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Toyota RAV4 Real World MPG



  • mattgg1mattgg1 Posts: 191
    My girlfriend has a new '07 RAV4 Sport V6 4WD with less than 1000 miles on the odometer.

    We have filled up three times, driving more than 300 miles each time, filling up only when the tank is close to empty. Here are the results:
    25.35 MPG
    25.72 MPG
    26.22 MPG

    This is mostly highway/suburban/rural driving, although it includes a daily commute into downtown Cincinnati.

    I would also caution people on gauging fuel economy based on a limited number of miles driven per tank. The margin of error can be substantial if you're determining MPG from only a few gallons of gas. It is more accurate if you can provide MPG numbers when using 12/13/14 gallons.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    We finally took that trip to Montauk, [flat terrain, no wind, 75 degree weather w/AC on; no traffic, holding 65mph] using 9.8 gallons in 286 miles = 29 mpg. That's more like it, but I think it can do better after more breakin. Driver's seat not too comfy after an hour.
  • ces1938ces1938 Posts: 61
  • mattgg1mattgg1 Posts: 191
    ces1938 -

    You state that you haven't seen anyone come close to 29MPG. Apparently you must have missed my post just a few days earlier!!!

    I got just over mixed driving (with speed over 80MPH at times)...with a V6!!!

    Therefore, if I were to drive pure flat highways at 65MPH, I would certainly pick up another 2-3MPG. Which put me right at the 29MPG...with a V6!!!

    I have no doubt the previous poster managed 29MPG in an I-4. It can be done without much effort.
  • ces1938ces1938 Posts: 61
    Must be nice :) I am so jealous, at least it seems that some people have had some good luck with thir mpg, sure a lot of us like me that didn't tho... :confuse: :cry:
  • gpurkgpurk Posts: 13
    I have an 06 4WD v-6 and the best I have received is 25 MPG and that was all highway at 65 mph. What is your secret?
  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    I agree - I can get 27 mpg on longer trips out of my V6 AWD without trying at all at 65-70 mph. Driving it like I'm trying to make it on fumes to the next station (really easy on the accelerator, 50-55 mph max, coasting down hills, etc.) adds another 2-3 mpg. Not too practical to drive that way every day but it shows what the car is capable of mileage-wise.
  • mattgg1mattgg1 Posts: 191
    I don't think there is any secret to obtaining respectable fuel economy in the RAV4. It is just a matter of being a sensible driver most of the time.

    However, gas mileage is HUGELY dependant on driving style, as well as type of driving (city/hwy), and other factors (hills, # of stoplights, traffic, ect). Two people, driving the exact same vehicle, can get wildly different MPG numbers.

    We're over 1000 miles on our V6 4WD and on our 4th tank of gas. Just filled up yesterday and got 25.?? MPG. Keep in mind, this is mixed driving with a daily commute into downtown Cincinnati.

    When I drive, I always accelerate easy from a stop and anticipate stops by getting off the gas and coasting, which I think has a huge effect on mileage.

    On a regular basis, I find myself next to someone at a light. When the light turns green, they accelerate like a mad man, while I gently get up to speed (and eventually pass them). Then at the next red light, they wait until about 50 feet from the intersection before they mash on the brakes, while I've noticed the red light and coast to a stop.

    Also, I average about 70-75MPH on the highway, but I'll drive much faster if need be. On the last tank of gas, I had it up to 90+MPG to get around a goofball driver, yet I still managed over 25MPG.

    The point is, you can achieve good fuel economy by just driving sensibly, although you definitely don't have to baby it to average 25+MPG.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Amen, mattg1. Let me add a couple of ideas. My dealer delivered the car with only 28psi in the tires [for a softer ride?]; the doorjamb label says 32psi, which I just added. That has to help. Call it "running on fumes", but I always try to feed as little gas as possible to maintain the speed I've chosen; I try to just "lean into" the pedal; as you say, the speedsters will be waiting at the next light. Speaking of speed, my motto is never to be the fastest car on the road; let someone else be the "bear bait". Most of all, I look ahead as far as possible, coasting whenever its obvious that the traffic ahead isn't moving.
  • I purchased a 2007 RAV4 base model 4-cyliner 4wd in June, 2007 and now have 6,000 miles on it. In all city driving, I average 20-21 mpg. In 75% city/25% highway driving, I average 21-23 mpg. In all highway driving, I average 25-27.5 mpg. I noticed that my RAV4 had 5W-20 oil in it. The owner's manual states that 0W-20 oil will result in better gas mileage and better cold weather starting. I got my oil changed today to the 0W-20 in the hopes that my mileage will improve. I'm curious if anyone has gone with the 0W-20 oil and if it has improved your mileage.

