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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • Today, 2004 Honda CRV A/C went out. Don't know the cost to repair yet. 74,500 miles, kept in the garage, oil changes and maintenance done regularly. Had o2 sensor replaced about 2 weeks ago at a cost of over $500.00. Once I get it back fixed there will be a 'FOR SALE" sign on it immediatley. Will do a little more homework next time I purchase a new car and I can tell you it WILL NOT be a Honda. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • I don't think it is related to the air conditioner. They cleaned the throttle body and reset the air idle control. It seems to have helped a bit. They could duplicate the rough idle, but the car did not stall. The days have been cooler so I haven't had the ac on as much. Hopefully all is well now. It seems like people are only having to replace the ac hopefully you and I will be able to have no problems for at least 5 more years! My 2003 only has 56,000 on it, so I really want to keep it a loooong time.
  • Same problem as everyone else. Honda quoted me $1400 if it's just the compressor and $3400 if it "contaminated the system", which I'm willing to bet is the case after all the grinding/crunching metal sounds I heard coming from the front left part under my hood. It smoked, made a hissing sound, smelled like burning, and metal crunching and grinding.

    95,000 miles, excellent condition, oil changes every 3,000 miles, and meticulous maintenance records.

    Went to the law firm who's doing the class action suit - if you're reading this, maybe if there's enough of us hopefully we'll get our money back.
  • Thanks for the Honda lawsuit link. Hopefully we can get our money back. You sound like me. All oil changes made on time and meticulous maintenance records. In fact, the Honda dealer is the only person who has touched my auto until this problem came up. My compressor and condenser only cost me $1,472.90. I guess I heard mine go out before you did. Going to keep driving it until I get out of Bible School because of the amount of miles I drive. Don't want to put all those miles on anything new at this time. Thanks again for the info and I pray for the restoration of our finances in this situation.
  • pdoepdoe Posts: 1
    I first experienced what Honda referred to as the "Black Death" (metal shards contaminating the whole A/C system) at 99,000 miles in my 2003 Honda CR-V bank in 2007. I had bought the extended warranty so it was covered, otherwise they quoted me $3800 plus labor. So here I am 2 years later and my compressor has locked up once again. I'm extremely disillusioned with Honda. Thank you for the link to the lawsuit.
  • My 2002 Honda CRV's AC compressor blew up and it cost me $1760 to repair. Metals damaged the whole ac system. I got 2 other quotes for the same about $1,700. One mechanic refused to give me a quote after a bad experience. He repaired a crv with this problem and the problem occured again. Needless to say, I am broke and very very disappointed. I thought Honda's were good reliable cars. Honda customer service was no help of course. Time to join the class action suit. This is completely unfair and bad business practice that there was no recall.
  • Class Action may be the only recourse. My CRV is a 2002 but on two occasions once at around 40k miles and now again at 77k miles I have had significant repair costs for the A/C including a full replacement of Compressor, Clutch, Coil, Condenser Fan. The first time, Honda did reimburse me. This time, the total repair cost $1,939. That is almost 10% of the purchased price of the car (20% had I paid for both repairs) . That is a significant cost of ownership for a car that sold for $22k only 7 years ago and with relatively low mileage, this is a horrendous reliability factor. American Honda could not have been less understanding and told me that there was nothing that could be done - this would not be considered for compensation. Judging by the number of comments on this site, this is not a isolated issue Honda is not stepping up and providing a reliable or quality product nor are they willing to provide quality support of a multiple failure issue. If there is anyone preparing a class action on this please respond – I’m in. Tell your fiends to read this site, it could save them money and frustration.
  • Here is the link to register for the class action.
  • my CR-V, with 186,000 miles had the AC go out today. There was a little bit of smoke from under the hood before I turned the AC off. I dropped the car at my Firestone shop today, they will check it tomorrow. The mechanic took a quick look under the hood and said the compressor was trying to engage. I will let you know what I find out. After reading the posts, I fear the worst! Thanks Honda!
  • Does anyone have more information on this pending lawsuit? That is, the number of owners who have filed, the cost of filing, the type of settlement and the proposed settlement date, etc. My 2003 CR-V a/c hissed (and blew hot air right after that) on (of all day) ....9/11/09...with less than 70,000 miles on the odometer!!! :mad: :lemon: :P
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Does anyone have more information on this pending lawsuit? That is, the number of owners who have filed, the cost of filing, the type of settlement and the proposed settlement date, etc. My 2003 CR-V a/c hissed (and blew hot air right after that) on (of all day) ....9/11/09...with less than 70,000 miles on the odometer!!!

