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    My 4 cyl AWD LTZ is one of the bad ones, I'm afraid. The best I've ever seen (based on my records of mileage and gas use, NOT the trip computer) is 22 MPG. The worst, 14(!). Lately for city driving I've been averaging in the 15-16 MPG range. The vehicle has 2000 miles on it. I drive it very gently and it's always in eco mode.

    No ECM errors according to Onstar. I had the ECM/TCM firmware update, which helped the shifting a LOT but didn't improve the gas mileage. The dealer that I've been working with says they will need to drive it 60 miles to verify the MPG (GM requirement) but beyond that they don't have a clue what they could possibly do to fix it. They note that the trip computer says my average speed is only 22 MPH - but that doesn't seem unusual for mostly city driving to me.

    I have noted that there's a fair bit of carbon in the tailpipe but I don't really know how much buildup is normal (any of you guys with GOOD mileage want to look at yours?). I asked if it was possible that a sensor (e.g., O2 sensor) could be marginal so that the fuel mixture would be on the rich side, but the dealer seems to think nothing can go wrong that the ECM won't detect.
  • runoxrunox Member Posts: 156
    I have noted that there's a fair bit of carbon in the tailpipe

    I'm pretty sure that's normal. My daughter and wife have new 09 VWs and they too have a heavy exhaust build up in the tip. I put a SS tip on mine and it amplifies the discoloring, so much so, I'm tempted to remove it, degrease it and paint the inside black just so it isn't two tone when not washed.

    As for the MPG, there's something wrong in the program, unless you are driving with one foot on the G and the other on the B, and burn out at every start.
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    Just bought a 2010 4 cylinder LT2 Nox and drove 395 highway miles. Forgot to push the ECO button and got only 23.9 miles. How many more highway miles per gallon can I realistically hope to get by pushing that button? ANd will I get even more after the engine is "broken in"? Is there any truth to that "broken in stuff "?

    And--how many city miles can I realistically hope to ge before I get too upset at my promised 22 city and 32 highway? I am a realist, so if I get 21 and 30 I will be OK!
  • brueggiebrueggie Member Posts: 46
    My wife drives the 'Nox back and forth to work and round trip is about 40 miles and none of it is highway. She is averaging between 25-26 consistently with "city" driving. Traffic moves fairly well so she doesn't sit very long at lights or creep alone at 5-10 mph. We haven't taken it on the highway for an extended trip but anticipate it will get at least 30 when going 65-70. Any faster will obviously kill the gas mileage keeping the vehicle moving at those speeds. The EPA estimates are probably at 55mph for highway testing.

    Our worst average was around 23 and I don't think we have seen 27 yet for an average. We always keep it in ECO mode so I can't give you any non ECO mode averages. We are satisfied right now with the city, will have to take a trip on the highway to see what we get. Trip planned in June. We traded in an '08 Pontiac G5 5-speed which was averaging 29 in the city and 35 on the highway so we really can't complain moving up to a 'Nox and only loosing 3mpg!
  • bradley2bradley2 Member Posts: 11
    2010 Equinox LT1 4 cyl. Mostly highway, mostly 74 mph. Some city, some idling. ECO always on. MPG Tank 1: 21.85. Tank 2: 25.4. Tank 3: 23.6. Tank 4: 24.7. Tank 5: 22.5. Tank 6: 26.2. Tank 7: 24.2. Yes, I manually check every tank fillup. Trip computer states cumulative MPG 25.6 and has said this since purchase. I have no beefs regarding MPG really. EPA estimates are never or rarely achieved. With prior vehicles I have found steady incline in MPG up to about 5k-6k miles, then leveling off. Regardless, these figures beat prior 2005 Equinox which was 20 MPG in a good week. And, the 2010 Equinox is far superior in looks, handling, comfort, etc. Even if I max out at 26 MPG overal this is a 30% improvement from 2005 model. I can live with that, though I too would love better MPG as well as more realistic EPA estimates. I do not have the patience to try a tank at highway 60 MPH. Besides, I am in Michigan (speed limit 70, generally accepted 75) so I would get run over! Bottom line, my wife and I love our vehicle.
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    No one mentions whether they have AWD or not, which is a huge drain on MPG.

    Anyone care to comment on their MPG with a 2010 4 cylinder AWD Equinox?
  • ulliulli Member Posts: 14
    1LT 2.4 AWD
    5 fillups so far - mostly local driving -actual 23.21 mpg
    indicated mpg on dic averaged 1.42 mpg higher

    Best so far was 25.6 mpg - half local / half highway ( Portland to Bremerton )

    On the other half of that trip I hit the snow storm in Portland ( stop and rarely go ).
    The Equinox had no problem in the snow.

