Toyota RAV4 Real World MPG

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Please report on your RAV4 mileage here (2006 and later model years please).

Include your odometer reading, city/highway mix, driving style or anything else you think may help others compare their mpg with yours. Thanks!

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  • rodsterin_flrodsterin_fl Member Posts: 7
    Do you have the V-6 4wd model?

    Response to message:

    Mine has 6500 miles on it now and it gets 24 MPG with mostly city and some highway miles. It gets 28 MPG with strictly highway miles. The cars I've owned in the past got get better then the EPA ratings. Actually, this is the first car I've had that gets at or less than the EPA ratings. I think I'll wait until I get about 10 thousand miles on it before I decide Toyota pulled a fast one.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,714
    The EPA does the rating, so I don't think you can blame Toyota!
  • katezkatez Member Posts: 1
    I'm new to this board and finding the discussions very interesting.
    I'm surprised at the poor mpg being discussed here. I have 2500 miles on my new Rav4 and am getting anywhere from 27.6 to 30 mpg. (lower when hubby drives it/higher for me)
    I took it to the dealer today 'cause the front windows rattle when they are down about 1/3 of the way. I was told that they took the panel off and noticed that the window shifted when it was going down and there is nothing they can do about the rattle. They even stated that this is "probably a design flaw". I'm not too happy about that.
    I purchased the 4 cyl and would opt for the 6 next time around.
  • bob777bob777 Member Posts: 19
    I have a 4 cylinder 2WD. I have about 7500 miles on it now. Gas mileage is still about the same.
  • bob777bob777 Member Posts: 19
    I hear you, but why is this the only car I've had that does not get at least the EPA rating.
  • lirlir Member Posts: 81

    What MPG are you getting after 7500 miles? I have 1300 miles on mine (4 cylinder, 2 wheel drive Ltd.) and still only getting 21.6, mostly city. Like you, I get over the EPA for all of my cars (Civic, Accord, Lancer).
  • jimd4jimd4 Member Posts: 877
    Well the EPA rating is 28MPG Highway I think and your getting 28 MPG highway. And Toyota is pulling a fast one?
  • gpurkgpurk Member Posts: 13
    25.7 MPG on my limited V-6 4X4 all highway on 3rd tankful.
    Happy because my dealer said it would get better as it gets broke in. Will be happy with up to 30 MPG on all highway and 24 city/highway combo.
  • avrguy73avrguy73 Member Posts: 26
    Between 21-22 4wd and 4 cylinder 87 octane.
    Real time milage.
  • bob777bob777 Member Posts: 19
    I have not taken it on the highway recently, but with strictly in town driving I'm getting around 23 MPG with about 7500 miles on the car.
  • wiley1wiley1 Member Posts: 2
    Just turned 4000 miles on my RAV4 4WD V-6 Limited. I have been consistently been getting between 25-26 MPG on 75% hwy, 25% city driving.
  • rgurinrgurin Member Posts: 1
    I have 7200 miles on my RAV4 V6 Base (2WD). I average between 25 and 26 miles per gallon. 80 percent of my driving is highway, but I'm also burning extra gas stuck in traffic.

    Recently, my wife and I took a trip to the Smoky Mountains, and for the entire trip, I averaged about 22 mpg. However, there was lots of city driving and idling involved.
  • haha11hahahaha11haha Member Posts: 4
    I have 4x2 4 cyl with 11500 miles on it.

    I am getting somewhere around 27-28 now highway miles, before it was around 24-25, with full load 20 highway.

    But now I the engine got very noisy. :(

    Haave most of the problems described on Edmunds forum.

    Windows rattle, i was told that it is a design flaw. Was fixed,noise came up again, they are going to replace the whole power window system.