    Jus tlike with every other "class action" lawsuit, the lawyers are the ones who benefit. The law firm will get $20,000,000 in fixed compensation, plus $10,000,000 in expenses, and the people who signed up for the law suit will get a coupon for a free happy meal at McDonalds.

    I would not be surprized if half of the people pumping up the class action suit on here and other websites actually work for the said law firm.

    Honda stopped providing free goodwill warranty because it opened them up to liability to hungry law firms. So, you can thank whoever started the class action for the drying fo the Goodwill coverage.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I've never quite understood the allure of a class action - if you have a lemon, why not get an attorney and sue the car company yourself? For the dollar amount involved, lots of them could be handled in small claims and the chance of significant recovery seems a lot better. At least 10% instead of 2. :)
  • Thanks for the "update" and "clarification". Guess "there's no such thing as a free lunch" (well, perhaps an unHappy meal MacKaD, as you put it!) :cry:
  • Perhaps a combination of ignorance and fear of going against the "giant" on the part of the "plaintiffs" would explain the allure. My understanding is that a class action suit is filed for "just and fair" redemption on behalf of a "class" of plaintiffs who have suffered an "injustice" this case, a poorly designed and/or manufactured product. Unfortunately, the lawyers who "helped" file the suit always seem to get all the moolahs and the "class" members are left with puny amounts, if any, and a "consolation" sense of "justice has prevailed" over the "giant". :mad: :cry:

    Hopefully the readers of this forum will now think twice before signing up for a class action suit. I know I will. ;) Thanks.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    People don't want to hassle with small claims though, much less being an "active" participant in a one-off case, even if it's handled "free" on contingency.

    I'm still waiting for my coupon for signing up for the class for overpaying currency exchange rates on foreign VISA transactions. It's been over 2 years now.
  • I purchased my 2003 Honda CR-V used in early 2004. Recently, I had a traumatic experience when the compressor of my A/C locked up in heavy traffic, shutting down the engine. Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to switch off the A/C, since I heard the most AWFUL noise coming from under the hood. When I did, the noise went away, but the engine had died, and I kept having to start it back up. As you may imagine, I was very upset, mainly because I was in the turning lane, about to turn left in front of three lanes of oncoming traffic on a major US highway. All I can think of now, is how fortunate I was that it didn't happen during that turn! I was able to get to a parking spot off the road & called to have the CR-V towed to the dealership, since I didn't think I could drive it safely, not knowing what the problem was.

    My service rep informed me that the air conditioner was the culprit for both the noise and the shut-down of the engine, and that the cost of replacement would be over $3,100. What a shock, since the mileage was less than 48,000. I told him what happened, and he was able to get Honda to reduce the price $750. I then did some research and found out about the "Black Death" related to particular models of CR-Vs and Acuras that had faulty evaporator hoses, the interior of which disintegrated slowly, eventually clogging the compressor, and resulting in the "explosion" of the A/C, sending shrapnel throughout the entire system. I reported my findings, and when I went to pick up my car, he told me he was able to get Honda to reduce the cost of replacement to $1668.

    When I reviewed the service receipt, after the fact, and after I had already signed off on the repair service, I noticed that the problem had been written up as "Customer states the air conditioning is blowing warm air" (not so!), followed by "Black Death" and the replacement covered by "Warranty", meaning that it was a known problem that Honda could have corrected through recall and replacement of the defective hoses, wouldn't you think?

    In the meantime, I commend the extra mile my local Honda Dealer Service Dept. went in working to get Honda America to step up to the plate and at least share the cost with me. I just hate that I can't trust Honda reliability anymore.
  • I have just found out that I too have the "black death". Honda quoted me $3500 to fix it. The best that the dealer can do for me is to knock off 10%. Wow...not to sound ungrateful but that really won't ease the pain too much. This repair is costing almost 20% of the actual cost of the vehicle brand new! I bought the car because I had already had an Accord for 10+ years and loved it...but I needed something larger and since I lived far from family and did a lot of driving, needed something reliable.