    Hope this helps.
  • kirkkempenkirkkempen Member Posts: 14
    My wife filled up our new 1LT the first time. She got 26.2 on the very first tank. About 50% city, 50% highway. I'm very happy, considering we're still deep in northern Illinois winter. Warmer weather should improve it even further.
  • cabbbaileycabbbailey Member Posts: 12
    I have an '06 that I bought 1 year ago. It had 23K miles when I bought it, and it has gotten a steady 25-26 MPG from day one. I bought it to replace an aging '02 Venture, (225K mi) which got a steady 22MPG, so I have no complaints. The Venture, and now the Equinox, have been used as work vehicles, and all but the two front seats have been removed to make room for cargo. The only thing I miss about the Venture is the larger gas tank. Losing over 200 miles between fillups is really noticeable.
    But what seems funny is that my wife's 2000 Impala, which has 185K mi, has gotten a steady 32MPG since the day we bought it. All 3 have the 3.4L engine. I know the Impala sits lower than both the others, but it IS a lot heavier.
    I agree that GM's claims of 30+MPG on the Equinox are, to say the least, greatly exaggerated.
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Member Posts: 381
    But you're doing an apples to oranges comparison. The 10 does in fact, I've seen it many times, get 30+ MPG on the highway with the I4 engine.
  • laserbluelaserblue Member Posts: 313
    A 2005 Equinox LT here 3.4 L bought new and still doing 19 mpg city and 25 mpg hwy. I even saw 27.3 mpg on a vacation trip but that was @ 65 mph on a calm day, no wind, nice asphalt, cruise control on and without the air conditioning.
    It sure gets worst went I use my lead foot but with the prices of gas these days I drive with a raw egg between my foot and the gas pedal.
  • macatowamacatowa Member Posts: 69
    I have an 2010 LT1 AWD with 1250 miles on it, 40/60 driving and the actuals are ; first tank 25 mpg, second 26.88 mpg, third 28.5 today and what was impressive is i put 451 miles on it and it only took 15.84 gallons to fill it. The mileage and the tank size allows me a few extra days before I have to refill whereas my 03 trailblazer would only go about 300 miles on 18 gallons. One thing to note this Equinox w/AWD weighs 3,925 lbs which is not light.
  • runoxrunox Member Posts: 156
    2010 LT2 AWD

    Dec-Feb is was getting about 22 mpg at 80% local.

    had to drive to Baltimore, about 200 miles so I filled up before getting on I95. I got 30.5 mpg calculated going 70-74mph and that was losing 1 mpg while sitting in a 3 mile back-up. Went down and back on a single tank with room to spare. No question this vehicle was designed for long trips. No achy back !
  • reubenray1reubenray1 Member Posts: 21
    If the MPG drops drastically with the 6 cylinder engine then the purpose of getting the Nox is lost. I get 17 for my Avalanche and was wanting something that will save me some $$ of my long trips. I am concerned that the 4 cylinder will not have enough power.
  • vardvard Member Posts: 2
    I get a cumulative of 27.2, drive 10% city 90% highway, ECO always on, 4 cyl. LT! FWD---currently have 29000 miles on it. I average 5500 miles/month--alot of driving, 70MPH, 4cyl peppy enough, great highway ride and quiet. BUT, 27.2 MPG is not 32 MPG. I anticipated closer to the 32MPG. Wasn't the MPG rating process changed to be more accurate recently? Not 100% satisfied with MPG on highway, but it still is the leader of the pack
  • charliemaccharliemac Member Posts: 5
    edited April 2010
    2010 LTZ AWD 6cyl 4K miles 18 mpg suburb driving (not sure city nor highway fit). My driving is 10 mph high on average.
  • terexterex Member Posts: 26
    Why would you anticipate closer to 32 mpg? You're driving 70 mph! The EPA rating on a 2010 Equinox L4 is 22 city, 32 highway, 26 combined average. If you are getting cumulative 27.2 mpg you're beating the stated average. . .what's to complain about? If you drove 55-60 mph, which I think is the speed the EPA calculations are developed on, then you'd probably would get closer to 32 mpg.
  • samarasamara Member Posts: 10
    Its disappointing to hear the 2010 Equinox 4 cyl FWD not living up to real world highway MPG conditions as advertised. The 2010 Equinox, Q5 TDI, GLK Bluetec, A4 Avant TDI are all on my shortlist as versatile crossovers to handle the daily commute *and* haul sporting gear on the weekends (bikes, skis, camping stuff, etc). So far virtually no auto-maker is meeting the demand of customers who need a *single* vehicle (not a Prius) that is fuel efficient as a daily driver as well as versatile to handle weekend adventures. I was hoping the 32 MPG hwy Equinox was the answer. Maybe Mazda's 43 MPG 2012 CX-7 diesel might be the one.
  • macatowamacatowa Member Posts: 69
    I have a new 2010 Nox 2.4 AWD and have been able to get 28.5 in a 5/95 split. I think a long trip one way 300 plus miles would net 30+ mpg or more. My average on over 4,000 miles is around 26.5 with 40/60 split.
  • belair911belair911 Member Posts: 1
    2010 Lt1, 3100 miles, My average is 28.5, driving up north, 2 lane road, thru town and hwy, 33.7 was the average mileage.
  • joko10joko10 Member Posts: 1
    Driving yesterday on hi-way at 65-67 mph. Checked mpg ,came up with 36.6
    Doesn't sound right
  • reubenray1reubenray1 Member Posts: 21
    I picked up the new Nox on Friday and drove it from New Orleans to Houston on Monday. The straight highway miles calculated by the Nox was 32.1 at an average speed of 64 (cruise was set on 71). The calculation done by myself this morning with some city driving was 30.8.
  • renglehartrenglehart Member Posts: 1
    I have a new Equinox with 2000 miles on it. Today I decided to check highway mileage because the computer constantly shows around 22-23 ave. I drove 61 highway miles and used just over 2 gallons for an average of 28.3.
    The computer registered 21.9 and I just filled up yesterday and did reset the computer. Does anyone else find that the computer mileage computation is way off?? ALSO- my seat memory seems to get lost once in awhile. :confuse:

    Thanks, Randy
  • jomac95jomac95 Member Posts: 6
    I have had my 2Lt for 2 months. After about 3-4 tanks of gas I am averaging 28.3 mpg. I drive 70 miles round trip daily, 85% hwy and 15% city. I am satisfied with the mileage so far, but who wouldn't be after getting 16 mpg with the Expedition I was previously driving!
  • tjack129tjack129 Member Posts: 2
    Just got a brand new LTZ. Solid...smooth and well far. However I am concerned about early mileage on the 3.0 v6. How about mileage reports on strickly this engine. No I4 reports please.
  • rsjlawrsjlaw Member Posts: 2
    Same model, same mileage. 100% NYC gridlock, with A/C on (in ECO mode) nets 21.2mpg. 100% highway (NYS Thruway) at 55mph was 33.5mpg; at 65 was 30.1mph; and my usual cruising speed of 70-75 comes in at 28.4.

    I haven't seen a noticeable difference with AC on and AC off, but flat vs. hilly seems to have a noticeable impact. Overall, I am super impressed that a nearly 2 ton truck with the AC on going 75mph gets over 20mpg, much less closer to 30.
  • rbcequinoxrbcequinox Member Posts: 1
    Just filled up my new 2011 Equinox LT1 FWD 4-cyl and averaged 28.4 mpg (266 miles for 9.35 gallons).
    This is with virtually no expressway driving. Most of my commute is on a divided highway that has intermittent stop lights and averages speeds of 45-55 mph.
    Note, that I made a real effort to maximize my mileage by avoiding abrupt starts and stops, keeping an eye on my instant mileage stats.
    These numbers seem pretty darn close to the average mileage numbers the car is giving me.
    Overall, I'm pretty happy. This replaced my 2003 Pontiac Vibe, which got around 30 mpg, but was not nearly as spacious or as nice to drive.
  • bet48bet48 Member Posts: 3
    I purchased a 2010 awd ltz (paid a pretty penny for it) to get a fantastic 22.6 on straight hwy. I check my mpg by hand with each fill up, i have always done that with each car i have had, lets me know if things are staying the same. I am with you on the tv advertising, it makes me sick when i hear them tell the public 30/32 on hwy. False advertising is against the law. I heard this is a government engine, does anyone know? I went to Texas and back, filled up about 6 or 7 times (corpus christi) each tank i checked never got over 22.6. I am very unhappy with this problem, the rest of the car is ok, drives well, comfortable ride, even the back sit riders agree. Wish i had not sold my car for this, i knew i would get about 7 miles less in city and on hwy, but was ready for new car decided i could deal with the 7 miles difference. I got 39 on old car on hwy, so going to 30/32 was ok, but not 22.6 at best. So sorry i traded.
  • lazy_boneslazy_bones Member Posts: 28
    I have heard that the 10% ethanol mixture that is required to be in our gas reduces mileage about 10% from what pure gasoline would provide. Maybe the car makers and the EPA are using pure gasoline figures, even though they know that we can't get it.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    There's a couple of "pure" gas websites out there you use to find stations that sell gas with no ethanol in it. There's one near me. The price usually runs a dime or so more a gallon than the 10% ethanol stuff.
  • whoosierdaddywhoosierdaddy Member Posts: 76
    The station near me that sells E-zero is about 30c / gal. higher than E-10.
  • teddy21teddy21 Member Posts: 11
    I bought my 2011 equinox 1-11-2011. Although I love this car . There is no way that i tried to get any where near 32 mpg. Best i have done is 26 mpg at hwy speed 65 mph. Around town i get 22, but I live in country and most of my driving steady 45 mph. althogh I did not expecd to get 32 mpg it should be with in 2 or 3 mpg.
    thanks Ted :(
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I'm guessing you have about 5,000 miles now? Try asking your dealer if something like a computer refresh could help.
  • overtheedgeovertheedge Member Posts: 9
    Am currently on Vacation. We have traveled over 1000 miles in our 2011 Equinox with 4 Cyl. engine, so far. We averaged 30 MPG going 65-70. Ave Speed recorded on the car was 55 MPH (We spent about 3 hours in backups on the highway). The car was loaded with wife, 2 young kids and all our stuff for a beach vacation (no roof or bike carrier) and AC was on the entire trip. I checked the FE by hand calculation and confirmed the car's computer accuracy. I leave the ECO function on all the time.

