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Buying Off-Lease German Cars

chkgnmbrs221chkgnmbrs221 Member Posts: 21
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Have been looking at an S3 with 43k on it, fully loaded. Worried about it super low ground clearance but otherwise was quite nice. Also looking at a c300 4matic also fully loaded, this one has 52k on it. Both are 2015s and in great shape, dealers would do new rotors/pads and tires, alignments. s3 has fewer miles but is 4k more than the c300.

I wanted opinions/experience on buying these types of cars. Both are in the mid-high 20s. I have heard of nightmares with these cars and how much the cost is to maintain them and that I would be crazy to buy one of them. Do the car experts agree? I did find an Optima SXL 2015 with only 13k on it for the same price as the c300. Would that make more sense?

Usually I like to lease and get new cars but have become a bit tired of the constant re-investment every 3 years. I do like the new Kia Stinger and found a great lease deal on one. As I said, though, just thought it might be good to buy something, but not if it will cost way more just to keep it on the road.



  • chkgnmbrs221chkgnmbrs221 Member Posts: 21
    Hmm, anyone?
  • MichaellMichaell Moderator Posts: 241,201
    A few questions:

    1. Are either of these CPO?
    2. How long do you normally keep your cars?
    3. How many miles do you average per year?

    I've been thinking about a CPO luxury brand for my next car - as much as I like Audis, I'm just not sure about owning one out of warranty, so I've been looking at the Acura TLX. I don't drive much (maybe 6000 miles a year), so a low mileage CPO would be something I could buy and keep for 10 years.

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  • chkgnmbrs221chkgnmbrs221 Member Posts: 21
    No, they are not CPOs but they are from reputable dealers. The Mercedes is really nice. I drive a LOT though, at least 15k per year. That is usually what I get my leases for. I am just worried about a non-warranty c300 and the cost of repairs. Not to mention things like the struts....with 50k already on them, they will be quite worn. I know that the tires were badly worn on one side, front and rear...sides nearly to steel belts. They said it may need ball joints (which they would take care of before I took it). Still, it brings up worries. I have kept cars to varying degrees....7 years on one, 3 on another, 4 on another, 9 on another....and so on.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 237,046
    I'd be worried about repair/maintenance costs, as well.

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