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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • momac2499momac2499 Posts: 10
    I totally agree with you, lucky for you it's only the 1st time it's happen to you, this is my 4th time in 6 years. Honda fixed it the first 2 times because it was under warranty and contributed towards the 3rd now they are telling me that they will pay 1/2 of the part and I would have to pay the remaining part and labor cost. The quoted me $956.00 and that's after their discount and they told me that this is their last time contributing because I need to be responsible for this problem for now on. This is my 5th Honda and my last. I will NEVER by a honda just because of the way they have treated me on this matter. Good luck.
  • cal_ravencal_raven Posts: 8
    Well, lucky me my compressor when out 3 days ago and I started the process rolling in getting honda to back me up on the $2500 estimate on the repair. This is IF the metal shavings did not get into the system. I was entering the freeway and I heard a loud noise coming from under the hood and I just thought it might be the compressor so I switched the air conditioning off and the noise when away. After checking here I took the CR-V into the dealer to confirm what I already knew. Then I contacted honda of America and started dealing with them. I got a case number very easily and got a call back in under 18 hours. Based on the mileage 90K they will cover 50% of the entire repair. I think this is fair based on the age and mileage. Can anyone suggest any other work on this car while they are in there working on the AC compressor. Anything related to the 110K main checkup ? that might save me money. Thanks and good luck they are coving this you just need to work on it.
  • phisherphisher Posts: 175
    I'm just curious what year your CRV is and what the millage is on it?
  • aisairaisair Posts: 2
    I am amazed at the number of posts discussing the Honda CRV compressor issues. We have a 2002 Honda CRV with 60,000 miles on it and the compressor locked up and contaminated the system on 7/1. After I got a quote for $3200 to put in a new AC system, I checked online and it wasn't difficult to find that this is an epidemic with Honda CRVs. The Honda dealership told me that Honda agreed to split the costs with me 50/50 and I told them that was insane. This is a defective part that Honda knows about and is getting everyone to pay thousands of dollars in repairs rather than recall the unit or fix the problem themselves. I've retained a lawyer, as there is nothing right about me paying anything to fix Honda's problem.
    Has anyone else tried to use the legal system for their AC compressor repairs?
    Also, has anyone heard of any initiative to start a class action lawsuit against honda for the defective AC compressor? I know they settled another class action lawsuit over faulty transmissions, I think in Acuras.
    Just wanted to see what else people are doing out there about this. It is insane that Honda isn't paying for all of their defective parts!
    Just my $0.02...
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    2002 139,000

    A 6 year old vehicle with 139,000 miles has a part go bad. Alert the media.
  • frank77frank77 Posts: 3
    I am sooooo glad I found this discussion. I was about to go plunk down a million bucks for a new compressor, etc. for a 2004 CRV with only 20,000 miles.
    I can't afford it. But I live is horribly hot Miami, FL. So I have no choice.

    Can I get some tips to make the most of my call to Honda?
    First question I have is what if I purchased this car used? I just bought it a month ago. Does it matter? Will Honda ask me?
    When I call who do I ask for and what should I say?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!!!
  • momac2499momac2499 Posts: 10
    Instead of being a wise [non-permissible content removed] maybe you should have read further. Yes it may be a 6 year old vehicle with 139,000 miles on it but it's the 4th time the compressor has blown on it in 6 years. That means the car only had 2 good years since I've had it!!!!
  • momac2499momac2499 Posts: 10
    Frank77, just call Honda of America, even though your car is a 2004 just tell them the situation and see what happens. Hopefully you'll have better luck since it's still under 100K they'll usually honor it. It's when your car goes over the 100k that honda nuts up. GOOD LUCK.
  • kisseypookisseypoo Posts: 29
    I should think that even if you bought the car used (w/only 20K miles!), Honda America should stand behind its product. Check out my posts (#668, 669, 679) on this site. They may give you some insight before calling Honda America (number is listed in your CR-V Manual). Good luck. And keep us posted! KP
  • momac2499momac2499 Posts: 10
    Can you let me know what your attorney said, because I tried talking to 2 different ones and they told me that there is nothing they can do, but I'm thinking I'm going to the wrong kind of Lawyer. These were lemon law lawyers. Thanks
  • jpcanaverajpcanavera Posts: 33
    My CRV was used with 80,000 miles when it went belly up. I paid for the dealer repair prior to contacting Honda of America. This was probably a mistake since I would have probably gotten a better settlement since Honda could get the dealer to do the repair at a lower cost.

