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  • draymond2draymond2 Member Posts: 134
    Anyone know when the deadline to order for model year 2000? When will you be able to order 2001 Quads? Will there be any changes in the 2001's?
  • vmanvman Member Posts: 103
    Don't know about the changes, but I think you may have missed the 2000 order deadline (could be wrong). I just ordered last week, and they told me July for 2001 orders.
  • themacguythemacguy Member Posts: 417
    Not quite sure what you read into my statement about daytime running lights on Quads and helmet use on bikes, but I believe you were getting something from it that was about 180 degrees from what I intended. The daytime running light issue is one thing. What I said about helmet use: To wit "Helmet use is, in my opinion ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY from a common sense and financial point of view." Key word here is 'USE.' I meant that MY position is to USE helmets, and that I consider them MANDATORY (common sense and government be hanged). I did not say LAW, I said USE. Big difference. My feeling is that - as I went on to say - an individual's insurance should be at risk (or his pools) not MINE, if he/she wants to ride wthout a helmet - fine. I think (hope) we agree entirely about the freedom of choice here. I don't want government interference either.

    The next paragraph was meant simply to point out the lesser of two evils. The States and Feds have implemented and supported the helmet law statute(s) so long that - I believe - to remove it wholesale - would be just about as bad a policy as having instituted it in the first place: Way too much confusion - too many unqualified (no skills) riders entering the market now, and could be a total financial disaster for a larger state to (completely) repeal the laws. I also believe that - at least in Texas - the extra insurance required to ride without a helmet is a very good compromise. It allows those who passionately believe in their freedoms to ride without a helmet to do so. Those who don't want to provide for those future (helmetless) injury victims stay in their own (lesser) risk pool - so they can afford to ride. Unfortunately, there are many abusing this extra liability clause - and raising my insurance - which directly affects my 'freedom.'

    You made a great point about "Where does it end?" Essentially it won't - the Feds are (seriously) considering forced implementation of air bags for bikes! What a joke! I support your (much) "less government" stance, I guess the wording I used looked sort of '[non-permissible content removed].' My apologies for the confusion...

    BTW - Was it you who said that the T & H package actully raised the truck? It does, went out today and measured a 1" to 1 1/2" height difference - higher on the T & H equipped vehicles. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me to have better handling in a taller truck. I'm pretty sure it does though - must be the added rear sway bar and wider stance with the 8" wheels / fatter tires... interesting.
  • jb1000jb1000 Member Posts: 2
    I took delivery on Saturday of Green 4x2 QC
    4.7L, Auto, 3.55, 4W ABS, Anti Spin, Sport plus pack, Power Conv group AM/FM CD and towing pack. I could note be happier with it. Installed the colored matching wheel flares on Sunday and I am getting a liner and an ARE color matched tonneau cover on Wednesday. Last thing to do is install a 1 in 2 out muffler (thats not too loud) so I can see two pipes sticking out the back. If I can't find a quiet muffler I will stick with the stock exhaust. Anyone install a muffler like this yet?
  • gsx750fgsx750f Member Posts: 32
    To modify the intake, first remove the "black box" that is currently between the airbox and throttle body. You'll then need a 3" 90 degree street elbow, female at both ends and short piece of 3" pipe. At the throttle body end, I sanded down the outside of the elbow so that it would fit inside the groove of the gasket that is on the throttle body. Next, for the clamp to squeeze the pipe tight, you have to provide some relief in the elbow. I did this by cutting approx. 8 slots about 3/4" long about 1/8" wide. Next, cut a short piece of 3" pipe, leaving enough to go into the flexible pipe about 3". Tappering the end of the pipe a little will make it easier to get it in the flex hose. I did a dry run first. Then used rtv to secure the elbow and pipe together. Then painted it black. mask off the first couple of inches so that the pipe will fit in the flex hose. I used krylon paint and for some reason it took forever! to dry.
    It was still tacky after 8 hours but dried once the engine heat cured it. That's it.
    WARNING!!! After you first start the truck, the rpm's will drop off and it will almost stall. Then, the rpm's will kick up to keep it from stalling. I nearly took out the sidewall in the garage the first time it happened. It did this for about 3-4 starts until the computer adjusted to the mod. Everything is fine now.
    I didn't notice any improvement in mileage but it sounds great when you punch it. I have since added a k&n filter. Last tank went from 305 to fuel light to 321 to fuel light. This translate into .8 mpg increase.
    BTW Has anyone replaced just their muffler, would like to keep as much as the old system as possible $$$.
    Thanks, Scott
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    Here in Canada DRL have been mandatory for some time, and I can honestly say it doesn't bother me one way or another. I haven't had any problems in summer with people coming the other way, but that may just be becasue of the setting requirements (about half the power of low beam).

