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Toyota RAV4 Real World MPG



  • jarekjarek Posts: 24
    Sport 2.4L Auto 4x4, 400miles.

    I have just finished second tank. I am terrified! 16.9mpg
    Mixed city/highway 70/30. AC all the time on. Very, very easy on gas pedal. Temp. 100F, humidity 60%+
    That is worst than my Tahoe with 5.3L V8 driving the same conditions.
    What's wrong?
  • Sounds bad but it normal if you do short trips (under 2-3 miles) and lots of idling with AC on. My wife gets 16 mpg in city in her V6.
    What's your location?
  • jarekjarek Posts: 24
    Currently I live in Dubai. I rather do not idle that much. Will have first 1000 miles service soon and need to check this.
  • charles64charles64 Posts: 13
    Bought my 2006 4WD Limited 4-cyl RAV-4 in February 2006. I now have about 5300 miles on it. Overall mix is about 50/50 hwy/local driving. The best mileage I have tracked is about 25.5 mpg on a hwy trip. For mostly local driving I get around 20-21 mpg. I use regular unleaded (87 octane). Got an all-time low of 19 mpg over July 4 while sitting in a traffic jam getting out of town.

    Not sure why this is so low compared to the mpg on the sticker. Maybe I am still trying to drive it like the 240 hp car I sold when I bought the RAV 4 baby buggy.....

    Side note - has anyone else noticed a sluggish transmission on this vehicle?
  • jarekjarek Posts: 24
    Re slow transmission - look into Problems and Solutions for lots of details about this issue. There is no solution to it that I would hear of. You can also log on for more.

  • jarekjarek Posts: 24
    3rd tank mix city/highway - 20mpg
    4th tank highway only - 23.5mpg.
    91 octants only and now 800miles on it.
    Its getting better but still disappointing.

  • roman1roman1 Posts: 12
    My 3rd tank of gas was 24.65 mpg.

    Here is the history so far:

    1st tank 26.44 mpg
    2nd tank 25.84 mpg
    3rd tank 24.65 mpg

    NOTE: all mix driving 65% highway + 35% city .

    Conclusion: Yes the mileage has been slipping away because I have strarted to drive just a little more on the normal side (70-75 mph on Freeway) and not driving like an grandma anymore. I will keep you all posted.
  • I am on my third RAV4, third body style, and also the worst gas mileage. I have a 4cyl, drive like an old lady when I have to, and my best mpg is 23 with mixed city/highway. I called the dealership and they confided with me that the testing Toyota does does not include going above 48mpg, or any stop and go traffic!
  • jarekjarek Posts: 24
    Well, this would explain a lot. Is there any Toyota representative on this forum to confirm Steve's information?

  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well that is true in a way. The Federal standards are at 48 MPH with little stop and go. Actually I don't think they drive on the road, the test is run on a dyno.This is a government problem, not Toyota as all manufactures would be rerquired to run the test the same way.

    By the way, your numbers are about in the middle of the city/hwy numbers so you are getting in the right range for mixed driving. A lot has to do with how easy you accelerate and how smooth you drive, how much stop and go and staying under 70. People do report 29+ at highway speeds with the I4.
  • heel2toeheel2toe Posts: 149
    The I4 RAV probably needs the 5 speed AT like the Camry has.

    Not really sure why Toyota is being cheap.
  • fsacjfsacj Posts: 8
    There is so much confusion with the EPA ratings and how mileage works om general. The highway ratings are actually lowered 22%, but they are done at a very low average speed. 48mph I think. This is why it's possible to get better than posted mileage. City ratings don't reflect stop and go traffic at all. There's no braking on the EPA test. Every time you break you're throwing away fuel that you used to accelerate, which was a lot to begin with.

    I can easily get 8 MPG in my 2006 RAV4 I4 4X4 base if I drive like a maniac. I can also get 32 MPG on a long trip - if I stay between 50-55. My overall mileage over 3000 miles is 27.5, 70% highway, 30% easy city. Even my second tank was 29 mpg on a 385 mile trip at about 65 mph average. I like to save gas, so I generally drive like a grandma. We don't deal with stop and go in Fairbanks, Alaska, but we do deal with -40 and mileage cut in half in the winter. I'm curious how I'll do this winter.