    As it ended up Honda refunded me the money I paid for parts and I ate the labor. Total cost for the replacement, parts and labor was a little over $1,600.

    Do your homework, have the dealer diagnose but let the national folks tell you what they will do for you prior to having your Honda dealer make the repair.

  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    I own an 03 CRV with 78,000 miles and fortunately my compressor has not gone bad yet. I am now past my extended warranty(5 years) and want to sum up the high points with this issue. Feel free to comment as it may help others if and when this happens:
    1) The problem is mainly with the 2nd generation CRV's particularly years 02-04 and involves both of the major vin numbers for this vehicle.
    2) Honda helps or not on a case by case basis and considers mileage, loyalty, etc.
    3) Normally the compressor blows up contaminating the entire system.
    4) The cost to fix the entire system varies from about 1,200.00 to 4,500.00.

    What I do not understand is what makes the compressor explode and why does it happen again to the same folks with a new compressor?

    If this happens, will Honda America open a case prior to taking to the dealer? Some say that they get a case number before diagnosis, but I would think you would have to get a diagnosis before hand.

    Will the dealer contact Honda America on your behalf or do you have to take care of it on your own?

    Finally, I can accept paying for a bad compressor, but not one that explodes and contaminates other parts of the AC system.
  • tsaotsao Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 CRV with about 70000 miles. Just did a 60000 mile maintenance couple month ago, another maintenance couple weeks ago. Suddenly the car stopped in the middle of the street (luckily, there is not much traffic). Once we restart the engine, the air condition did not work. Took the car to the dealer, they could not see anything wrong, it cost me $100+ to open the compressor and I was told it will cost me another $3300 to replace the whole air con system. Complaining to Honda twice (The first lady was mean..), finally I had to provide them with my maintenance record etc..& they said they will give me a new system.. I have to pay $300.. In other words, I have to pay $450+ to fix a problem, they should recall, repair long time ago...what experience!!!!!!
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    Did your compressor blow up like the others have said on this site? I agree that you should not have to pay if the compressor caused the other damage, but it sounds like you got Honda to pay more than most. Did you have to do the negotiating yourself or did the dealer help with that?

    Sounds like they are handling on a case by case basis. It would be interesting if they have narrowed down a certain set of VIN numbers that this will likely affect and are just waiting to see if folks pursue reimbursement.
  • aisairaisair Posts: 2
    Here's the status of my Honda AC compressor issue:

    Last week, after bringing my car in, the Honda dealership told me that Honda would agree to split the charges 50/50 with me, meaning I'd still have to pay $1400. Getting the 50/50 offer was without me doing any negotiating with Honda, the dealership brought me that offer. I figure if they're willing to give up a 50/50 offer without me even raising a stink, they know they have an issue and are trying to make it go away. I told the dealership rep that I'll be following up with other resources to get the issue resolved and to have Honda pay 100% of the costs.

    I called Honda America on Friday and logged a complaint in order to get it in their system. I feel the customer service rep did a fine job and provided me with a case # with no issue. I told the customer service rep that I expect Honda to pay for the costs of the repairs. The customer service rep did remind me that my Honda was past its service warranty, but I told her I didn't think it should matter in this case. So, our conversation ended with her telling me that she would forward my case to an account manager who I should expect to hear from in 2 business days. Hopefully I hear from he/she by Tuesday.

    I did talk with a lawyer this past Friday regarding the AC compressor failing in my 2002 Honda CRV (60,000 miles).
    The lawyer said that he'd be fine writing a letter to the Honda Corp. (and copy the dealership I've been dealing with) threatening litigation if they did not pay for the repairs.
    The lawyer also told me that I should make Honda aware that if they didn't pay for the repairs that I would 1) file a complaint with the state's Attorney General's office and 2) contact a law firm to discuss class action litigation.
    The lawyer I talked to on Friday said that while he doesn't deal with class action lawsuits, it did sound like there is something there to investigate and he gave me the names of a couple of firms in Minneapolis who I could contact if I wanted to go down that path.