    Electronics is glitchy. Had wird stuff with LCDs, nonreadable symbols. VSC and ABS were lit up for several weeks, cruise control didn't work until they cleared computer memory second time.
    These are hard to verify problems... I have to run to a dealer every time I see it, otherwise they wont believe me. They joked on my RAV4 saying I got Ford Explorer. And everytime I come to the dealer all management comes out and looks at the problems saying WOW this is first time we see it. liek it helps. Toyota Motor Corp does not want to do anything yet. Lemon law doesn't fit yet... So I have no clue what to do with it.
  • thecatthecat Member Posts: 535
    I have been tracking my mileage since purchasing the RAV in April. After 2800 miles I'm averaging 24.7 mpg. I would say my driving has been about 60% local (not really city) and 40% highway. I did have one tank where I got 26.2 mpg. That was due to about 70% highway driving. If you use a little common sense - no fast starts or rushing to get to a red light - the mileage seems pretty amazing to me.
  • roman1roman1 Member Posts: 12
    My first tank of gas on a Base Model 4x2 (4 cylinder)in San Diego, California was 26.44 mpg. :) Not bad if you read the considerations below

    Note: first 1/2 of the tank drove by myself w/out AC. The other half I had full load 4 passengers (still w/out AC). The results were based on aprox 65% highway & 35% city driving.

    I will keep track of the future results ;)
  • jarekjarek Member Posts: 24
    On my first full tank I have made 17.8 mpg on 91 octane. So bad!
    I drove mix 60% highway / 40% city with the A/C all the time on. Highway speed was 75+. 30% of the distance I drove with 4 people in.
    Hope that my mpg will improve but there is a clear disconnection of my result comparing to all the others that post 20mpg+ on this site.
  • drohrerdrohrer Member Posts: 37
    Drove our new RAV off the lot and headed home (35 miles) and the next morning headed to PA. (800 miles) We averaged 25.38 mpg on the trip out East. (Me, the wife, my daughter and tons o'crap) Freeways and tollways trying to vary the speed (60-75mph) a few extra stops along the way to admire our new car. Oh yeah I4 4X4 Limted.

    Flying back out tomorrow to pick up my car...and my family. Will report on the return trip MPG.
  • risarisa Member Posts: 14
    Hi all!

    I cannot make accurate calculation on my mileage use per gallon. When I pick up my rav4 it was full tank, then when it was 1/4 tank left I put about 10 gallons and then when it's almost empty, but empty light not showing yet, I fill it up again about 13 gallons. Is it really 15.5 gallons to fill the tank? now Its almost empty again and I have 860 miles on it.
    So, this is how I figure it out.

    if the dealer put 15 gallons, then i put another 10 gallons plus 13. Total 38 gallons.
    860/38. So I only get 22.63/gallon I'm not impress. This is about 15% highway 85% home to work with few stops with a/c on. :cry:
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    If your tank is "almost empty" then you do not know how much fuel you have used very accurately. You will calculate the mileage by dividing the miles driven by the actual amount of gasoline consumed.

    tidester, host
  • michael47michael47 Member Posts: 1
    Why doesn't Toyota offer a continously variable transmission or at least a 5-speed automatic with its 2.4 liter engine? It would significantly improve fuel efficiency. I have a 2004 RAV4 now and would gladly purchase a new one if the fuel efficiency was significantly improved.

    Michael in Houston
  • heel2toeheel2toe Member Posts: 149
    It is especially perplexing that they are only offering a 4 speed AT on the I4 RAV4 given that the Camry uses the same engine and is equipped with a 5 speed.
  • thecatthecat Member Posts: 535
    I don't know about the CVT but I doubt that the 4 cyl has enough torque to use the 5 spd that's used in the v6
  • heel2toeheel2toe Member Posts: 149
    Toyota sells a 5 speed AT hooked into the same I4 engine in the Camry.

    Unless there is some strange engineering principle at play here, I'd say that means including a 4 speed AT on a new vehicle design like the RAV4 is a cost-cutting measure.
  • selimselim Member Posts: 6
    I am getting 26 highway and about 20-21 city mileage with 87 octane. No matter what I do I couldn't increase the city mpg. Other than this over EPA problem I really like the RAV4.
  • thecatthecat Member Posts: 535
    I don't know about strange engineering. It's a rather simple principal. The RAV weights more than the Camry.
  • heel2toeheel2toe Member Posts: 149
    I highly doubt that Toyota has problems having the engineering expertise to mate a 5 speed automatic transmission to the I4 RAV, but that's just me.