    In winter the DRLs are useful for seeing people who refuse to put headlights on until it is pitch black - this is shown up by the older cars on the road that were produced before DRLS were mandatory and who can't be seen so easily. My Jag doesn't have them, but as I don't drive that in winter that hasn't been a big deal.

    As far as helmets are concerned - well I rode in the UK where they are mandatory, though I would have worn one anyway, an easy decision for me. When a guy pulled out in front of me I was very glad that I was - I wouldn't be telling you about it anyway.

    As a non American, and as someone who grew up outside of the North American culture, I guess this whole freedom of choice issue is a hard one for me to understand, and I am sorry if my post reflects that. I hope you all know me well enough to know that no attack is intended.
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Member Posts: 337
    Hello again to all! Just a bit of rambling here as I gaze out the office window on that beautiful White QC...

    #1 - DELIVERY:
    The wife and I drove to the delivering dealership (200 miles away) in my current '95 Ram 1500 4X4 SLT on Saturday morning to take delivery of the QC 4X4 Sport (loaded, with 5.9L engine as in the Ram).

    The QC was in the detail bay when I arrived, and the sales guy and I went out to inspect it. All looked good, except that it had the "agate" interior rather than the "mist grey" that I ordered. Ironically, I actually preferred the agate!

    As we were going through paperwork, he handed the keys to me... on a "regular" fob. I asked him why there was no remote keyless fob... He turned a brilliant shade of red, went back over the order, and acknowledged that the factory had not included the remote fob... Went back to the service area, then into the General Manager's office, came out and indicated that everything would be taken care of within the hour.

    They took the truck accross the street, did some additional detailing, programmed a couple of remote fobs, and all was well.

    I "negotiated" with my wife, and convinced her that I should be able to drive the QC the first 100 miles on the trip home. She'd always HATED driving the Ram due to its "tall" stature, imprecise steering and the "wallowing effect" of a full size 4X4.

    I jumped into the QC and off we went. Of course, I immediately noticed the "step-up" difference between the two trucks. But what thoroughly impressed me within 5-10 miles was the relative quietness and precise steering in the QC. There was NO DOUBT that I'd made the right choice with the Dakota platform.

    I'd read in earlier posts here that the 5.9L engine would produce some noticable valvetrain noise... But found that it was as quiet as the 5.9 in the Ram. In short, it was a PURE JOY to drive, and obviously had all the "guts" of the Ram and MORE.

    We met at a restaurant at the midway point to "swap" vehicles. She complained (as she always has) of the Ram's "wallowing." I suggested that she'd find the QC a lot more "driveable," but she remained skepticle.

    100 miles later, we arrived home. She got out of the QC. I asked how the drive was. Her reply?
    "I'll drive this truck any day of the week!"

    The R&P steering is incredibly precise compared with RB steering in the Ram. There is virtually no body roll over uneven surfaces, and the QC Sport (without additional sound-deadening in the SLT group) was incredibly quiet compared to the Ram SLT. I'm delighted!

    #3 - VERSUS FORD:
    Out for supplies to clean up the Ram for resale Sunday morning, I happened upon a new Ford short-bed crew cab (F-150 chassis)in the parking lot... Very tall, odd-looking body lines, and from my personal perspective, quite "clownish" looking. Not to knock Ford, but I believe that DC took the better approach in designing the Dakota QC... The lines are much more "fluid" and it looks more like a "truck" than a Jeep.