    I'd much rather not have to get involved in a legal dispute and spend countless hours working on that, but I have a hard time paying any money to Honda for an issue that it seems is widespread, is known about, and is a manufacturing defect.

    I'll keep you posted.
  • :( Its 2004 with about 64,000 miles on it. I have an appt 7/22/08 Tuesday at HONDA. So I am waiting to see what they will say. I contacted my local honda dealer to let them know that I had two other places look at my car before, and I do not want to have to pay them to tell me what I already know is wrong with my car. But he said that they need their own mechanic to look at it. I let the manger know that I will not be paying the 95.00 for them to do the dia. check. The manger said for me to bring in my CRV and they will look over my car, and not charge me. He then said that he will then contact Corp Honda after they have one of their mechanics look at it and once they deffently know whats wrong with my CRV to see what corp Honda would do. I did not let him know that I already open a claim with corp honda as well, so lets just see when they tell me that the compressor is bad, what they will try and do for me.
  • So I'm sitting at the dealer waiting for the Honda America phone call to happen...

    2003 Honda CRV EX

    My question is - did anyone notice a sporadic whining sound before the compressor blew? I thought recently due to the whine that maybe a belt was loose in the engine, and over the weekend I then experienced the same pop & rattle... I'm wondering if the whining was a warning sign? A friend of mine also has a CRV & it made a similar sound recently...
  • momac2499momac2499 Posts: 10
    no mine didn't make any noise that I can remember.
  • nommysannommysan Posts: 1
    2004 CRV, fewer than 50000 miles... AC compressor seizes up... You know the story.

    We brought it to the dealer today. $3500 parts and labor. They are eating the parts, but we have to pay the labor ($1200 with tax). Better than any other estimate we got, but still too much for what seems to be a chronic problem. We have a friend of a friend in another area of the state who is a honda mechanic. He said that was pretty much the standard deal they are making now. Hold out for at least that much.

    Our thanks to those of you who wrote in about this problem. Without this forum (and the other pages and pages of people complaining about this problem...), we would probably be paying the whole thing...
  • bedilbedil Posts: 11
    My 2003 had less than 44,000. I emailed the manager of the service department and he sent me his cell phone number. I explained that my air conditioner quit working and he said he thought he could help me out. I took it in and the dealership worked with Honda America and it was paid in full.
  • aarmstroaarmstro Posts: 1
    Another CRV compressor victim here. '03 CRV with 124K miles. This was Honda #4 and will be my last. Got no help from my delaer or American Honda, who seemed annoyed that I was even bringing this issue up with them. They also brushed off the hundreds of posts on this forum as being unreliable since Honda has no control over the content. I traded in my CRV for a Toyota last weekend and I am sending American Honda a picture to let them know that they have lost a devoted Honda customer. I greatly appreciate everyone who posted to this forum since it showed me that Honda should accept responsibility for this issue because they obviously know about it. Good luck to everyone.
  • sonny2008sonny2008 Posts: 4
    Hey Everyone,

    As I mentioned before, my 2001 CR-V's compressor literally exploded, scaterring metal pieces all around, and they ask for 1631 dollars to fix it.

    Honda America told me to take the car to a Honda dealership, and they told me they are going to contact me. I have talked to 3 people so far. The first two were nicer, they promised to call, and were optimistic that they will be able to help me with the majority of the expenses. It has been 10 days that my car is sitting at Honda mechanic, and nobody called me so far!!

    I called them today, and now they assigned me to a "bad cop". He started to talk about how old my car is, that I have not bought it from a Honda dealer, and that it will be difficult for them to help me. This was the rudest and least understanding person I have talked to in Honda America. Must be a new techique they are using.

    So much for reliable and respected Honda. I am so angry. This is so unfair. If my car's AC just stopped working I would not even bother, and replecing a compressor would cost me $500. But here my compressor EXPLODED, and it damaged other parts, requiring $1631!!! This is clearly a production defect! This is clearly a SAFETY issue. I was taking a look at the engine just 5 minutes before it exploded. What if it blew up at that time?