    Manufacturers know how to game the EPA ratings process and it has been compromising highway mileage ratings for years...
  • roman1roman1 Member Posts: 12
    My second tank of gas (87 Octane) in San Diego, CA was 25.84 mpg. :) . It is slightly lower than my first tank, and it's related to the heavily AC use. It's been hot down here last week. Results based on 70% highway & 30% city. I haven't driven higher than 72 mph yet. Mostly keeping higway speed at 70. :D
  • tadams01tadams01 Member Posts: 1
    4 cyl. 4x4 base
    1st full tank, city driving with AC on 24 mpg.
    2nd tank mostly rural highway 29.5 mpg, and packed with band equipment and AC cranked.
    So far I'm very pleased with both the mileage and the vehicle.
  • spacewagonspacewagon Member Posts: 16
    4cyl, 4x2 base, 3700 miles

    today: temperature 75c, tire presure 40 Psi, no wind, speed 70mph, 7 hours pure flat highway, 30.38mpg
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    temperature 75c

    Of course, you meant 75 F. (75 C = 167 F)

    tidester, host
  • jarekjarek Member Posts: 24
    Sport 2.4L Auto 4x4, 400miles.

    I have just finished second tank. I am terrified! 16.9mpg
    Mixed city/highway 70/30. AC all the time on. Very, very easy on gas pedal. Temp. 100F, humidity 60%+
    That is worst than my Tahoe with 5.3L V8 driving the same conditions.
    What's wrong?
  • friendly_jacekfriendly_jacek Member Posts: 96
    Sounds bad but it normal if you do short trips (under 2-3 miles) and lots of idling with AC on. My wife gets 16 mpg in city in her V6.
    What's your location?
  • jarekjarek Member Posts: 24
    Currently I live in Dubai. I rather do not idle that much. Will have first 1000 miles service soon and need to check this.
  • charles64charles64 Member Posts: 13
    Bought my 2006 4WD Limited 4-cyl RAV-4 in February 2006. I now have about 5300 miles on it. Overall mix is about 50/50 hwy/local driving. The best mileage I have tracked is about 25.5 mpg on a hwy trip. For mostly local driving I get around 20-21 mpg. I use regular unleaded (87 octane). Got an all-time low of 19 mpg over July 4 while sitting in a traffic jam getting out of town.

    Not sure why this is so low compared to the mpg on the sticker. Maybe I am still trying to drive it like the 240 hp car I sold when I bought the RAV 4 baby buggy.....

    Side note - has anyone else noticed a sluggish transmission on this vehicle?
  • jarekjarek Member Posts: 24
    Re slow transmission - look into Problems and Solutions for lots of details about this issue. There is no solution to it that I would hear of. You can also log on for more.

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Here's the link:

    Toyota RAV4 2006+: Problems & Solutions

    Steve, Host
  • jarekjarek Member Posts: 24
    3rd tank mix city/highway - 20mpg
    4th tank highway only - 23.5mpg.
    91 octants only and now 800miles on it.
    Its getting better but still disappointing.

  • roman1roman1 Member Posts: 12
    My 3rd tank of gas was 24.65 mpg.

    Here is the history so far:

    1st tank 26.44 mpg
    2nd tank 25.84 mpg
    3rd tank 24.65 mpg

    NOTE: all mix driving 65% highway + 35% city .

    Conclusion: Yes the mileage has been slipping away because I have strarted to drive just a little more on the normal side (70-75 mph on Freeway) and not driving like an grandma anymore. I will keep you all posted.
  • edmundsdesiedmundsdesi Member Posts: 8
    I am on my third RAV4, third body style, and also the worst gas mileage. I have a 4cyl, drive like an old lady when I have to, and my best mpg is 23 with mixed city/highway. I called the dealership and they confided with me that the testing Toyota does does not include going above 48mpg, or any stop and go traffic!
  • jarekjarek Member Posts: 24
    Well, this would explain a lot. Is there any Toyota representative on this forum to confirm Steve's information?

