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Toyota Camry Hybrid Rattles, Bumps, & Squeaks



  • I just picked my Camry Hybrid up today and noticed the same slight rumble on initial start off. What did the dealer say? I am interested to know. Thanks.
  • umpire63umpire63 Posts: 19
    After 3,000 miles, I have the same squeak near the cup holders. :cry: Let me know what your dealers did.
  • flopshotflopshot Posts: 14
    The slight rumble during a full start is normal, it happens on every TCH. This is the transmission trying to balance the ICE with the electric motor as it engages.
  • kc_rustykc_rusty Posts: 32
    I have the same apparent rattle -- If I hold the right vertical wing just in front of the cup holdes seems to quiet the rattle - dealer stated he didn't hear anything. Let us know what the dealer did. thanks :)
  • primo2primo2 Posts: 31
    after the dealer lubricated the squeak in the shifter area, i noticed the one on the side of the cup holder...but that seems to have gone away with the squeak in the shifter area...i am keeping my ears's been a week since the squeaking has stopped
  • The dealer installed some felt pieces around the vertical wings and under the plastic pieces around the shift knob on my wife's TCH. So far this has stopped the squeaking.
  • The dealer installed some felt pieces around the vertical wings and under the plastic pieces around the shift knob on my wife's TCH. So far this has stopped the squeaking.

    My dealer offered the same solution, but I didn't want them to take out to whole panel. Did they take abunch of panel apart to install the felt?
  • There is an easy fix for the squeak in the central console on the greenhybrid forum, with detailed DIY instructions. Go to: - e=3&pp=10
  • I just did the aforementioned fix using the felt pads and so far I believed it worked. Had a little trouble removing the vertical wings (cockpit problem) I was grabbing the wing to far to the rear. Once I figured that out a was a piece of cake --- If u have the squeak - try it - you'll like it :)
  • That's a great idea. I'll have to give it a try. My squeaking isn't coming from under the gearshift though. It's coming from the inside-right side of the storage compartment. If I place my hand inside the storage compartment and press (pretty hard) towards the right, it stops.

    I may still take the storage compartment out and try placing a few of the felt tabs around to see what happens. :-)

    Thanks again!
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Or perhaps some expanding-foam insulating spray... ;)
  • The squeak is back. The dealer's fix did not keep it quit completely. The squeak that is there now is much less than before, but you can still hear it over the radio. I am now going to look into doing it myself using the method described at
  • I recently fixed the center console with felt pads after my dealer's felt tape failed to stop that rattle. Now I notice that either the windows are rattling in the doors when the car hits a bump, or the outside door handles are vibrating. Has anyone had that problem and found the cause?
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    I've been trying to find the source of that door rattle. I'm wondering if it's the rubber trim rubbing and making the noise, or if it's something inside the door.

    Where did you put the felt pads to stop the console squeak? I'm trying to find the source of that noise also!

    I haven't taken my car back to the dealer yet but usually they don't fix the noises and I end up fixing them myself anyway.

  • I've got a rattle in my driver's door window that I only hear when going over bumps.
    I brought it back to the dealer, and they said they cleaned out the window track and lubricated the weather stripping. That took care of it for a day, it's back again.
    If I lower the driver's door window a little bit, the rattle goes away. I'll probably bring it back to the dealer when I have time.
  • Yes, I have the same exact issue. It's not terrible, but any kind of vibration means friction and wear-and-tear. I'll be complaining about it in my first 5K checkup.
  • I think message 37 or 39 on this site gives the link to the console fix. I used felt pads that are used on the bottom of chair and table legs. Seems to have worked so far.
  • Minor update - I used felts pads I bought at Costco and I thing they were thicker than the ace hdware ones. Result was an offset between the cup holder cover and the res of the flat plate. I removed the two center pads leaving only the left one and everythinh now lines up and all is still quiet. This car is amazing - other than this minor squeak - nothing has surfaced that requires repair - I have never owned a car setup this cleanly.. :) I am now crossing the 2K mark..
  • I absolutely love my car as well, BUT I am approaching 750 miles now and, I too, have the rattle in the console now. I will attempt to repair with the felt pads.

    Also, has anyone noticed a louder whine than usual when letting off the gas at, say 50 mph? I have a much more pronounced high pitched sound of a radial saw when it is winding down - This would be when it is charging and the motor is disengaged. Something is unusual that I have not heard before.
  • :confuse: I am new to this site and I wish I had come across it sooner so I wouldn't feel so alone. I bought a TCH at the end of July. In early August I noticed the annoying rattle in the center console. At first I thought it was the drive shaft. I took the car in to dealer and they said all it needed was to break-in and they lubricated it to "help it along." As soon as I drove off the dealer it started again and became louder and more annoying. I went back and was explaining the situation to the service manager and what I had been told before. I told her that since then I have discovered that it is the entire console that is squeaking. A technician overheard the conversation and offered to check it. He came back and said that the console was defective and they were going to have to order replacement parts. I have been waiting 2 weeks for those parts. Now after reading other posts I am worried that the quality of the TCH. I was previously a 2003 Corolla Sport owner and I never had any problems with that vehicle.