    I've obtained lot's of great tips from users of this service, and I'm coming back to the well again here...

    The QC is in obvious need of a good set of door sill protectors... Can anyone steer me in the right direction on that?

    #5 - WORTH THE WAIT:
    For those who've been waiting for QC delivery, you won't be sorry. It is truly a remarkable vehicle!

    And for those who might be tempted to "step up" to a full-size pickup due to the relatively high price point of the Dak QC, my personal advice would be to think twice. For what it's worth from a guy who's driven a Ram 4X4 for 5 years, the handling and comfort of the QC are well worth the price of admission!
  • steve234steve234 Member Posts: 460
    As a older fart, I can tell you with certain knowledge that the barrage of government regulations will never end. It is particularly bad under Democrat presidents. I guess the Democrats are hell bent on saving us from ourselves (unless it has to deal with drugs or morals). When Ol' Jimmy was Pres., Joan(his NHTSA administrator), a good girl friend of Ralph Nader, serious tried to pass regulation to get seat belts mandatory on bikes. As far as DRLs are concerned, their effectiveness are dependent on the location. In the plains and southern states, they are worthless. If we keep on like this, then we will all be driving with sirens and strobe lights on and having a man run in front of the vehicle to warn all the horses.
  • hennehenne Member Posts: 407
    well i have good news. after i hit 10,000 miles on my new dakota quad my mpg went from 15mpg at 70 on the highway to 17mpg at same speed. i havent posted in awhile getting ready to move to virginia and we are finally going up there this weekend to house hunt, but i will post when i can.

    4.7, auto, 4x2, 3.92 and loaded with a rollnlock tonneau cover and fenderflares.

  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Member Posts: 337
    Steve... While I'm non-partisan, I couldn't agree with you more on the government regulations.

    Living near Motown and doing communications and training business with the "big three," I can safely say that the automakers are continually scratching their heads trying to think of what "nitza" is going to ask them to do next.

    I recall when the government made aibags mandatory. The makers responded as best they could (at our cost, of course). Then the nitzoids come back and told the makers that their airbags are killing children. The makers responded again with "2nd generation" (de-powered) airbags and and shut-off switches for passenger-side bags in conventional pickups (which QC is NOT).

    What's next? Well, for starters, we already see crash severity sensors that trigger bags at different speeds according to vehicle speed. Now the nitzies are back with new crash test parameters that require a new "family" of test dummies, replete with children, small-statured women, etc.

    I'm sure that's got the makers scratching their heads again, and I'm sure they'll respond as best they can (at our cost, of course). Unfortunately, however, NHTSA has become a "self-perpetuating machine," the livlihood of its employees dependent on its "imagination" in establishing new and "better" standards!

    So... Is it just a rumor, or is there something in the works on testing cup-holders for crashworthiness???
  • tpmiller1tpmiller1 Member Posts: 165
    I understand all the crash dummies are signing up for the XFL, more money and glory, less medical premiums to pay. Therefore there will be a severe shortage. Maybe we could substitute beurocrats?
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Member Posts: 337
    To tpmiller1:
    I COMMEND your notion of substituting the beaurocrats for crash test dummies! There's nothing like first-hand experience to get a clear perspective on things!!!

    In seriousness, just a word on an oft-overlooked option that can pay back big-time for those living in the colder climes... The engine block heater.

    Back when I was earning an automotive technology degree in college, I recall the instructor WARNING us all to retro-fit an oil pan heater to our engines (as he had on his 7 vehicles). The numbers on engine wear during start-up/warm-up were ASTOUNDING!

    I did so, and will never again be worried about starting and warm-up after those 0-15 degree nights.