    I know everyone here has a hardship story...especially at this moment in time, but the money that this is costing me all the money that I have saved for my wedding plus a whole bunch more. I am a teacher (who hasn't had any cost of living increase in more than 3 years) and this kind of debt will seriously hurt. I wasn't even planning any sort of fancy wedding...just a small cookout on the beach. Guess we can't even do that anymore.

    How can Honda expect to have any sort quality customer service or loyalty if they can't even acknowledge a problem that they know exists? How can this not be a safety issue when I keep reading stories of these vehicles stalling in traffic and pieces falling out? Will it have to take someone dieing, like it did Toyota, to admit there is a problem? In the meantime, what do the rest of us do? Go into debt and eat PB&J for the next few years just to pay it off?

    This is infuriating and for the first time in 15 years I can actually speak poorly of the quality and service of the Honda Corporation. I think this issue needs to be brought out into the public forum so Honda can start hurting from a bruised image and perhaps then they will step up and help us out.
  • anryanry Posts: 2
    "After 4 years of service and 29,500 miles, I contracted the BLACK DEATH and I died from it". This is the final words of my 05CR-V a/c.

    The repair estimate is $2,400 (they still have to inspect the whole system for contamination, that means maybe an higher bill). After negociation, Honda accepted the idea, a possibility of goodwill agreement. I'm keeping Crossed my fingers. :confuse:
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    "After 4 years of service and 29,500 miles, I contracted the BLACK DEATH and I died from it". This is the final words of my 05CR-V a/c.

    The repair estimate is $2,400 (they still have to inspect the whole system for contamination, that means maybe an higher bill). After negociation, Honda accepted the idea, a possibility of goodwill agreement. I'm keeping Crossed my fingers.

    Wow, an 05 and with such low miles!!!

    What is the first letter/number of your VIN number?
  • shima1shima1 Posts: 19
    I just got rid of my 02 CRV ticking bomb and got a RAV of the same year. Comparing the two the Honda is more refined and evolved in many ways but the fatal flaw takes it out of the running.
    Shame on Honda.
  • berriberri Posts: 7,965
    I've got a couple of Honda's, but with all of these apparant major defects (CRV AC. Ody Tranny, etc.) I'm becoming leery of getting another one. Last year I bought a Toyota instead. I'm actually thinking of moving back to better priced Ford's down the road. I'm thinking the time of far superior quality on Toy/Hon has passed and its stupid to pay a higher price for them anymore.
  • From what I can tell (experience from trying to sue Chrysler/Dodge) it's not a simple process. I had a lemon and put in lemon law claim's, complaints and other; they just denied. I don't have thousands of dollars to sue a company that has more money than me. They will just keep putting it off until a person gets tired. At least w/a class action law suit there are several people involved. This way might be worth it.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I don't have thousands of dollars to sue a company that has more money than me.

    Most lemon law lawyers, if they see your vehicle as a true lemon, will take on your case for free, and then manufacturer pays the lawyer's fees if you win. And since lawyers are in the business of making money, they make sure you have a solid case before they take you on.