  • jimd4jimd4 Member Posts: 877
    Well that is true in a way. The Federal standards are at 48 MPH with little stop and go. Actually I don't think they drive on the road, the test is run on a dyno.This is a government problem, not Toyota as all manufactures would be rerquired to run the test the same way.

    By the way, your numbers are about in the middle of the city/hwy numbers so you are getting in the right range for mixed driving. A lot has to do with how easy you accelerate and how smooth you drive, how much stop and go and staying under 70. People do report 29+ at highway speeds with the I4.
  • heel2toeheel2toe Member Posts: 149
    The I4 RAV probably needs the 5 speed AT like the Camry has.

    Not really sure why Toyota is being cheap.
  • fsacjfsacj Member Posts: 8
    There is so much confusion with the EPA ratings and how mileage works om general. The highway ratings are actually lowered 22%, but they are done at a very low average speed. 48mph I think. This is why it's possible to get better than posted mileage. City ratings don't reflect stop and go traffic at all. There's no braking on the EPA test. Every time you break you're throwing away fuel that you used to accelerate, which was a lot to begin with.

    I can easily get 8 MPG in my 2006 RAV4 I4 4X4 base if I drive like a maniac. I can also get 32 MPG on a long trip - if I stay between 50-55. My overall mileage over 3000 miles is 27.5, 70% highway, 30% easy city. Even my second tank was 29 mpg on a 385 mile trip at about 65 mph average. I like to save gas, so I generally drive like a grandma. We don't deal with stop and go in Fairbanks, Alaska, but we do deal with -40 and mileage cut in half in the winter. I'm curious how I'll do this winter.

    I have a great tool called a scangauge, which, among other things, tells fuel consumption and MPG. If all vehicles had a real-time MPG meter like this, I think driving habits in general would improve, fuel consumption would go down, and people would be happier with their mileage.
  • devgundevgun Member Posts: 3
    I have 1700 miles on 4x4 4 cylinder...get an average of about 20.5 mpg all city driving
  • raviola4raviola4 Member Posts: 52
    I have a little over 3000 miles on my Ltd. 4 cyl. model. Haven't noticed any improvement. Getting roughly 23.5 mix. Obviously A/C hurts. Have not done an actual trip but in mostly highway driving, no way i'm getting close to the 29 they tout. Probably 55 mph, controlled conditions etc. Normally drive 65-75 hwy.
    However, as most folks know, ethanol in gas will screw up mileage. Higher ethanol % content, worse the MPG,(sounds like another scheme for oil co's to get rich). Anyway, 10% ethanol should be the limit. Note ethanol will screw up new lawn power equipment if >10% ethanol. Echo is one mfg. warning of this. Still love the RAV4, just wish i could get straight gas here in De. They also add alot of crap to the gas for air quality standards which i'm sure helps MPG as well ---- NOT.
  • raviola4raviola4 Member Posts: 52
    I posted separately. At least 3 times in past few months i've had instances where either from a dead stop or slowing to a crawl and pushing accelerator........nothing happens. Almost went into panic mode first 2 times. Toyota only says some hesitation normal. This wasn't and i'd consider a true safety issue. Imagine pulling out into traffic, pushing the accelerator and literally nothing. Probably 1-2 seconds max, but that's an enternity when trying to accelerate. Have 4 cyl 2006 LTD. One concern is gas these days with all the additives and especially ethanol. But a serious problem in my opinion. They'll probably react differently after a few people die.
  • hells_bellshells_bells Member Posts: 21
    Highway: 26
    Mix: 23
    Town: 20 (ish).
  • jimd4jimd4 Member Posts: 877
    Lots of people reporting this problem on the net.
  • xtek3xtek3 Member Posts: 4
    27 MPG avg on three tanks. 2/3rds are city, 1/3 is hwy mileage :P
  • hells_bellshells_bells Member Posts: 21
    All with A/C on:
    All City (300 miles): 19mpg
    60 highway/40 City (1200 miles): 23-25mpg
    All Highway: unknown.

    So far I'm pleased.
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