    The point? Simply that those who face such a climate and have a 120V powercord available might consider adding the $25 block heater to their option list. It's simply a short receptacle cord that hangs to the right of the radiator... Pop the hood, plug in an extension cord, close the hood and go to bed... A very nice feeling the next morning to have instant start-up, quick warm-up and know that you've extended the life of that precious engine!
  • nowillysnowillys Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a Crimson 4x2 QC with the 4.7L, auto, and the 3.55. I am very happy with my purchase and enjoy the looks I get from people as I drive past. The only problem I have is that when I turn the engine over after letting it sit for a while the engine has a tendancy to stall. If I give it a little more gas and let the engine warm up for a while it runs fine. I told the dealership about this and they say that it is normal. Is anyone else out there having the same problems or is this really normal?
  • snowcountrysnowcountry Member Posts: 15
    We've had them in Canada for at least a decade, frankly they don't bug me.
    On my two previous vehicles the mfg designed them to run on a slightly reduced voltage, apparently to increase longevity of the halogen bulbs(but still meet minimum candlepower regs) also the high beam switch does not work unless the light switch is actually turned on, not when it's running on DLR position. As you can guess we get somepretty crappy weather here, and DLR's make a real difference in winter. The other problem is those dimwits that don't turn on the lights at twilight - this "govt interference" although a pain in the a** sometimes has also motivated manufacturers to design some fundamental features into our autos, something I really don't think they would have done on their own.

    Helmets - amazing the people who won't wear a motorcycle helmet, but will always wear a protective cup while the play baseball or hockey, I guess if they get bumped in the noggin they can always pay people to do your thinking for them!
  • jcody1jcody1 Member Posts: 58
    that is NOT normal. I have a 4X4 with the same engine and tranny combination and it has NEVER done that. I have about 3200 miles on mine. Every now and again it will idle a "little" rough, but it normally smoothes out after 3 or 4 seconds. I would get another dealers opinion. They should be able to read the codes off the computer and see what the deal was.
  • 2drive2drive Member Posts: 90
    We got rid of bright sun reflections from flat glass car windows, we got rid of bright sun reflections from chrome laden vehicles, but now we have to contend with bright glare on sunny days from daytime lights.

    Now that automaticly dimming mirrors are available, let's get automaticly dimming daytime running lights. Running bright lights on bright sunny days makes as much sense as running wipers under the same conditions.
  • cowtownkidcowtownkid Member Posts: 43
    Henne, I believe we have touched on mileage in some past posts. I now have 2600 miles on truck and have noticed mileage drop from 19.5 on first tank, to 17.o and now at 15.5 mpg... same driving habits and conditions. I dont' know what to make of this drop in mpg. Could be the gasoline mixtures but I try to avoid any re-formulated gas. I hope I see somewhat of an increase with additional mileage on truck, by the way... 4.7, auto, 3.92 anti-spin.

    Stalling: I have noticed on some of the cooler mornings (they have been quite rare here in Texas) that my truck does not have a fast idle "warm-up". My truck has died on several cool and damp mornings, would have to restart and no more stalling. Will have dealer check.

  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    but I'll flog it again anyway.

    2drive, I don't get it. Snowcountry and I live with DRLs day in and day out on 95% of the vehicles we encounter and we both say it isn't a problem.

    Stalling - well, it might be normal actually - it could be a symptom of the computer learning the driving habits. I got the impression from nowillys that he (or she) has only just got the truck, in which case the computer is still being programmed. That said this 'feature' should rapidly disappear as the coputer learns the driver's habits - if it doesn't there is definitely a problem.
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Member Posts: 337
    I've been cruising the net to find some accessories for the QC without much luck... While all the sources list accessories for the Dakota club cab models, none seem to list part numbers for the QC.