    I have a great tool called a scangauge, which, among other things, tells fuel consumption and MPG. If all vehicles had a real-time MPG meter like this, I think driving habits in general would improve, fuel consumption would go down, and people would be happier with their mileage.
  • devgundevgun Posts: 3
    I have 1700 miles on 4x4 4 cylinder...get an average of about 20.5 mpg all city driving
  • raviola4raviola4 Posts: 52
    I have a little over 3000 miles on my Ltd. 4 cyl. model. Haven't noticed any improvement. Getting roughly 23.5 mix. Obviously A/C hurts. Have not done an actual trip but in mostly highway driving, no way i'm getting close to the 29 they tout. Probably 55 mph, controlled conditions etc. Normally drive 65-75 hwy.
    However, as most folks know, ethanol in gas will screw up mileage. Higher ethanol % content, worse the MPG,(sounds like another scheme for oil co's to get rich). Anyway, 10% ethanol should be the limit. Note ethanol will screw up new lawn power equipment if >10% ethanol. Echo is one mfg. warning of this. Still love the RAV4, just wish i could get straight gas here in De. They also add alot of crap to the gas for air quality standards which i'm sure helps MPG as well ---- NOT.
  • raviola4raviola4 Posts: 52
    I posted separately. At least 3 times in past few months i've had instances where either from a dead stop or slowing to a crawl and pushing accelerator........nothing happens. Almost went into panic mode first 2 times. Toyota only says some hesitation normal. This wasn't and i'd consider a true safety issue. Imagine pulling out into traffic, pushing the accelerator and literally nothing. Probably 1-2 seconds max, but that's an enternity when trying to accelerate. Have 4 cyl 2006 LTD. One concern is gas these days with all the additives and especially ethanol. But a serious problem in my opinion. They'll probably react differently after a few people die.
  • Highway: 26
    Mix: 23
    Town: 20 (ish).
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Lots of people reporting this problem on the net.
  • xtek3xtek3 Posts: 4
    27 MPG avg on three tanks. 2/3rds are city, 1/3 is hwy mileage :P
  • All with A/C on:
    All City (300 miles): 19mpg
    60 highway/40 City (1200 miles): 23-25mpg
    All Highway: unknown.

    So far I'm pleased.
  • My avg. over 3000 miles is 23.6 mpg with 70/30 city/hwy. A/C on most of the time, 75-80+ on hwys. :shades:
  • We have about 10K miles on our Rav 4. The mileage has increased to about 25mpg. Our driving involves 70% in town and 30% highway miles. It seems it should be a bit better, but this is acceptable to us. We have not had a chance to check highway mileage since it is more broken in.
  • I now have almost 1K on my Limited 4X4 V6 and I am averaging 19MPG 90% city / 10% highway. This is not by driving "economically correct". :) I am a lead foot and do jack rabbit starts. So for my type of driving, I'm not surprised at the mpg. Plus it's been over 100 Degrees so I have not driven it w/out the AC on yet.
  • thecatthecat Posts: 535
    I just completed a round trip loop to Ocean City Maryland. I filled up at the start of the trip and after a 299.8 mile round trip I squeezed (I topped off after the pump stopped)10.842 gallons into the tank. That calculates to 27.65 mpg. That's the best I've ever gotten. I was doing 70+ mph most of the way .. tried to keep the tach at about 2k. For a V6 that isn't bad.
  • We have 550 miles on our new base RAV-4. With living in Metropolitan suburb of Gahanna/Westerville Ohio with 70% in town stop and go and 30% freeway driving we have gotten 24.5 and 24.9 MPG. I guess I was hoping for a little better as our V6 Venture usually got anywhere from 23-27 with the same driving.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    We are constantly getting about 20 MPG about 70% highway and 30% city. I was hoping for about 23 MPG. Best I got all highway was 27 back from Branson to Wichita, KS. Not too bad.
  • I've just returned from a cross country (Connecticut to Washington, with lots of side trips) trip covering 13000 miles over the past 3.5 months. On the highway, with a passenger and luggage load of about 600 pounds and driving on the interstates 75-80 mph, got 25-26 mpg. The car in all respects was great.
  • I just got back from taking my RAV4 across the country. I averaged 28.6 mpg and much of that time was at 70-75 mph whenever I could on the Interstate. The A/C was usually on. When I drove it around town, I got closer to 23mpg. Before I left, my normal driving is about half on the interstate and half in town. I was getting around 23mph then too. It seems it gets 29mpg on the open road no matter what I do. I did get 33mpg once when I drove the entire tankful of gas around 55 on some 2 lane open roads in UT with the A/C off.
  • eroseros Posts: 27
    I have now driven 1,000mi in a 2006 RAV4 4WD. I'm getting only 20MPH doing 90% city driving,much of it with air conditioning in August. I had hoped to get closer to 23 :cry:. I'm sure that it will do better when I'm out on the road, but most of my driving is going to be local.
  • I am getting better but at the bottom of City with City and highway combined. This is the first vehicle that I have owned that I have found that my driving / MPG has been lower than what is on the sticker.
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