    Your state lemon law defines what is a lemon and what is not. If you have lemon, contact a lemon law attorney and they will take on your case. No out of pocket expense for you.
  • My 2005 CR-V had the "Black Death" issue last May of 08. That seemed odd enough to me that a compressor would go that soon in such a "reliable" car. My whole family owns Hondas. The dealer told me that it would cost 3200 to fix it. That my compressor "exploded" (lol, I am not an idiot, unfortunately for him). I immediately took it to my personal mechanic, who showed me the locked springs inside the compressor, and said it was indeed "odd" to see an AC failure that soon. After he fixed it up for 1300. I got a call from the Honda serviceman offering to maybe "work something out". Well, with a small child. I could not afford to bargain for AC in May in South Florida, so he was a tad too late. I did not know, until my compressor went out AGAIN today, that there was this issue and was known. I have contacted Honda America, who were no help at all, and the dealer wanted to charge me 105.00 to diagnose it, and I would not be charged if I fixed it there. Hmmm. Honda America says they will only take estimates from Honda dealers and not other STATE LICENSED mechanic. Sounds very fishy to me!! I am now out AC (driving 40 miles to work at the tail end of the flu), and who knows how much money next. They are not willing to pay for it all they said already, and they hadn't even gotten a quote. I feel like I need to do something! I am so angered that they would just brush it under the rug like that. There are SO many people out here that have the same trouble. I have signed the lawsuit petition, but not sure what to do next. I know it's October, but it's HOT here in FL!!! Any ideas?? At this point, I am DEFINITELY not buying another Honda!!!! Never thought I'd say that, but I can't afford to replace this thing every year, and neither should I!!
  • Mine died recently too. It was hot in Texas so really had no choice. I did get someone other than Honda to fix it. It is cooler here now and am planning on getting rid of it in May of next year. It won't be too hot by then. Have you had your O2 sensor go out? That cost me around $500 to get fixed. Then the A/C. As you, I only bought a Honda because I THOUGHT they were reliable. I don't know what to do other than sign up for a class action law suit, which you did. Everytime I see a CR-V I wonder if their A/C has exploded yet. Terrible thought, but I think it just the same. Let me know if you find any way to get our money back.
  • UGH! This whole thing is unreal. I am posting like a madwoman, and making calls. Even FUNNIER now. My reliable mechanic called yesterday to give me an estimate on the compressor replacement, and he can't find the part. It is on backorder everywhere he said. He is still looking today. That speaks VOLUMES doesn't it? I haven't had the sensor replaced, or mentioned until now. Yikes, that is a lot of dough. I will certainly let you know what I am able to come up with. Bound and determined at this point! ;-)
  • shima1shima1 Posts: 19
    Spectra makes a compressor that supposedly dosn't have the flaw but I couldn't find anyone to install it.
  • I posted a month ago about our compressor blowing at the end of August. Since then I've had it diagnosed through a Honda dealership (at the beginning of September) and after about 12 calls (2-3 per week since then) to Josh at American Honda, I finally found out that they are willing to pay $1600 of the $4800 bill it will cost me to fix my compressor.

    That's still $3200! I started the case mid September, Josh went on vacation, finally got back to me to say he'd call me the following week, he did, and then the last I heard from him was to say, "we hope your repairs go well". He didn't tell me how much they would cover, and after I called back for 3 weeks straight, I finally got the information from a woman named Lindsay, who was very helpful.

    Only problem now is that I've got a choice to spend $3200 to fix it, which clearly the owner of a $12,000 car doesn't have 3 grand lying around.

    I then called Honda Care, where we had a warranty through the end of May and was met with an incredibly rude, unhelpful guy named "Don", who argued with me, accused me of "being too busy to call back in August when this problem happened" and then said he didn't have a manager and there was no one else for me to speak to. Interestingly enough, I called back and spoke with a really nice guy named Mario, who surprise surprise... connected me to his manager, Dave Ferger. Dave was very nice, but said he is unable to help in any way and that we are way too far out of our warranty to offer any assistance.

    So now I'm here with a potential $3600 bill (after American Honda's "goodwill assistance of $1600) and a line of really rude employees. I am shocked at the level of customer service we've received through this trouble shooting process!! They were all smiles and friendly and confident in their "reliable" cars up until I have a problem and now they're leaving me high and dry.

    Honda, there are hundreds and hundreds of CR-V customers who are incredibly disappointed in your lack of good will and customer service and I will not buy a Honda again unless I am helped with this issue. This is despicable as a company and you should be ashamed of yourselves. :lemon: :lemon:
  • I am in the process of drafting an email to Tetsuo Iwamura, American Honda's CEO and Honda's CEO Takanobu Ito to inform them of my extreme dissatisfaction with their handling of the '03-'05 CR-V compressor problem.

    I'll let you know if I get anywhere. If I don't, I'll be happy to pass their email address along so we can show them how many people are actually having this problem.

  • 2003 crv 200,000miles, changed the compressor 3x already, last time was worse, had to change all A/C system, mechanics told me that metal shrapnel all over the system, now using a/c sparingly... noted the weird sound started to creep back... just waiting to dump this car....
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