    I'm looking for:

    1. Door sill protectors (set of 4)
    2. Ventshades (preferrably the "slip-in" type)
    3. Front floor pans (dished, to retain ice/snow/mud)
    4. Mud flaps (4) that will work with existing factory fender flares

    Any and all tips based on your experiences will be appreciated!
  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Member Posts: 215
    I know Mopar has sill protectors in their accessory catalogue.
  • tpmiller1tpmiller1 Member Posts: 165
    Mopar accessories are made by outside vendors. Their catalogue lists door entry guards at $31 (set of 4) and door edge guards at $19.50. Ventvisor (4-piece) at $85.00. The latter is built for them by Auto Ventshade Company. Need to find out who makes what accessories for Mopar.
  • crazycanuckcrazycanuck Member Posts: 43
    Actually Andy....this makes three of us Canadians
    who have no problem with the DRL's. I think they
    are actually of importance when near dawn and dusk times as some "idiots" don't turn on their
    headlights when appropriate. The stats are there apparently regarding avoiding accidents through use of these lights. I don't personlly put much faith in ICBC stats mind you.....
    Let's not forget that ICBC also brought in the gem of "PHOTO RADAR"....another topic.

  • vmanvman Member Posts: 103
    Please don't denigrate our fair topic with DRL's... please? (sigh)
  • tpmiller1tpmiller1 Member Posts: 165
    On 5/1 my truck arrived by rail about 100 miles from my residence. Am at the mercy of trucker. Dealer says not like old days, the transport company decides when to move. Since it's going to Podunk, Pa, I'm thinkin' October now.
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Member Posts: 337
    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction on the sill guards and vent shades! Now if I can get the scoop on the mud flaps and black step bars, I'll be in business! When you live down two miles of gravel roads, those flaps are a MUST.

    The Mopar vent shades sound a bit pricy... Found a set of 4 "Ventvisor" deflectors from J.C. Whitney for $50... But I'll look into the Mopar equivalent nonetheless.

    Thanks again!
  • 2drive2drive Member Posts: 90
    DLR: O.K., I put my horse out to pasture.

    Accessories: I used the Mopar sill guards and they work great. Also, for floor slush mats, check out your local Target store. I found heavy, good fitting ones for $24 fronts/$16 rears.
  • engine16cengine16c Member Posts: 18
    Have had my quad since saturday
    1. Door Sills I got from dealer, $31.00
    2. Ventshades I got from, $46 shipped
    3. Mud Flaps from dealer for Ram fit Quad with flares, $12 front, $12 back, (flat with Ram logo)
    Haven't tried the flares yet.

    bookitty - has it come in yet.
  • bookittybookitty Member Posts: 1,303
    My unit has been shipped, and should be anywhere from Twin Oaks, PA to "destination dealership." I expected to hear from the dealer this week, but so far, no cigar. Thanks for thinking of me. I believe that tpmiller1 is in the same boat. Wow! That's probably it, they're on a boat.

  • themeatmanthemeatman Member Posts: 2
    Looking to order a 2000 (if I still can) or the
    2001 Dak with 4.7 Auto V8, 3.92 -LSD rear axle,
    HD Payload, SLT Package, RED,and was wondering what anyone thoughts were on the 4 wheel ABS as opposed to the standard rear wheel ABS...I live in South Florida where it rains alot and roads get slick.

    I'll be carrying a heavy load -1500 lbs of steak/seafood in a mini refridgerated truck (a conversion co will take the bed off the Dak and put a fibergalss mini reefer on the back
    to hold product- any input on the 4 wheel ABS would be appreciated! Anyone have it and why did you get it? DJ
  • tsopranotsoprano Member Posts: 15
    Has anyone put a sunroof in their quad yet? I did'nt get the computer option overhead console on my quad but I did add an auto dim mirror with temp.and compass so they should be able to put one in.I just don't know how hard it is.I bet it would look great.If Dodge wants to stay ahead of the competition they will add this option for 2001.Also would like to add an electric or manual sliding back window with defrost.Anyone know if they make them?
  • tsopranotsoprano Member Posts: 15
    Meatman I did'nt get that option because I bought off the lot and it did'nt have it but that topic was discussed in depth by several people in the Dakota crew cabII topic list.Soon after the moderator moved our topics to this current Dakota crew cab III topic list.You can review that abs discussion by going to the dakota crew cab II topic list.I think you will find all you want to know there.I think consesus was that if you tow or haul heavy loads it is not a good option.If you don't then it is.Good luck and hope you sell plenty of steaks.
  • tsopranotsoprano Member Posts: 15
    Denigrate-1. To attack the character or reputation of;speak ill of;defame.2. to disparge;to belittle [ Latin denigrare, denigrat- to blacken, defame: d-, de- + niger, nigr- black.] This is your vocabulary lesson for today. (vman) I like those big words because I did not know the true definition or origins of that particular word.You learn something new every day.
  • vmanvman Member Posts: 103
    tsoprano: That wasn't intentional, it just happened to be the best word in the language to get my point across. If you don't believe me, go search out some of the old topics on DRL's! :(