    Having so many complaints, we should do someting about class action suit. Complaining is not enough apparently. And we seem to have a really good case so far to be able to press charges. Any advises??
  • Please keep us informed about any legal action you choose to persue. I would definitely support you in that, or I may just take it up with them myself. Both the Dealer Rep and Honda America rep told me that these cases are isolated to certain VIN numbers originating out of certain countries.

    Both knew exactly what I was talking about when asked about it.

    The LEAST they could do is issue car owners in that category with a warning about this very costly maintenance and potential safety hazard for the owner. There is no excuse for us having to deal with this major expense when it can be avoided with a little information (or at least reduced - by giving us the option to replace the part before it explodes). I really wouldn't be so upset if they had simply issued information about this problem and warned us.

    I was told at the dealer that this is an issue of lubrication. Lack of lubrication causes the compressor to lock up which can then cause metal shards to shoot into the engine.

    They know EXACTLY what the problem is, what is causing it AND how to fix it. However they have failed to include precautions for it in ANY regular maintenance checks. Safety RECALL???

    I asked the Honda America Rep for statistic on this issue and was told that it was confidential information. Really? Why do you think that is?

    I just called the dealer to confirm that the new compressor in my car has actually been upgraded (so how does one know if that is the case?) And he reports that he has not seen a repeat case with this new generation of compressors, so I guess there is a tiny bit of relief in that.

    I planned on owning this car for the life of the vehicle, however I'm thinking seriously about changing that plan.
  • So I checked with my friend who also has a CRV - the whining noise I heard in her car that mine was also making.... turns out her AC stopped working a few days later and she had to replace the compressor. Hmm.....

    If you hear a whining-like noise, which would make sense if it were a lubrication problem, you may want to have your compressor checked IMMEDIATELY. Of course how would you know to look on this website if that were the case?

    This is so frustrating and so completely unneccessary!
  • Apologies for repeating this information, but you really should contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    Please call and make a report! ESPECIALLY if your car stopped in the middle of the road as a result of the compressor failure.

    Vehicle Safety Hotline: 888-327-4236

    I have started an investigation, so the more people who file complaints, the more weight it will add, and if there is an official recall as a result, we may be able to be reimbursed.

    You can also file online...
  • sonny2008sonny2008 Posts: 4
    You are absolutely right,

    I have just called the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. My car did not stop in the middle of the road, yet it EXPLODED there, and it scattered large pieces of metal (the cover of the compressor) all over. We found some of them under the hood, and the remaining ones were lying on the middle of the road.

    I have started another investigation myself. Thank you for repeating that information "carrieklewin". It helps.

    Every legitimately disappointed and angry one, please join us. We can do this. Thanks!
  • sudmitsudmit Posts: 2
    I own a 2004 Honda CR-V, have done only 38k miles and the AC stopped working suddenly last week-end. The same complain- switched on the AC heard a rattling sound (for 2 minutes) from the engine compartment like as if a lawn mower was going and then the noise went away. Ofcourse no cooling was taking place. Since I am just outside the warranty of 36k miles I did not take it to the Honda dealer where I always go for service knowing that their repairs are more pricey. I took it to a garage recommended by my colleagues. They said that the compressor had locked-up. Had the compressor and clutch repaired for $750 that included non Honda new compressor and labor.
    I came across this site only after the repairs and shocked to find that it has been a problem with 2004 CRVs. Any suggestions on how to approach HONDA for possible cost recovery will be very helpful.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Any suggestions on how to approach HONDA for possible cost recovery will be very helpful. "

    You can try calling Honda America, but I think you are out of luck - they are not going to pay for non "honda authorized" repairs after the fact.
  • george115george115 Posts: 2
    My wife’s 2003 CR-V has had 3 compressors explode. The first time was at 17,000 miles, the second was at 41,000 miles, and the third was last week at around 65,000. The entire system was replaced 2 times by Honda at no cost (once under warranty and the second time as a “goodwill” gesture). Though they deny any knowledge of a history of air conditioner problems with CR-Vs, they have agreed to replace the entire system this third time for only the cost of labor ($699).

    Otherwise, this has been a good vehicle, and we hope to keep it for a long time.
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