Wear and Tear negotiation when retruning and leasing from same manufacturer.

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Hi there.

I have a 2016 Volvo XC90 that is coming due on lease in February 2019. Unfortunately my wife thinks its like driving a bumper car and it has a number of bumps, scratches and scuffs. I did not purchase W&T insurance. The residual value is at or higher than market based on vehicle condition so will likely turn it back in and lease a new car.

I like the car and plan on likely getting another XC90. Do I have any leverage with the dealer/lease company in waiving the W&T repairs costs if I am getting another vehicle from the same brand? I have access to a corporate member preferential price: does that change anything?

I can always get the car fixed at an indy shop but I am wondering if perhaps that would be an unnecessary step if the dealer/lease co is incentivized to get me on a new lease.

Any thoughts or experience on W&T while renewing a new lease with Volvo would be appreciated!

(married to a bumper car driver!)


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    Most leasing banks now use an independent inspector for lease returns, taking all of the negotiation out of it. In my experience, this is a positive development. Most of my inspectors have been lenient with small items. Make sure you schedule your pre-turn-in inspection a few weeks before lease end, so you have options, once you know the actual damage.

    Dealers don't have much leeway on end-of-lease charges, any more.

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