    This is an enjoyable/friendly topic, let's keep it that way. :)
  • tsopranotsoprano Member Posts: 15
    I agree and I do believe you.I did not mean to insinuate anything.Keep quadding my friend.As I stated earlier my DRL relay switch is installed and working.You never know it might save a life.I don't think it can hurt.
  • vmanvman Member Posts: 103
    I just found a pretty in depth site for accessories. Apologies if it is redundant:


    tsoprano: No prob! I have no opinion either way. BTW, I won't have mine until late June or July, but I hope you are enjoying yours.
  • bookittybookitty Member Posts: 1,303
    vman, tried the web site so thoughtfully posted, but it came up as "could not be displayed." Is the URL correct, or are they having a problem? Thanks.

  • vmanvman Member Posts: 103
    boo: must have been down at the time, it just worked for me. It's nice, too, you can list all the products for Dodge without searching. Good luck!
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Member Posts: 337
    Thanks to all for the advice on door sills, vent visors, flaps, etc.! I'm biting at the bit to get into that Quad!

    Unfortunately, I'm doing a plate transfer from the current Ram. Until it sells, the QC sits patiently in the barn, frozen with 220 miles on the clock... It's DRIVING ME NUTS!!!

    How long have you been waiting? Any further news on delivery?

    On Sunroofs:
    Having inspected the QC cab structure, I'm now convinced that integrity would be compromised by the addition of a roof. DC engineers obviously went to great lengths to assure a tight cab (e.g., the cross-beam midway down the roof), and I don't care to tempt faith. Besides... On the way home after delivery, it was 85 degrees out... I powered down the right rear window, and the cab remained pleasantly cool without any wind buffeting... No need for the roof!

    On Mileage:
    For those who've selected the 5.9 engine, expect to average about 12-1/2 mpg during break-in. I stopped at the 100-mile point, topped off the tank, documented gallons and odometer, then repeated the same upon arrival home... 12.6 mpg on the way home. Yes, I still envy those of you with the 4.7, and the additional 5 mpg you're getting. Yet, the old 5.9 still purrs like a kitten... And once past the 1,000 mile mark, I'll venture that it will assume tiger status.

    Has anyone installed a set of those "blue/white" projector lamps? If so, what type/brand, and how did the installation go?

    I'm installing a Westin Safari Bar. It has mounting points for lamps, and I'm thinking of those trick blue ones strictly for purposes of visibility in bad weather.

    Luck to all... And to the "waiters," you won't be sorry!
  • cowtownaggiecowtownaggie Member Posts: 39
    Just called D/C to "check" on the status.

    The 4.7L is on restriction status. Hope it won't be for long. Ran through the "build list" with the rep.

    Everything looks good - at least they have everthing listed on paper . . . . we shall see.