    Do any of you have carpet issues???? I noticed it in the back first. The carpet looks kind of loose, when I press down in some places the carpet falls inward, like there is a gap between the carpet and frame. This is apparent in the front as well. Please let me know, I need to bring this up when I go in to have console switched out.
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    ratm909: You shouldn't need a whole new console. Many of the 07 Camrys have experienced this rattle, often described as sounding like crickets. There is a very easy fix. You can do it yourself! REALY! It only takes a couple of minutes.

    Click here, console fix and read the thread..go to post# 43 and great step by step instructions.
  • I don't know if your TCH is like this, but I noticed a low pitch rattle coming from the passenger door area. Turned out to be the seatbelt on the passenger side. Frequently, I would say 3 out of five times a passenger gets out of the car the seat belt end gets wedged sideways between the seat and the plastic center post column. This always seems to rattle. A quick reach over to re-coil the seatbelt on the passenger side always fixes it.. If it happens to me it probably happens to you.
    I am a silent driver. I frequently don't have any noise going when I am driving to work and therefore am probably more sensitive to TCH noises than some.
    At any rate, I have noticed this frequent 'hang up' of the seat belt caused a rattle. Low pitched, knocking noise.
    Hope that is someones solution.
  • Is anyone experiencing a high, but quiet, squeal as a sound from a radial saw when at a steady cruising speed? The noise didn't start until around 750 miles. I took it to the dealer and was told the default -"It's normal", but it is irritating and I have to keep the radio on to avoid the high pitch.
  • lvwlvw Posts: 14
    What's the cruising speed? I can't hear anything like that at any highway speed, but cruising around town, without the ICE operating, I can hear what I would characterize as a *very* slight hum, when the stereo is off and the vent fan speed is low. Not a problem for me...
  • primo2primo2 Posts: 31
    sorry, have not heard anything like that...and i'm a stickler for bumps, thumps, squeaks and squeals...i would not settle for "it's normal"...especially if they don't tell you exactly what it is...will keep my ears open for you
  • i have this issue but it doesn't happen all the time. i also wondered if this is normal. i'd like to know if someone's fixed this problem.
  • grakograko Posts: 6
    If you are a stickler for squeaks and other noises, how can you put up with the many noises from all the clicking plastics? I fixed the console, but now have many clicks and rattles from the front doors above and below the window frames. I've got 6000 miles on the car, and the dealer can't seem to find the sources or fix any of them. Anyone else having this issue? Any solutions or is it just very poorly constructed?
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Some people look and listen for problems, therefore are more attuned to hearing them....they happen in any car. Especially new ones, where the owner is more sensitive to them.

    Some 3 In One oil, some silicone spray, maybe some felt jammed in the right spot, those will help. ;)
  • Grako,
    I wanted to express my opinion for quite some time, your post did the here it is. (Anyone out there, PLEASE don't give me "turn up the radio" or "you're too paranoid"...these are really hard to ignore especially when I had just spent 30K on TOYOTA quality)

    Now, I have about 8K on this car (non-NAV)..bought it in July and have always had this annoying ORCHESTRA accompanying me on all but the SMOOTHEST roads. The noises range from the shift selector squeaks and then seem to be originating from all over the passenger side including the glove compartment. Even my 8-year old Acura doesn't rattle nearly as bad on these roads. Oh yeah, I have also recently driven a new Altima on those was QUIET, solid.

    So, I have to agree that it's PATHETICALLY POOR finish on an otherwise great car. And yet when you go to the dealer, they've never of heard any such issues, of course not. I went to a few of them and (after a couple visits) finally had one of them agree that there was a customer complaint and they had to pad the transmission selector. Toyota should be actively taking care of such complaints ...actually, they shouldn't have let this car out before fixing such an obvious/basic flaw....or may be they don't have Chicago roads in Japan. I AM really disappointed.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    It seems there's a reasonable solution for the "squeak" in the center console by the shifter.

    I have a terrible rattle (sounds like a marble) in my dashboard and softer rattles in the front passenger and driver's side windows. (If I drop the window a tiny bit the rattle goes away!)

    I agree it's a great car. But I too am disappointed by all of the little noises inside. I wasn't expecting a Lexus, but I was expecting a fit and finish better than a Dodge. :mad:

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