    The vehicle this car replaced (about the same size) was lucky to get 25 MPG on the HWY, with me driving similarly. Needless to say, I am happy with the FE. Power is sufficient and the leather seat comfort is excellent. This car has sufficient drink holders and power outlets for all! Vehicle now has 4400 miles accumulated.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    A reporter wants to talk with people who expected to get better gas mileage in their relatively new vehicle. Please email [email protected] by Tuesday, July 19, 2011 with your daytime contact information and a few words about your experience. Thank you.
  • richardk5richardk5 Member Posts: 2
    Same vehicle here, 2010 awd ltz. I have never seen better than 25 MPG highway. In city driving I get around 17, even worse in the winter. Always in eco mode. The dealership is of the opinion that if the computer reports no errors there is nothing wrong. They will look at it but first they need to fill the tank and drive it 50 miles to verify the mileage (my records of every fill since I bought the vehicle aren't good enough).
  • avenrowemanavenroweman Member Posts: 8
    I have a 2011 LTZ Equinox that gets nothing close to 32 MPG. I have about 3300 miles on the car and drive very conservatively, no fast starts and no faster then 60 to 65 MPH. With a 90/10 split (Highway/city) driving the most I've gotten is 25 MPG. Would it be worth my while to contact the dealer and question them about the MPG?
  • teddy21teddy21 Member Posts: 11
    I have been very upset about the bad gas milage that my 2011 ltz 2 wd equinox gets. You spend over $30,000 for suv that was supposed to get 32 mpg on the hwy. Basically from all that I have read it will do no good to take it to the dealer. Many people that own equinox or terrian are left high and dry, because the mpg falls with in window sticker est. mpg. But if anyone out there Knows of any legal action that can be taken please let me know.
    Will not buy a chev. again
    Sorry Ted
  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
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    Barring some mechanical issue I think sometimes its a matter of finding where it does well in MPG arena and making adjustments to driving that can achieve better numbers. On our Terrain I found it upshifts into 6th at around 56MPH with the tach running about 1450 RPM. Instant economy on flat road seems pretty good there and using the Tach number I try to adjust speed at lower MPH areas to find a gear that achieves that number (can't always do that of course).

    On a recent 500 mile + trip with cruise set at 56-58MPH and only occasional A/C use I got calulated 26.5 MPG, and this is with the AWD 6 Cyl rated at 22MPG highway. It it at 7k miles on ODO now so its well in break-in period.
  • runoxrunox Member Posts: 156
    Driving style can impact the MPG significantly. Racing line starts and heavy braking stops chew up the extra MPGs.

    I recently drive NJ to IL - through the Pocono Mountains at 70-74 I registered 28.2 calculated, no AC on. Through much flatter OHIO traffic at 65-70 on the next tank I hit 29.5 with AC on. Through central IL going 55-50 with some braking on the next tank I popped 30.2 with AC on.

    On the way home with the AC on all of the way and not reseting the car register I amassed 26.2 averaging 75-78 mph.