    Also, I have been trying different brands of gas to see if my RAV4 will get better mileage. The only tank of Shell gas resulted in under 20 mpg, and it wasn't much better with Marathon. Speedway gas returned decent highway mpg but fair city mpg. I seem to get the best city mpg with BP. For those who average good or excellent mpg, do you have a preferred brand of gas? I only use 87 octane or regular unleaded gas.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    tigersfan, that 0W-20 oil should help. The brand of gas probably doesn't matter as much as whether there's ethanol added to it. Ethanol has 10% less energy than does gasoline and will reduce your mpg.
  • diskodisko Posts: 1
    I bought 07 base RAV4 4cyl fwd in late August. My wife has 1900 miles on it and is avg 17.5 mpg. She is not a wild woman but does have a tendency to take off fast and brake hard. That said, we live in a flat area and once a week she makes a 40 mile hi way round trip. I would estimate her at 80% city, 20% hiway. I was waiting for the break in period to be over before I got too concerned. Well, 2K has to be pretty close so I'm not happy. I got her the RAV to replace a Jeep Liberty which got 14-15 mpg. Man, I was hoping for 22-23 mpg here. At this point 20 is looking pretty good.

    I will check tire pressure...again! Also, I will change the oil to OW-20 if I don't already have it in there. Any tips or comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    I am getting 19mpg with mostly in town driving with a few highway miles thrown in. I have 550 miles and I have had it for 3 weeks. I really am enjoying this SUV. I am hoping to get better mpg after the break in period.
  • We have a well-maintained, 2002 Jeep Liberty. We are only getting 8-9 mpg in the city. The vehicle has been serviced at Jeep authorized dealers and was recently brought in for fuel injection cleaning/maintenance. What can be done to improve the mileage. It isn't the driver (my wife). HELP!
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    I have 2300 miles on my 4cyl AWD RAV4. The sticker says 23/27 mpg. I used to think that my very light foot, moderate speed, etc., etc. would make it easy to beat those numbers. It's worked before with my two Buicks. Not this vehicle. Yes, I once clocked about 29mpg on an easy run in good weather, flat terrain, etc. Well, we just had 5 people with 5 rollaboards go 146 miles [90 turnpike, 20 traffic and 36 parkway] on 5.6 gallons = 26mpg. C'mon - my '99 Regal usually gets 30mpg on the same run with the same load. Well it just proves that the Toyota aint no Buick. Here's hoping some further breakin will improve things.
  • Gee whiz pompian, that is hard to understand that a 4 or 6 cyl car would get such lousy gas mileage, I had an old Ford 3/4 ton truck that got that good, what does your dealer say?? if all else fails trade that sucker off, it is 32 cents a mile just for gas to drive it... sorry but that is all the advice I have, maybe some one else has an idea... come on guys and gals can you help this guy... good luck
  • dtowndtown Posts: 20
    I have an 07 2wd Rav, and my average MPG per tankful is 24. I have gotten as high as 28 mpg on a roadtrip, and even as low as 21. I keep a very close watch on my mileage every tank.
  • I have a 2007 RAV4, 4X2. The best estimates that I have come up with when I track it. Is 29/30 MPG Hwy., 23 in town with a mixture of A/C thrown in. Insofar as glitches or problems with the vehicle are nil at 9100 miles. My problem is with Toyota not including the prewiring in the "tow prep package" as they did with my 2002 Highlander.
    In essences you must do the pre-wire yourself (or dealer) with an OEM wiring harness from the fuse box down through the tunnel to the receiver. This is a rip-off!
  • Mike, It has if you consider the fact that the V6, (4X2) (same as the Avalon) is 269 HP v the RAV that your driving now. I'm getting 23 in town/ 29-30 hwy. @ 70-75 MPH with a mixture of A/C thrown in for good measure. Plus a 3500# tow rating. If your looking for a mixture of max HP @ the best gas mileage in a SUV, you'll be hard pressed to find better.

