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Chevrolet Equinox Real World MPG



  • That is great! my 2006 would be in the 23 - 24 mpg range.
  • Purchased a New 2010 Equinox 1LT, 4 cyl engine, Purchased on 9/12/09, now has 1786 miles, vehicle computer shows that average fuel economy is 27.8. I have not reset any of the trip computer since purchase. My driving is probably 65:35 hwy to city ratio. Using standard grade gasoline 87 octane, no ethanol, conditions have been cool, so no A/C has been needed.
  • geohovgeohov Posts: 23
    There not much here from people with 6 cyl engine. What has your mileage been. Mention whether you have AWD or FWD
  • 10lt210lt2 Posts: 18
    I have the 4 cyl 2010 Equinox FWD with std 17 inch wheels. I have no problem on highway only trips maintaining 35 mpg over ranges of 50 miles (not just instant mileage). Mileage drops off fairly quickly if you get into stop and go traffic. From my experience, I will have no problem beating 32 mpg on long trips. I have not driven enough stop and go traffic to get a good average. My typical combined driving is about 29 mpg.

    I am being easy on the pedal to get the high mileage. Speeds toping out at 60-65 mph on the highway. Agressive driving will kill the high mileage. The good news for me is that this car can easily get over 32 mpg on the highway. I am pleasantly surprised. Total mileage to date is less than 1000. Car was built the week of October 19.
  • My husband and I took a trip from Kansas City to Illinois this past weekend with our FWD 4cyl NOX. I wanted to try to hit the 32 mpg mark, but also wanted to make our trip as short as possible, as it was late at night. So, I ended up getting 28 mpg with speeds from 75-80mph and the rolling hills of Missouri and Iowa. So, I considered that pretty good and will look for another opportunity to hit that 32 mark, on a shorter drive in daylight!
  • 10lt210lt2 Posts: 18
    Update to mileage figures.

    The 32-35 mpg figure is for mainly level ground with speeds between 55 and 65. I just took a trip into the mountains a little and could not keep 32 mpg. The car takes on the big hills fine but the mileage does drop. I hit 4th gear and 3000 - 3500 rpms several time to keep up speed in the mountains. As a reference, the tachometer is below 2000 rpms on level ground at the same speed in 6th gear.

    Bottom line.. I drove around 60-65 mph for most of the trip and just managed a little over 30 mpg for the 200 mile trip (about 100 each way. I easily hit 32+ mpg on the way back home (down hill most of the way) but was getting 27 mpg going to the destination (up hill most of the way). (Baltimore - Hagerstown - Carslise and then back).

    One other note, I am wondering if the trip computer is correct. I am checking it with actual gas usage. On the first tank I checked it was 2 mpg off in the higher direction. This means my mileage is actually 2 mpg less than what the car tells me. I need to check this over several tanks to be sure but I am suspicious of the trip computer now based on my first tank that was checked.
  • 10lt210lt2 Posts: 18
    Update to the mileage #2.

    My trip computer is off by 2 mpg on the second tank also. It appears that my earlier mileage claims are exaggerated by 2 mpg.
    What I have learned so far.

    I can easily get 34 mpg on the highway doing 55-65 on relatively flat ground (Mileage is actually 32 when computed from gas usage).

    I have been getting about 29 mpg in mixed driving to work. (Mileage is actually 27 when computed from actual gas used).

    The car is doing what GM advertised. I do have to drive with a relatively light foot to get the 32 mpg highway number but it is not hard to do on relatively level ground.
  • We are averaging right around 26 MPG per tank right now. We don't fill it up, just $30-35 each time which almost fills it up depending on what is left. That is what is advertised combined mileage even though we are rarely on the highway. Going to take some trips in June which will be the real highway test loaded down with luggage. No complaints so far.

    LTZ 4cyl
  • I must have bought a lemon nox. 2010 fwd,4 banger 1000 mi. trip ky. to miss. going down 24.9 mpg at mostly cruise 72 mph. returned at 65 mph only got 25.8, drove a 50 mi. stretch at 60 and only improved to 26.2. the only way mine will ever get 32 is if someone pushes me part way. very disappointed with chevy.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Well, yeah, but it was uphill all the way back to KY. :D

    Seriously, how many miles on your Nox now? On some cars it can take 5,000 miles or more before the mpg gets close to the EPA rating. My van's mpg kept improving (although just slightly) even after I had put 20,000 miles on in.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    2010 fwd, 4 banger

    That kinda tells me you're probably driving it like a Corvette off the line. These are mere babes that need to be coddled from a dead start. Sudden pedal to the metal is a mileage killer.
  • Our 4 cyl has about 6000 miles and generally does 25/26 around town and 28/29 on the highway running about 73-74 MPH.
    I've done a couple of slow highway trips and come up with 36MPG at about 60 MPH.
    It seems anything above 68 MPH is the mileage killer.
    When making those mileage checks make sure you nurse those last drops into the tank on both ends of your check. I find that I can coax about an additional gallon in after the automatic pump shuts off.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    That's not good for your vapor recovery system. It's possible to get gas in the charcoal cannister and may even trigger the check engine light on some cars. (link)

    I bet the manual says to fill the tank until the first click and then quit.