    Between 45-55 on flat lands you'll blow through the 32 rating with no AC on. The faster you go over 60-65 this vehicle gets a little thirsty like all others
  • teddy21teddy21 Member Posts: 11
    To tell you how I drive I say it in my wifes words. My husband drives me nuts because he drives to slow in the city or hwy. He can squize mpg out of rock. Trip in ohio at 65 mph 26.5 60mph 28.2. I am driving the four cylinder. Also my wife Avolon a full size car with a 270 H P V6

    driving at 70mph gets over 30 mpg.
    Thanks Ted :mad:
  • auntiep22auntiep22 Member Posts: 29
    Just put about 200 miles on the Nox yesterday and got 32mpg! This is the best I've gotten ever out of a NOX 4cyl. My other NOX averaged about 24 at best but this car is doing so much better. Yes, I'm on my second Nox in 3 months. My other one - Chevy just bought back as it was a bonified :lemon: !!! I really had thoughts about getting another LTZ 4cyl but it is working and I'm a very happy LTZ driver! :)
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Sounds like GM is treating you right.

    How many miles do you have on your new 'Nox?
  • teddy21teddy21 Member Posts: 11
    What other problems did you have. So you recieved a new nox,what did you have to do get that kind of action.
  • b_and_bb_and_b Member Posts: 2
    We purchased our 2010 Equinox LT1 w/ 4-cyl. engine July 2009. We now have 15000 miles with no complaints.

    On a recent 796 mile highway trip from Houston to Denton, Tx and back, we averaged 28+ mpg driving 70-73mph with air conditioning, and with 2 people and luggage weighing approx. 420lbs. We averaged as much as 34mpg on a level highway with no wind.

    It is important to make sure that tires are inflated to 35psi (cold) and ECO engaged. Under-inflated tires have made as much as 2mpg decrease in mileage. Headwinds and hills also dramatically affect mileage. We use tier-1 gas (such as Shell) exclusively. We also change oil and rotate tires every 5000 miles.

    The transmission was reprogrammed with updated software and calibration after 3 months and 2200 miles. This improved highway mileage approximately 4mpg at 70mph.

    A factory recall concerning heat and windshield defrosting and evaporate emissions jumper hoses was also performed after 8200 miles June 2010.

    Dealer support has been excellent!

    We don't have any doubts about to many people on this forum who are experiencing bad mileage. But how many Equinox owners who have no problems actually visit this forum? This forum is basically for owners to discuss their problems.

    Some additional thoughts:

    Was more attention paid during the assembly of our 4-cyl. engine at the introduction of a new model?

    We didn't experience our great mileage until after 1-yr. and 8000 miles.

    Engine parts have manufacturing tolerances and piston/cylinder clearances. This could have some influence on mileage until engine break-in is complete.

    We hope all of you who continue to have mileage problems will soon find relief from Chevrolet and your dealer.
  • kelsan1kelsan1 Member Posts: 34
    I have with interest the posts on this thread and it seems that a lot of drivers are under the impression that the EPA estimates are what the cars should get without any limiting factors.
    Reality is that how you drive, road conditions, tire inflation pressure, use of a/c etc will all have a bearing on the mileage you receive per gallon by however you estimate it.

    In the driver information center I would like to not havw an estimated MPG reading but an actual reading based on the miles driven and gallonage used for that drive like my old GMC had in 2007. This would seem to me to be a more reliable indicator for actual mileage snapshots in any given period.

    Comments are invited. :shades:
  • kelsan1kelsan1 Member Posts: 34
    I have read with interest the posts on this thread and it seems that a lot of drivers are under the impression that the EPA estimates are what the cars should get without any limiting factors.
    Reality is that how you drive, road conditions, tire inflation pressure, use of a/c etc will all have a bearing on the mileage you receive per gallon by however you estimate it.

    In the driver information center I would like to not have an estimated MPG reading but an actual reading, based on the miles driven and gallonage used for that drive, like my old GMC had in 2007. This would seem to me to be a more reliable indicator for actual mileage snapshots in any given period.

    Comments are invited. :shades:
  • rocketentrocketent Member Posts: 60
    Here's the Real Reason:
    EPA gas mileage ratings don't add up in real world,0,1214150.story
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Pretty good article, but just the other day I was nosing around various sites and the EPA looking for testing information, and the city test does include what I would consider jack-rabbit starts and other techniques that I try to avoid in my own car. The test drivers have to work to keep up with the acceleration and braking instructions as they follow the computer. Sorry, didn't bookmark the pages.

    Maybe that's why I get the EPA mileage (usually exceed it in fact).
  • kelsan1kelsan1 Member Posts: 34
    Great article and I thank you for bringing it to my attention as well as other posters. In both :D my Nox and Terrain, I am happy with low 20's mixed driving mileage; I will be going on a road trip in a couple of weeks and will drive about 2000 miles round trip; I intend to chart the dic average mileage against real world fill ups for comparison.

    Thanks again for the heads up.
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