    Thanks, Nitecap in Arizona
  • YEAH RIGHT.... :P
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Apparently, the old rule of thumb that a big engine in a small car will use less gas than a small engine in the same car is true for the current RAV4. That's real world mpg. In other words, go for the V6, enjoy the pocket-rocket performance, and save gas over the 4cyl.
  • I just took my RAV4 with 1,150 miles on it on it's first 500 mile roundtrip on the NY State Thruway. I tried babying it and set the cruise for 67 mph and averaged 28 mpg. Since everyone was passing me, there were long stretches when I never touched the gas pedal, one time I didn't touch it for over 100 miles. Is this about the best I can expect? Thanks for your input.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    markc, I can't say if 28 mpg is the best you can expect, but it's about the best that I've gotten. If, like me, you're disappointed in your RAV 4 4cyl's mpg, what would be your guess as to what it should get?
  • I'm not sure, was hoping for about 30 mpg, I make the same trip with a 2006 Vibe and average 36 mpg. I guess it really doesn't matter, I'm stuck now. No, just kidding, it's a nice vehicle so far and a couple of mpg's really doesn't matter. Thank you for your reply.
  • My heart is totally broken... Honestly, I searched long and hard for a new car, researching mileage, storage space, etc... In reality, I shopped for 2.5 months and test drove over ten different cars... The RAV4 had the best mileage for an SUV thus far and was not a HYBRID... Which I could not afford one of those at the ticket price that was offered.. However, for what I spend in gas, maybe I should have...

    The reason, I chose this car was because it seemed to offer more benefits in the long run for the money... My honda civic hatchback rarely needed any extra maintenance and lasted 16 years with over 130, 000 miles... and still I got better gas mileage than my Toyota RAV 4... GAS is outrageously priced today...

    Consistently, I am paying over $40 to fill my tank... the gas mileage advertised at 25- 30 mpg...With that thought in mind, I decided to give it a shot... Instead of purchasing a SCION or another smaller car...

    Boy, did I make a mistake...

    It is a JOKE driving this car... and believing the so called experts who rated this car, they should be embarrassed... But, of course.... all they want to do is SELL cars...

    Well...I THOUGHT WRONG... Although, I baby this car and love it...Unfortunately, I have never gotten over 21 mpg... Which is disgusting... Since, I cannot afford to DRIVE it now... Because, I cannot afford the GAS... I expected at least 25 mpg... The very least... I may have to sell this car and take a LOSS now... that sucks royally... Not to mention, I had to take back to the dealer 4 times to repair the steering column... They broke that when they installed an alarm system...Oh, also, if you hear buzzing in your MP3 player, they are willing to install a filter... The dealership just realized that the music WINDS when you accelerate....

    You know, when I bought my HONDA....I got the mileage that they said, "I would".... I don't get it...

    Really, I should have stayed with HONDA... they have never failed me yet..AGAIN...WHAT WAS I THINKING...

    When you find something great, you should stay with it...

    LOYALTY...pays off.....
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Hang in! It costs too much to trade cars. Wait a few years for a Honda diesel. Good luck.
  • Going to sell at a loss, eh? Well, email me if you're serious. The RAV4 is a nice ride and I think someone who's a little more cluefull could probably beat the revised EPA numbers. SUV's (or even crossovers ) don't get the same mileage as sedans--now you know. Now, what about you check your tire pressure and learn to coast to a stop, use cruise control, and get into the higher gears more quickly, eh?

    This is an example of how Toyota's "infallibility" is working against it.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    I've learned the same lesson - it's a crossover/SUV, NOT a Camry sedan, Soooooo.....fuggeddabout 30+ mpg! I'm noticing some mpg improvement as the engine breaks in...with 3,000 miles, I'm now averaging 24 mpg [that's 1/3 each city, suburban and highway driving]. No, I'm not too happy, but I'll have to live with it for a couple of years. And, yes, I blame Toyota for not doing more [5 or 6-speed transmission; easier coasting, less wind resistance, less WEIGHT, etc.] to save gas in the RAV4. Shoulda got the V6, no?
  • You are right, it is not a sedan, also you hit the nail on the head what you said about the 5 speed transmission... your off as for as weight, the Camry out weighs the Rav... also the wind resistance is correct, should not have had to get the V6 gas mileage tho.... I sold a 2002 Honda mini van and bought the 2006 Rav, have almost 20 K miles on it and the gas mileage has not improved on bit, I am avg. about 23 mpg with mostly highway driving, or on a trip I can get 25 to 26 mpg, as long as I DON'T use the cruse, it wrecks the gas mileage.... in fact my 4100 lb. with a 240 hp engine would beat it on the highway.... tough lesson huh, one I wont forget for a while.... I also have a 2005 Camry with 4 cyl. gets great gas mileage all the time.... :mad: :cry: :P
  • hackdhackd Posts: 65
    You can't afford the car since you expected 25 MPG and never get over 21 MPG? Sounds to me like you couldn't afford the car in the first place. 4 MPG should not make or break a budget.
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