    That extra gallon may help your range but it's not going to affect your mpg.
  • True enough on the vapor recovery system.
    I only top it off occasionally so as to get that accurate check and ensure all is normal.
    I have have found the computer provided mileage measurements to be less than reliable.
    Additionally, the automatic pumps vary a great deal as to shut off time. Sometimes I add 1/2 gallon and other times 1 1/2 gallons. The extra gallon will not impact MPG, but for an apples to apples test you must start with a full tank and end with a full tank
    Like I said, just an occasional check, I don't have the patience to trickle that last bit of gas in at every fill up.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I track every tank so the errors tend to mitigate over 1,000s of miles. That way I don't have to worry so much about the variables between pumps and I don't have to try to go to the same pump at the same station every time for consistency.

    And if my mpg takes a hit between tanks, I'm on notice that something may be going flooey with my engine.
  • fshifshi Posts: 57
    I bought a 2010 nox 3mon ago, LS base model. The first 2000 miles are mostly local, my estimate is 75local+25highway. The computer reading is 24.5. The last two weeks I had a 4000mile trip, mostly highway. and my average is now at 27.


    1. Local with light foot, 23-24 is a realistic number.
    2. Highway, very depend on speed. I have very carefully tested the fuel economy on my 4000 mile trip.

    a. on a very flat road, 55-65mph cruise can easily yield 32-35.
    b. 70-75mph yields 27-31.
    c. 75-80mph yields 23-27.
    d. 80-85mph 20-24.
    e. computer reading is pretty accurate as compare to my hand calculation.

    Therefore, highway speed is the key for the fuel economy, and 22-32 chevy advertised # are realistic. The equinox is a very solid vehicle on both urban and interstate roads. 0 problem to report so far.
  • The absolute best mileage I have ever got with my 2009 nox is 23. That's on a straight road doing about 55 mph. Where the heck do they get the posted 37 mpg "estimate". I would be OK if the actual was about 10 % off, but being 40% off is blatant false advertising if you ask me. Every time the commercial comes on TV showing the "best in class" mileage, my blood boils!!
  • 37 mpg is not the estimate. It is 22 city 32 hwy. The 2010 'Nox now has the best in class fuel economy since it now has a 4 cyl engine to compete with Nissan, Ford and Toyota. Previous 'Nox's only came with the 6 cyl engines. The 2010 6 cyl engine 'Nox is estimated at 17 city and 25 hwy. Hope your blood simmers a bit now!
  • You are comparing your 2009 nox 6 cyl to the 2010 nox 4 cyl
  • my 2010 nox gets 25 mpg on the road, gm advertises 32, they lie and i challenge anyone to prove to me that they can get 32 on any road anywhere anytime, all 2010 nox owners should take their cars to obamy and leave them at the white house steps, I am thouroughly pi**ed with government motors.
  • My 4 cyl AWD LTZ is one of the bad ones, I'm afraid. The best I've ever seen (based on my records of mileage and gas use, NOT the trip computer) is 22 MPG. The worst, 14(!). Lately for city driving I've been averaging in the 15-16 MPG range. The vehicle has 2000 miles on it. I drive it very gently and it's always in eco mode.

    No ECM errors according to Onstar. I had the ECM/TCM firmware update, which helped the shifting a LOT but didn't improve the gas mileage. The dealer that I've been working with says they will need to drive it 60 miles to verify the MPG (GM requirement) but beyond that they don't have a clue what they could possibly do to fix it. They note that the trip computer says my average speed is only 22 MPH - but that doesn't seem unusual for mostly city driving to me.

    I have noted that there's a fair bit of carbon in the tailpipe but I don't really know how much buildup is normal (any of you guys with GOOD mileage want to look at yours?). I asked if it was possible that a sensor (e.g., O2 sensor) could be marginal so that the fuel mixture would be on the rich side, but the dealer seems to think nothing can go wrong that the ECM won't detect.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    I have noted that there's a fair bit of carbon in the tailpipe

    I'm pretty sure that's normal. My daughter and wife have new 09 VWs and they too have a heavy exhaust build up in the tip. I put a SS tip on mine and it amplifies the discoloring, so much so, I'm tempted to remove it, degrease it and paint the inside black just so it isn't two tone when not washed.