    Cowtown Aggie
  • bookittybookitty Member Posts: 1,303
    Towcrazy2, I originally ordered 12/24/99, but truck came in with incorrect axle ratio(s). Not a D/C problem, but one concerning the "dumbing down of America" awards' two top contenders; The so called order manager (mangler) and my salesman. One misinterpreted a material restriction for the 3.55 LSD as an engineering "can't do", the other idiot neglected to inform me of the decision to change the order to the 3.92. had he informed me, I could have corrected their errors and would now be driving the truck. The truck came in in March, was refused and re-ordered on March 19, 2000. Last reported at Twin Oaks, PA awaiting truck transport to the dealership. D/C (along with most manufacturers faces a weak link in the education (or lack of) of the dealer network people. In some cases, they are really not interested in the product that they are supposed to be representing. Even McDonalds' has a university. I have found over the years that many people who sell cars and trucks (light) have absolutely no or minimal knowledge of the product line(s). In some cases, if they were to be run over by someone driving that particular product, they could not give the police an accurate description of the vehicle. Okay Bookitty, enough! Get off of that soapbox this very instance.

  • tsopranotsoprano Member Posts: 15
    towcrazy-I am waiting on my westin safari bar to come in.I am going to have it painted red to match body color.I have'nt actually seen one on a quad yet.Was wanting a little different look.Let me know when you get yours installed and how you like it, as well as the lights.Thanks for info on sunroof.
  • bookittybookitty Member Posts: 1,303
    Vman, tried again and was able to access truckaddons. Great site. Thank you.

  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Member Posts: 337
    Believe me... I can SHARE your disappointment with the dealership! I'm involved in developing sales, service and management training for all of the "big three" here in Michigan. Just a few experiential tidbits here...

    FIRST... No matter how solid the training is, it's worthless unless the salesperson takes it seriously. Unfortunately, more often than not, that is NOT the case.

    SECOND... There are WAY too many "car salesmen" out there who are NOT qualified to sell trucks. I've written enough truck speccing courses to know that if you're going to have a satisfied truck customer, you'd better KNOW YOUR STUFF. Unfortunately, partly due to the sudden shift from car to truck/SUV in the marketplace, we've got salespeople who know LESS than their truck customers!

    THIRD... Your comment regarding McDonald's training is delightfully ironic!

    I sat in a meeting last week with a Ford client, reviewing a satellite dealership training program I'd written. In frustration, he drew the McDonald's analogy: If you're going to run a McDonald's franchise, you DO IT MAC'S WAY or you're "outa here." In short, if your french fries are not prepared according to McDonald's standards, you stand to lose your franchise.

    Not so in the automotive retail business. While the factory would like nothing more than to disenfranchise the dead-wood dealers, it's still relatively powerless to do so. Franchise agreements that were struck 20 or 30 years ago do not stipulate adherence to sales performance standards, and the dead-wood dealers continue to bumble!

    AHHH!!!! Feels good to vent!

    So, Boo... Where does that leave a serious truck buyer? Well... Unfortunately it leaves us in a position where we need to educate ourselves on the specs, and look over the salesperson's shoulder in much the same way our first-grade teachers looked over ours when we were adding 2+2!

    In any case, I hope your dealer learned from the mistakes first time around... and that you're eventually as pleased with your purchase as fellow owners in this group seem to be!
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Member Posts: 337
    I think you'll find that the QC has excellent ventilation without having to bore a hole in the roof... and that you'll find the cab surprisingly tight and rigid as-is!

    One the Safari Bars... Still waiting for mine to arrive, but in no hurry since I'm still driving the Ram until it sells. If you're painting yours, my only suggestion is to have them powdercoated rather than conventional enamel or epoxy... You'll find that the PC is much more durable... Sounds cool! Red-on-red! My Quad is white... The "black-on-white" theme prevails, so I'll use the Westin bars as-is.

    On the lights... I think I've found a source (surprisingly) through my Harley catalogs... Very small, bright blue lights available to make the bike more visible to "cagers". More on that when I get the bars and check the light mounting points.

    On DRLs... I may be in the minority here, but I'm against them (for now) for a specific reason. Here in Michigan, the ONLY vehicles required to run headlights during the daytime are motorcycles... You fire up the bike and the headlights go on automatically. That provided some extra measure of security to riders until DRLs became prevalent on GM vehicles.

