I can figure, it's a fluke that the wash equipment at this car-wash, my vehicle dimension, and the car-wash's guided parking all align perfectly to give my LC the "Perfect Storm" of a car wash :)
  • Mmmm, maybe quit going to that car wash ;)
  • bsullbsull Posts: 5
    Can't wait to give it a go. What type of grease are you using on the fittings?
  • The fittings are standard zirc fittings (sp?) As with many DIY projects, the first diff is usually the hardest, then the others are easier. Just take your time
  • bsullbsull Posts: 5
    I found all the fittings....I think. I'm just not sure what type of grease to go with. The previous owner couldn't tell me a thing about maintenance performed and what was used....if at all.
  • Per Toyota Maintenance Manual (for MY 2002), ref Vol 1 pg MA-10, lithium base chassis grease (NLGI No.2). This is undoubtedly the same spec for your '98

    Here's what I use

  • I just bought my first Cruiser and I love it. I've heard the engine rev-up slightly when shifting. Is this a sign that the tranny is starting to slip or that I should change the tranny fluid. Looking for suggestion here. I know there are other problems on the rig, could it be caused by something else?
  • mghmgh Posts: 43
    The cruiser finally stopped:
    After 84,000 miles the beast refused to shift out of park mode.
    I read the manual and located the override button to get it to shift to drive but the lights (ABS),(VSC TRACK)and (VSC OFF) are all ON.
    I am heading to the dalership tomorrow $$ Any advice from a similar case?

    Thank you,
  • Any symptoms prior to this?
  • mghmgh Posts: 43
    The LC was perfect. We were back from a 800 mile trip without a single problem. I did a fuse inspection, fluids and all is normal. Brakes are OK, pedal pressure is fine and it drives normal once I override the shifter to drive.

    I think is time to invest in a OBDII scan tool.
  • mghmgh Posts: 43
    The service advisor call me couple of hours a go to inform me that they replaced a fuse part # 90080-82022 that unlocks the shifter but I had to replace the brake booster assembly part # 47050-60041 in order to get all my lights off the dash because it was very dangerous to drive in this condition. He quoted me $2,512.88 including 3 hrs labor. I DECLINED for this job immediately and headed to pick up my vehicle.
    One of the reasons I declined was because I found the brake booster from for $1,442.62 and also I knew there was nothing wrong with the brakes at this point. Anyway I just drove out my LC out of the service department and everything is normal. I am very sad because I could have authorized the $2,500 repair and be scammed again. I drove 10 + miles to work and the TLC is perfect.

    My total paid was $92.31 for the diagnostic fee and labor to replace a $2.08 fuse which I still need to find the location because I did not found any blown fuse last night.

    I hope this will help someone out there with a similar problem.

  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Which dealer was this? What lying b&^*#
  • mghmgh Posts: 43
    North Austin dealer.

    UPDATE: The Cruiser is working perfect still. I have no idea what could it caused the problem but looking at some service schematics the this fuse also feeds the back stop lights but I don't remember checking the lights before.

  • 4toys4toys Posts: 14
    I have a 96 land cruiser using oil. no leaks but oil useage is @ one quart every 1500 miles. do i need to look at a valve or ring job
  • I have a 97 landcruiser. I have recently noticed there is moisture under the passenger side floormat after the vehicle has been driven for a while and heats up. It is not antifreeze so that knocks out the heater core. I opened the hood and noticed on the firewall where the AC condensor ( I assume it is the condensor) behind the firewall, noticed a little wetness against the firewall, like it is sweating. Could it be the water cannot escape from the condensor and is backing up under the passenger floorboard? Any advice would be helpful.
  • I think that's a good source to check out. Pull back the carpeting from the footwell area and check further.

    These "leaks" can really be tough to track down sometimes! And check out the sunroof drain areas too

  • Thanks for the help.
  • mghmgh Posts: 43
    Your evaporator is freezing up. Most likely is low on freon or your fan motor is not working.
  • I am need to replace my current SUV and no longer want car payments. I am looking 4 SUVS now in my price range. Land Rover Disco, Ford Expedition, Izusu Trooper and the land Cruiser. I want to spend about 6-7K total for the truck. I like the Disco best, but the reapir cost are insane. So, I am ruling it out. My next choice is the LC. But the ones in my price range have 130K+ miles on them (1994 to 1997). Just broken in from what I have read. Now, I can get a Trooper (1998 to 2001) with under 50K on it for the same money. I am torn...What should I expect from a 130K+ LC and what should I look for when looking?

  • mercaramercara Posts: 291

    Advice from a former Isuzu Trooper and current Land cruiser owner. Go for the Toyota Land cruiser provided all the service history has been documented. Get proof of all service including 90K and 120K service as these are critical. Don't waste your money on a TLC that has no documented service history as you will probably get hit with major repair down the road.

    Troopers are good trucks and I liked mine. The problem is that they sold in low volumes and the model has been discontinued for a couple of years and getting parts are hard.
  • bill_lbill_l Posts: 38
    I have a 2000 TLC and suddenly the frond and back windshield washers stopped working. My first guess is a broken fuse somewhere, but I do not know the location of this fuse. Anyone has any idea about its location or other possible problems? Thanks a lot in advance.
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