    As for the MPG, there's something wrong in the program, unless you are driving with one foot on the G and the other on the B, and burn out at every start.
  • Just bought a 2010 4 cylinder LT2 Nox and drove 395 highway miles. Forgot to push the ECO button and got only 23.9 miles. How many more highway miles per gallon can I realistically hope to get by pushing that button? ANd will I get even more after the engine is "broken in"? Is there any truth to that "broken in stuff "?

    And--how many city miles can I realistically hope to ge before I get too upset at my promised 22 city and 32 highway? I am a realist, so if I get 21 and 30 I will be OK!
  • My wife drives the 'Nox back and forth to work and round trip is about 40 miles and none of it is highway. She is averaging between 25-26 consistently with "city" driving. Traffic moves fairly well so she doesn't sit very long at lights or creep alone at 5-10 mph. We haven't taken it on the highway for an extended trip but anticipate it will get at least 30 when going 65-70. Any faster will obviously kill the gas mileage keeping the vehicle moving at those speeds. The EPA estimates are probably at 55mph for highway testing.

    Our worst average was around 23 and I don't think we have seen 27 yet for an average. We always keep it in ECO mode so I can't give you any non ECO mode averages. We are satisfied right now with the city, will have to take a trip on the highway to see what we get. Trip planned in June. We traded in an '08 Pontiac G5 5-speed which was averaging 29 in the city and 35 on the highway so we really can't complain moving up to a 'Nox and only loosing 3mpg!
  • 2010 Equinox LT1 4 cyl. Mostly highway, mostly 74 mph. Some city, some idling. ECO always on. MPG Tank 1: 21.85. Tank 2: 25.4. Tank 3: 23.6. Tank 4: 24.7. Tank 5: 22.5. Tank 6: 26.2. Tank 7: 24.2. Yes, I manually check every tank fillup. Trip computer states cumulative MPG 25.6 and has said this since purchase. I have no beefs regarding MPG really. EPA estimates are never or rarely achieved. With prior vehicles I have found steady incline in MPG up to about 5k-6k miles, then leveling off. Regardless, these figures beat prior 2005 Equinox which was 20 MPG in a good week. And, the 2010 Equinox is far superior in looks, handling, comfort, etc. Even if I max out at 26 MPG overal this is a 30% improvement from 2005 model. I can live with that, though I too would love better MPG as well as more realistic EPA estimates. I do not have the patience to try a tank at highway 60 MPH. Besides, I am in Michigan (speed limit 70, generally accepted 75) so I would get run over! Bottom line, my wife and I love our vehicle.
  • No one mentions whether they have AWD or not, which is a huge drain on MPG.

    Anyone care to comment on their MPG with a 2010 4 cylinder AWD Equinox?
  • ulliulli Posts: 14
    1LT 2.4 AWD
    5 fillups so far - mostly local driving -actual 23.21 mpg
    indicated mpg on dic averaged 1.42 mpg higher

    Best so far was 25.6 mpg - half local / half highway ( Portland to Bremerton )

    On the other half of that trip I hit the snow storm in Portland ( stop and rarely go ).
    The Equinox had no problem in the snow.

    Hope this helps.
  • My wife filled up our new 1LT the first time. She got 26.2 on the very first tank. About 50% city, 50% highway. I'm very happy, considering we're still deep in northern Illinois winter. Warmer weather should improve it even further.
  • I have an '06 that I bought 1 year ago. It had 23K miles when I bought it, and it has gotten a steady 25-26 MPG from day one. I bought it to replace an aging '02 Venture, (225K mi) which got a steady 22MPG, so I have no complaints. The Venture, and now the Equinox, have been used as work vehicles, and all but the two front seats have been removed to make room for cargo. The only thing I miss about the Venture is the larger gas tank. Losing over 200 miles between fillups is really noticeable.
    But what seems funny is that my wife's 2000 Impala, which has 185K mi, has gotten a steady 32MPG since the day we bought it. All 3 have the 3.4L engine. I know the Impala sits lower than both the others, but it IS a lot heavier.
    I agree that GM's claims of 30+MPG on the Equinox are, to say the least, greatly exaggerated.
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Se, Pa.Posts: 374
    But you're doing an apples to oranges comparison. The 10 does in fact, I've seen it many times, get 30+ MPG on the highway with the I4 engine.
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