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Can a Transmission from a 2001 Chevy Express 2500 2 wheel drive be switched into a 2004 AWD GMC 5.3 Savanna 1500


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    This is beyond my expertise, but to get the conversation rolling, it's certainly going to involve more than just the transmission... assuming that it's physically compatible with the space.

    You're looking to convert an AWD to 2WD?
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    No you have it backwards and yes, we know the other details that will need to be addressed
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    Unless I'm missing something, the one transmission is a 4L60e and the Express uses a 4L80e, and despite the similar numbers, they are very different transmissions. They are controlled differently and even have a different number of bolts going into the engine. If the oil pans are a different shape, then you know you don't have the same transmission in both vehicles.

    So, without being completely sure, I'm going to say no.
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    And those transmissions are computer controlled, right? So the computer likely would not properly control the older RWD transmission.

    Go to and enter the data for your current vehicle. They will list all the interchangeable other GM transmissions and the vehicles they can be switched from.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

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    The 4L80e is also a lot larger, so even if you wanted to plug it into a vehicle that used to use both transmissions, you'd need to modify the driveshaft. If it's going into a vehicle than never used it, then you're probably going to have to modify the entire transmission tunnel.

    Another problem is that the 4L80, if plugged into the engine of the recipient truck, is going to have less overdrive and tighter gearing, so you'll end up with high RPMs at highway speeds.
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