    Guess we'll have to wait 'till the jury comes in on their effectiveness...
  • yank2yank2 Member Posts: 49
    I just found out who makes the wheel flare kits for Qc. Venture Grand Blanc 10230 N. Holly RD. Grand Blanc,MI 48439. I hope this help so of you. They are the ones that make them for DC and they come painted to your color.
  • bookittybookitty Member Posts: 1,303
    Tow, thank you for your comments. I too have walked in your shoes training construction equipment people on the "how and why" of rough terrain reach forklifts. Some take it seriously, some continue to point their lance to defend themselves against success, and some never seem to "get it." My problem stemmed from a lack of knowledge, fanned by the flame of non communication. There was no relief in sight. Training is often a thankless job, as you put yourself into the position of offering success. "I don't want success!" they cried; "Why can't you leave me in the warm embrace of mediocrity?" So ends the saga (and my posting)

  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Member Posts: 337
    I know we're off the subject here... But your words are SO familiar and SO sad...

    I've worked for fifteen years trying to help car/truck salespeople and managers elevate their status above that of a yellow-pages lawyer, and their income above that of a custodian (no criticism intended) with only a modicum of success. Sad, but most vehicle salespeople view their jobs as "something to do" while they're looking for a "real" job.

    Ah well... My compliments to you for sticking with your guns, and for having faith enough in the product decision to go it a second time around. I think you'll be glad you did.

    Funny... My sales guy screwed up on the upholstery color. It's a white Sport, 5.9L, loaded, and I actually e-mailed him the specs I'd prepared on . I specced the mist grey interior (as I have in the Ram). Should have seen the sales guy's face when I walked out to examine the truck, and told him he'd ordered the wrong interior! (it's the agate)... Talk about shades of red! What a hoot!!!

    Ah well... As it turned out, I prefer the agate to the mist grey. So it was one of those rare cases when a salesperson's mistake actually helped the customer!

    To TEXASZACH: Congratulations on the order! I've been a "car guy" here in motown for a long time, and (knock on wood) I will say (once again) that I believe DC pulled a real coup with the QC, at least in design! The tendency of manufacturers here in Detroit seems to be striving to go the competition "one-up" on this feature or that without regard to the "total vehicle." Thankfully, DC designed the QC without regard to the "competition," followed what its better senses and what customers said they wanted.

    The QC is definitely "different"... Yet, it's a very natural-looking truck... Not gaudy or clownish. As you're waiting for delivery, take a look at the other crew-cabs out there (particularly the Ford) and relish the decision you've made!!!
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Member Posts: 337
    Sorry for the hiccup (repeat) in that last post... Not sure how it happened, but the service seemed to have duplicated text following the "<</A>>" signs... Live and learn!
  • quark99quark99 Member Posts: 136
    I see in my owner's manual (QuadCab for Dummies??) that regular scheduled maintenance on the auto tranny is every 30K???? Isn't that a little excessive? It's not cheap to drain/refill auto fluid and adjust the belts...which will also include a new pan gasket, I believe.
    Anyone more educated on automatics care to enlighten me on what this will cost, since my annual miles are usually about 40K, this means I'll be doing this service every 9 months or so...
    Thanks, Skip (quark99)
    2000 PB SLT PLUS QC 4.7l w/auto 3:55
  • cmedcmed Member Posts: 6
    As a frequent 'lurker' I figured I had better get in on the fun if I'm gonna own a QC. Ordered my SLT, 4.7, auto on 3/27. I'm supposed to take delivery next week. I'm crossing my fingers. I didn't have the patience to call customer service, as it seems like watching the clock and that never seems to make the time move any faster. Anyway, my question is what 'problems' should I look for at delivery? I remember the bed alignment, driver's side door, trim on door, power seat squeak. What other biggees has there been?

    BTW, I'm planning on a sprayed on liner with a roll-n-lock cover. We have a company in WI that is comparable to Line-X with a few advantages and the RNL seems to have some pros compared to the Pace Edwards. Although, one of them isn't the price.

    Finally, thanks for all the info so far in these posts. It has been informative, and coming from QC owners or future owners, it has provided comfort and reliability.

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